Reformer Ambush

Reformer Ambush

Players have revealed their plans of revolution to the Reformers. They take half an hour to prepare a combat-oriented list of spells, in the meantime sending a few trusted guards to track the party’s location. As soon as they are away from witnesses/bystanders, the Reformers ambush the party. Their goal is to capture the party, interrogate them, prevent the revolution, and give them to Strahd as a gesture of goodwill. If one sibling is killed, the others surrender or try to escape to escape with their fallen sibling. If successful, they travel west to the Abbey of Saint Markovia to seek the abbot’s resurrection services. REMEMBER CONCENTRATION CHECKS

  • Precombat: Reformers sneak up. Legolai in lead, using cloak of elvenkind. All invisible, mage armored (three 1st level, a 2nd level and a 3rd Level)

  • Combat initiation: Legolai casts Seeming to make all of the PCs and Reformers appear to be Guardsmen (9 Guardsmen in total) Ilimir casts Mirror Image, Ivalice casts Mirror Image (15 Guards in total) (5th level, two 2nd level)

    • If they attack images near them, they have a 50% chance of hitting an illusion, and a 50% chance of hitting an ally.

    • If they specifically target images on the edges, they initially have a 50% chance of hitting an illusion and a 50% chance of hitting a reformer, changing as players leave the cloud and communicate with eachother

  • 1st Round: Ivalice casts Cloudkill. Legolai casts Phantasmal Killer, Ilimir casts Slow (5th level, 4th level, 3rd level)

    • Save last level 1 spell for shield, last level 3 for counterspell

  • 2nd Turn: Each sibling casts Minor Illusion to make the players seem to taunt eachother in the Reformer’s voice or Infestation (2d6 on failed CON save), unless their concentration has dropped. Legolai swaps Cloudkill for Phantasmal Killer whenever someone goes unconscious, or the party has largely left the killzone.

Level 1 Spells: ?

Level 2 Spells: 3/3

Level 3 Spells: ?

Level 4 Spells ?

Level 5 Spells 2/2

Infestation (2d6 on failed CON save)

Shield (+5 AC for 1 Round)


Slow (Concentration) (WIS save) ? movement, no bonus actions, -2 AC)

Seeming: Basically mass disguise self

Phantasmal Killer (Concentration): DC14 WIS save, Frightened. 4d10 damage for each EoT failed save afterwards

Cloudkill (Concentration) (5d8 at start of turn, CON save for ?, heavily obscured, 20ft radius, moves 10 feet away from caster each turn)

Ivalice has Hood of Spellsight: Your vision cannot be obscured by spell effects you control

Legolai has Cloak of Elvenkind, Spellbook

  1. Shield, Mage Armor, Disguise Self, Silent Image

  2. Invisibility, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force, Silence, Detect Thoughts, Suggestion

  3. Counterspell, Slow, Hypnotic Pattern, Fear, Glyph of Warding

  4. Phantasmal Killer, Hallucinatory Terrain

  5. Dream, Modify Memory, Cloudkill, Seeming

Phantasmal Killer Images:

Izek for Detrix (Crying, raging)

Undead half a dwarf for Honey (Slimy, rotted milky eyes)

Felwin’s Mother (

Werewolf for Mo (Bristling with spines

Alien Hand Syndrome for Coca (Grabs pin, stabs self in eye), evolving into cronenberg stuff.

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