Relics of the Dawn War

Relics of the Dawn War

Relics are magic items of legendary power. Their powers are in some way given by the gods, and as their bearer’s power grows, so too does their own. In order to fully use a relic, your alignment cannot be opposite the item’s. So a good character cannot wield an evil weapon, and a chaotic character cannot use a lawful item.

If an item has a passive power, such as a bonus to certain rolls, that bonus only occurs as long as the item is on their person (for clothes, they must be worn), though it need not be in hand unless otherwise specified.

At each tier, you gain new powers in addition to the powers granted by previous tiers. If a new ability is a better version of an old ability (i.e. +2 weapon vs. +1 weapon, cast a spell twice a day instead of once, etc.), replace the old version with the new.

All Relics require attunement. The first time you attune to the item, you gain the benefits listed under Dormant. Each time you attune to it afterwards, you gain the benefits listed under whichever tier you had unlocked the last time you were attuned to it (as well as all previous tiers). 


Gnorm’s Puzzle Box

The Twins


Arcane Shot






Prismatic Blade

List by God

Asmodeus – ?

Avandra – The Twins

Bahamut – Defender

Bane – ?

Corellon – Needle, Prismatic Blade, [instrument of the bard], 

Erathis – Arcane Shot

Gruumsh – [axe]

Ioun – Gnorm’s Puzzle Box

Kord – Frostmourne

Lloth – [piwafwi]

Melora – [staff of the woodlands]

Moradin – [hammer]

Pelor – Lightbringer

Raven Queen – Sorrowsworn

Sehanine – Moonbow

Tharizdun – ?

Tiamat – [shieldbreaker?]

Torog – ?

Vecna – Harvester, Whisper

Zehir – [dagger of venom]

Minor Gods

Kikanuti – Bukaluur

Kulkan – Balance of Harmony 


The fabled Longsword of Pelor, wielded by his most powerful champions. Requires attunement by a paladin. NG.


  • Attacks count as magical

  • Bonus action to ignite – creates 10’ bright / 10’ dim light. This increases to 30’/30’ if you have 17+ paladin levels.

Uncovered (fight a fiend or undead in Pelor’s name)

  • +1 Weapon

  • Adv. on persuasion checks with followers of Pelor while visible

Revealed (lv5+, re-consecrate desecrated ground)

  • While ignited, deals an additional 1d6 radiant damage on each hit. This damage increases to 2d6 against fiends/undead

  • Control light from flame – anywhere from 0 to max (blade always glows when ignited, however)

Awakened (lv9+, kill a fiend/undead of significant power with it)

  • +2 magic weapon

  • Bonus damage becomes 1d10 radiant (2d10 vs. fiends/undead)

  • Sentient – 25 INT, 25 WIS, 30 CHA, speaks telepathically

Exalted (lv12+, willingly go to your death to protect an innocent)

  • +3 magic weapon

  • You and allies within the area of bright light created by lightbringer have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

  • While ignited, can detect lies, and has truesight within aura

  • Radiance of the Dawn (Channel Divinity): When you ignite Lightbringer, if you ignite it to its full range and use an action rather than a bonus action, you can choose to dispel all magical darkness within range and make all hostile creatures within range make a constitution saving throw or take 2d10 + [paladin lvl] radiant damage, halved on a success.

You must be wielding Lightbringer to use any of its effects unless otherwise specified, and it you drop it for any reason, all effects end until you reactivate them.

Lightbringer is a sentient blade of legendary power. It has been dormant for years, however, and grows in consciousness as it grows in power. Until it is awakened, it communicates only with  emotions. Once awakened, however, it is revealed to contain the soul of a powerful Solar who bound himself to the blade in order to continue the fight, even after the treaty that ended the Dawn War and forbade celestial beings from directly intervening in the world.

Gnorm’s Puzzle Box

History (Weapons of Legacy p10) – Gnorman Gnojbaronn the Gnome was an explorer and servant of Ioun. He loved creating puzzles, and this is the only one that survives on this plane of existence. The puzzle box cannot be turned or opened physically, but when an attuned creature mentally commands the box to move, it does so. The box floats above the bearers hand whenever in use. Requires attunement by Arcane caster. TN.


  • Functions as an Arcane Focus

  • Adv. on insight checks while holding it

Uncovered (explore somewhere new)

  • +1 to spell attack rolls

  • +[roundup(prof/2)] to investigation

  • Detect magic 1/day

Revealed (lv5+, solve an important puzzle)

  • Your spell save DC increases by 1

  • You can open the box to store a spell of up to 2nd level in the puzzle if you have solved it, and open it again to cast it.

  • Detect magic becomes 2/day

Awakened (lv9+, win high stakes riddle-off)

  • +2 to spell attack rolls

  • +[roundup(prof/2)] to arcana

  • Spells you store can be up to 3rd level

Exalted (lv12+, explore somewhere completely new)

  • Your spell save DC increases by 2 total

  • Detect magic becomes 3/day

  • Spells you store can be up to ? your wizard level (rounded down)

You must be “holding” the puzzle box (it will float above your hand) in order to use any of its abilities.

To try and solve the puzzle, you must play with it for 24-48 hours over a period of 6 days or less, and during that time must succeed on a DC10, DC15, and DC20 intelligence check before failing three checks (make a check every 8 hours of work). If you fail three times, you must start the process over, but keep one fewer success than you had last time (i.e. if you succeed twice but fail three times, you start with one success). Opening counts as solving an important puzzle for the purposes of revealing the true power of the puzzlebox, but the puzzle box can become revealed by another puzzle. You can only store magic inside once you open the box, however.

Answer (for player): there are 9 schools of wizardry (inc. Bladesinging), and 6 squares of each school. One symbol represents a spell of each level 1-9 (in each school)

The Twins

These twin blades, imbued with the power of Avandra, are as ever changing as the goddess herself. They grow with their wielder, becoming whatever is needed, sometimes in size but always in power. They cannot bear to be apart for long, as different as they are. The red, petulant to the last, and the green, always seeking to draw out the best. CG.


  • Red is a -1/normal/+1 weapon based on a d6. Can be convinced to be 1 better (DC15).

  • Green is +1 when wielded alongside Red

  • Sentient

    • They both speak telepathically to whoever they wish

    • Both effectively have 12 INT/WIS/CHA

Uncovered (breaks laws/norms in a big way for a good cause)

  • If you hit a creature with both, it takes [prof] extra damage

  • You can change the size of the blades at will as a bonus action (dagger, shortsword, sabre)

Revealed (lv5+, cheat chance for a good cause)

  • [roundup(prof/2)] times/day, add/subtract 1d4 to any d20 roll made by you or a creature you see

Awakened (lv9+, use them to slay a slaver / opponent of freedom)

  • Both blades get an additional flat +1

  • You gain +1 to ability checks and saving throws

  • You gain +1 to AC while wielding both blades

  • Sentient: 

    • Red has 16 INT, 14 WIS, 14 CHA. 

    • Green has 14 INT, 14 WIS, 17 CHA

Exalted (lv12+, stand alone against impossible odds)

  • Both blades get +1 to their best case (i.e. on a 5-6 for Red, when you are wielding both for Green)

  • You can choose to reroll d20 rolls of 1, but must use the new roll

The Twins are bound with the souls of two of Avandra’s greatest servants, half elves who found in tandem in the Dawn War. They had each other’s backs and made their own luck, using the power of Avandra to bring the fight to the deadliest foes arranged against the gods. In their final battle against Asmodeus, the Twins stood alone, the two and their blades against a seemingly endless stream of devils threatening to enslave both the Elves and Humans. Defeat seemed inevitable, but at the last moment Avandra intervened, using the last of her power to defeat the threat. She vanished from the world, and they spent the rest of their lives searching for a way to bring her back. Finally, they found it. A ritual by which they could bind themselves evermore to her service and thus give her the power she needed to return to the world. They fight on to this day, always finding the master that Avandra wants for them, and always fighting together, teleporting if necessary to be reunited. They forget most of this history, remembering only when when Awakened, but their bond never falters. Once they become aware of who they are once more, they tell their wielder, who by that time must be a powerful servant of Avandra, of their history, and instruct them in their fight against whatever enemy they now must face.


This black cloak inlaid with black feathers at the top was given by the Raven Queen to a mortal with whom she was deeply infatuated. She poured much of herself into it, and considered it a contract, but the mortal saw things differently. They took this newfound power, and turned away from her. She could not bring herself to hunt her betrayer down, but ensured the greatest possible suffering after death. LN. 


  • Advantage on stealth checks while you have the hood pulled up (action to pull up or down), and creatures have disadvantage on checks made to notice you.

Uncovered (the bearer must spend the night in a closed grave or tomb with the cloak)

  • +1 to AC and saving throws

  • Cold resistance

Revealed (lv5+, the cloak must be completely submerged in the blood of a traitor)

  • As an action, you can have the cloak become a pair of black raven wings, giving you a flying speed of 60 feet. This property lasts for one hour, or until you dismiss it as an action. Once you use this property, you cannot use it again until the next dawn.

  • While wearing this cloak, you can choose to fall at a rate of 60 ft. / round and take no fall damage.

Awakened (lv9+, you must uphold a contract that you very much want to break)

  • You can summon your wings for a total of 1 hour each day, keeping track in increments of 1 minute (rounding up, so 20 seconds would be 1 minute), rather than simply once a day.

  • As an action, you can extinguish all non-magical flames within 30 feet. Once used, this property cannot be used until the next dawn.

Exalted (lv12+, die in service of the Queen)

  • You are immediately resurrected as if by a raise dead spell

  • Fire resistance

  • When using your wings, you can choose to instead transform into a raven with a fly speed of 60 ft. You retain your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores in this form. You can alternate between using the wings normally and becoming a raven within the same day.

  • Your wings recharge every 1d12 hours (rolled by the DM) rather than at dawn.

Now, the Raven Queen is much more careful. The final step to uncovering the power of Sorrowsworn is to make a contract with the Queen. She appears to the bearer in the crypt or tomb, and offers a contract.

The Raven Queen charges the bearer to bring down the proud who seek to cast off the chains of fate, punish hubris where it is found, and oppose the plots of Vecna and the subservient demon lord Orcus wherever they are found, for they seek her throne for themselves. Do not pity the suffering, for suffering is a part of life. Do not pity the dead, for death is inevitable.

If this deal is broken, the Raven Queen will demand atonement. If this is refused, she takes back the power she gave, and tells the traitor that she will be waiting.

Arcane Shot

This ancient longrifle was the first firearm, the design given to a crafty young noble with a thirst for revenge. Ultimately, he failed, and fled to the far East. It has since been almost entirely remade. While anyone can wield it, only those who constantly strive to improve it can truly unlock its power. TN.


  • Arcane Shot has the following stats:

1d12 force damage, range 300/1200. Two handed, reload 4, misfire 2. 

These stats can potentially be improved by the wielder. For example, damage, range, or capacity might be increased, the misfire might decrease, or the gun might gain a new mode of fire. Any of these listed basic changes require 100gp, 8 hours, and a successful tinkering skill challenge of DC15. Further improvements increase the DC by 1 each time (track separately for each category). For more creative modifications, change cost and DC accordingly. On three failures, the mod fails, and some aspect of the gun gets worse. On two failures, the mod works, but something gets worse.

  • Arcane Shot’s attacks are magical, and uses solar-powered charge packs instead of physical ammo. It can only be fired by an attuned creature, and is fired by a mental command if it is within 5 ft.

Uncovered (Successfully improve Arcane Shot)

  • If you were not already, you are considered proficient with Arcane Shot.

  • You can use Int instead of Wis to determine number of grit points. If you are not a Gunslinger, you can only use these grit points to make a deadeye shot.

  • Can use sight like a bullseye lantern for 3 hours, recharges in sunlight

Revealed (lv5+, create something completely new and innovative)

  • +1 magic weapon

  • When you hit a target with Arcane Shot, expend a spell slot to cast slow on it as a bonus action 1/day

Awakened (lv9+, use Arcane Shot to slay a powerful enemy of civilization)

  • +2 magic weapon

  • [INT] times/day, you can cast arcane lock or knock as an action without using a spell slot.

Exalted (lv12+, sacrifice personal goals for the good of civilization)

  • +3 magic weapon

  • +2 to intelligence to a maximum of 20 while attuned

  • lv17+: Action to cast time stop without using a spell slot. You can make normal attacks with Arcane Shot each round if you like, and the shots hit when the spell’s effect ends. Once this effects has been used, it cannot be used again for 7 days.



This ancient greatsword of Kord was gifted to his greatest champion during the Dawn War, an ancient and powerful Frost Giant. The Giant imbued his own power in the sword, using its power to slay ancient dragons fighting alongside the Orc menace. The Giant was relentless, and sure in his power, and was ambushed by servants of the Fiend. The sword’s power was taken for their use, and corrupted by a powerful demon named Merxosch. Kord lost sight of this great weapon, but has been on the lookout for it ever since. CG (CE if corrupted).


  • Greatsword of Vengeance

  • Abyssal runes glow blue 10’/10’ when the sword tastes blood

  • Can be drawn for free (doesn’t use Interaction)

  • Merxosch has 13 INT, 15 WIS, 18 CHA and seeks blood and slaughter


  • Attacks count as magical

  • Glows 10’ bright/10’ dim in frigid temperatures

  • Grows/shrinks to fit wielder (can be wielded by small creatures) (move weapon dice up/down for each size change, i.e. 1d10/2d8)

Uncovered (prove courage in single combat vs. powerful foe)

  • You speak Primordial

  • +1 magic weapon

  • Cold resistance

Revealed (lv5+, perform a feat of great strength under timed pressure)

  • Thrown (20/60)

  • Deals an additional 1d6 frost damage on a hit

  • 1/day, when hit with a melee weapon attack, as a reaction you can make a melee attack. If you hit, the target’s melee weapon attack misses.

Awakened (lv8+, defeat a powerful foe in single combat)

  • +2 magic weapon

  • Fire resistance

  • Against dragons, deals additional 1d6 slashing damage

  • Immune to dragon’s Frightful Presence

Exalted (lv12+, stand alone against a number of foes, all too powerful for you)

  • +3 magic weapon

  • Frost damage increases to 2d6

  • Against dragons, deals additional 2d6 slashing damage

  • 1/hour, when you draw Frostmourne, extinguish all non-magical flames in 30 feet.

  • 1/day, Frightful Presence when sword is drawn


This ancient staff was created and used by Vecna himself before his ascension to godhood. It shares his fascination with death and his desire for control. More than that, it has a terrible hunger for blood that must be sated, lest its owner be the one to fall to its wrath. Requires attunement by an arcane caster (Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard). NE.


  • Functions as an Arcane Focus

  • Reap: When you kill a (non-undead/construct) creature with it or with a spell cast using it, regain [prof] hp.

  • Gain the following personality trait: people are either dear to you or their lives matter not at all.

Uncovered (kill the previous owner or kill an innocent with Reaper)

  • +1 to spell attack rolls

  • Soul Blade (+1): As a bonus action, summon or dismiss a blade of necrotic energy. While the blade is summoned, the damage type of Harvester becomes slashing, and it gains the finesse property. It additionally acts as a +1 magic weapon.

Revealed (lv5+, anoint the staff with the blood of a ruler slain in its presence)

  • The Soul Blade deals an additional 1d8 necrotic damage

  • 1/day cast animate dead

Awakened (lv9+, raise dead on a site of ancient mass death)

  • +2 to spell attack rolls

  • Soul Blade (+2), deals an extra 1d10 necrotic damage

  • Animate dead is cast at 4th level

Exalted (lv12+, anoint the staff with the remains of a powerful undead creature destroyed in its presence)

  • +3 to spell attack rolls

  • Soul Blade (+3), deals an extra 1d12 necrotic damage

  • Animate dead is cast at 5th level

Harvester sends its owner strong feelings, most often of bloodlust. When the blood of a ruler or remains of an undead is needed for it to grow, it hungers especially for those whenever in their presence. It is not sentient, however, as it has no actual intelligence or motivation beyond consuming souls. Each soul that it consumes feeds Vecna’s power.


Lull it’s the soul of a silver dragon. LG.


  • Protection: When a creature you can see attacks a target other than you with a ranged attack, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage if the target is within 5’ of you.

  • Defender is indestructible

Uncovered ( )

  • +1 Shield

  • Adv. vs Frightful Presence of Dragons

Revealed (lv5+, )

  • You and those benefiting from your Protection ability gain the following benefits:

    • An additional +1 bonus to AC against ranged attacks (increases to +2 at lv17)

    • Cold resistance

Awakened (lv9+, )

  • +2 Shield

  • Defender is able to hover for just a few seconds so that its wielder can attack with a two handed weapon or use the versatile property of a versatile weapon while still gaining the benefit of a shield.

Exalted (lv12+, )

  • +3 Shield

  • Spellguard Shield




  • Attacks with with Whisper could as magical.

  • Whenever a creature is struck with a critical hit from Whisper, they must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened of the wielder for one minute. On a success, they are immune to this effect for 24 hours.

  • You gain the following personality traits while attuned:

    • You seek out and remember the secrets of others

    • You are loathe to reveal anything about yourself that is not already known

Uncovered (Learn a secret from someone they’ve never told anyone)

  • +1 Magic Weapon

  • 3 charges, regain 1d4 (max 3) at dusk

  • 1 charge: cast vicious mockery with DC 13 when an attack with Whisper hits the target.

  • Cast message at will

Revealed (lv5+, utterly destroy an enemy through subterfuge)

  • 5 charges, regain 1d4 + 1 at dusk

  • DC for all of Whisper’s abilities increases to 15

  • 2 charges: cast suggestion on a target when an attack with Whisper hits it

Awakened (lv9+, use an enemy’s secret to destroy them)

  • +2 Magic Weapon

  • 7 charges, regain 1d6 + 1 at dusk

  • 2 charges: cast zone of truth

Exalted (lv12+, kill someone powerful who trusts you but does not know your real name)

  • +3 Magic Weapon

  • 9 Charges, regain 2d4 + 2 (max 9) at dusk

  • DC for all of Whisper’s abilities increases to 17

  • When you throw Whisper, you may become a shadow and merge with the blade. If you hit, you land next to the target. If not, you teleport to a spot determined by the DM.


Magic Mace. NG. 


  • Attacks with with Bukhaluur could as magical.

  • Bukhaluur functions as a holy symbol or druidic focus.

Uncovered (Swear fealty to Kikanuti)

  • +1 Magic Weapon

  • 3 charges, regain 1d4 (max 3) at dawn

    • 1 charge: cast spare the dying

    • 2 charges: cast sanctuary

Revealed (lv5+, Swear the oath of the Chieftain)

  • 5 charges, regain 1d4 + 1 at dawn

    • 3 charges: cast revivify

    • Cast shillelagh at will targeting Bukhaluur

Awakened (lv9+, )

  • +2 Magic Weapon

  • 7 charges, regain 1d6 + 1 at dawn

    • 4 charges: cast plant growth

    • 4 charges: cast hallow

Exalted (lv12+, )

  • +3 Magic Weapon

  • +1 to Spell Attack Rolls and Spell Save DC

  • 9 Charges, regain 2d4 + 2 at dawn

    • 5 charges: cast resurrection

Prismatic Blade

Correlon’s prismatic blade was gifted to his finest elven champion in the dawn war. CG.


  • Bonus action to summon the blade: 1d8 radiant damage, versatile (1d10), finesse. While ignited:

    • +1 Magic Weapon

    • Creates 15’ bright / 15’ dim sunlight

  • Action to change radius of light (10’ – 30’)

Awakened (lv8+, )

  • +2 Magic Weapon

  • Deals 2d4 / versatile (2d6) radiant damage

  • Whenever you roll a natural 20 to hit with the Prismatic Blade, the target must make a DC15 Constitution saving throw. Roll on the following table to determine the effect:

  1. Red: The target takes an additional 2d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

  2. Orange: The target takes an additional 2d6 acid damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

  3. Yellow: The target takes an additional 2d6 lightning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

  4. Green: The target takes an additional 2d6 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

  5. Blue: The target takes an additional 2d6 cold damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

  6. Indigo: On a failed save, the target is Restrained. It must then make a Constitution saving throw at the end of each of its turns. If it successfully saves three times, the spell ends. If it fails its save three times, it permanently turns to stone and is subjected to the Petrified condition. The successes and failures don't need to be consecutive, keep track of both until the target collects three of a kind.

  7. Violet: On a failed save, the target is Blinded. It must then make a Wisdom saving throw at the start of your next turn. A successful save ends the blindness. If it fails that save, the creature is transported to another plane of existence of the DM's choosing and is no longer Blinded. (Typically, a creature that is on a plane that isn't its home plane is banished home, while other creatures are usually cast into the Astral or Ethereal planes.) It returns after 1 minute, or until it makes a successful Charisma saving throw at the end of its turn.

  8. The target is affected by two colors. Roll twice, rerolling further 8s.

Exalted (lv12+, )

  • +3 Magic Weapon

  • Deals 2d6 radiant damage (versatile 2d8)

  • Bonus damage from critical hits increases to 4d6, and the DC increases to 17.

  • Cast prismatic spray 1/day

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