Remote Academia 2020 Slack Doc & Reading List

 Remote Academia 2020 Slack Doc

Join the Remote Academia Slack Here! If you have issues, contact Anne, Ross, or Shaanan.

Remote Academia Slack

*We are currently running an academic survey on educator use of remote learning tools.

See below for details!*

What’s this all about?

The Remote Academia Slack was created to provide a central resource for educators to share resources and experiences about remote learning in response to COVID-19.

General Slack Info 

  • Getting Started

    • If you’re new to Slack, see Slack’s setup information and general overview here

    • Click on the workspace name at the top left and hit “Profile and Account” to edit your profile.

      • It’s helpful to add your name and institution for others when chatting,

    • Type “/mute” in a channel to disable unread notifications.


  • Shared Channel:

    • #remote-education-network - This is a special multi-workspace channel that can be integrated with your existing university Slack workspaces. Posts can be easily shared to and from your existing workspaces.

      • Note this is a beta Slack feature! More info coming soon. If you’d like to hook #remote-education-network into your workspace, please contact the admins listed above.

  • Default channels:

    • #ask-questions: questions about all aspects of remote teaching

    • #general: articles, ideas, lessons learned

    • #introductions: introductions from new members

    • #announcements: updates about this Slack workspace

    • #random: jokes, memes, and other fluff

  • Separate:

    • #equity - discussions of issues of equity and access, including handling student disabilities and accommodations

    • #news: news articles related to remote education or pandemic responses

    • #surveys: requesting participants for your survey

    • #student-chat: hangout space for grad student teachers.

    • #slack-tips: help with this Slack workspace

Community Rules

  1. Treat others with respect! You may report instances of harassment to one of the three admins (at the top of the doc).

  2. Self-promotion. You are allowed to post tools or materials that you’ve created yourself provided they are free of charge. Advice and personal experiences are also allowed. You are not allowed to promote yourself or your brand at face value, or promote tools/materials that you are charging for.

Zoom Meetings

Meetings are held weekly on Fridays at 1pm EDT. Join the calls here!

  1. 3/13: Welcome & General Advice

  2. 3/20: Humanities and Social Sciences

Meeting Agendas

Remote Academia Survey

As many of us have used this platform to express concerns about the use of digital and video platforms, we thought it would be helpful to better assess the prevalence of particular platforms and the reality of privacy and security practices and concerns. We invite you to participate in a brief survey and will share aggregate results here, as well as incorporate them in an interdisciplinary study of these platforms, as described on the informed consent screen which precedes our survey. The survey is available here:


We’d love your participation!

Resource List

This doc is an open and actively monitored resource. Please add links you find useful. We won’t   hesitate to restrict edit access if needed. 

School Policy/Shutdown Tracker   Alternate

Academic Conference Cancellations

Discipline Tips

Instructional Time and “Regular and Substantive Interaction” Guidelines

Financial Aid Eligibility

Assignment Ideas

Experiences & Examples

Facebook Groups


Community Maintenance

Preventing Plagiarism


School Support Links (additions to Compilation pending)

Protections for International Students

Online Textbooks

  • ElevateU

Web Services

Remember to continue to follow FERPA -- be careful about where you post student 


General Advice Doc (Thanks Michael Ball, UC Berkeley)

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings moved to:

Tips for dealing with “zoombombing”:

Services and tools

  • Zoom

    • Group video-conferences, including screen-sharing

    • Works on any platform, including mobile, and participants don’t need accounts

      • Downloadable application, but participants can also join in-browser

      • Application join links can be converted to in-browser by doing: to

    • Free plan includes up to 100 participants/meeting and a 40-minute limit on group meetings

    • Your institution may have a subscription (allowing for unlimited length meetings or larger groups)

    • Temporary premium access: (Free for Japan/Italy or by request for K-12 in US)

    • NOTE: The host receives a transcript of all chats, including private chats.

    • Etiquette Guide (Thanks UC Berkeley)

    • Now supports end-to-end encryption!

  • Google Hangouts

    • Group video-conferences, including screen-sharing

    • Works on any platform, including mobile

    • Free plan includes up to 10 participants/meeting (or 150 for non-video meetings) and no time limit

    • Your institution may have a G Suite subscription (allowing for 25 participants in a video call)

  • Google Hangouts Meet

  • Ambi

    • Maintain community, groups, discussions, chats, collaborate notes, comments, and posts on a 21st century, best-in-class UX/UI social platform for education.

    • Free for professors and students to use. Paid for groups of 300+.

  • Slack

    • Full enterprise messaging platform

    • Free tier

      • 1-on-1 video calls

      • Unlimited members

    • Paid tiers

      • 15-participant video calls

  • Panopto

    • Lecture and lecture slide recording/playback platform

    • Requires university subscription

  • YouTube

  • Skype

    • Video calls, including screen sharing

    • Up to 50 participants, can send a link instead of having participants make an account

  • ShareX

    • Open-source screen capture tool 

  • Canvas

    • Course management tool, requires institution subscription

  • Blackboard

    • Course management tool, requires institution subscription

  • Piazza

    • Course discussion board

    • Free for any size

    • Privacy / student data considerations

  • Dropbox 

    • Can set up a folder for students to upload assignments into

  • Flipgrid

    • Community building, live performance

    • Video classroom

    • Free for students, but teacher has to purchase


  • FeedbackFruits

    • Making online study materials engaging

    • Starting discussions or adding practice questions on video or text materials

    • Integrated into LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Brighstpace) and support automatic grading

    • Free on request

  • LibreOffice

    • Open source alternative to Microsoft Office or iWork (thanks Adrianne)

General Coronavirus Info


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