Retainer Party Exploration Rules

Retainer Party Exploration Rules

  • The retainer party will be able to travel on the hex map to loot and explore places.

  • Each member of the party contributes a power level equivalent to the sum of each of their levels. (a party of 6 level 5s has a power level of 30)

  • Each location on the map has a hidden threat level. (False information is possible.)

    • Easy = 0 ~ 20 (1 injury on failure)

    • Medium = 20 ~ 40 (2 injury on failure)

    • Hard = 40 ~ 60 (3 injury on failure)

    • Deadly = 60 ~ 80 (4 injury on failure)

  • Once at an area, the retainer party can use an adventure check to scout or adventure.

    • If the party scouts, the adventure check succeeds and they will be able to tell the party one type of creature they’ll be fighting, roughly how many there will be, the estimated threat level, and at the DM’s discretion one of the following:

      • The location of a secret door or a hidden entrance or exit

      • The location and nature of a trap

      • A description of one riddle or puzzle

      • The location and description of one powerful magic item

      • Any other relevant information

    • Adventuring is when the retainers enter the area, killing monsters and claiming loot.

      • If their power level is lower than the threat level of the area, they fail the adventure check.

        • Random non-injured retainers are injured based on the threat level of the area. That member’s power level is not considered in checks until they take an extended rest. If all retainers are injured, one random retainer member dies.

        • The adventure is not completed, no loot is taken.

        • Depending on the nature of the location, monsters there may be on alert

      • If their power level is higher than the threat level then they will be able to clear through the area, defeating monsters and taking loot.

    • The party can make a number of adventure checks equal to the party level before requiring an extended rest. This is to simulate lost spell slots, hit die, etc.

  • Random Encounters

    • Each time the party travels between rests, they might have a random encounter. A d6 is rolled to determine if it occurs depending on the area, prompting an adventure check of random difficulty.  

    • 1 on a d6 for safe area, 1 and 2 in a dangerous area, etc.

    • If an adventure check is prompted without having any checks left, the party fails the adventure check.

    •  Combat magic items given to retainers increase power by 1. Other magic items have effects at the discretion of the DM when given to retainers.

Class Abilities

Each retainer has an ability based on their class that they can use once per extended rest.

  • Artificer – Enhanced Weapons

    • Increase two other member’s power level by 1d4

  • Barbarian – Reckless Attack

    • Can increase power by 1d12 for one adventure check, on a 1 or 2 the retainer is injured. This cannot be prevented.

  •  Bard – Song of Rest

    • During a short rest, recover 1 adventure check for the party. Cannot go above maximum.

  • Blood Hunter – Blood Maledict

    • Can increase power by 2d6 for one adventure check, but they are injured afterwards regardless of the result. This cannot be prevented.

  • Cleric – Cure Wounds

    • During a short rest, can heal one injured character in the party other than self.

  • Druid – Pass without Trace

    • When a random encounter occurs, you can cancel the adventure check. 

  • Fighter – Action Surge

    • Can increase power by 1d6 for one adventure check.

  • Monk – Tranquility

    • During a short rest, remove an injury on this retainer.

  • Paladin – Behind my Shield!

    • If a party member was to be injured, prevent it. 

  • Ranger – Primeval Awareness

    • When scouting, can find out the exact threat level once.

  • Rogue – Fast Hands

    • Don’t contribute power to an adventure check in order to increase loot by 50% gold or one magic item (DM’s Discretion)

  • Sorcerer – Wild Magic

    • Increase own power by 1d8 for one adventure check. On a 1 the retainer is injured.

  • Warlock – Familiar Scouting

    • Can scout once without using an Adventure Check

  • Wizard – Expeditious Retreat

    • If the party loses an adventure check, can reclaim the lost adventure check. The penalties of the check still apply.

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