Rhok'gar is a world that has survived an apocalypse. The world started with the elves, something put them on the planet and they flourished. They were the masters of magic, alchemy, and science, but not of life. Different kingdoms and sects of elves grew and fought amongst one another. They grew bored of that as well after 400 years, and decided collectively not to shed  Elven blood ever again in battle. they started mixing all their great aspects together. They made countless amount of different races, Many failures and success. Even though they had successes they weren't satisfied, until they  had perfection. Something they deemed worthy to put into the field of battle.


            The Orc was made, seemingly bred for combat and a hunger for chaos and destruction. They saw fit to us the Orc for this, this brought interest into warring again. Something stirred though in the earth, something sought to find a way. Sometime later when the Elves dug in the earth for rich metals they came across an ore. This ore black and mucusie. Whenever someone touched it, horrors abound inflicted them. Images of death and destruction. They would ingest the material and die. The experimented to find something that would not be affected by the material. Some say the Kobolds and many of the cave dwelling races were made for that reason, But none can deny that it was the dwarf who could touch the material and not be driven by madness.


            When the elves got the material they experimented again to understand. They realized that material when smelted and put into a metal was lighter than mithril, and sharper than anything. however, they could not make anything large. When they made weapons of it the weapons themselves would speak to the user. People went mad when wielding these weapons trying not do the horrible things they wished to do. Refinement went into the dwarves, since they mine it, maybe they could create these without going mad. Some of the patron ancestor gods of the dwarves were said to be the few smith who were able wield the material.


             They named it Anthromite in legends and it stuck. The dwarves produced weapons with such detail and grace that it connected with the wielders. Whenever, someone holds an anthromite weapon for the first time, the weapon gets attuned to them and are linked from then on. A tattoo grows on the wrist and forearm of the individual. The blade talked to the person, and whenever they would do what the blade wished, the individual would grow crystals on the arm. Some say they are the souls of the slain, some say they are the good souls that die. Whatever they are they produced raw magical energy that has never been seen. It did not take long to see the worth the dwarves had become, they started to converse with other races.


             The dwarves with some orcs and other races rebelled against their masters. Their punishment was hellfire, death, and walking nightmares. Almost 80% of the populations all other races were killed. The elves experimented highly on the corpses of the slain and made walking anthromite sludge machinations and released them in the Dwarven cities underground and only one held out, Rhok'gar. The Elves wished it never to happen again and experimented to make a race to rule over the others in their stead. They created the human. Something stirred in the world like when anthromite came, but this was more violent. A flood and plague ravaged the world. Killing all the elves and burying their cities. Only the high altitude races of the world were saved.






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