Aka Rave Rats, Twinkletoes.

You know that there is clarity to the world on the dance floor, you see the hidden truths of the universe hiding in the sprawl of humanity grinding and dancing to the beat of the world.

Dancing makes you feel good, feeling your heartbeat in rhythm with the song, feeling your body move as you dance is your addiction, drugs don’t come close to the high you get off of moving your body in rhythm with the beat, nothing is better than dancing and feeling enveloped in a crowd of people all dancing to the same beat, feeling every drop and becoming consumed in the rhythm of a song, all rave rats know this undeniable truth.

A Rhythmamancer is the life and death of the party as the central paradox for rhythmamancy is that it’s the rhythm itself that matter not the song.

Rhythmamancy Blast Style

The Rhythmamancy blast style is odd as it does no actual damage, the Rhythmamancer starts his turn by designating a target for his blast and rolls a Magick: Rhythmamancy skill check if it succeeds the target has to drop anything she is holding and burst into dance, this entails a rank-3 Helplessness stress check.


Generate a Minor Charge: Spend an hour dancing with a willing dance partner.

Generate a Significant Charge: Spend 24 hours dancing with a willing crowd of at least 50 people.

Generate a Major charge: Dance for a year and a day non-stop with a consecutive crowd of at least 1000 people.

Taboo: Willingly end a party, if a party or gathering you are attending ends due to something you did lose all charges you are carrying.

Rhythmamancy Formula Spells

Feel the Beat

Cost: 2 minor charges

Effect: This is the Rhythmamancy blast style as described it causes the target burst into dance for one round. For every two extra minor charges the duration extends one more round.

Dance til Dawn

Cost: 1 minor charge

Effect: This spell negates the need to sleep for one night and removes any movement or injury related penalties magickal or mundane until the next morning, for every charge you use you can affect one more person.

Rumble Rhythm

Cost: 3 minor charges

Effect: Anything trying to hit the Rhythmamancer gets a -30% shift, this can be increased by 10% for every extra charge used up to your Magick: Rhythmamancer skill.

Dance Dance Revelation

Cost: 2 minor charges

Effect: As you dance make a Magick: Rhythmamancy skill check, if it is a failure nothing happens but you cannot gain any charges for the night, on a success you may ask a question of the GM but the answer is vague and open to interpretation on a matched success the GM gives you a very literal answer and on a crit you get a straight answer.

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