Rifts of Norrya Instructions

“Rifts of Norrya”

After a cataclysmic failed ritual at the Mage's Empirium, elemental spirits have been awakened and are spreading like a plague across the land! The ritual tore open the barriers between the elemental plane and the land of Norya. As the last surviving mages you must close the rifts and destroy the three Relics of Power before the elementals overtake the world.

Explore the ever-changing land of N’Norya! As the last surviving mages you must close the rifts and destroy the three Relics of Power before the elementals overtake the world. Gather raw elements each turn to fuel your powers or trade them for gold, balancing greed against growth. Constantly expand your powers by purchasing spells to add to your deck! You can team up against the elementals, sharing the rewards or attempt to carve your path alone to become N’Norya's savior.


Give each player a character token and character card. One cube each of Yellow (fire), Green (earth) and White (air) to track their resource supply on their scroll. Each player chooses a starting Spell Deck (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), shuffles and begins with a starting hand of five cards.

Place the starting location in the center of the table, face up and place your character token on a space to begin.

Create the Spell Deck

Add one spell deck per player affinity (Example: Player A is Yellow Fire Mage, Player B is Green Earth Mage. Create the spell deck with the Earth and Fire spell books).

Add four Rift cards to the Spell Deck and then shuffle. Place one Rift card randomly in the bottom five cards of the Spell Deck. Then place the Spell Deck face down, draw the top five cards and place them face up in a row in reach of all players, creating the Spell Market. Any Rift cards revealed in this step must be returned to the Spell Deck and reshuffled.

Shuffle the location tiles and place face down in reach of all players.

Place the Store Card in reach of all players, with tokens for Horse, Boat, Scroll in their respective spaces.

Winning: You achieve victory as a team once all three Temple Relics have been gathered and returned to the Mage’s Imperium starting tile.

Losing: You lose to the forces of elemental chaos if you cannot place an enemy token when required to do so for a rift. The game also ends in defeat if you have not destroyed all three relics before the last Rift card is revealed in the Spell Market.


On your turn, complete the below actions in order.

Adding to the Map

  • At the beginning of your turn, draw the next location tile and add it to the map. Locations must be placed so that at least two sides of spaces meet. If any new space touches a space with an active enemy, spawn an additional enemy on the new space. Place any enemy or Rift tokens on the location according to the icons.

  • Placing Rifts: If the new location tile has a Rift Icon, place an active rift token on the space and increase the Rift Tracker by one. This increases the health of standard enemies, growing stronger as the barrier between worlds becomes weaker.

  • If the new location creates a group of three like spaces (White Mountain, Green Forest, Yellow Desert) place the corresponding Temple token in the center of the three spaces Temples tokens cannot be placed touching the starting location tile.. If a group of three Blue Village spaces are created, each space becomes usable as a City.

  • River locations must be placed connecting an existing river space if possible, to continue a single river path. If this is not possible due to tile configuration, begin a new river.


  • After adding to the map, you may normally move up to three times* (see Horse and Boat rules below) on your turn. If you land on an enemy or Rift space, you may choose to begin combat. 

  • Rivers cost an additional movement action to move out of. A Boat in your inventory negates this movement penalty. Boat allows you to spend one movement action to freely travel to any other space connected by the river.

Collect Resources

  • Each time you move into a space, collect a resource of that type (White Mountain, Green Forest, Yellow Desert) and add it to your Scroll. You start the game with a maximum capacity of 5 of each resource. After purchasing a scroll from the City Store, you may hold up to 10 of each AIr, Earth and Fire resource.

Combat *All combat can be completed cooperatively with other players. Players pool their damage values against the target. Rewards are divided among the players by agreement. Upon failing combat, players divide any Wounds received between them..

  • Draw to a hand limit of five cards at the start of a combat round, from your combat deck

  • Play cards from your hand in any order. Add the total damage from your cards and subtract from the enemies HP total. At the end of the combat round, discard any cards played and draw up to your hand limit of five cards. You are not required to play all cards in your hand.

    • Elemental Damage: Enemies take one extra damage per card played from the element type of their weakness. Refer to the Element Cycle below. Fire enemies are weak to air damage. Earth enemies are weak to fire damage. Air enemies are weak to earth damage.

  • At the end of one combat round If defeated, collect the enemy token and the amount of gold indicated on the underside. If an enemy is not defeated, place a Wound Card in your discard pile. The enemy remains on the board and is returned to full health.


  • Engaging in enemy combat does not cost any movement actions. Enemies are of the same elemental type as the space they spawn on.

  • Enemies have health points equal to the value shown on the Rift Tracker.


  • Rifts have 10 HP.

  • When defeated, flip to its inactive face and collect five gold. 

  • On each player’s turn while the Rift is active, it spawns one new enemy in an adjacent space that does not already have an active enemy. Enemies are placed in the first available space starting to the northeast, and moving clockwise.

  • If all adjacent spaces around a Rift are occupied by enemies (but not completely encircled), place the new enemy token on the nearest enemy spawn icon on the map. In case of equal distance, players must agree on the placing.

  • IMPORTANT: If all six adjacent spaces around a Rift are occupied by enemies, and you must place the new enemy token at the beginning of a round, the game ends in Defeat.

Rift Tracker

  • The Rift Tracker tracks the amount of active Rifts currently on the map. As rifts are made active through exploration or Rift Cards, increase the tracker to reflect the new value. Likewise, decrease the value as rifts are defeated. Enemy health changes based on the number of active rifts, as the strength of their connection to the elemental plane fluctuates.


  • When you move onto a space in the same element group with a Temple token, you may choose to seek the relic.

  • Temples consist of three separate enemy encounters which must be completed in succession on your turn. Once you begin a Temple, you must either succeed and take the relic, or get KO’d and start from the beginning on a future turn.

  • For each level completed, immediately add the coins indicated for that level to your supply.

  • If you complete all three enemy encounters, take the Temple token from the board and place it in your supply. Clear all spells currently in the Spell Market. This is the Relic you must return to your starting position to destroy.

Getting KO’d

  • If at any time you’ve accumulated 4 Wound cards in your hand, you are KO’d and your turn ends immediately. Return them to the Wound deck.

  • On your next turn, spend one movement action to stand up


  • A grouping of three or more Blue Villages is considered a City. Cities allow players to purchase items from the Store Card.

  • Once three villages become a city, you may use the text ability on any of the connected villages as if you were on it.

Store Card. Items purchased in the store are placed in the slots on your character card.

  • Horse: Grants an extra 2 movement actions each turn. For a total of 5 movement per turn.

  • Boat: Removes the movement penalty for crossing rivers.Boats allow you to move freely along a river through multiple locations for one total movement action.

  • Max Scroll: Increase your carrying capacity to ten of each resource.

Spell Market

  • While in any village or City, you may purchase a spell from the Spell Market and add it to your discard pile

  • Players may spend 3 gold while in a village or City to clear the market.

  • Replace any purchased or cleared spells with the top card of the Spell Deck.

  • If a Rift Card is revealed from the Spell Market, return any inactive Rifts to their active state. The Rift card remains in the spell market, blocking new spells from being available in that position and decreasing the available spell market by one.


Gather all three elemental Temple Relics, removing the Temples’ power link, to re-establish the barrier between worlds and bring peace back to N’Norya. 

For individual Glory, the player who has vanquished the most enemies is the True Champion of N’Norya. If tied, the player with the most gold coins is the winner.

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