Rimworld RPG V 0.0.1

1: Creating a Character

  • Background (2)

  • Backstories 

  • Traits

  • Growing a Character

  • Assigning Points

2: Skills and Checks

  • Character Skills

  • Skill Checks

  • Saving Checks

  • Contested Checks

3: Combat

  • Order of Initiative

  • Melee Combat

  • Ranged Combat

  • Injuries

  • Mending Wounds

  • Armor Class

  • Clothing

    • Materials

    • Quality

  • Weapons

    • Materials

    • Quality

  • Area of Effect Weapons

4: NPC Interaction

  • Other Humans

  • The Ancients

5: Adventuring

  • Starship Travel

  • Overworld Travel

6: Engineering

  • Construction

  • Crafting

7: Appendix

8: NPC’s

Creating a Character

On a rim world, you are a human in an infinitely large universe. You are free to do whatever your character feels like doing, whether it be becoming a pirate lord whose name will be feared across the lands, or a brave archeologist seeking out the power of Ancient’s relics. 

Planet of Origin [This is Copy pasted]

Deadworlds: Planets which have not been significantly contacted by humans. Generally not inhabitable. All planets are like this before people arrive for the first time.
Animal worlds: Planets with no people. Either everyone died, or the planet was seeded with plant and animal life by terraforming robots and nobody arrived.
Medieval worlds: Similar to Earth from the agricultural revolution until the industrial revolution. Social structures are usually feudal or imperial. Planets can stay in this state for millennia.
Steamworlds: Similar to Earth in the 19th century. Often this state is short-lived, as societies develop into midworlds, but it can be very stretched out depending on culture and government structure.
Midworlds: Worlds whose people have mastered flight, but not cheap interplanetary travel. Earth is in this stage in the 21st century.
Urbworlds: Super-high density planets dominated by cities. Urbworlds’ population growth outstripped their social and technological development, so they tend to be overcrowded, polluted, violent places. The people here are often callous towards strangers. This is often the outcome for midworlds that see their demographic transition into lower birth reversed by dysgenic reproduction patterns.
Glitterworlds: The most technologically advanced societies that can be led by humans. Swaddled in comforts by the strong arms of technology, glitterworlds are the peak of recognizable human society in terms of art, health, and generous human rights. Common people from these planets often lack grit and are very trusting in people and technology.
Rimworlds: Planets lacking in strong central government and low in population density. These places tend to hover around the industrial level of technology or lower. Because they’re not homogenized by a central government, they tend to see a lot of interaction between people of different technology levels, as travelers crashland or ancient communities stumble out of their cryptosleep vaults. These planets are often at the rim of known space, hence the name.
Toxic worlds: Worlds destroyed by pollution, chemical or nuclear warfare, but still inhabitable at a low level, with sufficient technology.
Glassworlds: Worlds utterly destroyed by high-energy weapons of mass destruction. They’re nicknamed ‘marbles’ because their surfaces have been “glassed”. Nuclear weapons aren’t enough to glass a planet, so this level of destruction is rare. On some of these worlds, people can walk outdoors for a time without dying. None of them harbor permanent life bigger than a paramecium.
Transcendent worlds: It’s a stretch to call these entities worlds, since they resemble giant computers more than they resemble planets. The mechanics of these planets is mysterious, but many scholars believe transcendents are the outcome a sovereign archotech decides to incorporate a whole planet into itself.
Other worlds: Beyond these categories, there are many exceptional planets in strange states created by their peculiar social and technological evolutions. Given the scale and age of the universe, there is a lot of time and space for a lot of very strange situations to develop.


Your character's background represents their social class, where they come from or was born into. This will determine how other people of other backgrounds will interact with you, whether being distrusting, cautious, friendly, or downright aggressive. 


These are your most common class of people, living in cities and larger towns under the rule of a mayor or lord, depending on the planet’s historical era. Cautious of travelers, spacers, and slaves, friendly to traders, and aggressive towards raiders and tribals unless they have a reason not to.   


Raiders will roam in nomadic packs, stealing and pillaging what they want from smaller villages. They are under the rule of captains who reside in bases hidden away and siphoning off the top of their lackeys’ hauls. Unless having a specific reason, raiders are hostile towards everyone.’ 


Taken from their homes by raiders or tribals in war, sold to a certain subset of traders. They spend their lives being sold and bought by influential people to do their bidding. Globally mistrusting by nature, slaves may find freedom by escape or working their debt off to their masters. 


Traders have usually been raised in the life of a Civil but have decided to live their lives on the road. Walking between towns and cities of days on end, some trading in bulk goods, weapons, drugs, or people. Neutral in stance, traders are in it for the silver.  


These are souls without a purpose or reason. Travelers were either banished from their homes or have lost everything they hold dear. Their sole existence is based on the hope of maybe one day fortune will smile upon them.


Tribals the lowest of the low in the social pyramid, living in the most horrid of conditions, without medicine or electricity. Life in a village was not a particularly long one. Not outright hostile but very quick to attack strangers.


Spacers are people out of place and lost. Most of them are people who crashed onto a planet in their crypto sleep escape pods. Unable to remember why they are here Spacers will usually try settling into a larger town or joining a trade caravan. Most have bionic augments from the old world.


Backstories are who your character was in life, not just what they were born into. Any character above the age of 20 years of physical age will have two backstories, childhood and adulthood. These will define their jobs in their adult lives and how they were raised as children. This does not define your character’s personality, you do, this is only who they were you decide what they become.






Ever the dreamer, NAME traveled across the universe to find the thing HE felt was calling to HIM

Social ?3
Medicine +4
Artistic +7
Intellectual ?3



Dumb Labor


NAME's thirst for adventure took her to many planets. HECAP visited the brightest glitterworlds and the darkest war-torn toxic planets in HIS quest to find novelty.

Shooting +3
Melee +3
Social +3
Animals +2
Medicine +3
Crafting +3



NAME practiced aromatherapy, using essences extracted from home-grown plants.

Shooting ?3

Melee ?3

Medicine +4

Cooking +4

Growing +6


After taking a vow of silence, NAME joined a monastery on a peaceful backwater planet to spend HIS days in quiet contemplation.

Medicine +2

Cooking +2

Growing +4





NAME worked as a bartender on a seedy space station. The job entailed one part drink mixing, one part diplomacy, and one part head-bashing.

Melee +2

Social +4

Cooking +2

Beast slayer

NAME traveled between planets, following news of animal attacks. HECAP would camp on the planet for weeks, learning about HIS prey before striking. HECAP most enjoyed hunting thrumbos.

Shooting +4
Melee +4
Cooking +3
Growing +2


Behaviour research

Captured as a feral child, NAME was forced into the ways of modern society. She quickly adapted and became a behavioural researcher, eventually owning a private facility. She specialized in canines, but learnt a great deal about all animals. She never had an interest in plants, however.

Melee +1
Social +2
Medicine +6
Cooking ?2
Growing ?3
Intellectual +8


Biosphere manager

NAME lived on a peaceful glitterworld where all menial work was done by robots and people devoted themselves to leisure. HECAP managed the plant and animal life of a sprawling park, where citizens came to admire the natural beauty.

Shooting ?4
Animals +6
Growing +6

Dumb labor


As a smith on a medieval world, NAME gained a reputation for the high quality of HIS work. HECAP wasn't bad at using the swords HE forged either.

Shooting ?5
Melee +4
Crafting +6



NAME found work on a midworld, protecting whoever paid HIM from harm. HECAP gained proficiency in many different combat forms, and was known for HIS ruthlessness against those who crossed HIM

Shooting +4
Melee +4


Bounty hunter

NAME was a bounty hunter on a massive glitterworld. HECAP worked sensitive assignments for extremely wealthy clients, and was known for quiet execution and total discretion.

Shooting +8
Melee +5


NAME was the only survivor of a ship crash on an uninhabited animal world. For many years until HIS rescue HE scrounged an existence out of whatever HE could find.

Melee +5

Animals +3

Construction +4




Cave Tender

While the others were out hunting and foraging, NAME would stay at home to cook and take care of the young and sick.

Cooking +4

Medicine +3

Crafting +2

Chief Engineer

As chief engineer on board a large spaceship, NAME was an expert in all things fiddly and complex.

HECAP relied on other members of the crew for some of the basic necessities of life. HECAP and HIS ship eventually disappeared into a long sleep voyage of exploration.

Social ?2

Construction +3

Mining +2

Crafting +3

Research +3



NAME was a settler on a new colony world.Such a life requires a jack-of-all trades at basic hands-on tasks.

Construction +4

Growing +4

Mining +4

Construction Engineer

NAME was a construction worker on a midworld. HECAP lead a team which built everything from office blocks to cathedrals.

HISCAP busy job and numerous nearby fast-food outlets meant HE never cooked for HIMself.

Construction +8

Growing ?3




A terrifying trauma when NAME was a young adult caused HIM to develop a serious eating disorder. With counseling HE learned to have a healthier relationship with food, and decided to put HIS new skills to use helping others overcome their emotional problems.

[PLACEHOLDER] (I haven’t had time to type them all through) https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Backstories



Traits are what makes your character special, these are what separate you from the others around you. These are what add spice to your role-playing while most have no effect mechanically. (Where ever a mood buff or debuff this is where the players’ roleplaying comes in.) You can pick up to 2 RP focused traits, you can pick an additional positive and negative trait. (Picking a positive requires a negative) Ex;  Slowpoke & Nimble

Here are traits with mechanical effect.  Others can be found https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Traits




Fast Learner

You gain an extra CP per level up.



+15% Melee dodge chance



+4 Melee skill, +12, melee hit chance. Can’t equip ranged weapons.



+5 max HP per body part



+1 Cooking Skill, eat 2x food



+10 to non-combat skill rolls


Hard Worker

+3 to non-combat skill rolls



-5 to non-combat skill rolls



-15 to non-combat skill rolls



+10 Move speed per turn


Fast Walker

+5 Move speed per turn



-10 Move speed per turn


Careful Shooter

+2 Ranged Skill, aim action grants advantage on the body part hit roll. Can only equip non-sidearm melee weapons.


Trigger Happy

+1 Ranged Skill, weapons which fire more than one round fire an additional one. (Sidearms which only fire one round now fire 2) Can only equip sidearm melee weapons.



-18 to Doctor roll when being treated.



-5 max HP per body part. (Exclude head)


Night Owl

+1 to skills at night, -1 to skills during the day


+6 Social skill check rolls



-8 Social Skill check rolls.



-10 Social rolls VS Men



-10 Social rolls VS Women


Growing a Character

Along your travels you will encounter challenges great and small, meet new faces, and whatever else your GM may think up. If you do not die from it, it will make you stronger, and this is where character growth and leveling comes into play. 

Whenever your party comes to the end of a mission or story arc, characters are awarded a level. When your players gain a level, they might gain CP (Character Points) or they might gain feats.










+6 CP




+12CP, Feat










+44CP, Feat

Assigning Points

Whenever a character is awarded CP, the CP is assigned thusly;

Increasing skills 5 and under:1 CP for every level

Increasing skills 6-10: 2 CP for every level

Increasing skills 11-15: 3 CP for every level

Increasing skills 16-20: 5 CP for every level

When creating a character a brand new character, you start with 40 CP though your GM may remove or add CP depending.Variant: 1d6 CP for each skill going down the list, IN ORDER.

Skills and Checks

Every character has a set of skills, this is what decides how good your character is at doing something, these might vary from if you can hit a target 1200 feet away, or trying to save a companion from the brink of death.

Checks are, like most other P&P RPG systems, how one determines the outcome of any given situation. This system will utilize the d100 for most of its checks and adding a modifier which is usually a character’s skill level.

Character Skills

All PC’s and NPC’s have a series of 12 skills that range between 0 and 20, 0 being an utter beginner who has barely heard of it and a 20 being a legendary master whose skills are known across the galaxy. 



Shooting (P)

How far and accurately you shoot a target.

Melee (P)

How hard and accurately you can hit a target, and dodging hits.

Social (M)

The ability to persuade, deceive, swindle, barter, and intimidate.

Medicine (M)

How well you can patch up and operate on humans and animals.

Cooking (M)

Being able to cook good meals and discern foods. 

Construction (P)

Being able to repair and construct large buildings and machinery.

Growing (P)

Identifying, caring for, and harvesting plants or flora.

Mining (P)

Appraising, and Identifying jewels. Ability to deal with and clear rocks.

Artistic (M)

Appraising, identifying, and creating pieces of art.

Crafting (M)

Machining, smithing, tailoring and repairing small items.

Intellectual (M)

Recalling knowledge, solving problems, and seeing the unseen.

Animals (P)

Taming, communicate with, and tracking animals.

Skill and Save Checks

When using a skill by GM request or wanting to interact with something in the world you roll a d100 and add your skill level, the higher the result the better. After rolling the GM may describe the result along with a scale or a fail or succeed against a predetermined DC when dealing with a save check.

The Unseen Skills

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, there are two other rolls, a Physical and Mental save. These are equal to the mean of their respective skills.

Contested Checks

When having to check against another person, animal, or whatever, the GM might ask you to do a contested check. A contested check is when both entities roll the same check and add their own skills modifiers on top, whichever is higher wins the contest. In case of a tie, whoever has the higher skill modifier wins.


Whether it be a trade deal gone awry or deliberate ambush combat has become almost a normal occurrence out on the rim and almost all learn how to fight in some way or another. 

Order of Initiative

At the beginning of an encounter, initiative must be rolled for every entity involved. This will determine in what order combatants get to act. A character’s initiative is calculated by rolling a d100 and adding either their ranged or melee skill according to the weapon that is currently equipped. Afterward, combatants act in order of highest to lowest. On a character’s turn, it may decide to delay its turn in two ways; either an IF statement ex: “I start my turn IF that raider starts shooting at me”, or by specifying after whom you shall act ex: “I start my turn after the Thrumbo’s turn”. 

A Turn in Combat

A turn in combat lasts 12 seconds, no matter how many are involved in combat. During a character’s turn, they are given 3 actions; movement, action, and quick action.

  • Your movement turn is where you move your character (40 feet by default on a human). 

    • Here you may run, take cover, jump over walls, or get back up after being knocked to the ground.

  • Your action is mostly when you will be attacking with your weapon but that is not all you can do.

    • You may try to make an attack with your held weapon. (See later sections)

    • Move again, an amount equal to half your movement speed.

    • Perform any skill check other than melee or ranged

    • You can use your action, without moving to aim at a target gaining a bonus

  • A quick action is where you can try to make a sidearm attack or where you want to interact with an object in the world. (Picking something up, or flicking a switch)

Melee Combat

When going to strike an opponent there are multiple things to take into account;

  • The target’s dodge chance

  • Your weapon

  • Your melee skill

  • Environment modifiers

A melee attack goes as such; roll 1d100+melee skill. If this roll is higher than the target’s dodge chance, roll a d20 to see where you hit. Roll another d20, on a 20 you will crit

 then roll damage.


Hit Location









Melee Skill

Dodge Chance

Melee Skill

Dodge Chance









































Ranged Combat

Ranged combat is usually the safest option when it comes to dispatching of your enemies, though it takes significantly more skill and precision than just beating someone in the face with a slate club. When rolling a range attack you;

  1. Roll 1d100+Ranged VS Environmental Modifiers

  2. Roll to hit location

  3. Roll 1d20+Pen, if this value is at or below the armour’s value, it is a bruise, half damage, above deal full damage.

Environmental Modifier


Smoke obscuring the target  

+9 to target’s armor

Attacker standing in the smoke

-8 to attacker’s attack roll

Attacker standing in the rain

-4 to attacker’s attack roll

Rain obscuring the target  

+6 to target’s armor

Target behind partial cover

+15 to target’s armor

Target behind high cover

+20 to target’s armor 

Target sitting crouched 

+7 to target’s armor

Target lying prone

+19 to target’s armor 

Shooter crouched

+5 to shooter’s attack roll

Shooter prone

+8 to shooter’s attack roll

The shooter in the dark

-5 to shooter’s attack roll

Target in the dark

+16 to target’s armor

Target brightly illuminated

-7 to target’s armor

Sidearm Attacks

When in a bind, generally a good idea is to throw as much lead as possible towards your enemy. Your sidearm is usually your best way of doing this.

A sidearm attack is done when you have a weapon labeled “Sidearm” you can make an attack using your quick action. This attack is done as normal though adding only one half of skill which would be normally added (rounded down).


Injuries are practically inevitable on the rim, whether you are some feudal world farmer, an urban world pizza chef, or a Glitterworld megacorp CEO.

Each of your body parts has a set of hit points, totaling to 100.

  • Torso: 25 hp

  • Left and Right arms: 15 hp each

  • Left and Right legs: 20 hp each

  • Head: 5 hp

When one of these parts are dropped to zero hp it is rendered useless, each has a different effect.

  • Torso: At 0 hp, mangled to death, die

  • Arms: Every 5 hp down, -1 to melee and ranged. At 0 hp, arm broken, only make sidearm attacks

  • Legs: Every hp away from 20, +-1 foot move. At 0 hp leg broken, fall

  • Head: At 0 hp, knocked unconscious. If destroyed, death

Note* If a part is dropped to 0 hp by a crit (hitting a bone or organ), that part is destroyed and is permanently at 0 hp.

Bleeding Out

When receiving an injury, unless it was a blunt melee weapon, it will cause you to bleed out. Each injury others than the torso will cause you to lose 1d4-2 every minute, on the torso will lose 1d6-3. Being treated will cause wounds to disappear.

Mending Injuries

Injuries in battle is only a thing to worry about if one is without a good medic, even lost limbs and organs can be remediated with a skilled enough physician. 

When mending a comrade’s wounds you heal for a certain percentage of the part’s max HP depending on 3 factors; The doctor’s medical skill, the medicine being used, and where it is 

happening. Every day, a doctor may attempt one roll for each part they are trying to heal. The roll is 1d100+Medicine skill+Medicine+environmental modifiers.



Patient on a bed


Patient on a floor or improper bed

-9 to -14

Patient in dedicated medical bed


Dark or Dim light

-6, -11

Normal lighting


Brightly illuminated




No Medicine


Herbal Medicine


Normal Medicine


Glitterworld Medicine


Installing Bionics and Prosthetics

No combat encounter will go off without a hitch, sometimes that hitch is bigger than others. Things can go very wrong, to the point of losing limbs and organs. This is where a skilled enough doctor can potentially save their life by installing prosthetics and bionics.

When installing a prosthetic or bionic you roll a medicine check (listed above) compared to the part’s install DC.


Install DC

Part Effect

Prosthetic Arm *


-5 Arm Max HP

Bionic Arm **


+5 Arm Max HP

Scyther Blade **


Remove regular attack, grant Scyther Slash

Power Claw ***


Remove sidearm attack, grant Claw Bash,+3 Melee

Archotech Arm ***


+15 Arm Max HP

Archotech Eye ***


+2 Ranged, +3 to Intellectual when perceiving

Bionic Eye **


+1 Ranged

Cochlear Implant *


-1 Head Max HP,-3 Intellectual when looking for noise

Bionic Spine **


+5 Torso Max HP, +50lb Carry weight

Bionic Heart **


+5 Torso Max Hp

Prosthetic Heart *


-5 Torso Max HP

Bionic Lung **


+5 Torso Max HP, ? environment damage 0 if 2

Archotech Leg ***


+10 Leg Max HP

Bionic Leg **


+5 Leg Max HP

Prosthetic Leg *


-5 Leg Max HP

Peg Leg *


-10 Leg Max HP

Armour and Ranged

If you want to stand any chance to survive an encounter, you will want to armour up, if you value your life.

When making a ranged weapon attack, the order is thusly; 

  • Roll d100+Ranged, on a 100, automatically hit and crit or if you roll 20 above their armour.

  • Add environmental bonuses and penalties

  • Roll 1d20 to determine what part is hit

  • Compare VS Target`s armour

  • Roll 1d12, on a 12, the part is crit


Each human has a base armour of 50, this can be brought up with armour or brought down as your health degrades.

Piece of Armour/Clothing



Flak Vest

Chest: +15


Flak Pants

Right Leg, Left Leg: +15

-5 Movement

Flak Jacket

Chest: +10

-5 Movement

Flak Skirt

Right Leg,Left Leg: +10


Coat of Plates

Chest: +12, All but head +10

-10 Movement

Plate Helm

Head: +14

-5 Movement

Composite Helmet

Head: +16


Marine Helmet

Head: +22


Marine Armour

All but head: +20


Space Marine Armour

All: +24

+10 Movement

Wooden/Improvised Shield

All: +8


Medieval Shield

All: +11


Riot Shield

All: +15

-10 Movement

Shield Belt (20/20 Charges)

All: +20

Material & Quality

Clothing can be made from various materials from the humble cotton to the hyper-advanced synthread or hyperweave, or mysterious devil strand.




Alpaca Wool

-20 Cold,+12 Heat, +1 Armour

-2 Fire

Camel Hair

+18 Heat,-14 Cold, +1 Armour

-3 Fire


-12 Cold, +12 Heat, +2 Armour

-5 Fire


-10 Cold,+16 Heat, +3 Armour,+5 Fire


-20 Cold, +20 Heat, +5 Armour, +3 Fire

Megasloth Wool

-30 Cold, +8 Heat, +2 Armour

-2 Fire

Muffalo Wool

-25 Cold, +8 Heat, +2 Armour

-2 Fire


-16 Cold, +16 Heat, +2 Armour

-1 Fire






-3 Armour, +2 Damage Taken


-2 Armour, +1 Damage Taken




+2 Armour,


+3 Armour, +1 Damage Reduction


+4 Armour, +2 Damage Reduction


+5 Armour, +3 Damage Reduction

Weapon Material & Quality

[This is placeholder flavour text]




-1 Hit, -1 Damage


-2 Hit, +1 Damage


-1 Hit, -1 Damage


-2 Damage


-1 Hit, -1 Damage


+1 Hit


+3 Hit, -1 Damage


+3 Hit, +3 Damage


+5 HIt, +3 Damage


+2 Hit, 


-1 Hit, +4 Damage


+2 Damage





-8 Hit, -5 Damage

-5 Hit, -8 Damage


-5 Hit,-4 Damage

-4 Hit,-5 Damage





+2 Hit,+1 Damage

+1 Hit, +3 Damage


+5 Hit, +3 Damage

+2 Hit, +6 Damage


+8 HIt, +5 Damage

+5 Hit, +9 Damage


+11 Hit, +7 Damage

+6 Hit, +12 Damage

Note: Bonus to hit and damage only applies within the optimal range when the weapon has a positive to Hit bonus

Area of Effect Weapons

When you are to be affected by an AOE attack, you make a physical save, if this save is greater than the weapon’s DC, you fall prone and take half damage. If your save is twenty more 

than the weapon’s DC, you jump away and fall prone in a tile 5 feet away.

Ranged Weapons


Short [5,30[


Long [90,300[ 

Crazy [300,∞[


Assault Rifle






Auto Pistol (S)






M1 Garand






Chain Shotty






Charge Lance






Charge Rifle






Great Bow






Heavy SMG






Heavy Charge Blaster






Mini Turret


















Pump Shotty






Revolver (S)












Sniper Rifle












Machine Pistol (S)












Charge Pistol (S)






Charge SMG (S)






Note, X(YdZ) means the weapon fires X times needing X rolls. (S) means the weapon is a sidearm.

Charge Weapons have a Pen of 5, Ballistic weapons a Pen of 6. Sidearms Pen is halved.

AOE Weapons


Radius 5 Dam,DC

Radius 10

Radius 15

Radius 20


8d6, DC 90

6d6, DC 80

3d6, DC 70

2d6, DC 55

EMP Grenade

4d4, DC 45

8d6, DC 60*




Inferno Cannon

4d6, DC 75

Save VS Fire

4d4, DC 65

Save VS Fire



Frag Grenade

4d8, DC 75

2d6, DC 50



Molotov Cocktail

3d6, DC 60




Incendiary Launcher

3d6, DC 60

3d4, DC 45



EMP Launcher

6d4, DC 50

8d8, DC 85*

2d4, DC 30

8d6, DC 75



HE Mortar

6d8, DC 85

6d6, DC 70

6d4, DC 70


Incendiary Mortar

6d6, DC 70

Save VS Fire

6d4, DC 55

Save VS Fire

4d4, DC 40

Save VS Fire


*  Only applies to non-organic beings

**Fire: Make a DC 75 physical save to stop fire, when on fire, Torso, both arms, and both legs, take 1 damage per turn.

Melee Weapons







Bionic Fist


Knife (S)


Thrumbo Horn


Shiv (S)






Scyther Blade




Power Claw




Archotech Fist








NPC Interaction

Other Humans

When interacting with other NPCs throughout the world you have many options open to you.  When interacting with NPCs whatever you do, the order of actions will be the same. Talk to the NPC or the like, roll a Social Check, add bonuses and penalties, and compare against the NPC’s social roll. You can try to make the coax action to increase your relation by 1 by trying to 

make the DC on the following chart.



NPC is neutral


NPC is friendly


NPC is suspicious


NPC was recently hostile in the last hour.


Player is lying


Player is asking something obviously outrageous


NPC is in combat with another PC


NPC is in combat with a non-related NPC


Great role playing from the PC


Status and Relation

There are 7 tiers to NPC relations; Hostile, Aggressive, Suspicious, Neutral, Interested, Friendly, and Allied. Each of these will affect how an NPC will treat a PC.


Increase DC


NPCs are ready to work with the PC towards a common goal.



NPC is willing to help with certain things, offer some supplies.



NPC will more strongly consider the PC’s offers and will barter more seriously.



NPC is neutral, they will follow their values, listening what the PC has to say.



NPC is untrusting of the PC, they will still listen but will massively increase bartering prices.



Aggressive NPCs will rarely consider any negotiations but they aren’t far enough to attack.



NPCs will openly engage in combat unless clearly outmatched.


Bartering and Trading

When trying to barter you can buy or sell. This depends on the item’s value, the seller’s social skill, the buyer’s need for the item, and the status between them. 

When trying to sell an item, you sell for ? of the item’s value, this can be increased by trying to persuade the buyer. Make a contested social roll compare the 

results to the table.

Roll Difference

If Suspicious

If Neutral

If Friendly

+50 +

Buy at the ? price

Buy at the ? price

Buy at full price


? price

? price


Will buy at the ? price



Buy at the ? price


Will buy at the ? price


Will take the item without silver exchange

-50 –

Refuse to buy the item

Will take the item without silver exchange

Will buy at the ? price

The Ancients


 Overworld Travel

By default, a human can travel 54 Miles in a day, each hex being 3 miles across. Some things can make travel easier or harder. Note, apply penalties before bonuses. While traveling over land, each player will consume one unit of food per day, if you run out of food your speed is halved, a human can survive three days after running out of food.



Flat Ground


Any Road

Double Speed

Any Path

Double Speed

Ancient Highway

Triple Speed

Tropical Rainforest

Half Speed

Swamp or Marsh

Quarter Speed


Third Speed

Slightly Mountainous

Three Quarter Speed


Half Speed

Very Mountainous

Quarter Speed

Large River Crossing

Hex Counts Triple

River Crossing

Hex Counts Double

Starship Travel

In the there is no such thing as faster than light travel in this world, fundamental laws of the universe must be followed. What there is though, is the Johnson Tanaka drive, an engine which lets you accelerate without using materials for years at a time. Coupled with Cryo-Sleep technology lets people travel across the galaxy.

Travel is quite simple, once accelerated to proper speed, you travel at .99 C. On a star map, a hex is 4 light-years across, taking 4 years to cross.


Engineering involves your Intellectual,Mining, Building, and Crafting skills. This can vary from making new weapons, to sewing clothing, erecting makeshift defenses, or even making permanent settlements.

Crafting and Sewing

When attempting to create a new piece of weaponry or clothing you will require the materials and minimum skill to start creating it. To make it, you must work on it equal to 10 times its buying price. You can bring down that number once every hour by making a Crafting check, this will reduce the work amount by the number rolled.

 Ex: An assault rifle’s buying price is 480, so it will take 4800 work to create one. 480 silver worth of steel, a crafting skill of minimum 6 and access to machining tools.


This works the same way as making a new one, but instead, you only need half of the materials and work a new one would require. 

Ex: If you find a broken assault rifle, a minimum skill of 6, 240 silver worth of steel, and 2400 work.


When erecting a structure, the same rules apply, but instead using you Building instead of Intellectual or Crafting.



Value (Silver)

Structure HP

Minimum Crafting

Makeshift Wall





Makeshift Door






80 %Wood

20% Steel





80 %Wood

20% Steel




Strong Wall





Strong Door







Incredible Fortitude


Requirement: LVL 3, Any physical skill more than 8.

        Your physical prowess is beyond compare in most circles. You gain a permanent +5 to your physical save.

Requirement: LVL 3, Have both legs, physical save of 6 or greater.

         Whether through strict training or good genetics, you are particularly quick. You default speed is now 45’ per turn.


Oxen Strength

Requirement: LVL 3, Mental save of 6 or greater.

         You are hyper-attentive to the world around you and notice the slightest of disturbances. When rolling initiative gain +6.

Requirement: LVL 3, any physical skill of 6 or greater, all limbs intact.

      After hours of heavy lifting, you are incredibly strong. You can carry an extra 30 lbs without suffering any penalties.

Automatic Knowledge

Eagle Eyed

Requirement: LVL 4, Any mental skill of 10 or greater.

       Having spent days studying and training, you now have almost instant recall. Choose a mental skill, whenever you are to roll that skill you can take a flat 50 instead of rolling. If your skill is >15, you can take 75, at 20 take 95.

Requirement: LVL 3, Intellectual of 8 or greater.

       Observant like a hawk, you have a vision which would make the most elite of sentries jealous. When rolling Intellectual to perceive, gain a +8.


Lightning Reflexes

Requirement: LVL 4

       Whether it be a stern upbringing or rigorous mental condition through other means, you have found a way stave off intruders from your head. When rolling a mental save VS psychic attacks, do so with a +11.

Requirement: LVL 4

       For you, time seems to freeze in times of crisis giving you time to act. When rolling a physical save VS an explosion or other A.O.E., gain a +13.

Muscle Memory

Keen Eared

Requirement: LVL 4, Any physical skill of 10 or greater.

       Through sheer practice and dedication, your physical; abilities come to you as second nature. Pick a physical skill, instead of rolling, you can take flat 50. Once this skill reaches 15, take 75, 20 take 95.

Requirement:LVL 3, Intellectual of 6 or greater.

       Vigilant to your surroundings, not even the the wings of a fly can escape your hearing. When rolling intellectual to hear a noise, gain a +9.

Ridiculous Acrobatics

Graceful Fall

Requirement: LVL 3, Physical save of more than 6, both legs intact.

        Your acrobatic ability has reached such a wacky level where you can do it even when on your rear. When standing up from prone, you can use half movement instead of your entire move action.

Requirement: LVL 4, Physical save of 8 or greater.

        Through your mastery of the ability to land not face first, you now manage to minimize damage taken from great heights. When falling, instead of taking 1d6 per 10 foot fallen, take 1d4 per 10 foot fallen.

Group Speech

First Impressions

Requirement: LVL 4, Social of 8 or greater.

       When in front of a crowd, you can try to spend ten minutes to use the coax action on up to 10 people, this can at most make them interested. Once your social skill reaches 18, this can be done on up to 20 people.

Requirement: LVL 7, Social of 10 or greater.

       You have a way of greeting others that makes them unusually cordial towards you. When you meet somebody for the first time, their stance is immediately set to interested, unless they have a reason not to. At social 16, this becomes friendly.

Expeditious Constructor

Desperate Defender

Requirement: LVL 7, Construction of 12 or greater.

       Through years of experience in construction has taught you many shortcuts and what corners can be cut. When building structures, you can decrease the structures’ HP by ? but halve the amount of work required.

Requirement: LVL 9, Expeditious Constructor, Construction 16 or greater.

After too many close calls, you’ve learned to be prepared for combat at a moment’s notice. You can construct makeshift walls and doors in one minute if you decide to spend double the materials.

Swift Appraisal

Diligent Forager

Requirements: LVL 3, Artistic or Mining of 7 or greater

       You start to gain an eye for the shiny and the valuable, needing but a glance to estimate an item’s price. When appraising a piece of art, or gem depending, it takes you 10 minutes rather than an hour. This drops to one minute when the skill is 15 or more.

Requirement: LVL 3, Growing of 8 or greater.

       Your skill with plants has now granted you a 6th sense for edible plants and roots. When traveling in a biome that isn’t dry or cold, in Spring ,Summer, or Fall, you can supply for up to 3 additional people with you.

Note :Hexes containing roads cannot be foraged on.

Sudden Pacification

Phenomenal Physician

Requirement: LVL 7, Animals of 14 or greater

       By a series of whistles, eye contact, and hand motions you are able to to make almost any animal passive. Once every hour, you can make an animals check during combat to pacify an animal which is hostile towards you. Animal becomes hostile again if it is hurt.

Requirement: LVL 4, Medicine of 9 or greater.

       You’ve honed your medical skills to an edge as sharp as the scalpels you hold. When performing simple medical tasks like patching a friend up. You can now do so with a +6 to the roll. 


Backcountry Surgeon

Miraculous Medicine

Requirement: LVL 4, Medicine 8 or greater.

       You have found yourself performing surgery in the oddest of places in the past, but you have come to use this to your advantage. When rolling medicine, you ignore up to 8 environmental modifiers.

Requirement: LVL 7, Phenomenal Physician, Medicine of 16 or greater.

        You have elevated your skills in medicine past any point thought possible by most. When making a Medicine roll, add an extra +6 to your roll. 

Stupendous Scaling


Requirement: LVL 4 Physical Greater than 8

      You now have enough raw grip strength to climb almost any surface without using an action, move at half your regular movement.

Requirement: LVL 4, Plants of 7 or Greater, Medicine of 10 or Greater


         You have learned what plants can be used to treat wounds without killing your patient, if in a natural environment add 8 to your Medicine roll.

Adaptive Improviser

Book Worm

Requirement: LVL 4, Intellectual greater than 12

      When rolling a skill, if it is less than half your Intellectual skill, make a DC 70 Intellectual roll, upon success add half of your intellectual mod instead.

Requirement: LVL 3 , Intellectual greater than 8

       When reading anything you can assimilate information in a minute which would take a normal person an hour.

Drug Lord

Drug King

Requirement: LVL 3, Intellectual 7, Crafting 6

       You can now make flake and yayo, and roll smokeleaf.

Requirement: LVL 4, Intellectual 9, Crafting 7,Drug Lord

        You can now make wake-up,go-juice.

Medicinal Manufacture

Charlie Mopps

Requirement: LVL 4, Intellectual 8, Crafting 6

       The ability to make medicine and penoxycyline

Requirement: LVL 1, Crafting 6, Intellectual 4, 

 Growing 4

       You now know how to make hops and ferment it into beer.

Artisanal Armaments

Basic Gunsmithing

Requirement: LVL 7, Crafting 10, Intellectual 12, Building 6

       I.E.D. crafting and building

Requirement: LVL 1, Crafting 6, Shooting 6

Revolvers, pump shotguns, M1 Garands, Grenades

Blowback Operation

Gas Operation

Requirement: LVL 3, Basic Gunsmithing, Crafting 10, Shooting 8

           Auto pistols, Machine Pistols, Heavy SMG, PDW

Requirement: LVL 4, Blowback Operation, Crafting 12, Shooting 8

         Chain shotgun, LMG’s, SMG’s, Grenade launchers

Precision Rifling

Multi-barrel Weapons

Requirement: LVL 7, Gas operation, Crafting 16, Shooting 12, Incompatible with Multi-Barrel Weapons.

          Assault Rifle, Sniper rifle

Requirement: LVL 7, Gas operation, Crafting 16, Shooting 12, Incompatible with Precision Rifling


Pulse Charged Ammo

Fan the Hammer

Requirement: LVL 9, Crafting 18, Shooting 16, 

Precision Rifling

Charge Rifles, Charge Lance

Requirement: LVL 4, Shooting 8, Incompatible with Deep Breath

Use your normal action to make 3 attacks with your sidearm with a +6.

Deep Breath

Face Off

Requirement: LVL 3, Shooting 8, Incompatible with Fan the Hammer

       You can use your action to grant +12 on your next ranged attack, for two rounds.

Requirement: LVL 7, Shooting 14,

          Use your action to make a sidearm attack for every enemy around you, these attacks are made with full skill, not half, but -2 after every shot afterwards. 

Lightning Hands

Quick Draw

Requirement: LVL 9, Shooting 14

        Once per turn, you can make an extra sidearm attack.

Requirement: LVL 1, Shooting 6

       When an enemy within the optimal range of your sidearm makes an attack, make a reactionary attack with your sidearm. If this kills them or makes them unable to attack, the attack misses. This can happen once per turn.  

Deep Watch

BOOM Headshot

Requirement: LVL 1, Shooting 7

          When dealing with Medium, Long, and Crazy ranges. If your target is within 20 of range boundary, use the most beneficial range.

Requirement: LVL 7, Shooting 13

         After having taken aim, take a shot a -20, if this shot lands, deals extra damage equal to half your shooting skill.

From Above

Cloak And Dagger

Requirement: LVL 4, Shooting 9

        When targeting within your optimal, if you are at least 10 feet above your target, gain a +7 to the shot. 

Requirement: LVL 3, Melee 5

        Making a normal action attack using a sidearm weapon, you can make two melee sidearm attacks with your bonus action. This cannot be done two turns in a row.


Silent Assassin

Requirement LVL 9, Melee 16, Shooting 12

      If you are hidden, or combat has yet to start, making a melee sidearm attack gains a +12 to hit and deals double damage. This can only be done once per turn.

Requirement: LVL 7, Melee 12, Shooting 9

       You have been able to manufacture your own makeshift suppressor. Using 1000 silver worth of Silver, once attached to a sidearm ranged weapon, a fired shot is unheard after 30 feet.

Death Walks


Requirement: LVL 4, Melee 8, Physical Save 7

        You gain the ability to try to sneak away in combat, make physical roll contested by intellectual checks of hostiles within medium range of you. If you succeed, they lose track of you.

Requirement: LVL 3, Melee 6

      Once per turn, whenever a hostile enters or leaves your weapons reach, you can make an attack.


Rip and Tear

Requirement: LVL 4, Melee 8

      Using your action, you can move half your speed towards the closest hostile target, if you arrive at target, you can make a weapon attack with a bonus equal to half the distance you have moved.

Requirement: LVL 9, Melee 15

       Use your normal action to make a sidearm attack once for every hostile within weapon reach. If one of these kill,crit,destroy a limb, or knock down. Make another one.

Finish Them

Quick Bomber

Requirement: LVL 7, Melee 12

       After using the Charge action, if this first attack hits, you can make a second normal weapon attack.


Requirement: LVL 3, Shooting 6, Phys Save 6

       Grenades now count as a sidearm attack.

Long Shot

Volatile Mixture

Requirement: LVL 4, Shooting 8, Phys Save 7

       Grenade launchers fire one extra range.

Requirement: LVL 7, Shooting 12, Phys Save 8

       Add 2 extra damage die to grenades and grenade launchers.

Bigger Booms

Shredding Shrapnel

Requirement: LVL 7, Shooting 14, Phys Save 10

      The size of explosion is one tile larger in each cardinal direction without losing damage.

Requirement: LVL 9, Shooting 18, Phys Save 10

      An enemy takes damage from an explosion their armour rating is decreased by your shooting value for 2 turns.


Biggest Booms

Requirement: LVL 10, Melee 20

       Once per day, in one turn you can charge after having already charged until you run out of enemies. Each enemy can only be charged at once. Every subsequent attack after the first receives a stacking -2.

Requirement: LVL 10, Shooting 20, Phys Save 12

       Once per day, you can use a single use explosive weapon more than once. When attempting to make the second shot, you must make a DC 100 Shooting roll with the weapon, if successful you can make another shot.

One with the Shadows

Swiss Cheese

Requirement: LVL 10, Shooting or Melee 20, Shooting or Melee 16

       Once per hour, use you action to instantly become hidden unless there is a hostile within 5 feet. Following this action, your next attack automatically hits.

Requirement: LVL 10, Shooting 20

       Once per hour, select a target within your weapon’s optimal range, make an unlimited number of shots against the target until one misses.

Scoped In

Withering Fire

Requirement: LVL 10, Shooting 20

      When making an aimed shot, when rolling for body hit, roll 3 dice and pick the one you want.

LVL 10, Shooting 20, Phys Save 12

      When suppressing a target behind partial cover, that target is destroyed, behind full cover it is rendered to half cover. When suppressing, you can make a DC 80 shooting roll to suppress another hostile within 10 feet.

Heavy Gunner


LVL 9, Shooting 16

      While entrenched, gain an extra damage die to heavy weapons, an extra shot on non-heavy weapons.

LVL 7, Shooting 12

     Use your action for two turns, to dig yourself in. Once dug in, you cannot move until you use another action to dig out. Once dug in you get a +24 to the roll and +6 to damage.

Suppressing Fire

Close and Personal

LVL 4, Shooting 8

     Within optimal range, use your action to suppress a target which grants it -12 to shooting, if the target leaves its position you can take an automatic shot at a +8.

LVL 3, Shooting 6, Melee 6

      As as bonus action, you can make a butt attack with your weapon with full melee skill applied which deals 1d6+2 B.

Personal Growth

Close Minded

LVL 3,

      You have overcome one of your past biases, select a skill you were incapable of. You are now capable with a 2 in that skill.

LVL 4,

      After your time out on the Rim you now deem certain tasks as useless or unnecessary and focus on “more important” things. Add 3 to a skill of your choice and are now incapable of another.

Wild Life

Peasant’s Hardiness

LVL 1, Animal World Origin

      You can climb and swim at the same speed as you can run. You run on all fours.

      Poor leather or wool simple clothing, wood simple weapon, 3 days food.

LVL 1, Medieval World

You need half as much food to survive.

A steel sidearm weapon, a primitive main weapon, 30 silver, 7 days worth of food, poor quality cloth,hair ,or wool simple clothing.

Victorian Refinement

Worker’s Grit

LVL 1, Steamworld origin

       When communicating with the upper classes, gain +15, -20 with the lower classes.

      Excellent leather or cotton clothing, 300 silver, steel sidearm.

LVL 1, Steamworld origin

      When attempting to craft or build something, you can attempt a roll 4 times every 3 hours.


Outworld Survivor


LVL 1, Rimworld Origin

       When trading, in dire situations, you have 100 silver worth of credit with the trader.

       Melee sidearm, non charge firearm, 5 herbal medicine, 7 days of food,normal clothing, flak vest

LVL 1, Toxic origin

You take half damage from extreme environments.

      Non-charge firearm,steel sidearm, 5 medicine, 14 days of food, flak vest, marine helmet. Normal synthread clothing.

Business Connections

Experienced Felon

LVL 1, Glitterworld Origin

         In a business setting, you can more easily bribe and ask for favours.

         1000 Silver,charge sidearm, non charge firearm, Synthread clothing, 1 glitterworld medicine.

LVL 1, Midworld Origin

      Stealing, Lock Picking, and Pickpocketing grants the stolen item an extra 10% if sold to your fence.

         400 Silver, non-charge firearm, melee sidearm, poor clothing

Underworld Acquaintances

Average Joe

LVL 1, Glitterworld Origin

      When in an industrial or greater city, you can always find a contact to the underworld.

        Charge Pistol, 1400 Silver, Superior Synthread Clothing, Flak vest, Plasteel sidearm

LVL 1, Midworld Origin

      One skill you are incapable of, you can now do.

      3 Days food, 100 silver, Normal cloth clothing, steel sidearm, non charge firearm.

Noble Line


LVL 1, Medieval World

      Your name is known throughout your homeworld or steamworld or other you have spent significant time on. Some governments can be swayed by your patronage.

       800 silver, a steel sidearm, steel simple weapon, excellent cotton clothing.

LVL 1, Rimworld Origin

        When communicating with raiders, they are one status above default.

       200 Silver, steel sidearm, firearm (up to Blowback operation), flak vest, 1 medicine. Normal cloth or leather clothing.


Honest Worker

LVL 1, Urbworld Origin

       On your home planet, and other urbworlds you have spent over a quadrum on, you can call upon your goons.

           1500 silver, Flak vest, superior clothing,Firearm, 1000 silver of drugs, 1 Henchman (other PC)

LVL 1, Urbworld Origin

        When asking somebody else for work, they will only rarely deny you work but you may get less pay.

      5 days of food, 100 silver, normal cotton clothing, non-charge firearm, melee sidearm.

Character Sheet

 Lily  ChadRagnarWolf


















Phys. Save

Mntl. Save

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

LVL 1  Feat

LVL 3  Feat

LVL 4  Feat

LVL 7  Feat

LVL 9  Feat

LVL 10 Feat

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4




Trait 1

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Trait 3

Trait 4


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