How Long Can You Joe?

Freak Mini-games for Silly Bitches

Boom and Roard 2015



  1. Index

  2. Game Design

    1. Summary

    2. Gameplay

    3. Mindset

  3. Technical

    1. Screens

    2. Controls

    3. Mechanics

  4. Minigames

    1. Game Flow

  5. Development

    1. Abstract Classes

    2. Derived Classes

  6. Graphics

    1. Style Attributes

    2. Graphics Needed

  7. Sounds/Music

    1. Style Attributes

    2. Sounds Needed

    3. Music Needed

  8. Schedule

Game Design


“How long can you Joe” will be a collection of mini-games in the gameplay-style of Warioware or the many rapid action minigames plentiful on mobile devices, but portraying Joe Rogan living his fascinating life Action, Comedy, Sports, Drama, Friendship and other Recreational Activities, all wrapped up with “stoner” art and many sound effects from the Podcast itself (if legally able.) 

As a long term goal, there should be another mode where you would play the life of some of the podcasts most beloved guests, although their modes will have less content individually.


When the player starts the game, there will be a short countdown which will end in a non-stop barrage of light, sounds and frantic goals the player must complete. The game will be comprised of sets of minigames to be completed on a timer, and as sets of games are cleared, the timer gets shorter. 

These minigames will be quick to learn and even quicker to play with a maximum game time of 6 seconds, but with enough variety that players will have hours beating their highscore. The game will be easy to control with the primary interfaces being touch/clicking and dragging, but should feel like tight and responsive controls.


Joe is a huge figure to his many followers, and in many ways unknown to people who aren’t in the loop. He is a character with a wide variety of interests and activities, many of which I think would be entertaining to a much wider audience than even his considerable following.

At the core, the game should be a nostalgic timekiller for fans of the podcast who already feel like they in some ways have a relationship to Joe, Bryan and many of the guests, simply because of how many hours spent listening to them, how many ideas or life changes that have spawned because of a discussion that took place in a little room in California.



  1. Title Screen (elements)

    1. How Long Can You Rogan?

    2. How Long Can You Guest?

    3. Tutorial

    4. Options

    5. Credits

    6. Exit

  2. Tutorial

    1. Game Select Menu

  3. Options

    1. Sound

    2. Game Options

  4. Play Screen

    1. Countdown/Goal

    2. Game (active)

    3. Game Win

    4. Game Lose

    5. Next Game

  5. End Screen

    1. Scores

    2. Return to Menu/Retry

  6. Credits


Since the game is meant to be very simple and cross platform, controls will be limited to basics: Mouseclick/touch, Drag and Hold.


  • Timer – Going down in 1 and .5 second increments 

  • Score tracker – How many milliseconds left over in each minigame

  • Life tracker – Silly bitches get 5 lives like any good Smash stock game

  • Level tracker –  Tracks set completion and game order/randomness

Gotta Podcast

This challenge will be assembling and drinking a kale shake. 






  1. Win-

  2. Lose-



Individual technical design

Gotta Cleanse

This challenge will be assembling and drinking a kale shake. 

Note: Drinking animation and assets :/


  1. Drag ingredients

  2. Place in Blender

  3. Touch Blender button

Art: A countertop with blender and ingredients, first person perspective

  1. Background

  2. Blender

    1. Animated

  3. Kale and leafy greens

  4. Alpha Brain

  5. Venison

  6. Hemp Protein Powder


  1. Blender whirring

  2. Pickup ingredients

  3. Place in blender

  4. Button click

  5. Gulping 

  6. Joe: “Refreshing” & “Goddamnit!”


  1. Win- “Refreshing”

  2. Lose- “GodDamnit!”

Gotta Podcast

This challenge will be basics before a podcast



  1. Touch headphones

  2. Drag Onnit

  3. Touch middle finger

Art: Podcast table, first person perspective, Redban necessary

  1. Background

    1. Include hand to receive Onnit and middle finger available to click

  2. Headphones

  3. Onnit Bottle

  4. Hand Animation


  1. Podcast start music

  2. Brian “What the fuck!?” & Brian laughing mockingly


  1. Win- Brian “WTF”

  2. Lose-  Brian Laugh

Gotta Comedy

Performing standup live for an audience



  1. Touch funny-word bubbles

Art: Behind Joe performing to a theater, stage lights glaring

  1. Word Bubbles

  2. Background


  1. Audience murmuring 

  2. Audience laughter

  3. Audience boo

  4. Joe Gibberish


  1. Win- Laugh

  2. Lose- Boo

Gotta Kettlebell

Joe is swinging the weight between his legs, drag the weight without stopping or going too far out, 5 reps



  1. Drag Kettlebell

Art: Joe sideways squatting, 2 handing Kettlebell swinging between legs

  1. Kettlebell


  1. Grunts/groans

  2. Panting

  3. Weight falling, things breaking

  4. Joe “YESS!/Woohoo!”


  1. Win- Joe sound

  2. Lose- Weight falling

Gotta Isolation Tank

This challenge is a non-challenge, not supposed to touch the screen or they lose a life



  1. Check for a touch

Art: All black 

Sounds: Silence

  1. Joe “YESS!/Woohoo!”

  2. Water Sloshing

  3. Joe “Thats what you get!”


  1. Win- Joe “Woohoo/YESS!”

  2. Lose- “What you get”

Gotta Commentate

Use fighting words!

Note: Like Gotta Comedy

Mechanics: See “Gotta Comedy”

Art: Sitting at the UFC commentating table, behind Joe looking at ring


  1. Crowd cheering

  2. Crowd boo

  3. Crowd applause


  1. Win- applause

  2. Lose- boo

Gotta Strangle:

Joe has an opponent in a stranglehold, tighten the grip like a valve



  1. Drag a circle around victims head

Art: Just the head of opponent and Joe’s arm

  1. Slight arm animation


  1. Referee counting down

  2. Referee whistle

  3. Grunting

  4. Panting

  5. Joe “BIOTCH”


  1. Win- Joe “Biotch!”

  2. Lose- Ref whistle

Gotta Squeegee

Throwback to Bill Hicks joke about taking Mushrooms, but this game will literally be a squeegee and the picture of Joe with his 3rd eye. 



  1. Drag squeegee

Art: Use JRE logo

  1. Squeegee


  1. Bill Hicks squeaking from joke


  1. Win- Shpongle Songs

  2. Lose- Country Music

Gotta Sqatch

Standing in the woods, bushes tremble, trees shake, loud shrieks ring out, but out pops out a guy in a gorilla suit. Squatch can pop out of multiple locations but waits until that last second of the round, Quickdraw Kirby style



  1. Touch Squatch

Art: Forest setting, 3rd person perspective, Joe with a camera and Large bearded man


  1. Forest background

  2. Bushes rustling 

  3. Tree creak

  4. Sasquatch shriek


  1. Win- Photo of Squatch and Squatch sound

  2. Lose- “Wha wha whaaaa”

Gotta Hunt

This challenge will be assembling and drinking a kale shake. 



  1. Touch deer

Art: Forest setting, FPS with gun, no sight, Oregon Trail

  1. Deer + animation

  2. Gun Fire animation


  1. Quiet woods

  2. Gun clicking

  3. Birds taking off

  4. Gun firing


  1. Win- Joe “Delicious”

  2. Lose- Joe “You go hungry and die!” or something about starving

Gotta Pool

Hit the ball into the pocket. Will use the drag mechanic with an overall range with secret parameters so the player will scratch if hit too hard or will hit the cue ball to soft and not sink the ball.


Mechanics: Fake Physics (duh)

  1. Drag the cue

Art: Top down pool table like many pool games


  1. Applause

  2. Boos

  3. Murmers

  4. Pool ball getting hit Sunk


  1. Win- Applause

  2. Lose- Boos

Gotta Body-Weight Squats

Gotta do 100, so make em efficient



  1. Touch to stop at the bottom and top of the dip 

Art: Body in Leotard, Joe face for head, profile, arms out

  1. UI gage

  2. Animate for squat


  1. Grunt

  2. “Whew”


  1. Win-

  2. Lose-

The List

In no particular order

  • Gotta Cleanse – Kale Shake, Chug It

  • Gotta Podcast – Click Headphones, pop Onnit, Flick off Brian

  • Gotta Comedy – Pick the funny words!

  • Gotta Kettlebell – Swing the bell juuuuust right.

  • Gotta Isolation Tank – Don’t. Touch. Anything.

  • Gotta Commentate – Pick Fightin Words!

  • Gotta Strangle –  Make it tighter… and tighter…

  • Gotta Squeegee the 3rd Eye – Make it REAL shiney

  • Gotta Sqatch – He moves quick

  • Gotta Hunt – Shoot the deer

  • Gotta Pool – Right in the Pocket

  • Gotta Body-Weight Squats – Proper Technique is important!

  • Gotta Chinups – Rep-it-ition

  • Gotta Fanny Pack – BUCKLE UP!

  • Gotta Plug Onnit – What’s the website again?

  • Gotta Plug Fleshlight – What’s a fleshlight?

  • Gotta Toke – Responsibly and Legally, of course

  • Gotta Shut-up Brian – He is a hairy man-child

  • Gotta Siratcha Cashews – Stay away you fucks

  • Gotta JuJitSu Class – They call it rolling

  • Gotta Quake – HEADSHOT

  • Gotta Write – No Keyboard

  • Gotta Dad – Save the Kid

  • Gotta Tap –  Tap out or die

  • Gotta Legolas – How many Arrows can you fire?

  • Gotta Feed the Chickens – Self sustenance and whatnot

  • Mountain Lions! RUN! – What do you think?

  • Gotta Grill – Flip that Moose steak

Game Flow

Game Flow.png
Game Flow.png


Abstract Classes / Components

  1. BasePhysics

    1. BasePlayer

    2. BaseEnemy

    3. BaseObject

  2. BaseObstacle

  3. BaseInteractable


Derived Classes / Component Compositions

  1. BasePlayer

    1. PlayerMain

    2. PlayerUnlockable

  2. BaseEnemy

    1. EnemyWolf

    2. EnemyGoblin

    3. EnemyGuard (may drop key)

    4. EnemyGiantRat

    5. EnemyPrisoner

  3. BaseObject

    1. ObjectRock (pick-up-able, throwable)

    2. ObjectChest (pick-up-able, throwable, spits gold coins with key)

    3. ObjectGoldCoin (cha-ching!)

    4. ObjectKey (pick-up-able, throwable)

  4. BaseObstacle

    1. ObstacleWindow (destroyed with rock)

    2. ObstacleWall

    3. ObstacleGate (watches to see if certain buttons are pressed)

  5. BaseInteractable

    1. InteractableButton



Style Attributes

What kinds of colors will you be using? Do you have a limited palette to work with? A post-processed HSV map/image? Consistency is key for immersion.

What kind of graphic style are you going for? Cartoony? Pixel-y? Cute? How, specifically? Solid, thick outlines with flat hues? Non-black outlines with limited tints/shades? Emphasize smooth curvatures over sharp angles? Describe a set of general rules depicting your style here.

Well-designed feedback, both good (e.g. leveling up) and bad (e.g. being hit), are great for teaching the player how to play through trial and error, instead of scripting a lengthy tutorial. What kind of visual feedback are you going to use to let the player know they’re interacting with something? That they *can* interact with something?

Graphics Needed

  1. Characters

    1. Human-like

      1. Goblin (idle, walking, throwing)

      2. Guard (idle, walking, stabbing)

      3. Prisoner (walking, running)

    2. Other

      1. Wolf (idle, walking, running)

      2. Giant Rat (idle, scurrying)

  2. Blocks

    1. Dirt

    2. Dirt/Grass

    3. Stone Block

    4. Stone Bricks

    5. Tiled Floor

    6. Weathered Stone Block

    7. Weathered Stone Bricks

  3. Ambient

    1. Tall Grass

    2. Rodent (idle, scurrying)

    3. Torch

    4. Armored Suit

    5. Chains (matching Weathered Stone Bricks)

    6. Blood stains (matching Weathered Stone Bricks)

  4. Other

    1. Chest

    2. Door (matching Stone Bricks)

    3. Gate

    4. Button (matching Weathered Stone Bricks)


(Note : If you’re soloing you might not need to define this part, as you can just use the Derived Classes + Themes section as a reference. It’s up to you.)


Style Attributes

Again, consistency is key. Define that consistency here. What kind of instruments do you want to use in your music? Any particular tempo, key? Influences, genre? Mood?

Stylistically, what kind of sound effects are you looking for? Do you want to exaggerate actions with lengthy, cartoony sounds (e.g. mario’s jump), or use just enough to let the player know something happened (e.g. mega man’s landing)? Going for realism? You can use the music style as a bit of a reference too.

Remember, auditory feedback should stand out from the music and other sound effects so the player hears it well. Volume, panning, and frequency/pitch are all important aspects to consider in both music and sounds – so plan accordingly!

Sounds Needed

  1. Effects

    1. Soft Footsteps (dirt floor)

    2. Sharper Footsteps (stone floor)

    3. Soft Landing (low vertical velocity)

    4. Hard Landing (high vertical velocity)

    5. Glass Breaking

    6. Chest Opening

    7. Door Opening

  2. Feedback

    1. Relieved “Ahhhh!” (health)

    2. Shocked “Ooomph!” (attacked)

    3. Happy chime (extra life)

    4. Sad chime (died)


Music Needed

  1. Slow-paced, nerve-racking “forest” track

  2. Exciting “castle” track

  3. Creepy, slow “dungeon” track

  4. Happy ending credits track

  5. Rick Astley’s hit #1 single “Never Gonna Give You Up”


(Note : Again, if you’re soloing you might be able to / want to skip this section. It’s up to you.)


(what is a schedule, i don’t even. list is good enough, right? if not add some dates i guess)

  1. develop base classes

    1. base entity

      1. base player

      2. base enemy

      3. base block

    2. base app state

      1. game world

      2. menu world

  2. develop player and basic block classes

    1. physics / collisions

  3. find some smooth controls/physics

  4. develop other derived classes

    1. blocks

      1. moving

      2. falling

      3. breaking

      4. cloud

    2. enemies

      1. soldier

      2. rat

      3. etc.

  5. design levels

    1. introduce motion/jumping

    2. introduce throwing

    3. mind the pacing, let the player play between lessons

  6. design sounds

  7. design music


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