Rough Outline

What do I want to get out of this ruleset?
- Quicker, take up less time each session.
- Player Agency, I want everyone to be involved, or at the very least somewhat interested.
- Modular, I want it to be able fit into any setting, (with a little work) or any system.
-Fun. useful. Consistent.

Core Idea - A system of dice pools and thresholds. (Kinda comes from Burning Wheel, Shadowrun.)

- Thresholds are challenges, whether it be dealing with a group of pirate raiders, or ensuring economic prosperity.
- Players will get resources, in the form of dice pools, that they can use to beat the thresholds.
- These dice pools are formed from dice gained in a variety, buildings the players have built, Interaction with the environment, Interaction with other factions/kingdoms etc.
-Scaling challenge, that makes sense, and is not purely there for the sake of being difficult.

Player Roles - Inspired by special abilities in Stars Without Number.

- eg, If you are the treasurer, you can decide to bank, a successful econ roll. You roll again, and must use the new result
- eg, If you are ruler, you can auto succeed on a loyalty check once per three months

Buildings - I want buildings to either offer special abilities, like players roles, maybe not as strong or they should offer dice to the corresponding dice pool.

-eg, building a castle ought offer dice for your defense pool

Buildings cost a combination of resources, these include both Wood and Stone. Additionally, depending on the building, you might need to make an economy to account for various other materials that go into construction process. 

-eg, building a Cathedral costs x amount of stone, and x amount of wood, but also requires an economy threshold test to represent the stained glass, marbles statues and various other smaller parts of the process.

Resources - These mainly are wood and stone, players can get these one of two ways. They can invest in operations that will yield them, lumber mills, or quarries, or they can get them from exploring and even from some events.

Investments - As a counter to buildings, a permanent thing, I think investments ought be things the players want for the future, and are willing to pay forward for, offering boons or abilities.

Failure/Success System - Players should rewarded for succeeding thresholds test, but also there should be sort of negative aspect to failure.

- If you surpass the threshold by 5 or more on the dice roll, you can some sort boon, representing your good fortune and skill as leaders

- If you fail the threshold by 5 or more on the dice roll, you will be treated with some sort of negative thing, likely losing a die from the corresponding pool.

Tiers - multiple tiered system representing to the rise in challenge, and rise in importance of thresholds they are faced with. This tiered event system will allow for progression and more interesting happenings within your kingdom.

- A difficult threshold for a small town might be a group of goblins stealing livestock
- A difficult threshold for a large city might be an invading army from a rival faction.

Once the rules are fully fleshed out, I’ll test the rules with D4s and D6s and see which variant offers a better experience. I’m thinking D6s are the go to choice, mainly because that's what most people have.

Going into playing with these rules, maybe you can choose to play with D4s, which would be more consistent, you could play with D6s as I intended  or even so you could play with D8s which would offer a higher reward/negative spectrum than the other two.


Loss of gold equals loss in happiness, which in turn means people begin rioting.

Once any one of your dice pools reach a point at which they only have 1 die in them. The kingdom becomes unhappy and discontent. For every month spent with only 1 die in a pool, the kingdom gains 1 unrest point. These can stack multiple times each month, for instance if your kingdom has 3 pools with only 1 die in them for a month, that month will grant 3 unrest points. Once your kingdom unrest points reach 5, the citizens of your kingdom will revolt, entering the Revolution stance.

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