RS3 Chunk Guide


  • I may not interact without things outside my chunk, in any circumstance, not with telegrabs or ranged.

  • As long as the entrance to something is within the allowed chunk I am allowed to enter and fully explore within limitations, as long as I exit where I entered and am within the same chunk, houses, caves and etc are safe to explore. There may be exceptions and/or changes.

    • If I can determine a chunk boundary in the area I will consider it a boundary. (upper floors of houses and castles seem pretty easy to determine)

  • I may not use teleports or transport if both the start and end are not within my unlocked chunks

  • There should be rules for grouping up but I have yet to decide as they won’t apply for some time.

  • Lumbridge Castle will be the starting chunk as it’s a more rounded area and more recognizable to those who may not have played RS3 recently. (For rs3 the starting area is Burthorpe now)


  • The ultimate end goal is to have all chunks open. (The plan is to have all chunk rewards total to around the total chunks there are, so to finish the map I will come close to touching all content and maxing)

  • I will add/remove goals as the series goes.

Chunk Unlocking

  • Chunks are unlocked when I meet a requirement. There is no order, you may choose to do whatever you please. (462)

    • Every 25 total levels you achieve will reward you with 1 chunk. (You start under 50 total level so you can count the base level 1 in levels unlocking your starting chunk) (115 Possible chunks)

    • Each 99 and 120 in a skill will award a chunk. (99 in a 120 skill will count as they are still considered a milestone with a cape) (Virtual levels do not count) (34 possible chunks, if counted as 1 chunk each)

    • Quests will reward 1 chunk per 2 quest points total. (206 Possible chunks)

    • Easy and Medium diaries will award 1 chunk. (24 possible chunks)

    • Hard diaries will award 2 chunks. (24 possible chunks)

    • Elite diaries will award 3 chunks. (36 possible chunks)

    • Each unique boss kill will award 1 chunk. (33 Possible chunks based off

    • BiS gear for each combat style and skill will award 1 chunk (Will return to this later when if it applies,)

  • When I have earned a chunk unlock I will use the link provided below in chunk map to select all surrounding chunks and will randomly choose one. Then I may explore the chunk once it has been unlocked. 

  • Once a chunk is unlocked the new surrounding chunks will be added to the next batch of possible unlocks

  • For areas normally not accessible without specific transport like Anachronia and Karamja, I will unlock access to earn their chunk when I have access to the chunk their original transport is in. (If I unlock the sailor in Port Sarim to travel me to Karamja, I will then have the ability to unlock the chunk I would then travel to.)

Chunk Penalties 

  • Every death loses me 1 chunk.

  • The link I have provided below in Chunk Map allows me to unpick an already unlocked chunk so that's what I will use to determine what chunks I lose.

  • I can buy back chunks, but I can not buy chunks over the amount I have lost.

  • For every skilling and boss pet earned i get one free death. 

  • Chunk cost will vary to my current bank. Anything that is purely for high alching will count towards my total gp value even if they aren’t currently high alched. (Salvage, relics from ed and etc)

  • The amount can vary and is subject to change if it is too harsh but to start it will cost me 25% of my current gp.

  • Practice mode of bosses do not count towards deaths

Chunk Map

Link removed due to some issues

Currently as of 8/26/2020 i counted 515 chunks, some chunks are very tiny pieces of land or are inaccessible i just classified a chunk as a visible piece of land on the map.

BiS Gear

This i’ll need help with and some of it may be subjective, BiS won’t be determined by highest numbers but if we choose to base it off numbers that would simplify stuff. An example being 2h melee, while the zaros god sword is higher than the noxious scythe I may choose noxious scythe to be my BiS 2h melee for the high utility it offers.

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