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Card of Fate is a game about building worlds. This game will take you on a journey through jungles of despair, to the plains of hope and through towns of joy.

This game will be using cards to give you, as the player, instructions on how you should go about developing your world. The cards will be explained later in this book.

During this rulebook i sometimes refer to “players” or “ the player”, this i do because i expect this game to be used in relation to various tabletop rpgs.  

Using the rules

The cards have very specific instructions tied to them. example

The card will give 4 instructions to you. You will draw these instructions from the top down. When done with the card put it at the bottom of your deck. Then you draw a new card. 

The world you build is considered done when you feel like it’s done. We will not give you 50 turns to get your best world. This is up to you. 

You will have a deck that consists of 52 cards, and a library that consists of your “leftovers”. Your leftovers will be upcoming expansions for this game. 

Playing with others

Playing this game with others is one of the many joys playing this game. When choosing this way to play the game some rules change.. Who starts? of course the one who rolls highest initiative on a d20.  Now each player draws a card on their turn and putting the used card at the bottom of the deck. 

The cards

Creating the world

You can chose between 3 different starting maps. You draw these map on another sheet of paper.




Playing this game while playing d&d:

Pick one card before a session and see your world develop. 


Card Rules

Add New Card & Shuffle

Area Description: Describe an area and give it a name, is it full of ancient dwarven mines or is there a kobold football field. The important thing is here to choose the area you want and limit it to be only this area

Cataclysmic Encounter: An encounter has spawned. You choose where. The level of this encounter should be deadly relative to the players level

Center of Trade: +1 to trade

Chaos +1: Who want’s the region to be a nice place? Ad +1 to your Chaos points

Deadly Storms: A storm rages through your map, and your population suffer -6 and erase 2 houses

Destroy something:  

Demon incursion: Population -16, Chaos +7 . If you have a necropolis you’ll gain + 10 undead and 5 tombs

Different town part: 

Requirements: a town/city/metropolis

Another race is moving into a city/town/metropolis. This can be orcs, halflings, elves etc. the important thing is to notice this. the town part will feature 15 population of any race and 5 houses. 

Divine fortitude:

Requirements: 1 temple & 1 god 

Population +16, Law + 7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Divine Influence: 

requirements: 1 temple 

Do what your god dictates. See “gods” section

Draw lake or ocean: 

Draw Dungeon: An excavation team of dwarves found an ancient entrance in an abandoned mine. Mark this on your map.

Draw Farmlands: You population in the nearest town grows with 10

Draw forest: Draw a forest the size of your thumbnail. Or if there's already a forest present you can expand this forest with half the size of your thumbnail. 

Draw Hills: Draw 2 hills. Or if there's already hills present you can expand these hills with 1 – 2 more. 

Draw Mountains: Draw a mountain range or a single mountain, give it a name

Draw Plains: Draw plains and give it a name

Draw River: A wize cartographer once said: Rivers don’t split – they merge

Evil +1: Your region experiences evil up close, ad +1 to your Evil points

Expand Natural Environment: Chose to expand one nature feature. forest, hills, etc. The expansion area is roughly half the size of your thumbnail.

Expand Divine site: Ensure that your town can live in peace by engulfing them in even more divine power.

Expand Water: Increase the body of water on your map. If there are no bodies of water – forget this step.

Flush out NPC

Generate City & Name: 

A city has miraculously spawned on your map. A city will feature 10 houses along with roads connecting these houses. This will give your map a population of +36 But remember to give it a name

Generate New Town & Name: 

A town has miraculously spawned on your map. A town will feature 5 houses along with roads connecting these houses. This will give your map a population of +16 But remember to give it a name.

Generate Metropolis and Name:

Requirements: 1 city/town and a forest. 

The metropolis is the biggest. This will feature 100 population, 30 houses, and 1 temple.

Generate Seatrade

Good +1:

Harvest season : 

Requirements: 5 farmlands

Population boom +15 and draw 5 houses to closest to farmland, if no farmland get +5 population and 2 houses in one town/city/metropolis

Law +1: 

Having order and law is good for the people. See the Law chart for more information

New encounter: 

Here is an opportunity to mark an encounter on your map. If your players decide to deal with this encounter you get 5 “Good” points. Look at the “good” chart

New NPC:

New divine site: 

Requirements: 1 god present in region.

The divine site if different than a temple. With a divine site you’ll be able to grant your population relief. No encounters can be placed in this circle. A divine site can be as big as it surrounds a city with 10 houses or 15 population

New island if water: 

Gods awakening: 

A god present itself to the region, chose from “the god list” 

New Monster area: 

Mark an area where a certain monster is present

New Temple or Increase Temple Size:

Requirements: 1 god present in the region Draw a building with a circle in it to indicate that this building is different. This will be your temple. If there already is a temple in your town, consider moving it out of the country. Regarding where you place it you’ll get a different god. There has to be a god present in the area before you can place a temple

New Road: 

Add a new road to your map, the road can be as long as you want it to be.

New Region: 

Add another region to your map, now you leave this region behind and start up a new. This one should have  3 elements of nature to start with.

Sickness: a sickness can have many shapes and sizes. roll a d6 to see what sickness you have contracted:

  1. The plague

Your population is attacked by a plague and suffer – 15 population

  1. The Locust

Your farmland is attacked by locust and withers, if you have farmlands erase them. – 8 population 

  1. The Wilt

Trees can’t grow. Erase half of your forest and 10 buildings.

  1. Magic sickness

Divine sites are attacked by a mysterious force and has stopped working erase all of your divine sites

  1. Mythological dispute

Your gods have arguments over who dominates the region. Remove all gods except one

  1. Temperature sickness

Immediate drop in temperature – 15°C

Discover a magical item: Make a magical item from scratch or find one that you prefer.

Retire card: Add a random card from your deck to your library from your deck shuffle both after you are done.

Technology +1: Your civilization advances. Look at the Technology chart

Technology -1: Your people likes to be stupid. Look at the Technology chart

Techbomb: Technology points drops 15 points

Temperature +1: The temperature of this map has risen with 1 degree. Look at Temperature chart

Temperature -1: The temperature of this map has fallen with 1 degree. Look at Temperature chart

Temper Trap: temperatures drop instantly -15°C 


In this game there will be some 

Temperature Chart

The effect only triggers once

If temperature gets higher than 56C then you can’t expand nature



Over 45°C

new god

41- 45°C

Population growth has halted


Farmland gives nothing.


Population growth is halved from this point


Farmlands have double effect if drawn


Neutral -The starting point


Divine site has no worshippers and therefore no effect


Nature expansion is halved


No effect


farmlands have no effect if drawn


No effect


Water freezes and can’t expand


Population growth is halved 


Nature expansions can’t occur

Below -20 °C

New god

Technology chart

When choosing a skill you use your points

If you reach 75 technology points you’ll get a free divine action

Technology Points



new tech god


New defensive structure


New Ziggurat


New encounter in nature


Expand one city/town/Metropolis


No effect


New non-techie NPC



New encounter in town


Cultists uproar


New anti tech god

Good Chart

More goodness more divine help

More evil – more divine punishment

Good points


+5 good

Build a Cathedral 

+4 good

Build an auditorium

+3 good

Build a theater

+2 good

Build a Inn

+1 good

Build an tavern


No effect

Evil chart

+1 Evil

Add new Monster Area

+2 Evil

New Evil NPC

+3 Evil

New dungeon

+4 Evil

Expand monster Area

+5 Evil

new Chaos god

Law Chart

More law population bonus

More chaos – population

Law points


+5 law

new god

+4 law

Build a fortress

+3 law

Build a Castle

+2 law

Build a hold

+1 law

Build a Wall


No effect

Chaos chart

+5 Chaos

New Encounter

+4 Chaos


+3 Chaos

Create a Brotherhood

+2 Chaos

Create a chaotic faction

+1 Chaos

Create a cult


Techgod: +25 / -25


  1. +25 bonus to tech points

  2. -25 bonus to something

Lawgod +25

Chaos: +25

Temperature: Over 45°C / Below -20 °C

Nature gods

  1. God of the forest, Benn Galab. He gives bonus to forest expansion and a minor population bonus

    1. Forest expansion is doubled

    2. when population is getting a bonus multiply this with 1.5

  2. God of the plains, Thunderrock:

    1. Plains expansion is doubled

    2. City next to plains will be granted 2 farmlands (only one time prog)

  3. Bonus to mountains and population

  4. God of farmland: Largen. He gives bonus to farmland and Population. He doesn't like Thunderrock. So picking Largen will cancel Thunderrocks second ability.

    1. Farmland expansion is doubled

    2. Population bonus to a town with farmland is doubled

  5. Bonus to hills and population

  6. Bonus to rivers and population

  7. Bonus to Lake/ocean and population 

City gods 

  1. bonus to towns and population

  2. Bonus to city and population

  3. Bonus to Metropolis and population

  4. Bonus to expansion to a town/city/metropolis

Monster gods

  1. Bonus to monster loot

  2. Bonus to monsters challenge rating


Cataclysmic encounters

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