Rules and About me!

Rules and About me!

About me

I’ve been a dungeon master for about 8 years now DMing for a plethora of different games and participating in several different games as well. I’ve mostly dungeon mastered for DND 5e and is the system i am most comfortable in. I’ve also DM’d for DND 4e as well for a little bit and do use some mechanics from that system in 5e.I enjoy seeing many different characters with different backstories and cultural differences and seeing how they play out in my games. I really enjoy the social aspects of DND . I have a heavy actor like GMing style and put a lot of effort into making my characters/monsters feel alive. I try to keep combat fair for my players and generally doing things that are believable and plausible from my NPC’s and Monsters.  I enjoy seeing characters develop as well as the overall party cohesion develop as relationships begin to grow and change throughout the game.Things will get harder as the game goes on and as party members get stronger and the narrative begins to come to an end. When things reach that point i expect people to have the ability to work together to solve problems and deal with threats. If you’d like to know more about me feel free to ask I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have for me!

P.S I’m from the east coast keep that in mind if you show interest for my game.

P.S.S I run all of my games on roll 20.

About my games and how they tend to run

  1. Most of my games tend to be very heavy on the roleplaying side. Especially at the beginning of my games. 3 hours of roleplaying and maybe 1 hour of combat. This varies depending on where things are in the game. ( Some games may demand more roleplay, some games may have more combat planned out depending on players actions ) Generally speaking most games are Roleplay heavy though.

  2. Player backstories are important and will be incorporated into the story when necessary everyone has time in the spotlight.

  3. Things progressively get more challenging as I don't like things to be easy forever. 

  4. My narrative is not controlled by dice. However small events may change depending on what happens.

  5. My games tend to have some level of homebrew elements involved in them because of how much experience i have under my belt. I like to give players more options that I’ve personally playtested for balance. As well as i feel expand on the game when necessary. 

  6. I balance encounters based around party composition. And may impose rules if a party composition does not have a healer. Do not feel like you should balance a team composition to have a healer/Tank/DPS.

  7. There may be extra rules to read up on depending on the game I’m running. Please be patient. I try to add things to the game to keep things fresh and exciting for everyone. Not to suffocate people with rules. 

The Rules

This section highlights the rules of this game from a table culture perspective.  The goal is to have fun, but I do have some behaviors that will not be tolerated and other behaviors that are required.  They are details below. 

Hugely Important Meta-Rules

Rule Zero:  "Roleplaying games and miniature wargames are entertainment; your goal as a group is to make your games as entertaining as possible. If that means breaking the rules temporarily, or permanently as a house-rule, then so be it."  The translation of this rule – really a meta-rule – is that the game must be fun for everybody.  Anything goes in the name of fun for all.  Do not interpret this to mean that your own independent fun is more important than someone else’s or the collective’s. 

The Golden Rule:  "The GM makes the rules; don't argue with the GM"  I will be honest, I suffer from social anxiety, arguments are just not something that I do well.  Understand that when I make a ruling, I expect it to be honored.  I have made it abundantly clear that I am not out to get you guys, and if I change something or rule a certain way, I am doing my best to interpret the rules in a fair way that encourages fun. I do not make rules to fuck people over.

Stuff that Can Get You Kicked and/or Banned

1. No Sexual Harassment or Abuse.  This is a no warning situation.  Do not perform any actions in-character or out-of-character that can be construed as sexually non-consensual, sexually aggressive, or as harassment.  Elements of romance or affection (even of sexual implication) are fine and in some situations encouraged, but I will not condone exploration of sexual violence.  It does not belong in this game. 

2. No Displays of Aggressiveness Towards Your Fellow Players. If you start yelling at someone, threatening someone, insulting, or criticizing them in character or out of character, you’re gone.  If you have an issue with something about a player, the proper course of action is to inform me about it privately to discuss how the situation might be best resolved.  If someone has made you upset or uncomfortable, I am your point of contact.  Do not start a fight at my table.

3. No Judging, Sexism, Racism, or Intolerance.  I expect that you are mature enough to understand that people have world views and opinions that might conflict with your own.  You are expected to value those people if they disagree with you.  I will not tolerate slurs, elitism, or superiority complexes.  

4. Try to be on time for every session. If you fail to notify me about a potential absence you will be given a warning. Once you receive a warning and fail to notify me again about another absence you will be kicked from the group. I expect players to show up to our scheduled day’s. If you can’t please let me know why you can’t show up that day and perhaps we can work something out.

5. Don’t bring any of your moop to the game please. If you need sometime to cheer up or a small break from the game let me know. Don’t destroy people game experience because you had a bad day. And if you need to talk I’m here. 

Regular Rules

  1.  Be a decent human being.  Don’t interrupt others.  Let your other players have some of the spotlight.  Be attentive and listen to both myself and your fellow players.   Be prepared when it is your turn. 

  2. Don’t try to ‘win’.  This is a part of my philosophy which is that I’m not out to make things hard for you guys.  Things are challenging because overcoming obstacles is fun and rewarding. . .but not everything is meant to be overcome.  Many things ‘just are’.  This also applies to min-maxing to the exclusion of roleplaying.  If you want to make a cool build or an effective character, that is fine.  But remember that I expect characters not stat-blocks.I try to balance content around party composition so feel free to make whatever you like.

  3. Support each other.  Be happy for your fellow players when they do something cool.  Congratulate them when they pull off that awesome roleplay scene.   Tell them what you liked about what they did.  Tabletop Roleplaying games have an amazing ability to turn players into friends.  Make an effort to do this, and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves.  

  4. Let your fellow players play their characters.  If any of you are of a tactical bend, understand that your fellow players have complete agency over their own characters.  They may be new, but their actions are their actions regardless of how choose to play, it is their prerogative in this style of game. 

  5. Do not try and rule over other players or shame others for playing their character to how they envision them.

  6. Try to keep things in character as much as possible.


This section will explain some of my other expectations from my players that may have not been clear before.Some idea’s may be repeated from before but bare with me. This will explain what i want from character creation and what i want from players at my table.

  • Try to show up on time or a few minutes earlier to get things ready for our games. Whatever time they are scheduled

  • Read the announcement tab from my discord at the scheduled times that announcements are made. 

  • Character creation is split into two weeks. I will go into detail for this over voice.

  • To read and understand any additional information I add to the game.( i ran an oriental game once using an honor system using the heroes of the orient resource)

  • People to write a backstory with one or two people I like my players to be involved with each other even if another person only played a small part. This helps build party communication and cohesion. 

  • People to be decent human-beings.

  •  For everyone to have a blast!

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