Say Nearl your sis is single right?

MN-ST-1: Debut/MN-1: Ellen's Special

In order to prevent her family from losing their knight's title, the young and inexperienced Maria Nearl joins the Kazimierz Major despite her uncle's opposition, and to reignite the light that is the Nearl Family. Of course, no hero is without a mentor. Throughout her journey, her aunt Zofia, the famous "Whislash", is always looking out for her, and she's accompanied by her friends the Old Knight and the Old Mechanist. And what's a hero who doesn't have a bad guy to beat up? Not to mention that this time, the enemy that stands in her way is the mighty To access the rest of this article, please subscribe to Rosebud News, your trusted source of Kazimierz news available for the low, low price of 10000LMD per month.

Aight I can't make this up anymore.

MN-2: Roar Knightclub

First round, the Polymer Knight.

The armor he wears is specially made by his sponsors, who are using this opportunity to show off its capabilities despite it being unsuited for a tournament. He was asked to stall for over 10 minutes in order to win more sponsorships. However, Maria survives long enough to find out that the armor lacks any means to cool down, and taking advantage of the moment it overheats, she chargers at Polymer wins the round by using one of her sister's moves.

In the pub, the Old Knight and Old Mechanic tells Maria about a Caprine woman who won three tournaments in a row then left to serve some foreign warlord, and how Zofia lost years ago because she was unwilling to take any sponsorships. A corporate employee enters the pub and tries to get Maria to sign a sponsorship with them, but Maria declines.

MN-3: Rosebud News

Second round, the Aerugo Knight.

He enjoys toying and maiming his opponents, and gets out of trouble by throwing money at the House of Commons. Right from the start he injures Maria and forces her into a corner, but she manages to hurt him as well. Meanwhile, two knights, Flametail and Greybrush, watches from afar. At the last moment, Maria uses her Arts and goes out together with Aerugo.

The commentator of the competition is called in by Speaker Czarne, the one overseeing the Major, who tells him that his contract with his former company has ended, and that he works for Czarne now.

MN-4: Brightshield Industries

Third round, a brawl, where any hit on an opponent counts as a point, and any hits taken deducts points. Here Maria meets Flametail, who tells Maria that she's infected and about the gladiator matches the Knights Association puts the infected knights in. With Flametail's victory and Maria coming in second place.

Platinum meets with Czarne, and the latter asks the Armorless Union to take care of some of their problems.

The corporate employee finds Zofia, this time with insider information on the tournament since, in his words, he hasn't seen the knights have a good ending for a long time.

MN-5: Sworkma Videos

Czarne finds the corporate employee and talks a bunch about how the knights' competition brings in large sums of money every year, and how there are all these "good people" who rely on this to survive, and how there are some "bad people" who want to strip that away for "honor". "Sir, you are a good person, right?"

Zofia wants Maria to quit the competition, since they have enough points to win the knight's title and can get plenty just from sponsorships. If she continues, she'll have to bow down to one of the corporations that control the tournament. She tells Maria that the corporate employee's upper brass knows about Maria already, and if she does something against their wishes they can't bear the consequences. Despite knowing this, Maria still decides to continue, causing Zofia to angrily walk out.

Czarne finds the Polymer Knight and informs him that Roar Knightsclub has decided to replace him in the coming match with another knight. However, as long as he agrees to Cazrne's terms, he can get Polymer a place in the official tournament. Polymer pretends to accept, but he later goes to the pub that Maria frequents, and tells the pub owner who was also once a knight that he won't be participating, as a protest to the corporations.

Meanwhile, the assassins of the Armorless Union intercept Flametail and Greybrush. In the news, it's revealed that the Polymer Knight was poisoned (fallen ill, as they put it) on his son's birthday.

MN-6: Bluear Wine Cellar/MN-7: Meshk Corporation

Czarne meets the owner of the pub, the Old Knight, and the Old Mechanic, for the arrangements from the Association. The Old Knight accuses him of trampling over their honor, but Czarne says that honor never left, it was just forgotten.

After he leaves, Flametail and Greybrush arrive at the pub, wounded. the Old Knight checks if the Armorless union is still after them while the rest tends to them.

Fourth round, Sinistral.

A long match, but Maria eventually wins. It's hinted that Sinistral better on himself losing and faked the match.

The pub owner asks Maria's uncle, Mayna, to help her out, but Mayna refuses, as it's out of his control if the Association steps in.

MN-ST-2: Wineglass

Maria learns from Sofia that Flametail and Greybrush are saving the infected from the gladiator stadiums. The Old Knight and Old Mechanic fears that because they helped out the infected knights, the Association will have their eyes on Maria.

Platinum meets with Czarne, and questions what kind of situation needs both Lazurite assassins, but Czarne only tells her that it's the Association's orders, and to keep an eye on Maria's uncle.

MN-8: Business Association

To prepare for the next competition which is a 2v2, Sofia reached out to another knight called Farfang to help out. Right before the competition, however, they receive news that Farfang went missing in a so-called "fan brawl".

Her competitors, two Sarkaz, were ordered to "accidentally" kill her, and Platinum intercepts the Old Knight and Old Mechanic who tries to help Maria. Just as the Sarkaz Knights prepare to deal the final blow, however, Nearl shows up and saves her. The Lazurite assassins tell Platinum that they failed to stop Nearl from barging into the stadium, just as Shining and Nightingale reach the Old Knight and Mechanic, and Platinum lets them go.

Czarne knows that he'll be used as a scapegoat by the Association for failing to kill Maria. Later, Platinum tells him that he will be exiled tonight.

MN-ST-3: Hushed Departure

An Obsidian assassin contacts Platinum and informs her of Rhodes Island's involvement. The corporate worker receives a mysterious call that tells him he's the new Speaker, and will be in full charge of the tournament. Nearl returns to her family and announces her decision to rejoin the knights’ tournament.

Gravel meets with the Head Knight to relay her master’s message, that he’ll yeet the House of Commons if anything happens to Maria. The Head Knight reminds Gravel that her master is still convicted, and she says the House of Commons, backed only by the corporations, has no right to sentence anything. Finally, she tells the Head Knight that people from Rhodes Island have already arrived.

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