School of Golem Crafting

Clay to Life (Level 2)

You can create a Golem servant using clay and your magic. The Golem’s primary drive will alway be to protect and serve his master.

To create your Golem you must spend a spell slot and an hour of preparation. The magics that animate the golem will last until your next long rest, or until his master dies. The level of spell slot you use to create the Golem will affect its stats and abilities. Your Golem will take its turn directly after your initiative, but will only take the dodge action unless you use your bonus action to direct it to do something else.

Golem Repair (Level 2)

You understand that your Golem is not truly alive and cannot benefit from  traditional healing magics or procedures. To compensate you have developed a method to repair your Golem with your own magic.

While within 5 ft of your golem you can use an action to spend a spell slot to heal your Golem for a number of d10s equal to the level of the spell slot used + your INT modifier

Guardian’s Bond (Level 6)

You have developed a connection to your Golem that allows it to better protect you.

While you are within 40 ft of your Golem you gain the following benefits:

  • When you take damage you can use a reaction to gain resistance to the triggering type of damage. Your Golem takes an amount equal to the amount you took. The damage your Golem takes cannot be reduced or mitigated in any way.

  • You have advantage on CON saves made to maintain spell concentration.

Clay Golem (Construct)

HP: (6xWizard Level) + (3xSpell Level)

AC: 13Speed: 25 ft

STR: (+3)DEX: (+0)CON: (+2)INT: (-3)WIS: (+0)CHR: (-3)

PP: 10

Size: Medium (Large at Spell Slot Level 3 or Higher)

Understands the Language of its Master


Athletics STR + PB

Saving Throws: STR+PB and CON+PB

Immunities: Charmed, Frightened, and Poison(ed)

Arcane Reinforcement: The Golem gains a bonus to his AC, STR modifier, and his CON modifier equal to half of the spell slot level used to create him rounded down. (At Least Spell Slot of Level 2)

Clay Armor: All Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning damage the Golem takes is reduced 4. (At Least Spell Slot Level 3)

Magic Resistance: The Golem has advantage on all saving throws that a hostile spell or magical effect would cause him to make (At Least Spell Slot of Level 4)

Resolute Presence: All allies gain a +3 bonus to all saving throws made within 10 ft of the golem. This does not stack with a Paladins Aura of Protection (At Least Spell Slot of Level 5) 


Multiattack: The Golem can make a number of slam attacks equal to half the level of the spell slot used to create it, rounded down. (Minimum of 1 to a Maximum of 3)

Slam: (Your Wizard Spell Attack Modifier) To Hit / 1d8 + STR Bludgeoning  

Augment Golem (Level 10)

You have learned how to harness magical energies to enhance your Golem in more specific ways.

You can use an action to spend a spell slot of 5th level or higher to can grant your Golem one of the follow effects that last until you next long rest:

  • Assault 

    • The Golem’s  Slam attack uses a d10 instead of a d8

    • Charge: If your Golem moves at least 20 ft its first successful Slam attack deals an additional 2d10 damage

  • Guard 

    • The Golem gains maxim hit points equal by 2 x the level of the spell slot used for his ability

    • Intercept: When an ally within 10 ft of the Golem takes damage he can use his reaction to reduce the damage by 1d10 + his master’s wizard level  

*A Golem can only have one of the Augments active at a time*

Spontaneous Reconstruction (Level 14)

You have mastered your craft, and can recycle some of the energies used to breathe life into your Golem.

If your Golem drops to zero hit points you can use a reaction to spend a spell slot that is at least 2 levels lower than the original spell slot used to reanimate him immediately with the appropriate stats. If the golem was augmented with the Assault or Guard ability a new spell slot must be spent to reapply the ability. You can only use this ability once per long rest.

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