School of Kinetomancy V2



There exists a small sect of scholars who reject the main schools of magic in favor of an unorthodox tradition. These arcanists believe that to reach the pinnacle of knowledge, one must achieve a perfect balance between both mind and body. Known as Kinetic Casters, Arcane Pugilists, or Muscle Wizards, these few devoted souls seek to perfect what they see to be an entirely different school of its own: the school of melee magic, Kinetomancy. They do so through intense academic study of Kinetic and Potential energies within all forms of magic and intense physical training, allowing them to enhance their physicality with the weave itself.

Although sometimes mocked, their ways being often viewed as strange and boisterous, members of this school are adherents to a highly focused discipline. In following this Arcane Tradition, you learn to intimately connect your intelligence and strength until your magic and might are one in the same.


Kinetomancy Initiate

Selecting this Arcane Tradition at 2nd level means that you have been initiated into the ancient mysteries of

Kinetomancy, granting you the following benefits:

? You learn one melee spell attack cantrip of your choice from any class spell list. That spell counts as a Wizard spell and it does not count against your number of cantrips known. 

?When you attack with a melee spell attack, you can choose to have it deal your choice of bludgeoning, force or thunder damage instead of it’s normal damage type. If you change the damage type of a spell that has an ability reliant on the initial damage type, it will work with the type you choose.

? You may copy spells from any class spell list into your

spellbook, so long as that spell allows you to make a

melee spell attack and/or gives an increase to a melee weapon’s attack and/or damage roll. Once in your spellbook, the spell becomes a Wizard spell for you.

Arcane Impact

Starting at 2nd level, your physical attacks have become innately suffused with arcane magic. Your unarmed strikes can now use your intelligence modifier for attack rolls and deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + your intelligence modifier on a hit.. When you successfully cast a spell, you can choose up to one target that is within 5 feet of you. That target takes additional damage equal to the damage of your unarmed strike.

Additionally, if you have a spell that gives a bonus to a melee weapons attack and/or damage rolls, such as “Magic Weapon”, you can cast it on yourself to apply the effects to your unarmed strikes. If the spell requires a material weapon cost, like “Booming Blade”, you ignore that cost when applying it to your unarmed strikes.

Educated Fortitude

Starting at 2nd level when you select this school, your rigorous diet and exercise regimen confers upon you a boon to your health. Your hit point maximum increases by 2 and increases again by 1 whenever you gain a level in this class. Additionally, your tireless study has yielded secret methods that bolster the natural durability of your musculature. When you aren't wearing armor, your AC equals 10 + your Intelligence modifier.


Esoteric Bulwark

Starting at 6th level, your body is at its most durable while your mind is focused in the thick of battle. After successfully casting a spell or hitting an enemy with an unarmed strike while you are within 5 feet of an enemy you are in combat with, each attack you are hit by is reduced by an amount equal to your Constitution modifier and you may add your Intelligence modifier to Constitution and Strength saving throws you make. These benefits last until the start of your next turn.

Magical Flurry

Starting at 6th level, you can attack two times instead of once when you take the Attack action, but only if you are making the first attack with your unarmed strike. You can replace one unarmed strike with a melee attack spell or melee spell attack. Additionally your unarmed strikes can now deal your choice of bludgeoning, force, or thunder damage and they count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.


Combative Focus

Your ability to focus in the midst of battle has been heightened to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Starting at 10th level, when you are concentrating on a spell you gain the following benefits:

?You gain advantage on concentration checks.

?You gain a +1 to your AC for each spell you have concentration on.

?You can concentrate on one additional spell that requires concentration. You can only concentrate on two spells at a time. 

When you are focusing on two spells at a time you cannot cast any spells of 1st level or higher unless it is a concentration spell meant to replace a spell your currently concentrating on. If you fail a concentration check you lose concentration on both spells.


Kinetomancy Master

Starting at 14th level, your perfected Kinetomancy allows you to deliver the raw power of even the most devastating magic into superhuman, culminated punches. When you cast a spell that would increase the damage/attack rolls of a melee weapon attack, it will be applied to melee spell attacks. 

Additionally, when you hit a creature with a melee attack or melee spell attack, you can choose to move that enemy up to 10ft away from you or the origin of the attack if it came from a spell that summoned a separate melee weapon like “Spiritual Weapon”. If the creature you moved is within 5ft of another creature after being moved, you can deal damage to the other creature equal to the damage you dealt to the first creature. This ability can be used an amount of times equal to your proficiency bonus, regaining all uses of it after a long rest.

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