Sea Merchants

You see a speck in the distance, bobbing in the water. You can’t make the vessel out from this distance but it’s clearly approaching. They stop at a distance, surveying you and sizing you up before coming at you with greater speed. You see the boats occupants raise their hands over their heads to wave you over, yelling to get your attention and assuring you of their peaceful intentions. A traveling merchant! They hold their wares up in the air to entice you, giving you a boisterous welcome to their boatside shop as you slide up besides them.

-Prince Kanuha

(Image provided by Trina-Of-Doom)

Four human soldiers man the sails of a double canoe, diligently slowing and easing up besides your vessel. They step carefully around a young cross legged man, arms crossed impatiently as he waits for the soldiers to finish their work. The man’s lush, feather cape and whale tooth necklace mark him as an Alii, likely a lesser prince. Once his vessel has come to a halt he begins unrolling mats revealing weaponry, trinkets, and rare luxuries seafarers normally have little access to. He looks up to you, expectantly glaring at you, finally breaking the silence himself and barking “Well? Are you going to buy anything?”.

Kanuha is the oldest son of the king of small yet wealthy village and has spent much of his 24 years partying, gambling and generally being a public menace, until one day he found himself in a gambling match with the prince of a neighboring village. Finding himself in a deep pit of dept, the prince wagered a chunk of holy land in his father’s possession, and immediately lost. Kanuha’s father spent a long day in negotiation with the neighboring Alii on his sons’ behalf and came to an agreement where they would keep the land Kanuha had bet in exchange for a sizable amount of wealth and livestock. Kanuha’s father, enraged with his son, stripped the prince of his right to succession, and sent him out to sea as a merchant to repay the lost wealth

Inventory For Sale

-Weaponry (Possibly one or two magic weapons appropriate to level)

-Fine fruits and preserved travel foods (if rations are not an issue in your game maybe the fruits can offer a minor temporary buff if eaten while still fresh)

Bargaining quirks

Kanuha has little interest in trade. His debt to his father is owed in hard currency and he wants to make it back as quickly as possible. Though he often has a weakness for fine Alcohol.

Applicable stat blocks

Kanuha: Noble (Monster manual)

Guards: 1 Veteran (Monster manual) and 3 Guards (Monster Manual), Or alternatively, if you really want to deter your party from being merchant killing murder hobos, 1 Warlord (Volo’s guide to monsters) 1 Champion (Volo’s guide to monsters) and 2 Gladiators (monster manual)


-Grandmother Kekai

You see her boat drifting towards you. No sail is adorned to this simple canoe, nor does she row an oar. The ocean has just brought her adrift, here to meet you at this exact moment. The wood of her boat is long rotted, covered in barnacles and coral growing in and around every surface as if the canoe had been sitting on the ocean floor. She sits cross legged, her wet hair drapes over her ancient body and face and a skirt of seashells and damp seaweed clings to her hips. Her head raises, giving you a broken smile “Care to browse my wares?”.

Grandmother Kekai is capricious sea hag with a love for buying, selling and acquiring items of intrigue. While Kekai is a lone frail hag on the open sea, she is by no means defenseless, with a horde of pet abominations swimming about below her boat, ready to defend her at the sign of threat. DM’s are encouraged to buff Kekai as they see fit, treating her boat as her “lair” and giving her lair actions while in it.

(Image provided by Brian Patterson)

Inventory for Sale

-consumable magical items such as potions (mostly healing), and spell scrolls.

-One or two magic items of the DMs comfort level. These items should have a macabre story attached to them about how Grandmother came into possession of them, maybe also coming with the risk of a minor curse or unfavorable quirk.

-Bits of treasure, art and jewelry scavenged from the depths. This gives the players a chance to make a profit by trading a mundane item that only Grandmother Kekai sees value in.

Bargaining Quirks

Kekai loves magical items, and items with spiritualistic and esoteric value. She will gladly trade a magical spear for a common one that has soaked in the blood of a powerful sorcerer. Will give away fine jewelry for a necklace of baby teeth, or offer a small discount if she can watch you bleed; just a little.

Kekai will offer a lifetime discount to adventurers who agree to one deal in particular. “If you die at sea, I have permission to claim all possessions I find on your body.”

Applicable Stat Blocks

Grandmother Kekai: Sea Hag (monster manual), Treat her as if she is in a coven, as being in her boat empowers her. Or use the stats of a stronger hag if you desire.

Pets: Honestly get creative with it. Simple sea creatures like sharks octopi, aberrations, and sea dwelling monstrosities. (Stat block for Lefty the horrible eight armed shark coming soon)

-The Kālepa Clan

A single sailed canoe manned only by a white scaled lizardfolk coasts up to you. His scales show deep long healed gashes all along his body, the mark of a long life among the lizardfolk. As he steadies his boat you see shapes in the water below, sharks? No, over a dozen lizardfolk swimming beneath and around the canoe. Occasionally breaching the surface of the water to stare at you with their predatory eyes. Many have net bags filled with miscellaneous items and some even have lizardfolk children clinging to their backs or cradled in their arms. A few push their bags up into the arms of the albino manning the ship, who begins to spread the goods out for display, before looking to you and giving a single nod “Our meeting was foretold. I Have many things that can be of use to you."

The Kālepa clan is an extended family of lizardfolk lead by the wise sage Lokahi. They are a nomadic clan who profit handsomely from their skills in crafts and knowledge in elemental magics. 

(Image Provided by Brachyzoid<Occasionally NSFW>)

Inventory for Sale

-Fire gourd (Alchemist's fire)

-Chilling Gourd (Treat as Acid vial that deals Cold damage instead of acid damage)

-Spell scrolls(Evocations specifically) appropriate to the parties level and DMs comfort level

-Lizardfolk weaponry

-hunting traps and fishing gear 

Bargaining Quirks

Lokahi enjoys trade and does not always need hard money to make a sale. However lizardfolk have a hard time grasping that anything other than usefulness can add to an items value. Its taken lizardfolk generations to accept that rare seashells and gems can hold value and be traded for food and tools; Trying to convince them that a kings featherwork cape is any more expensive than a commoners cape simply will not work.

While Lokahi has learned that a toothy grin from a human or menehune is no act of aggression, the other tribes members do not understand this and will huddle around their leader baring their own teeth back at the offenders.

Applicable Stat Blocks

Lokahi: Evoker with lizardfolk racial traits applied (Volo’s Guide To Monsters)

Other Tribesmen: Lizardfolk (Monster Manual) Or any NPC stat block with Lizardfolk racial traits applied

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