Season 13 Essence 2

Photographer – Chief Judge

Justice? Fairness? Those are questions only worth pondering before the shackles are put on. 

Thief – Messenger

Before the day of the sentence, I hope you can do a good job distributing each of the weights for the innocent’s tears and the feather that lusts for power. 

The Mind's Eye – Clerk

Wisdom is the root of all conflicts, yet ignorance takes the blame for all sins. 

Seer – Out-of-court Enforcer

If evil thoughts are never revealed, is it possible to pretend that kindness lasts forever in the world.

Priestess – Commissioner of Hall No. 5

It is often way too troublesome to take a peek into the full picture of reality, perhaps you can change into a simpler “truth”?

Bon Bon – Commissioner of Hall No. 6

Little favors are enough to let saints reach satiety, yet it only makes me drool even more. 

Bloody Queen – Countess Awaiting Trial*

*The choice of the word 待罪 is interesting. Taken literally, it means awaiting for punishment. There is also a Chinese proverb called 代罪羔羊 which refers to a scapegoat

If I am an evil, then I should be judged by the devil.

Dancer – Commissioner of Hall No. 7

Daydreams are only full of temptations before they are fulfilled.

Sculptor- Commissioner of Hall No. 3

When faith retreats into the shadows, the venom from the wicked will corrode my remaining benevolence. 

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