Self Cast Forbidden Rite Occy

Self-Cast Forbidden Rite Occultist

This Forbidden Rite build was designed by me in patch 3.15, the pain league, and it was able to do ALL content. The build is very complex and therefore will be expensive due to tons of parts needed to work together. In this guide, I will break down everything you need to know about the build.


Forbidden Rite

Forbidden Rite is Chaos projectile spell that has increased flat damage based on your life and energy shield and it will do damage to yourself. It will shoot its primary projectile at a target and then 8 projectiles at surrounding targets. If there is one target around you it will be hit twice. Increasing projectiles via Greater Multiple Projectiles, Greater Volley or any other source such as a Dying Sun will add to the primary projectiles. If you have GMP and there is only one target it will be targeted by 6 projectiles. 

The projectiles will target the enemy and fire around them and the amount of projectiles that will actually hit depends on the number of projectiles and the area of effect on them. You need a high amount of AoE for all your projectiles to overlap, and this is the primary reason we chose Occultist. Power Charge stacking Occultist is currently one of the best ways to achieve this AoE. 

The Occultist ascendency has 6% AoE per Power Charge with items you get up to 200% increased AoE which brings the AoE on your FR to 13 or 14 with enough investment. Power Charge stacking also gives the build a huge amount of Crit Chance, Crit Multi and Cast Speed via Void Batteries. It also allows us to use the Badge of the Brotherhood which gives the build a huge amount of damage via Frenzies and it is the few sources of movement speed left in the game. 

Scaling the damage

We have big increased damage from Void Batteries and Passives, Cast Speed from Void Battery/Frenzies, more damage from Frenzies, Crit from Power Charges as well as Crit Multi from Cluster Jewels and gems. We also scale Increased Damage Taken via Wither and more projectiles. Overall this build uses all the tools in the game to scale damage as high as possible. The only thing left to scale is the flat damage that comes as a part of the skill covered next.

The flat damage of Forbidden Rite comes from your Life and Energy Shield. You gain flat damage equal to 12% of your Maximum Life and 5% of your maximum energy shield. Hence Life is very important in the build. Whenever you cast FR, you will take 40% of your Maximum Life and 25% of your Maximum Energy Shield as Chaos damage. This will be mitigated by your Chaos resistance. If you have 6000 Life and 100 ES you will take 2400+ 25 = 2425 damage. This will be mitigated by resistance so if you have 80 chaos resistance you will only take 485 damage. 485 might not sound like a lot but when you cast 4 times a second 2000 damage is more than most builds can heal. 

Mitigating damage taken from casting + CWDT

How do builds handle this problem? There are two ways, you can go CI which forces you into Energy Shield which severely limits the prefixes you can have on your gear, or you can heal through it. In our build, we’ve selected a life-based build and I use 3 different sources of healing to solve this issue. We have Leech via items, Regen and our main source of healing which is Life Gained on Hit. 

Cast When Damage Taken Math

Due to the self-damage nature of Forbidden Rite, we can use multiple Cast When Damage Taken setups into our build. You need to trigger Cast When Damage Taken every cast, and in order to do so you need to hit yourself for 528 damage (or 423 with Divergent CWDT). 

To hit yourself for 528 you would need around 6550 Life without ES at 80 chaos resist. 

CWDT + Ball Lightning + Blazing Salvo + GMP

I choose to use Ball Lightning and Blazing Salvo supported with Greater Multiple Projectiles and Cast When Damage Taken in the 4-link. In the end-game PoBs, we have 30 Life Gain On Hit with the Vitality Watcher’s Eye and 18 from each ring giving us a total of 66 LGoH. Ball Lightning with that AoE will hit small single targets 8 times per cast, Blazing Salvo will shoot 12 projectiles with Dying Sun up (8 will probably land each cast), Forbidden Rite will shoot 8 projectiles (9 with the enchant) and we also have a Purifying Flame which will hit once. Thats 25 hits per cast times 4 cast a second times 66 life. That is 6600 life a second just from life gain on hit on 1 target + 1200 leech and a few hundred regen, you heal for a lot. If you have multiple targets in high-end content you can heal up to 100k a second very easily. 

CWDT + Purifying Flame + Onslaught + Warlord’s/Assasin’s Mark

The second CWDT link is Divergent Purifying Flame + Onslaught and a Mark. The build fires a Purifying Flame that will put Consecrated Ground on your target and will give you 5% regen when standing on top and also makes the target take extra damage due to its Divergent quality. It is linked to Onslaught which will give you Onslaught while bossing and trigger Assassin’s Mark that will give you Crit and Crit Multi. 

Switching between Marks

When you are mapping we switch out the Assassin’s Mark for Warlord’s Mark which is used for Rage generation that allows us to activate Divergent Berserk that grants us 5% more damage while mapping due to its Divergent quality and 30% MORE movement speed as well as 20% less damage taken. 

When you cast FR, the damage you take is instant but the projectiles have travel time, the curse will go off before the projectiles land giving you rage every time you stun a target and you have a 100% chance to stun if you deal at least 50% of the mob's life unless it has energy shield. 

CWDT + Immortal Call + Frost Shield + Arcane Surge

The 3rd link of CWDT is Immortal Call, Frost Shield, and Arcane Surge. This build runs an Enduring Composure Cluster Jewel notable, which generates an Endurance Charge every second for 4 seconds if you’ve been hit recently. Well you hit yourself all the time so it's on 100% of the time. This lets you proc Immortal Call with 4 endurance charges all the time mitigating tons of physical damage. The Frost Shield used to play a bigger part in the build, but in 3.16 we switched to armour based and no longer have the maximum energy shield for level 20 Frost Shield. It still serves as slight damage mitigation and an avenue for chill. 

Benefits of taking damage when casting

The damage taken part of FR also enables certain Pantheons, activates boots enchants and other triggers when you hit yourself. It’s important to add that CWDT has a 0.25 cooldown and it’s important for your cast speed not to exceed 4.0 casts per second or it will skip casts. Skipping casts will cause you to not heal and be prone to dying similar to not procing casts due to not having enough life. Overall it will provide you with tons of healing, Onslaught, Regen, Rage/Berserk, reduced mana cost, physical damage reduction, etc. and it's one of the most powerful mechanics in any build. However, due to changes in 3.15, CWDT has a huge mana multiplier(250%) and it leads to massive mana problems in the build.

Mana problems

The build has massive mana problems that have to be solved. Triggering that many spells with a 250% mana multiplier is going to prove difficult. A Mana Flask will help you early but it will be too inconsistent to use later on. In order to find out how much mana you use you have to add up Forbidden Rite, Ball Lightning, Warlord’s/Assassin’s Mark, Blazing Salvo, Purifying Flame and multiply that number by 4. That is your single cast and there are the cooldowns like Frost Shield and Immortal Call, which spike your mana cost.

You must make sure your mana will never drop to 0, and you have to make sure the total mana used per second is less than the total amount of mana regenerated per second to allow breathing room for spikes. Let's say you regenerated 60 mana a second you would probably want 10 mana per cast on FR and 0 mana on everything else and give yourself a 20 mana/sec for spike spells like IC and Frost Shield. Don't worry though there are plenty of people who can make this build work correctly without POB and then cry in your chat xD. 

Fixing your mana

There are 4 ways to solve your mana, - flat Mana on Rings, Replica Conquerors Efficiency jewel,  Reduced Mana Cost of Skills on your tree via Tireless, mana nodes and masteries. There is Recoup Mana which is harder to come by and mana regeneration. The first 2 help both consistency and spikes while the latter two only helps with consistency. You need to make sure you have enough mana or YOU CANNOT CAST AND YOU WILL DO SHIT DAMAGE AND THEN COMPLAIN ON FUCKING REDDIT ABOUT HOW MY BUILD SUCKS BUT IN ACTUALITY YOU = DUMB


In 3.16 the buffs to armour made it the best choice for primary defence since physical damage was our biggest weakness in 3.15. Determination has become the primary defensive aura for our build. Armour is supplemented by Physical Damage Reduction from both Enduring Composure with 4 Endurance Charges and 5% Pantheon Gruthkul if you don't take Garukhan for shock. We also have Immortal Call with a 50% uptime further reducing physical damage taken. Immortal Call on CWDT is not like in other builds due to the nature of FR; it will just go off as you cast spells. The elemental damage reduction is based on Glorious Vanity Divine Flesh (Xibaqua). Divine Flesh adds +5% to Maximum Chaos resistance which alleviates a lot of the chaos damage from FR, and we also get a single Born of Chaos to bring our chaos resistance up to 83%. Half of the elemental damage we take is converted to chaos damage basically making our elemental resistance 79%. Mageblood versions of the build will have massive elemental damage reduction via Sapphire, Topaz, and Ruby flask. Our build finishes above 6k life and has a massive amount of healing. This build has incredible survivability while hitting targets. 

Forbidden Rite naturally fires 8 extra projectiles at surrounding targets making it have excellent coverage. We have Occultist’s Profane Bloom to supplement the clearing power of the skill. Since we already stack AoE for overlap on FR itself it makes our Bloom clear like a monster. The scaling on our explosions includes Increased Damage (Chaos, Area, universal), More Damage from Frenzies, Chaos resistance penetration, - resistance and Wither. Wither isn't needed at all on normal maps or anything besides Simulacrum Wave 30, 100% delirium or deep delve. In these instances, Wither will be applied via our Xiquaba. With a 25% chance to apply Wither on hit your projectiles will apply multiple stacks of wither on targets to increase the explosion damage by a ton. 

For any build to feel smooth it has to have speed, both movement and cast. Our cast speed comes from Void Batteries, Frenzies, Onslaught, etc bringing us to about 170 cast speed to hit the 4.0 mark without going over. Our increased movement speed comes from Boots, Quicksilver Flask, and Elusive+ 100% Elusive effect via Badge of the Brotherhood. We gain Elusive via Redeemer boots (10% chance on hit) and we use Withering Step to reset Elusive. It will reset very quickly in packs due to the sheer number of projectile hits. 

Even on white packs, the level 1 Blazing Salvo will land on the pack before the hard-hitting FR hits. Our increased movement speed is multiplied by Berserk (39% more with enchant) and Tailwind via boots. The Mageblood versions of the build will hit over 400 maximum movement speed while non-Mageblood builds will partially rely on HH or Inspired Learning for massive movement speed.

Gem Setups

Forbidden Rite 6-link [B-B-B-G-G-G]

Forbidden Rite + GMP/Greater Volley + Power Charge on Crit + Pinpoint + Increased Crit Damage + Void Manipulation

  • Forbidden Rite - Primary skill Level 21

  • GMP/Greater Volley - Used to increase primary projectiles for damage. 

    • You can use Anomalous GMP early to reduce mana cost, Greater Volley does more damage if you solve your mana problems. 

    • Awakened GMP has the most damage if you have good AoE overlap. 14 +

  • Power Charge on Crit

    • Gives 40% more damage which is massive now for a support gem, 

    • Instantly generates 10 power charges on bosses.

  • Pinpoint

    • Gives 37% more damage on the build with 3 Intensity charges, but when you are clearing it also adds projectiles for coverage. 

    • Due to the nature of Pinpoint when you have to move on bosses your damage will go down if you do not stand still and DPS. 

    • Firing and moving and firing again like most caster builds will lower your DPS by a significant amount.

  • Increased Crit Damage

    • Gives you 34-40% more damage varying by the amount of Crit Damage you have.

  • Void Manipulation

    • Divergent Void Manipulation is used here for leech if you do not have another source.

    • Badge with Scourge, Legion jewel, Delve ring are the other sources.

    • If you can get another source of leech Awakened Void Manipulation is 8% more damage.

CWDT #1 [R-B-B-G]

Cast When Damage Taken 1 + Ball Lightning 1 + Blazing Salvo 1 + Greater Multiple Projectiles 20/20

  • Cast When Damage Taken - Level 1

    • You want to trigger CWDT every time you shoot your FR.

    • You want to deal 528 damage to yourself to achieve this or 423 with Divergent

    • I covered a lot of the mechanics for CWDT above.

  • Ball Lightning - Level 1

    • Is a slow-moving projectile that ticks multiple times as it passes a target based on projectile speed and AoE. With our stats it usually ticks about 8 times on a boss target. 

    • You can use Divergent Ball Lightning to get extra AoE on the Supercharged proc. 

    • The following effects are gained from hits:

      • 66 life per hit

      • 10% chance to gain elusive/reset

      • 25% chance to apply one stack of Wither

      • Chance to gain power/frenzy charges on bosses

      • Tailwind on crit

  • Blazing Salvo - Level 1

    • Another source of procs for our on-hit effects

    • Anomalous gives it 40% increased projectile speed which helps

  • Greater Multiple Projectiles - Anomalous - 20/20

    • Gives more hits for Blazing Salvo for single target and more coverage in big packs for Ball Lightning

    • Anomalous will lower the cost of these skills and should be used here

CWDT #2 [R-B-B-G]

Cast When Damage Taken 1 + Purifying Flame 1 + Assassin’s/Warlord’s Mark 5 + Onslaught 20/20

  • Cast When Damage Taken - Level 1

    • You want to trigger CWDT every time you shoot your FR.

    • You want to deal 528 damage to yourself to achieve this or 423 with Divergent

    • I covered a lot of the mechanics for CWDT above.

  • Purifying Flame - Level 1

    • Puts Consencrated Ground down for 5% regen

    • Divergent makes enemies take 5% increased damage

  • Onslaught - Level 20/20

    • Linked to Purifying Flame to gain onslaught on bosses. 

    • 20% cast and move or 30% with boots.

  • Assassin’s/Warlord’s Mark - Level 5

    • While mapoing we use Warlord’s Mark to generate Rage for Berserk

    • When you cast Forbidden Rite you will trigger CWDT Warlord's Mark while the projectiles are in the air and when they land you will stun targets gaining Rage. 

    • When you do bosses, you switch to Assassin’s Mark to gain extra crit chance and crit multi.


Cast When Damage Taken 1 + Immortal Call 1 + Frost Shield 1 + Arcane Surge 4

  • Cast When Damage Taken - Level 1

    • You want to trigger CWDT every time you shoot your FR.

    • You want to deal 528 damage to yourself to achieve this or 423 with Divergent

    • I covered a lot of the mechanics for CWDT above.

  • Immortal Call - Level 1

    • Expends the Endurance Charges generated by Enduring Composure to gain passive physical damage reduction

    • 2.5 second uptime 3 second CD

  • Frost Shield - Level 1

    • Used to chill targets, mitigate minor damage and activate Arcane Surge

  • Arcane Surge - Level 4

    • More spell damage and mana regeneration

Auras - Determination 21, Purity of Elements 21 , Vitality 8

Determination - Our main source of physical damage reduction great to generate 20k+ of armour

Purity of Elements - Gives great elemental resistance so you don't have to have so much on gear, Avoids all elemental ailments allowing us to use Lunaris(6 elemental damage reduction) and Gruthkul ( 5% physical damage reduction)

Withering Step 21/20 - Flame Dash 20/20 - Berserk 20/20

Withering Step - Applies wither and resets Elusive

Flame Dash - Only dumb fucks dont play with this

Berserk - Massive movement speed, 5% more spell damage and 20 damage reduction in maps.

Items and crafting


Estimated 100-150ex

Weapons- Void Battery Prophecy wands x2

Enchant - Area of effect per quality

Scourge - Chaos damage, spell damage , Chaos pen, Triple damage, chaos spell gems.

Very good weapons for our build 2x power charges, massive spell damage, crit chance , cast speed. Please invest in decent cast speed wands the difference between 2x 10 cast speed and 20 cast speed is huge. Critical strike chance is also important.

Helm - Royal/Eternal Burgonet (warlord)

Enchant - Forbidden Rite Projectiles (Berserk 30% effect if you want to go zoom)


  1.  Obtain ilvl 84 Royal or Eternal Burgonet

  2. Use Greed Essence until you get an open prefix with at least 2 suffix, craft a 3rd suffix can use warlord’s exalt orb. (low chance to hit power charge but might save you big money)

  3. Use Greed Essence until you hit +1 to power charge, if you do not have an open prefix go to step 5.

  4. If you have an open prefix you can use prefixes cannot change and reforge phys ? chance to hit physical taken as fire or reforge defence and get one of the armour mod or Hybrid both are okay.

  5. Use prefixes cannot change, use harvest reforge critical for 100% chance to get critical strike multiplier.

  6. Use prefixes cannot change, Aisling slam for a 50/50 chance to hit the prefixes cannot change. If you hit it, continue to 7 if not go back to 5.

  7. craft increased duration of ailments you inflect while focused (1000 weight) to block and unveil the mod. The following are good. Stats, resistance. You need a combination of 86 strength, 70 dex, 25 Int on all of your gear and you should obtain them on your Helm, Gloves, Belt, cluster jewels.

  8. Craft a craft mod and done.

Body Armour - Astral Plate (Hunter/ Redeemer)

  1. Get ilvl 86 Redeemer Astral and alt craft frenzy charge on hit

  2. Get t0 Spell critical strike chance. (You can buy this for cheaper most of the time)

  3. Use Awakener’s orb Spell crit into the Redeemer Chest.

  4. If you did not get open suffix skip to 6. Keep in mind everyone's gear might be slightly different because whatever stats you get you can get something else somewhere else but if you get something complete trash your character will end up weaker.

  5. Use Suffix cannot change and reforge physical 5/11 chance to land physical damage reduction, you might have to do this multiple times until it either lands or bricks.

  6. Use suffix cannot change and harvest reforge caster to get You can apply an additional curse(100%) make sure this your only prefix before continuing.

  7. Use Suffix cannot change and Use Aisling (50/50) failed 4 times in a row? Go cry on reddit

  8. Craft avoid elemental ailments and unveil. The big one here is 10% life and 10% mana. All the other ones are fairly crappy compared to life.

  9. Craft 85 life and one.

Gloves - Multiple choices

Enchant: Commandment of Spite - When you are hit you release icy ground for Chill

  1. Buy Temple gloves with 50% increased damage against chilled enemies ( you res switch them from the fire or lightning versions) You want 80 life, decent resistance or stats on these. 

  2. Hands of High Templar, you can get spell crit chance and despair here so your rings are easier to craft. Overall a decent choice but will be limited but this will probably the cheaper route because the despair ring is harder to craft.

  3. Craft 

1. Buy Fingerless silk gloves or temple mod gloves with good suffixes. 

2. Use warlords exalted on them as a prefix. (if they are full on prefixes before or after the slam you can use harvest keep suffix). 

3. Use Suffix cannot change. Use Reforge Caster for 100% chance to get spell damage

4 Use Suffix cannot change. Aisling

5. Craft physical damage converted to x and unveil. You want to take 60 life here if you can.

6. Craft damage damage during any flask effect, can also craft armour here and done.

Boots - Two-toned boots (Armour/ES) Base (Hunter/Redeemer)

  1. Get ilvl 86 boots two-toned boots and use chaos until you can block all prefixes with an open suffix

  2. Use Hunter’s Exalted Orb for a low chance to get Tailwind

  3. Alt roll Tailwind, if you do not want to use elevated tailwind(2% more if you have 25%) go to step 6.

  4. Regal use Suffix cannot change reforge attack for another hunter mod 

  5. Use maven orb and get fucked XD

  6. Obtain Elevated Onslaught (10% cast speed/ movement speed). 

I think elevated Onslaught is better than Tailwind because the Tailwind needs to be divined to 25% for 10% action speed and it's very hard to divine both Onslaught and tailwind. You can get both if you are rich but if you had to pick one Onslaught is cheaper and easier to divine.

  1. Use Awakener Orb to Onslaught into the Tailwind boots and pray. 

    1. If you do not have open suffix move to step 9.

  2. If you have an open suffix you can use suffix cannot change and reforge lightning to force on lightning resistance ( cold fire and chaos do not work dont get smart )

  3. Use Suffix cannot change and use harvest reforge crit for 100% chance for elusive

  4.  Use suffix cannot change and Aisling for another great 50/50

  5. Craft mana and unveil for movement speed. 

  6. Craft Life and done.

Amulet: Badge of the Brotherhood. 10/10

Anoint: Infused


Rings If you have despair on your gloves from hands or some other source you will craft two ring #1s if you do not have despair you will craft 1 and 2.

Ring 1. Vermillion Ring (Shaper/warlord)

  1. Get an ilvl 84 Vermillion Ring

  2. Awakeners Orb Shaper and Warlord stats don't matter. 

  3. Use Essence of Envy until you get a Critical Strike Multiplier with an open suffix

  • if it doesn't have one Beast craft and pray

  1. Use Suffixes Cannot be Changed and Reforge Chaos

  • 100% chance to get chaos res

  1. Use Suffixes Cannot be Changed and Reforge Caster for Life Gained on Hit by spells

  • ? chance to land

  • Make sure its the only prefix before going to step 5)

  1. Use Suffixes Cannot be Changed and use Aisling for another great 50/50

  2. Craft mana and unveil for life.

  3. Craft - mana cost to non-channeling skills

Ring 2. Vermillion Hunter/ Shaper This ring is harder to make.

  1. Get ilvl 84 vermillion ring , Awakeners orb Shaper and Hunter stats don't matter. 

  2. There are multiple ways to get the suffixes you want so I will leave it up to you. 

A. Reforge caster using harvest until you hit a decent resist with open suffix and use suffix cannot change and reforge chaos 50% chance to get chaos resistance.

B. You can use Aetheric Fossil or Aetheric/metallic and take your chances. Can suffix cannot change and try to force on chaos resistance if you have an open suffix.

C. You can alt craft Despair and then imprint and use harvest Reforge More of any elemental to try to land a decent resistance then use Suffix cannot change and try to force on chaos resistance. Its too hard to force on an elemental resistance because there are damage mods as a prefix and a suffix so you might not want to waste your money.

  1. Use suffix cannot change and reforge caster for life gained on hit by spell ? chance to land. Make sure its the only prefix before going to step 4.

  2. Use suffix cannot change and use Aisling for another great 50/50

  3. Craft mana and unveil for life.

  4. Craft - mana cost


Mageblood - OMEGALUL JUST farm 300 ex

HeadHunter - OMEGALUL Just farm 100 ex

Stygian Vise (Hunter)

  1. Get ilvl 84 Hunter Stygian Vise

  2. Use harvest reforge more life or use pristine fossils for t1 flat life and t1 % life with open prefix. Alternatively you can buy a base make sure its hunter though and not elder.

  3. Use Prefix cannot change and reforge crit for the flask mod

  4. Use Prefix cannot change and reforge caster for cast speed mod

  5. Use prefix cannot change and Aisling for Stats or resistance

  6. Craft whatever mod you need


(I suggest you buy these they are all a pain to craft yourself) The smalls are easy to craft but keep in mind you should use these to fill in whatever stats that are missing from your build so you might want to shop for these last.

Large cluster - Unwaveringly Evil = cannot be stunned while casting too good

Unholy grace - Cast speed + damage = lots of damage

Dark Ideation - The reason we use this node is so we don't have to go to the back for unholy grace saving us 2 points.

If you need to craft these yourself its an ilvl68+. Use reforge more chaos with harvest Aberrant fossils. Keep in mind its 300 Aberrant fossils for this exact combination.

Medium Cluster - Vast Power = 25% aoe + 20% increased damage

Towering Threat - 8% life 10% aoe

Small Clusters - Enduring composure

Automatic endurance charge generation + armour

Born of Chaos - +3 to maximum chaos for Divine Flesh


Timeless Jewel. Glorious Vanity - Divine Flesh. 

We use Divine flesh for +5 to maximum chaos resistance to mitigate FR damage; it also provides us with protection against elemental damage. You want to divine your jewel for the 25% chance to wither on hit on one of the attribute nodes. 

Regular jewels stats

- Maximum life % , Multi while dual wielding , multi with spells, global multi, increased damage, increased area damage, increased chaos damage, increased cast speed, increased attack and cast speed, increased cast speed while dual wielding, increased spell damage, increased spell damage while dual wielding, elemental resistance, chaos resistance, stats. CORRUPTED BLOOD CANNOT BE INFLICTED ON YOU.

Abyss Jewel stats 

- Energy shield regen, Global multi, life, cast speed if you crit recently, cast speed, resistance, stats.

Unnatural Instinct 

- 36 Aoe, 9 cast speed, 1% regen, 20% inc duration, some stats.

Inspired Learning 

- You can use inspired learning on top left if you take 2 more points for armour ES notes.

Watcher's Eye

Needed: Vitality Life gain on hit.

Really good: Vitality Leech ( This lets you use Awakened Void mani)

Optional: Determination physical damage reduction, Determination armour, purity of elements physical as fire, cold or lightning, Purity of elements Chaos resistance if your gear sucks really bad. Vitality regen. Vitality Life recovery rate.


  1. Catalysed Eternal flask w Bleed

  2. Quicksilver flask of the Cheetah

  3. Taste of Hate 

  4. Dying Sun

  5. Granite flask of Armour

To be continued

  • Tree and Point Selection: To be continued

  • Mageblood Version: To be continued

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