Server Rules – March 2021


Wow!  Thanks for joining!  We’re so glad to have you here!  You’re probably excited to get started… right now you’re only seeing a few of the many channels in the server so that you can spend time learning more about us.  We promise we’ll get you playing soon!  


Great question.  We got started on 9/6/19, and our goal is to build a community for online text based D&D (Play-by-Post) that is supportive, kind, and united by our love of the game. There will be opportunities for all types of players – RP, combat, DMs, and everything in between. 

We play turn-based quests with ~5 players each that take around 2 months to complete. We supplement these with a PVE arena and many role-playing areas in town! Our goal is to run slow enough so that busy people can play and give more active members places to discuss and role play. If you’re looking to keep D&D part of your everyday busy life, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for quests that are over in four hours and rapid leveling, you’re probably not going to be happy here.


Here’s the basics, all of which are outlined in more detail below:

  • Rules system:  D&D 5E RAW (Rules As Written) 

  • Opportunity for play includes regularly released quests, town RP areas, occasional events, and combat arenas 

  • All players start at L3 with starting equipment and additional gold. Progression is XP based

  • Server is global, but language is English. Admins are spread across EU and NA timezones

  • All content and language is PG-13. This means two things:

    • No questionable content.  We have people of all ages on the server and should be accomodating for them; that includes limits on “adult activities” such as sexual content, binge drinking, or drug usage.

    • No cursing. We’ve found that it helps keep discourse / disagreements more civil – as some language can have extremely discriminatory connotations.    

  • We have an extensive role system and we ping those roles often!


We’re pretty open when it comes to backstory – we want you to have fun and be as creative as you like. To that end, we’ve developed a homebrew setting that provides plenty of opportunities.  

Flumphs & Friends uses a homebrew version of the Forgotten Realms setting. While we use the Forgotten Realms as a rough grounding for our setting and our world, it is not explicit or definite.  Details of the city can be found in #city-lore when you become a player.  The basics however are:

  • The “central hub” of the server is Corvus, City of a Thousand Lights, in northern Faerun.  It is a port town with access to ships, as well as a large forest within traveling distance. 

  • While there is a tavern, streets, a market, and all the standard things you’d expect, the town is designed to be flexible – so players and DMs can create specific restaurants, features, etc as needed.

  • There are portals to other planes (Eberron, Shadowfell, etc) that can be found in the backroom of the Ten Belles tavern if you want to expand your RP horizons!


You build a character (see below) and then you can participate in town!


  • Many of these are standalone one-shots, although several DMs run multi-part quests from time to time.

  • Quests are released around the 1st and 15th of every month, with a quest board posted prior to opening slots. Descriptions will include high level plot, along with speed of quest and DM timezone.

  • When quests become available, players check into the Quest OOC channel and type the codeword given in the announcement for that release.

  • Each DM may have slightly different rules / lore / etc.  They are the final arbiter of decisions and master of their realms.  If there is a specific concern, please reach out to an admin via PM.

  • If you anticipate being away from the server for an extended time mid-quest, please be sure to communicate to the DM prior.

  • Players can elect to stay in a current quest arc, should there be sequential parts.


  • A collection of locations where players can role play (RP) with other PCs.  This is the place for casual conversation, character development, making friends & enemies

  • Players can move seamlessly from one RP area into another without the constraints of time or distance 

  • There may occasionally be an Admin/DM run NPC, however it will be rare. Assume that you can order a drink and it arrives without having an NPC bartender serve you.  If there is something in particular you need an NPC for, please send a PM to an admin.

  • Currently, we are asking that PCs not play NPCs in town. As the server develops, this will be re-assessed.

VAULT (PVE Arena) 

  • A place for you to battle monsters!

  • Keep in mind creatures encountered in the Arena are hazardous to your health. Your health may suffer a negative impact like a permanent condition or you may die

  • You may check in to the arena only between fights, only twice a month, and you should join with anyone you seek to group with, as groups may not be reassembled or moved within the queue once you have checked in

  • Casters may pre-cast spells with a duration longer than one minute. Casters may not pre-cast any spell that causes offensive damage (i.e. Spiritual Guardians is disallowed, but Armor of Agathys is allowed). This rule is volatile and dependent upon arena energy conditions, and may be adjusted by admins at any time.

  • Players may surrender. DMs will discuss the surrender with the higher authorities and a decision will be rendered. No reward shall be given for failure in the arena

  • A win allows a player to get XP and then either gold or an item

  • Vault lore gives you all the flavor information.  Read it – it’s tasty! 


  • PCs fighting in the PVP arenas are fighting in strictly non-lethal combat

  • You do not need a DM for PVP, nor should you ping Admin, Moderator, or the DM role for help

  • You will need to take a long rest after PVP. You will not be healed or have curses removed otherwise. 

  • There is no reward for the PVP arena, except bragging points. Bragging points are valuable only for taunting, teasing, shoving in another's face, and talking trash. They are not useful for gaining experience, magic items, or power in the City of Corvus.

  • Using the PVP arena counts as your town-rp timeline. The PVE vaults do not.

  • Please roll in #arena-pvp-dice and keep all pvp arena chat to #arena-pvp-ooc 


  • YES!  You can be in Town-RP, Arena, and Quests at the same time!  How?  Timey-wimey, something, something, something.  Seriously, don’t worry about it.  Just have fun!  


  • Separate In-Character from Out-of-Character. Some channels are marked exclusively for in-character use, or out-of-character use. Remember that in-character channels are only for roleplaying. Any channel that is marked with -OOC is explicitly an out-of-character channel for a respective in-character channel. Don’t use (words in parenthesis) or any other format to post out of character discussion in in-character channels. If you break these rules, you may get tagged with a “friendly reminder” as a prompt to adjust. These rules help provide a consistent experience for our players, and many of them read what others post.

  • Use the Proper Formatting. Roleplaying actions should be done in the third person, while dialogue should be in the first person. Spells and attacks should be in bold. Actions should be in italics. “Use quotes to border dialogue.” We like proper spelling and grammar 🙂 Friendly reminders will be supplied to help you on the way.

  • When starting a scene, it is helpful to indicate if it is “Open” or “Private.”  Feel free to post in OOC if you’re looking for an RP partner! We ask that you signal your entrance and exit from a scene with **Enter Gandalf** and **Exit Frodo.** These clear postings help people understand what’s happening in a channel.

  • Mutual Actions Need Consent. We rely on a culture of consent for all of our actions between players and player characters. Please get the other person’s consent before doing actions that directly involve them, especially sensitive actions such as kissing or fighting.



  • Copy the rules agreement in #Welcome

  • Using approved official materials and point buy, create a PC

  • Post your sheet in #character-checking

  • Ping @sheet checker for approval

  • Once approved, put together a #character-description and have fun!


  • Rules Agreement

    • Once you’ve read all the rules, if you agree with them, please copy the following statement, add any heart emoji to the end of it, and tag @welcomer in #Welcome with an “@” message.

      • I have read, understand, and am willing to comply with the rules and guidelines of the server.  [include heart emoji of any color]

    • After you have made this rules agreement, someone will upgrade your role to member and you will have access to more channels

    • You have 48 hours to agree to the rules or you will be removed from the server

  • Available Materials [skip below this section for a quick summary of Tasha’s]

    • After becoming a member, you will have 1 week to make a character. Please reach out to an admin if you need more time.

    • We use RAW source material.  Reflavoring is allowed within reason – reach out to admins to talk through what you’re thinking.

    • Origin (Regarding Tasha’s)

      • We will not be incorporating the optional ability score customization to race selection. We will allow customization of language, however you can only have as many languages as your race/background allow. Once you choose your language at character creation, this cannot be changed. Custom lineage will not be allowed. (Although it’s cool and you should bring it to your tables)

    • Backgrounds

  • We do not allow custom backgrounds

  • Backgrounds from Ravinica and Eberron are also not currently playable

  • All other published backgrounds are permitted!

  • Feats & Features

    • UA feats are not permitted

    • UA class feature variants are NOT allowed

    • All new Tasha’s feats are allowed, with the following exceptions: Eldritch Adept, Gunner, Metamagic Adept, Telekinetic, Telepathic

    • Optional class features are not allowed

  • Allowed materials:

  • The Player’s Handbook

  • The Dungeon Master’s Guide

  • The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion

  • The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravinica 

  • Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

  • The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

  • Xanathar’s Guide to Everything 

  • Volo’s Guide to Monsters

  • Tasha’s Subclasses:

    • All subclasses allowed

    • Expansion of Bladesinger to other races

  • Other Tasha’s notes:

    • All new spells are allowed, with the following exceptions: Dream of the Blue Veil, All Summon spells (specific to Tasha's)

    • Fighter styles from Tasha’s are not allowed 

  • General notes on races

    • All published races are permitted with the following exceptions.

    • Restricted Races 

      • (VRGR) Reborn can only be chosen as a race if you wish to continue the story of a previous PC who dies in the server, and you must use the racial stats of your previous PC.

    • Banned Races

      • (VRGR) Dhampir and Hexblood due to not fitting server setting.

      • (MOT/GGR) Satyr and Centaur due to being non-humanoids.

      • (ERLW) Dragonmarks due to being extremely setting-specific and granting large expanded spell lists .

      • Grung are NOT an officially published race, and therefore not eligible for play.

  • Subclasses

    • Wildemount

      • Note that while we are flexible with PCs with ties to other planes, Exandria is NOT in existence in the server lore as of this time

      • Chronurgy and Graviturgy Wizards are approved, along with their corresponding spells. These spells are ONLY available for those classes.  In addition, please be extremely mindful about keeping up with spell components on these!

      • Heroic Chronicle system (while awesome!) will not be used

    • Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

      • Spirits Bard is allowed for play, while the Undead Warlock is banned.

    • Artificer

      • All artificer content should be based on Tasha’s going forwards, as this is published in multiple places.

    • Banned Subclasses: All CR content is banned. These are: Gunslinger, Bloodhunter, Way of the Cobalt Soul, Oath of the Open Sea. 

TASHA’S SUMMARY (because we know it’s confusing) 

Ability Score customization



Yes, limited to # based on race/background

Custom lineage



Yes, except those indicated above




Majority allowed, check above for specifics

Fighter Styles


Optional Class Features


  • Level, Stats, and Equipment

    • Player characters start at level 3 with 900 XP

    • At first level, you have your maximum possible HP, and at each level after that you should take the average HP for your class based on your Hit Dice

    • We use 27-Point Point Buy for allocating stats. This can be found in the PHB on page 13, or can be referenced with this website. This table has the point cost of each ability score for easy reference:





















  • Take the Starting Items from your class and background plus 300 GP

  • Items can be “sold back” for 50% off the price in the PHB

  • You can spend any GP you have on: gear or equipment before your character “starts”, buying items at PHB prices

  • Backstories

    • We love a good backstory!  We’ve found there are four things that every PC needs to be successful in this format:

      • A reason to be in town

      • A reason to stay in town

      • A reason to go on quests

      • A reason to talk to people

    • “Chosen one” type stories are hard to execute in this format.  If you have one you’re considering, talking it through in character-creation or with an admin is always a good idea.  Keep in mind these are L3 PCs – they haven’t saved the world just yet!

    • Diabolically evil characters will not fit in. Playing a mean, violent, jerk tends to isolate people. If you want to be evil, slightly evil is best.

    • As a player, feel free to either use or ignore the Forgotten Realms in your character’s background, as long as you don’t “break” the setting (like by having a character from the Star Wars universe. Please don’t arrive in town with an Iron Maiden t-shirt on).  Other planes are available for backstories upon discussion with an admin.

  • Character Sheets

    • Please make your character sheet using one of the three online character sheets that are compatible with our server bot, Avrae. Those character sheet options are as follows:

  • Get the Sheet by running the command !help gsheet in the bot channel on the server.

  • Dicecloud

  • D&D Beyond

  • When your character sheet is good-to-go, please link the sheet in #Character-checking (make sure it’s shared to view) and add your description to #character-description.  @sheet checker in #character-checking when this is done for final approval

  • Character Changes / Retirement

    • Sometimes we all create PCs that aren’t quite working

    • If you wish to rebuild or retire a PC please reach out to an admin for permission

    • We encourage players to wait at least two levels before changing PCs entirely.  Other PCs may have grown attached to yours, so we’re happy to talk through making tweaks to see if you can make it work!  

    • PC retirement or death will have new PCs starting with the same XP, items, & gold as previous PCs

    • If you have permission to rebuild your character, submit the changed character sheet in #Character-Creation, and ping the admin who gave you permission to retire with an “@” message, and they’ll take it from there. Please include a list of the things you’ve changed in the rebuild

  • Spellbooks

    • At this time, you cannot learn new spells from another player’s spellbook.


We love them too!  You might get them from a quest or from the arena.  Here’s what you should know:

  • #server-reward-structure has all the details on rewards, including XP and items

  • TLDR:  We base it on XGTE’s reward structure. By level 20, PCs should have at least 20 items

  • Most items in Quests currently are RAW. Arena has homebrew common items available.

  • You can find details on Quest Rewards and Item Tracking HERE

  • YES!  You CAN trade magic items with other players.  You need to:

    • Find a player with an item to trade.  Item must be a rarity allowed for your level (see item tracking spreadsheet)

    • RP the trade in town

    • Tag admin

    • Enjoy your new shiny object!

  • Check out #magical-mystery-experience on how to buy magic items. 


Here are some of the big server rules that you should know.  All are designed to create an inclusive, open, and friendly environment.

  • Support your Admins and DMs. Running F&F is a labor of love for everyone involved in leadership. We ask that players refrain from passive aggressive comments, weird emoji spam, complaining about server policies, and harsh criticism of DMs or Admins. For the Admins, tone and approach are extremely important – you can reach out to either of us to address issues, but understand 1) many of our policies and practices have evolved from experiences with other servers, and 2) we are interested in running an exciting server filled with kind players. We will exit players who aren’t interested in these things.
    (Have we mentioned being kind more than once? Yeah, we feel strongly about that)

  • Removal from the server (e.g. booting) does occur.  We will make all attempts to discuss any specific transgressions with the player prior to this happening. Players that go quiet for long periods of time get pruned. However, we recognize that good fences make good neighbors. No one gets real-world monetary compensation to run this discord server, and so playing is an opportunity, not a right. Respect and cooperation are the most important rules.

  • Availability and Busyness:  Please make sure to communicate to others if you’re going to be unavailable for some time. Play-by-post is a slow format that’s designed to take time and embraces slowness, but communication is key so that people understand you haven’t forgotten them!  Conversely, there’s no pressure for you to be on all the time!  Play at the speed you need – communication is key!


  • DM!  DM’s are the lifeblood of any PBP server.  Reach out to any of the yellow admins and they will give you the run-down.

  • Invite others!  Have a friend who might enjoy our crazy place? Reach out to any of the yellow admins for an invite.

  • Be awesome.  Be kind and helpful. Show new folks around. Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Recognize that rules may not always work, but were always implemented with good intentions. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Respect each other and have oodles and oodles of fun.

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