Session 0 D&D

Character Creation

  • Point-Buy System.

  • Fixed HP/Taking the average HP. 

  • Characters will start at level 3 and get a free feat.

  • Spells from Tasha’s, XGE, and PHB are allowed. Reflavors are usually allowed. 

  • Creating overpowered and cheesy builds are forbidden. This includes but not limited to: 

    • Hex dip

    • Flying Marksman

    • Sorcadin

    • Bar-bear-rian

    • Coffeelock

  • Official feats except Eberron are allowed. 

    • Lucky is banned. PAM + Sentinel can be taken together but their effects don’t stack (you cannot use Sentinel when you use an attack of opportunity using the PAM feat). 

  • Tasha’s optional features are allowed. 

  • Backgrounds from PHB and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide are allowed. 

Homebrew Rules

  • Bonus action to drink potions.

  • Inspiration can reroll any ability checks, attacks, and saving throws instead of just granting an advantage.

  • All actions in DMG, except Healing Surge, Mark, and Climb onto a Bigger Creature, are allowed. 

  • Each player will have about 30 seconds to declare an action. If the player doesn’t declare an action by this time, the player will automatically take the Dodge action.

  • Weight will be tracked via the encumbrance rule. This isn’t a homebrew rule but it’s often neglected.

  • Rations won’t be tracked under normal circumstances. 

Player Expectation

  • No bigotry, racism, and sexism. Must be LGBT+ friendly.  

  • PVP is discouraged unless approved by both parties. This includes stealing from each other and generally being a selfish character. 

  • Unannounced dice rolls will not count. 

  • No cheating. That includes conveniently forgetting to mark spell slots, updating HP, and not keeping track of debuffs for your character. 

  • I expect players to not metagame but meta-planning is alright with me. Your character shouldn’t act on information that she couldn’t possibly know but sharing ideas is fine.

  • Be open to failures. Sometimes bad things happen to your character but that just makes the victory so much sweeter and the story much more emotional.

  • Be a team player. Think about the group and not just your own enjoyment. “That’s what my character would do” is not a good excuse for upsetting your party members. 

  • If there is an issue with another player, please talk to them first before approaching me.

  • Keep the above board table talk to a minimum during the session time. It’s really annoying when someone disrupts the flow of the game by interrupting it with their life story.

  • I expect the players to follow the storyline of the module for the most part. How you approach each situation is completely up to you and I’ll do my best to improvise. 

DMing Style

  • No rape/sexual assault in the game. Let me know if there are other triggers you have and I would be happy to remove them from the game if it’s reasonable. 

  • This will be a sea-faring campaign with elements of horror mixed in. There will be elements of mind control, body take over and possible body horror. 

  • The module is quite difficult and death is a real possibility.

  • Verisimilitude will take precedence over mechanics. Wolves should not be able to pounce on a gargantuan monster and explosives should also apply force despite their damage type.

  • There will be maps and music for immersion. We’ll be using grids for battles. 

  • I’m very open and quick in terms of asking players to leave the table if I cannot work with them. I play with strangers because I want to have a fun game of D&D without the baggage of personal relationships. 

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