Shard Clicker - Design Doc

Shard Clicker - Design Doc


Click to gather & multiply shards.


Tech trees, select options from following paths, pay for with shards.  Example options are given.

  • Warrior:

    • Parahuman capabilities. Increase power levels by flat amount

    • Higher results when getting random power level.

    • Chance of critically powerful parahumans; x2 or x3 power level.

    • Parahumans have X% chance to keep going instead of dying.

    • Can up rate of conflict.

    • Create superweapons

    • Entity avatar has far more offensive strength.

  • Gardener:

    • Lower cost of creating spawn, more spawn when creating multiple spawn, buddings, multipliers at game end, possible number of avatars.

    • etc.

  • Judge:

    • Control over conflict generation, better rewards for conflict, overall efficiency, etc.

  • Scholar

    • Expand and unlock options (ie. mixed/dual typing).

    • Slow down or reduce host planet’s attempts to organize or fight back.  (Getting off planet, ‘curing’ powers, etc.)

    • Better tinker results.

    • Precog scans (see long-term results as per what you’ve got set up, likely high scores, potential attempts by host planet to fight back or organize, etc).

    • Etc.


Creating parahumans on the set world.  Parahumans survive for a set time, generating conflict or having their lifespan decreased at random-ish intervals.  

  • Create Parahuman option appears at 100 shards.

  • Click and hold to invest shards into potential parahuman.  Is random, what type you get. Power level ranges from 100-[whatever max you reached by investing].  Bonus points for simple descriptions with each one created.  “This one is going to shove fireballs down his boss’ throat until flames spout from the man’s ass.”  “I’m going to save the world with my ice storms!”

  • Create [Classification] option appears once a parahuman of a given type has appeared.  Cost rises per parahuman of the same type.  Can click and hold to increase amount invested.

    • Blasters are more fragile but generate conflict at a high rate.

    • Movers can evade dangerous encounters, chance to escape bad situations, but get hit hard when they get hit.

    • Strikers have high conflict generation and high rewards, but higher risk as well.

    • Brutes survive a long, long time.

    • Successful masters can have exponential conflict generation, but when the house of cards collapses (which can be early)

    • Tinkers operate by different rules, with power level & generated rewards based on the entity

    • Breakers have night/day phases of extreme power and mortal weakness.

    • etc.

  • Multiple creation - Create a random number of parahumans, same way as described above (random parahuman, specific classification).

Goal is to get a max possible score on conflict.  Work with set point total early on, but gain more points to work with as achievements are earned/goals met.

Can commit, setting slider bar to determine entity strength vs. expenditure of remaining points on random spawn (at significant discount).  Sooner one commits, higher the multiplier is at the end.

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