Shopping List for a Samoyed Puppy!

Shopping List for a Samoyed Puppy!

Things to take when you go pick up your furball

Food (ask your breeder)
Food reward bag
Food/Water bowl (2)
Water bottle for pets
Airline bag (if you plan to fly him/her back in the cabin, like we did!)
Puppy collar ID
Puppy collar (martindale) White Pine Soft SlipTM  9/16″ Limited Slip Collar (M) 
Nylon or Leather Leash
Training pads
Towels Regular towels
Paper towels Regular kitchen towels
Garbage bag Regular garbage bags
Disinfecting wipes for surfaces Lysol
Baby wipes for puppy and for people
Poop bags
Poop bag holder
Rope tug toy (chewing) Store, Similar:
Stuffed toy (tuff toy)

Additional things to buy before your furball comes home

Small food container Store 
Large food storage airtight (for large bags) [Try to place the entire food in the container in its original packaging, rather than emptying it]
Puppy Kongs (2)
Food dispensers/bowl
Crate 30” while (s)he’s a puppy [this is better rented, or borrowed since it only lasts for a couple of months], 42” for adult:
Bed for crate (29×21 might be too big) (29×19)
Dog Bed Store 
Soft fleece blanket for crate/lambskin Store [our pup never used this in the crate, but sometimes used it to lie down]
Playpen (2)
Covered trash bins (2) Store 
Enzymatic carpet cleaner (32 oz) (1gal)
Fur Wizard
Bitter apple spray (2 x 8oz)
Potty trainer mat
Peanut butter Store 
String cheese Store 
Ziploc bags Store 

Grooming supplies

Pin brush
Slicker brush
Finishing spray and detangler  Ice on Ice (16oz):
Ice on Ice concentrate (16 oz = 15x):
The stuff (4 oz = 15x):
Self rinsing shampoo
EZ groom premium shampoo (16 oz)
EZ groom crystal white enzyme Shampoo (16 oz)
EZ groom crystal brite Conditioner (16 oz)
Heavy duty rake
Resco medium/coarse comb
Nail clipper Large dog
Grooming shears/scissors
Dematting comb
Musher’s secret Paw wax (60 g)
Styptic Powder (1.5oz)
Toothpaste + Toothbrush 
Baby powder/cornflour Store 
Blow dryer Circuiteer II/K9 II (very powerful but expensive)
MetroVac: (cheaper but not as powerful)


Nylabone starter pack
Kong Cozies Alligator
Kong knots bear
Nylabone dino chew
Donut squeaky toy
Knots ball
Orka loops chew toy
Kong Cozie Moose
Frisbee Orka
Holee roller
Kong Squeezz
Nylabone durachew triple pack
Nylabone puppy teething rings
Rope bone
Orka chew bone
Chuck it
Balls for chucking
Kong tennis ball
Snuggle Buddy


Bully stick (25 pack, 6”) (20 pack, 12”)
Dental dog treats
Soft puppy treats
Freeze dried beef liver (16.6 oz)
Stewart pro
Dog biscuits
Deer antler
Greenies Pill pockets
BillJac Chicken Liver Dog treats (20 oz)
Happy Howie Beef roll (2lb)
Cod Skin Fish Strips (16 oz)
Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Tender Beef Recipe (4 oz)
Zuke’s training treats
BillJac’s little jac training treats

Other Essentials

Feeding mat
Store (
Bin for toys Store 
Storage bin for treats Store 
Bag for dog stuff Store
Shower noose restraint
Lixit water bottle for crate
Bowl for crate (30 oz)
Harness (M)
Glowing collar for night walks (M/L)
Car cover + Vehicle seat belt
Puppy pad holder Store
Trash can for puppy poop in the backyard Store 
Nail Grinder


Door mat (medium) Store
Probiotics Ask vet
Vitamins Ask vet
Heart worm medication Ask vet
Flea/Tick prevention Ask vet
Training clicker
Grooming table
Pet faucet sprayer
Poop scoop
Dremel metal diamond bit with a concave end on it


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