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My Current Setup: microKORG, YAMAHA RX15, PO-35 speak, Ditto Looper

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Korg Monologue

Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+

  • Great Beginner Synth, even though I already own the microKORG, there’s a lot about synthesis that I still have to learn. The lack of menus allows me to understand better what is going on.

  • An upgrade to the ditto looper. The KP3+ is often used alongside the microKORG as a looper and I can turn off channels as I please throughout the song.

  • A sequencer that records effects

  • Cheaper than the SP-404sx and the RC-505

  • A monophonic synth that can work as a bass/solo playing machine when combined with my microKORG

  • Sample triggering and effects

  • Pitch bend stick can be used for any of the functions on the monologue, it can be the cutoff, resonance, release, etc.

  • Allows for more voices during live performances versus buying another synth

  • Many people claim the monologue doesn’t come with it’s power adapter while some websites claim it does.

  • I’ve tried figuring out whether or not the KP3+ has a sequencer or not, and although I am pretty sure it does, many places I’ve visited don’t say if it does. Also, I heard that the effects on the KP3+ are quite lacking

  • Compared to the KP3+, the monologue is only another voice added to my music. If I buy the monologue, I won’t be able to perform live music the way I could with the KP3+

  • If I buy the KP3+, I might be missing out on a very good sequencer and synth that will allow me to understand synthesis a little better. Also if the effects are lacking and I’m not going to use the effects as much as I should, is it worth buying?

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