Silksong Crest Theory

Hollow Knight Silksong:

Crest System Theory

Hi! Thanks for reading this, I love sharing my theories and can’t wait for Silksong. There’s a few things I must clarify first:

  1.  Of course, this is just speculation, I’m just theorising. If any of this is in the final game, I didn’t know about it.

  2. When I say words like; “will” and “are”, I’m speculating, these aren’t confirmed.

  3. This is all my own, the pictures were taken off google, but the theory is my own concept.

Hornet resting at a bench.

What are Crests/tools?

Well, we don’t know a lot. Crest’s are three slot loadouts, and can have red, blue, and yellow slots. There are different crests that can be found in the game. Tools are what you put onto the crests. Tools can be crafted by forge daughter, an NPC in the Deep Docks area.

Forge Daughter in Deep Docks


In Silksong, Crests would be the replacement for charm notches; except, they are much more versatile. The only crest we have seen is the “Wanderer Crest”. The wanderer crest has one red slot, one blue slot, and one yellow slot. Other crests could be, “Warrior” or “Hunter”. Crests will be obtained by either buying them, or finding them in the world, similar to charm notches.


Tools can be equipped onto crests. They have durability, and can be repaired by shell shards at a bench. There are three types of tools; Red, Yellow, and Blue. We don’t know what the difference is yet, but here is what I think:

Red: Red tools are physical weapons and abilities, meaning hornet actually pulls out an item in order to use it. These include the shiv dagger, lifeblood syringe and pimpillo. These have durability and can be repaired at a bench.

Blue: Blue tools are offensive abilities, meaning that they are attack abilities that use up silk. These tools include the gossamer storm and needle lunge.

Yellow: Yellow tools are passive abilities, which means that they give hornet a buff, or boost; for example, higher damage or faster healing.

In the E3 demo, we see hornet with a tool pouch. The tool pouch probably let’s hornet actually use these tools. Tools can be crafted for materials and shell shards by the forge daughter mentioned earlier, but can probably be found all over Pharloom.

Crest Menu:

  1. The current crest equipped.

  2. Red tools, or physical weapons.

  3. Blue tools, or offensive abilities.

  4. Yellow tools, or passive abilities.

  5. Click on this to change what crest is equipped.

The End! Thanks for hearing my theory, I hope you like it!

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