Silver shade full backstory

Silver shade hates all of humanity and for good reason, many would see her as another tabaxi. Those people are wrong. Silver never wanted this…to be a tabaxi. She was the unfortunate victim of some cruel mage. While on a hunt Silver pounced on the wrong person that day. Before she knew better everything that made her who she was, was ripped away in a flash. When she awoke she was not herself. She found a river and looked at herself as a tabaxi. Not her normal snow leopard self. 8 years to the day of her being cursed to walk like the humans Silver found something that might give her a chance to become who she was born as. After that day her heart was cold to all mortals, Greedy, controlling assholes who took away her life. Every day under the stars she kept the thought of revenge in her head. It twisted her to become cold and heartless. After all, all humans are the same. Every day now she gets better with her bow and daggers. Ready to kill any who gets in her way for her goal. 

Only to the wild animals she still loves. The wolf pack she used to live near is the only one’s she truly cares about. The closest she has to a family, the day she left the forest for good was the hardest thing she has ever done. Before she knew it she was with a group of people she would have to work with. This will be her test and her quest one day she may find herself again even if it means working with people she wants nothing more than to have her real-life back. 

Silver is unaware of who turned her into this form, she does know however they were a warlock with a great old one patron. From that day forward she has sworn to kill all Aberrations that she could get her paws on. For months and months, she snuck into the nearby town library. Learning as many languages she could use to help her fight and kill aberrations. From spending so many hours studying all known aberrations and ways to identify and defeat them even learning how to track them. Even at one point stealing the scrolls of a well-known scholar.  Silver despite her hate for all mortals hated what happened to her and wishes that what happened to her never happens to anyone else. Her hate for aberrations means she will even sacrifice herself if it means ending a powerful aberration. However silver shade is still a coward. She does not want to join the land of the dead till she’s killed the bastard that did this to her. 

Despite her lack of social skills she will try her best to interact. However, any way she can forward her own goal including the death of a party member or millions of people she will not hesitate to use it. She will use any and all means no matter what anyone thinks to reach her goal no matter who or what it is. 

Back when Silver was a wild leopard, She had a kid. It was only one, a little male she called Eclipse. She raised him and loved him. It was the only thing she did fully love. Sadly one day He was cruelly taken away by poachers while she was out hunting. When he was a year old, Silver chased them for miles and miles she tracked them for three days. However, it was all for nothing when she found the remainder of Eclipse's body on the side of the road near a town, his head and pelt torn away leaving only a bloody flesh mess of the headless body of her cub. She mourned for her son taking his mutilated body back to her home and buried it near where she lived. One of the only thing silver loved was taken away so cruelly. She could not save Eclipse and she blames herself for not being there to save her son.

Finding eclipse short story

It had been days since she last ate. She stopped by a stream for a drink once. Sleep was something that never even crossed her mind. Shade has been running for days, her feet were sore her throat dry, her stomach empty. Yet the love of her son kept her going. Day and night she ran, walked, climbed and held onto that hope she could find him. Her son Eclipse was all that mattered right now. Shade lost him one day when she was out hunting she returned to him gone and the smell, that foul smell of humans. Shade went after them. 

They had a headstart and many more tools. Shade had a determination like no other, Eclipse was her world her little light in the dark world. After Storm, her mate vanished to the wind and she never found out why. Storm loved her and she loved him but one day he left without any reason. All she had was Eclipse. Her son, she lost Storm she was not ready to lose Eclipse too.

After days of tracking over the horizon, she saw the lights of the human town. She started to creep over there as the night was a blanket over her silver and white fur, the moonlight made it glitter like little stars.Shade smelt a familiar smell. That of her son, now it was strong and fresh. 

“Eclipse! Where are you?” She called out into the night. No response. She called again, her mews filled with fear and worry.

Finally, she got a hold of a scent trail. Her heart raced as what started as a small walk turned into a light jog that ended with her full pelt running. As she turned the corner around a bush. Her heart shattered. Her fur stood up as she just…stared at the sight before her.

In the grass as clear as day, was a corpse. A headless mutilated corpse with no fur. The smell came from here. It was her son, Her son she loved so dear was here like this. Shade backed up almost falling over as her legs wobble before walking over pressing her head on his chest. They did this to her son. Shade wept and her mournful cries echoed in the night air. Like a lifeless corpse herself, she fell to the ground as sorrow filled the air. Like the gods, themselves were crying at this moment rain started to fall. Shade hated water but this time it never mattered, she had been robbed of everything she loved.  

She wanted to scream and let out all her anger but she never did. Her face was buried in the bloody, mutilated flesh of her son she hoped this was all just a bad dream but as the sun came out she knew it was not. She looked around seeing the bloody dagger still nearby under the bush. It was silver. She decided on that day her name would no longer be Shade, but Silver Shade. To always remember her son by. 

Silver looked around as the day began. Birds started to sing, flowers started to open and dance in the morning breeze. Little dewdrops glistened like little stars on the grass in the morning sun. Silver picked up the corpse of her son and started to walk home, where he…both of them belonged. Silver spent the next few days walking home with her son’s body. This time however she stopped to drink, eat and rest. She had no reason to carry on and keep fighting for it was over. 

As she walked home however she changed. Her shattered heart now reformed, this time however it reformed with a coating of ice. Her heart no longer beats for love for her son. It beats with vengeance for her son. One day they will pay for what they did to her son…somehow. Silvers yellow eyes once looked at her son with the warmth of the son. Now they look at people like the anger of a volcano and its lava. 

Silver buried Eclipse near the fallen tree that was her home. She became a husk of nothing but anger and guilt who closed herself off. She never felt love again she never wanted to. All it caused was pain to her.  Even the wolves she grew up with she showed no love to anymore. Silver was no longer the leopard she once was. Now in her place was an angry, unstable bitch who snapped at everyone. 

Her once kind and loving heart was gone. The love for Storm, Eclipse and even the wolves she grew up with was gone. Buried deep down away where no one not even herself could see.The leopard who once smiled and looked proud at her son with his first hunt was now just always sad, she could not even smile. Once the joy she had waking up and seeing a new day had gone now nothing but bitter. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and months turned to years and with it, Silver never changed. The old Shade was replaced with this Silver. A much cruller, harsher and angrier leopard.   

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