Single player D&D Module - A Kaster's creation

Initial Discussion: 

Weight while written does not affect character or NPC speed |

Rerolls are allowed once per choice if you roll 17 - 20 however you are not permitted a reroll |

For races from the underdark or hellish landscapes the “Light sensitivity” nerf does not apply unless Player decides to nerf NPCs in which case if a player is a character from the underdark or a Hellish Landscape they will also receive the nerf |

If you are to die at any point during the module a new character is not needed however you will need to restart the module and are given a new opportunity to see new choices |

In this single player module you are your own DM meaning don’t so something you would expect your players not to do | 

While playing feel free to screenshot and show me any grammar/spelling or character consistency errors

If at some point you find yourself bored and have finished the module I can add side quests for named, unnamed and brand new NPCs | 

Please don’t cheat I worked hard on this module and I would hate for it to be taken as a joke just because I can’t be physically there to DM the campaign |

If “YOU choose to insult [NPC] is a choice you make comment on the {INSERT INSULT} with your insult |

Addition due to a question asked by u/AtiyaTheSeeker While I have created this to be a house rules safe/simply for leveling up characters/fun for all module I would prefer new characters be no higher than level 5 but how you play is how you play as long as you enjoy the module I don't mind one bit!

If you enjoy the module share it with your friends that play D&D.

Shout outs:

Pakku on youtube for D&D / RPG Playlist * TAVERN MUSIC

Cami-cats on youtube for Meet my friends- A Dungeons and Dragons Parody Song, The Assembly Song- An Original Dungeons and Dragons inspired song feat. Gabe Castro

JoCat because crap guides.

Set up

YOU [The player] have been summoned to King Garbok’s castle from your outskirts hut. YOU have been an adventurer for the past five years and you decided to settle for a few months in the kingdom of Ely. King Garbok has heard of YOUR perilous journeying and the wonderful jobs you’d done in the towns, villages and kingdoms YOU’VE visited. Of course who doesn’t know the story of how YOU saved the Princess of Porthaethwidge and didn’t even ask for her hand in marriage?

The King tells everyone of YOUR requested attendance at the castle. Guards escort you through the lovely marble halls covered in the lineage of the throne line siblings included and framed treaties. Before you reach the throne room YOU spot something - 


1-10                                                                                                          10-20


YOU notice an empty frame, nothing special just a hung empty frame. YOU continue into the King’s throne room.


YOU notice an empty frame, YOU deduce that because of the silver frame work it’s the same frame type the king put around the kingdom treaties. Why would the king have an empty frame for a treaty hung on the wall outside his throne room YOU wonder to YOURSELF. YOU proceed into the king’s throne room keeping the empty frame in the back of your mind. 

The King welcomes YOU happily and waves of the guards at either side of YOU. Hesitantly both guards leave and shut the door behind themselves. The king’s face changes just slightly, serious this isn’t an easy going mission is it?

“Welcome traveler, [YOUR character name]. I’ve called you here today to request a favor of you. I apologize for disrupting your peaceful time off of the road, but unfortunately I know no other traveler that has been to the Marren’s Eve Kingdom.” YOU remember YOUR travels to Marren’s Eve, a kingdom outside the entrance of the underdark once filled to the kingdom walls with Tieflings, Drow and Demons. A troublesome place to travel. “Our treaty with their kingdom expired when the Queen was murdered, a mystery yet to be solved by anyone. I don’t know for sure if we can trust the Abyssal King Balor.” Garbok is a High elf, he’s nervous around any dark soul, but an Abyssal is someone an innocent elf like Garbok would want to talk to of course he needed to delegate treaty making to a traveler that’s been around demon’s before, YOU. “I would like to have you go to the kingdom of Marren’s Eve and see if King Balor is willing to make up a new treaty between the kingdoms.”


(Roll a d4 if you don’t know what to choose, 4 = Option 2)

Option 1: Accept the job and head straight out (1)

Option 2: Ask about pay and empty frame (not necessarily in that order) (2-4)

Option 3: Feign interest, accept and start a war between Marren’s Eve and Ely (Because you’re bored) (3)


YOU accept the job and King Garbok offers you a pouch of gold pieces. With a wave of his hand the pouch flies to YOU. “15 on your way out, 100 when you come back.” YOU say your goodbyes pack your things and start on your way back to Marren’s Eve.


YOU ask about the Frame then YOU pause was that the best thing to ask about first? The kingk declines to respond. YOU shrug it off and ask about your pay. “You will be paid 15 gold pieces for your travels out of Ely and 100 when you come back, double if you come back with a proper treaty.” YOU accept the job, say YOUR goodbyes, pack up your things and head out on the road again. 


YOU subtly roll YOUR eyes and pretend to be interested in what the king is rambling about. He tells YOU he will pay you handsomely seeing as this is something he should be doing not you. He gives YOU a pouch of 15 gold pieces. YOU wonder to YOURSELF what fun it would be to forge a war declaration against the kingdom of Marren’s Eve. YOUR thoughts continue to wonder as YOU head out on your journey.

YOU leave the gates of Ely with all the belongings YOU’VE taken on YOUR past adventures. YOU try to remember which direction takes YOU to Marren’s Eve. YOU look to the left and see a dark seemingly demonic forest, an almost too obvious choice. To the right is an open path going over hills. YOU avoid the dark forest and take the right path. Within the course of a day you happen upon a small remote village, an inn at the village square and tents or booths for selling things you decide to rest in the village for the time being as Marren’s Eve is another weeks hike from where you are based on the map plastered on the side of the inn.

The inn is quant, cold, but well decorated. The innkeeper is a sweet old dwarf woman. YOU can just tell that people have taken advantage of her. A sign sits on her desk that states a night costs 5 gold pieces and the night costs go up incrementally. YOU step up to the desk and the woman slams a dagger on the counter top eyeing YOU suspiciously before noticing YOU reaching for YOUR gold pouch. YOU smile nervously and place 5 gold pieces on the counter. 

“One night then traveler?” YOU nod and she shows YOU to YOUR room and gives YOU the key to the room. YOU decide that YOU will travel around the village until you feel tired enough to go to sleep. YOU see a tavern, a resource shoppe, a path into a well lit [for some reason] forest and a horse stable YOU choose to go to-


(If you do not want to choose roll a d4)

Option 1: Go to the “Tipsy Traveler Tavern”

Option 2: Go to recourse shope

Option 3: Go to the well lit forest

Option 4: Go to the horse stable


YOU step into the tavern and not a single person looks up from their cups. The bartender is cleaning a cup when YOU sit on a bar stool. YOU order a drink and start to people-watch from the bar. A couple of dwarfs are muttering to each other in a language you don’t understand staring at you nervously. There are variations of Elves, Dragonborns, Half Elves and a set of 4 identical catkins, YOU assume siblings, they aren’t as rambunctious as one would stereotype however there are two glasses on the floor beside their table. Cats will be cats YOU muse to yourself.

YOU look to the far end of the bar and see a gorgeous Drow nursing a beer. She is people-watching with a dagger stabbed into the counter. Her hair was pulled up into a bun and a braid headband was tying it back. Her bangs had streaks of white against the black. Her quiver is slung on her back still full of arrows. YOU notice YOU’VE been staring long enough for her to feel YOUR stare and her hand is resting calmly on the hilt of her dagger side eyeing YOU. YOU try to think of what is the best way to show her YOU aren’t a threat to her. So YOU - 


(If you don’t want to choose roll a d4)

Option 1.A: Buy her a drink for 3 gold pieces

Option 1.B: Smile at her from across the bar like in a meet cute movie

Option 1.C: Start looking around the room at the other people like you didn’t notice her noticing you staring

Option 1.D: Pull out your own Dagger and stab it into the counter because you want to be a threat to her


YOU knock on the bar and ask the bartender to send the woman at the end of the bar a beer to replace her current one. The bartender does as requested and takes her the drink, she asks him who ordered the drink and YOU subtly look away sipping on YOUR drink casually acting as if you don’t know she’s walking over to YOU drink in hand. Her dagger stabs into YOUR sleeve holding YOU to the bartop and she slams the drink in front of you and she sits on the opposite side of you from her dagger.

“What is your angle stranger? Poison? Date rape drug, what? What do you want?” Her voice is condescending as she tips YOUR head up so the lights in the tavern hit YOUR eyes and YOU blink rapidly. The bartender assures her that YOU have put nothing in the drink YOU simply paid and requested it be sent over. She looks you over skeptically, it’s clear she doesn’t trust YOU and she doesn’t trust the word of the bartender. Maybe a drink was a mistake YOU think to YOURSELF. She smells it skeptically yet again. She takes a sip and waits a few seconds before removing her dagger from YOUR now torn sleeve.

“I’m the Huntress.” YOU recognize that alias, she’s the bounty hunter from the underdark, not a friendly woman -according to what YOU’VE heard. She hasn’t proved those stereotypes wrong to be honest, but don’t judge a tome by it’s cover, that’s what YOUR mom had always told you. YOU give her YOUR name. “You're the traveler people have been gossiping about lately. What happened to taking a break from traveling and settling in the kingdom of Ely?”


Option 1.A+: Tell her about your job and invite her to join, two heads are better than one.

Option 1.A-: Get defensive, it’s not your business to ask about my affairs. 


YOU tell Huntress about the job given to you by the king and ask her if she’s interested in joining your venture. She tells you she needs to think about it and tips the bartender before leaving and showing off by twirling her dagger before placing it back into its sheath and leaving for the night.


YOU immediately get defensive and shut down the conversation. YOU pay for YOUR tab and storm out of the tavern and turn in for the night.


YOU smile at her and her grip tightens around the hilt of the blade. She doesn’t trust you and other patterns have started to notice her tenceness and several start paying their tabs so they can leave. YOU stand and she starts pulling her blade from the bartop. YOU raise your hands in surrender, pay YOUR check and leave. YOU turn in for the night to the Sleepy Hog inn.


YOU quickly start people-watching again you see out of the corner of her eye she pays her tab and hands something else to the bartendergestureing to you. She pockets her dagger and leaves the tavern without another word. The bartender brings over a napkin with neat scribes in common, it's from the drow across the bar. She complimented YOU on YOUR utter failure to seem swave or even slightly normal. She’s given YOU her ailies; The Huntress.

A bounty hunter born in the underdark, after an evil and powerful man she has yet to find. She was an abrupt, not so subtle elf with a seething rage deep in her heart and trust issues out the gate. For her to say anything to YOU even let her know who she was, was unheard of. YOU stuff the napkin in YOUR pocket, pay for YOUR tab and turn in to the Sleepy Hog inn, YOU don’t sleep, wondering what would have happened if YOU had interacted with her.

YOU lose one night of sleep and get up groggy and moody. (Take note on your character sheet. 3 lost nights of sleep and you get sick.)


YOU take YOUR own blade out and stab it into the bartop and flash her an evil grin. Her grip tightens on the blade and she pulls it from the bartop ready for a brawl. YOU do the same and throw YOUR stool to the side -unnecessarily. She stands up quickly and the bartender interjects telling YOU and the drow to take things outside if it was going to get bloody.

YOU both exit and she has unsheathed her bow. Her arrows are dipped in something you get nervous and realize who she is, she’s the Huntress, if you have a bounty over YOUR head YOU are completely screwed. She loads her bow and aims for YOU.

“Who are you?” She’s glaring at YOU as you both circle each other. Her arrow is pointed straight at your chest, YOU won’t be able to deflect it if she shoots, you have to make a decision fast.


Option 1.D+: Tell her your name and hold your own blade in defence.

Option 1.D-: Tell her she doesn’t need to know your name and lunge for her arrow before she can show it (Roll a dex save)


YOU tell her your name and she recognizes it and turns her arrow to YOUR knees. She looks you in the eyes.

“You're the traveler everyone’s been talking about, not nearly as threatening as everyone thinks you are. Do you really want to fight me? I’m sure there’s a bounty over your head with someone somewhere and I’d be more than willing to turn you in.” YOU raise your hand in surrender, if there is a bounty over YOUR head it's more likely the preference is that YOU’RE dead. She unloads her bow and you ask what the arrow is dipped in.

“Fast acting tranquilizer, it’s how I knock out my bounties.” YOU leave the scene after a brief conversation with Huntress. She says she’s leaving tomorrow for another village on the way to Marren’s Eve. Maybe you’ll travel together. YOU turn in to the Sleepy Hog inn for the night until you continue YOUR travel.


YOU decline to give her YOUR name and YOU lunge for her.


1 - 5              6 - 10             11 - 15            16 - 20

1 - 5

YOU miss her arrow and it scrapes YOUR arm, it rips YOUR sleeves she fumbles with her dagger and stabs YOUR arm you take 2 hit points of piercing damage from the dagger and 6 hit points of piercing damage from the arrow.YOU start to feel drowsy, very tired, YOUR body goes limp and YOU can’t fight the sleep quickly tearing YOU away from your consciousness. 

6 - 10

YOU grab her arrow and tear it from her bow. She smacks you over the head with her bow and manages to stab YOU with her dagger in the side. YOU take 4 hit points of piercing damage.

11 - 15

YOU grab her arrow and snap it shattering splitters everywhere she throws her bow away and stabs you twice with her daggers you take 4 hit points of piercing damage. She grabs your ankle and throws you against the side of the tavern. YOU’RE knocked unconscious and take 4 hit points of damage.

16 - 20

YOU grab her arrow and snap it, she catches your arm and throws you against the tavern wall holding you against it. She slashes YOUR arm, ripping YOUR sleeve with her dagger and takes another arrow dipped in some sort of liquid substance and stabs YOUR side. It happens too fast for you to struggle or react. YOU start to feel tired, exhausted and the world around YOU fades to black as YOU pass out.

When YOU wake up YOU’RE tied to a chair in a room at the Sleepy Hog in. YOU struggle against the bindings an average fifty feet of rope and YOU’VE been stripped of your weapons and other objects. YOUR backpack is sitting on the opposite side of the room YOUR limbs are completely restricted to the chair. YOU have nothing to do, but scream and as YOU prepare YOUR lungs to scream for help Huntress opens the door with a plate of the complimentary breakfast, eating her own piece of hellhog bacon. 

“Morning princess,” She mocks, stepping into her room shutting the door behind her. “Did you sleep well after that debacle you caused?” On the plate is a refund for YOUR room and a fair amount of food for YOUR breakfast. “You’re not being searched for, so I’m sure I can let you go under the condition you don’t try to stab me again.” She sets the food down in front of YOU. “Or would you rather I knock you back out?” She crosses her arms over her chest.


Option 1.D-.1: Tell her your name, request to start over and promise not to attack her again.

Option 1.D-.2: Glare at her and spit at her feet.


In defeat YOU give her your name, apologize, swear not to attack her again and ask to start over. She agrees and cuts you free. “Honestly I was surprised you were ballsy enough to attack me in the first place.” YOU are a little offended, but YOU don’t want to get your butt kicked again. YOU rub at YOUR wrists and eat some of the breakfast she brought YOU.

While eating you tell Huntress about the job you’ve been sent on and ask if she’d like to join YOU. she tells you she’d have to think about it, but she didn’t see why not.

(Choose a new place to go, You’ll be leaving after whatever place you choose)


YOU give her a dirty look and spit at her feet. She steps her foot back before stepping over the saliva you spit onto the floor to grab your face roughly and squeeze. That’s quite disrespectful. She squeezes YOUR cheeks hard enough to make you open your mouth. She sticks the tip of an arrow into your mouth and shuts YOUR jaw on it making you swallow the potion on the arrow. YOU’RE not just knocked out, but poisoned.



YOU decide to go to the resource shoppe because you aren’t sure what they have that may be useful to YOU. YOU look around for a few minutes before you see an amulet with a glowing aura, the price tag is a ripped piece of parchment. 5 gold pieces it reads. YOU bring it to the front counter and ask what it is. The shopkeeper tells YOU a story of an ancient warlock who put a protective spell on the amulet. YOU don’t believe a word he says, he seems crazy YOU buy the amulet and you put it in your backpack. 

(If this is your first time doing this choose another place to go.)

(If this is your second time going through or you just completed Option 1.D+, Read the following;) YOU go back to the Sleepy Hog inn and pack up whatever you may have left sitting out before turning in for the night. YOU head off to continue on YOUR journey when you wake up the next morning. 


YOU venture into the well lit forest and a few paces in YOU notice as the path continues lights get farther and farther apart until YOU can’t see the next light ahead of YOU. YOU have to make a decision and quick so YOU choose to-


Option 3.A: Light a torch (Spellcasting characters only: cast a lighting spell)

Option 3.B: Venture in blindly

Option 3.C: Take one of the large torches forward with you

Option 3.D: Turn around and go somewhere else


YOU light one of YOUR easier to carry torches as YOU venture forward into the quickly darkening forest. YOU aren’t afraid until YOU notice bones litter the sides of the path of what YOU assume to be former village people or travelers like YOURSELF. Then in the middle of the path up ahead YOU see a huge black mass, not quite bigger than the canopy, but still pretty big. 




YOU just assume it’s a large rock and continue walking towards it.


YOU assume it’s a rock, but YOU don’t trust YOUR assumptions as far as YOU can yeet YOURSELF. YOU cautiously continue forward at the large mass.


YOU don’t even want to begin to understand what YOU see. A large three headed black dog sounds asleep. Each head looks different. It doesn’t look much older than a pup, but you don’t trust anything about it. YOU have a new choice to make.


Option 3.A.1: Pick up one of the rocks on the side of the path and chuck it at the large mass. (Roll strength fixed 1 hit point of damage. 1-10 you miss, 11-20 hit on one of the heads)

Option 3.A.2: Sneak up on the mass cautiously (Stealth check, 1-10 you snap a branch, 11-20 you successfully sneak up on the mass and see what it is.)

Option 3.A.3: Run up on the mass and stab it (Roll strength 1-10 you miss/graze the ear of the large animal, 11-20 you hit + chosen weapon’s damage roll initiative.)

Option 3.A.4: **Animal handling proficiency or talk with animals spell needed, also only if you rolled 11-20** use one of the bones on the side of the path to tame the animal (Persuasion check + disadvantage because the animal is clearly asleep.)


YOU choose to pick up a rock and throw it at the mass.

1-10 you miss the mass but hit something loud and the mass begins to move and get up.

11-20 you hit the mass and it begins to move and get up.

**Please roll initiative, Cerberus puppy Head 1 = 15, Cerberus puppy Head 2 = 4, Cerberus puppy Head 3 = 18.

YOU are far enough to run or you can charge the beast and keep it from following YOU into the village outside the forest.

Option 3.A.1-: Flee for your life from the Cerberus pup into the village

Option 3.A.1+: Charge the Cerberus pup and use a temporary bonus action to smite the beast with a weapon/alternatively use a ranged weapon to attack the cerberus pup


YOU flee to the village behind YOU and the pup follows trashing the trees and destroying the village in their wake killing YOU and several of the village people before the pup goes back into the forest to continue their nap. 

Please restart the campaign


YOU charge the cerberus with YOUR weapon. (Roll to see if you hit, anything above 12 hits then roll for damage and write down the damage you do to the Cerberus and take it against their 168 hit points).

If you hit: YOU land a hit of [Points of damage] on the beast and are within range of the beast’s bite attack the third head (Roll:16) lands a bite on YOUR shoulder and deals 4 points of piercing damage and fails to deal fire damage (Roll: 5) The first head in fear (Roll: 6) fails to land a bite and shoves her brother off your shoulder and the second head (Roll: 17) lands a fire Ray hit on your torso dealing 29 points of damage (Roll: 4;6s, 1;3, 1;4). 

If you have not died go through whichever you roll until you or the beast die.

If you miss: YOU fail to land a hit on the beast and the third head seeing YOUR attack coming lands a bite on YOUR swinging arm (Roll: 18) dealing 6 points of piercing damage and 12 points of fire damage (Roll: 6 4 2) the second head in a fit of anxious rage bites YOUR opposite shoulder dealing 2 points of piercing damage and fails to deal fire damage simple coughing smoke on YOUR shoulder (Roll: 8) and the second head growls menacingly before biting the top of your head (Roll: 12) dealing 8 points of piercing damage but fails to deal fire damage.

If you have not died go through whichever you roll until you or the beast die.

If you have died, restart the campaign.

If you have managed to kill the cerberus PUPPY! You turn back and turn into the Sleepy Hog inn and pack up for your adventure in the morning. YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER KILLING A PUPPY!


YOU choose to sneak up on the mass.

If you fail the stealth check YOU miss the fact that a very loud and crunchy stick is in front of YOU and you basically just stomp on it because reasons. The mass turns out to be a cerberus puppy choose between Option 3.A.1- and Option 3.A.1+ and continuing from there after rolling initiative.


YOU choose to run up to the mass and attempt to hit the mass with your weapon.

If YOU miss, make a dex save to see if you land on your weapon or not. 1-10 you fail 11-20 you succeed.

If YOU hit YOUR weapon smacks a cerberus puppy in the center head waking it up and making it very angry. YOU deal damage (your weapons dice + Strength) to it. Go to option 3.A.1 + and follow said instructions after rolling initiative.


YOU pickup one of the prior adventures that failed to kill the beast. To tame the beast you must calmly awaken the Beast (Roll: 15-20 animal handling natural or unnatural). YOU must also roll a 15-20 persuasion (with disadvantage if you fail the initial roll) to have the pup join YOU on YOUR quest. 

If you failed both rolls roll initiative and go to Option 3.A.1+ and follow instructions.

If you have succeeded at least one roll give the pup reason to join you (IE. If you failed the second roll reroll with full permission and comment on ‘reason’ with what you say to the pup).

Congratulations you have added a new member to your adventuring party! You have added Cerberus pup to your adventuring party!

The pup follows YOU calmly from the forest and follows YOU to the Sleepy Hog inn, being that the pup is too large for the door of the inn the innkeeper lays out a large tarp out for the pup outside YOUR inn room. In the morning YOU and Kril/Vortag/Doz venture on terrifying other travelers that pass YOU. 


YOU venture forward blindly and are eaten alive by a cerberus puppy, congratulations you’re an idiot. Restart the campaign. (You are not actually an idiot, I was kidding, you’re a great player just expect this next time.)


YOU grab one of the large torches and venture forward see option 3.A and follow those instructions.


YOU nope the heck out of there and choose to go elsewhere. (Go back to the village choices and choose a different option)


YOU go to the village horse stable, you can rent a horse for ten gold pieces and so long as you bring the horse back alive you can receive half of the rental fee back. YOU can Either leave and choose to go elsewhere/go back to the Sleepy Hog (If this is your choice go back and choose somewhere else to go or skip the following description) or buy a horse for an additional 2 gold.

YOU have chosen to buy a horse to quicken the pace of your travel and make you less tired if you lose sleep during any time you have the horse. 


300 Good Female Horse Names (With images) | Horses, Appaloosa ...
300 Good Female Horse Names (With images) | Horses, Appaloosa ...

A black and white female Appaloosa, she’s young, powerful and strong. She does not enjoy saddles nor does she enjoy large creatures. She will stand her ground against anything her size or smaller and will stomp Goblins without a second thought. Consider her a friend or a respected colleague and she will be your best friend. Treat her anyway else and she will run the second she’s untied.

Stallion - Wikipedia
Stallion - Wikipedia


A calm, typically quiet stallion, a friend to any Rouge with a necessity for stealthy mounts. Agile and was once a show horse. Easily spooked you’ll have to put blinders on him if you take him near a battle because he can easily break free of leads easily. Keep an eye on him if you aren’t directly on him or beside him he doesn’t like leads.


baroque freisians | At Stud Baroque Friesian Stallion | Black Male ...
baroque freisians | At Stud Baroque Friesian Stallion | Black Male ...

Friesian Stallion, tends to Buck riders off. Runs off on not so rare occasions Follows little to no instruction, recommended you have proficiency or expertise in animal handling to take care of Buff. He is fast and by all accounts furious if left on a lead for too long.

Congratulations You have gained a mount! Please take note of the loss of funds and note the name of the horse you have chosen.

YOU bring YOUR new mount to the Sleepy Hog and tie them up to a mount resting place just outside your window. YOU turn in for the night and when YOU wake up YOUR mount is sleeping soundly. You untie them bid the innkeeper a farewell and head off on the rest of your adventure. 

Continuing the adventure

YOU pack up the last of YOUR belongings and venture forward on YOUR journey. (If you interacted with The Huntress she joins you as you venture forward) YOU walk the beaten path with whatever party YOU’VE collected if YOU’VE collected any party members. The journey to the next town is a day and a half so YOU take a short rest at night and continue when YOU feel refreshed.

YOU enter a city named Cico, it’s a lovely city taverns and inns line the gravel paved roads YOU see extravagant signs and the roads are busy with people of all races! One sign is incredibly intriguing, almost as intriguing as the building attached to it. ‘The Lucky Gryphon’ it reads. Perched on the sign, happily greeting travelers is a gryphon hatchling. The hatchling follows a small child back into the Tavern.


From the outside the Tavern is pretty eccentric in design. It looks like three A-Frame cabins stacked into a pyramid with a tall observatory tower in the back. Several chimneys rise from the tavern and soft warm light pours from the windows.

A wooden sign hangs outside, The Lucky Gryphon,  but if you ask anyone, it's known commonly and simply as Quincy's Tavern.

Inside, the Tavern is decorated similar to a hunting lodge with unique weapons and pictures of foreign lands ornamenting the walls along with parchments written in strange languages. 

On your left, a large fireplace with blue and grey stone roars with life, surrounded by large red leather chairs. Bookshelves stand on either side of the fireplace with books from many different lands, open for guests to peruse.

To your right a stage large enough for a five-man band sits waiting for its next performer.

Oil lamps on the wooden tables and the two large edison bulb chandeliers glow their warm light throughout the tavern.

At the far end of the tavern a long bar welcomes you in with many glowing bottles behind it. Two staircases rise on either side of the bar leading up to the second story balcony that wraps around the tavern with tables, bookshelves, and reading nooks throughout.

The tavern is only staffed by Quincy who uses unseen servants and mage hands, and animated objects to assist with the cooking, cleaning, and such.

The place smells faintly sweet of fresh baked cookies.

Quincy's pet gryphon hatchling, Koko, is also very active inside the tavern. He's very friendly and quite mischievous. Koko is also trained to play several dice games and will frequently beg patrons for food.

YOU finish looking around the tavern and the owner laughs at your immense interest in his establishment. YOU and any party members YOU have with YOU sit at the bar to converse with the Tavern owner Quincy.

“Greetings traveler(s), My name’s Quincy welcome to the Lucky Gryphon what can I do for you.” Quincy is a half-elf, standing at 5'2" with a slightly stocky build at 150 lbs.
His ears aren't as pointed as other half-elves, but they're still there. His face is clean shaven and smooth. He has raven black hair that falls down just past his shoulders, and dark brown almond shaped eyes that almost look black in lowlight.
His hands are another unique aspect to him, born with only three on his left hand (thumb, ring, and pinky) and two on the right (ring and pinky.)
He wears black pants with a brown hip bag buckled around his waist, and a rugged brown shirt that's rolled up passed his forearms revealing a few tattoos. A black leather gauntlet is strapped to one arm and a brown gauntlet with small potion bottles on the other, and a pair of goggles rest around his neck atop a red handkerchief. (he changes the color based on how he feels.)
A small coin-like gold pendant hangs around his neck and he's pretty secretive about its meaning and its history. [FROM Stevie’s blog about Quincy please go support him if you have the capability!!]

YOU ask what a piece of gold can get YOU and he smiles extending a hand to YOU, he wants to see if YOUR gold is valid. YOU give him a piece of YOUR gold.
“This dear friend can get you; Unlimited Ale, Slow Roasted Pheasant with garlic and herbs and fresh garden vegetables -to make your momma proud-” He winks at you as he pockets the money and begins to fill a stein with ale. “Fried potatoes with my famous honey knot rolls and the soup of the day. And if you're famished enough, for desert a hot apple turnover and a mug of fresh Elvish hot chocolate.” From across the room you hear a half-elf shout through a mouth full of food.
“Take the deal! The food’s worth it!” Quincy Laughs.
“Chew before talking Kaster!” He turns back to YOU, “Will that be all for today friend(s)?” YOU nod and take the meal, the soup of the day was ‘ruby bisk’ Lucky gryphon spin on classic tomato soup. Any energy YOU lost on the way here is restored and YOU down mug after mug of Quincy’s cold ale. YOU’RE served another mug and YOU have a choice to make. 


Option I: Drink YOUR seventh mug of Ale and roll a constitution save 

Option II: Ask to take the last mug of ale to-go


YOU chug the mug set in front of YOU.

Stipulation: If you are a size small creature take disadvantage


Rolled (1-10)YOU set the mug down in front of YOU. The world around to spin a little and you decide maybe it’s time to go to an inn for the night. YOU go to stand up and fall flat on the tavern floor, any party to had roaming with you left for the nearest inn by your fifth drink. Quincy brings you to a comfortable reading nook upstairs before any rogues can get your belongings. 

YOU wake up the next morning with a splitting headache and the need to vomit, on a table beside you is a jar of red liquid. A little note sits propped against the jar. In very nice handwriting a message explains that ‘normally people catch themselves before they drink too much’ and that the jar is ‘a healing potion to help with hangovers, you’re not the first traveler to pass out at my bar’ It was a note from Quincy, nice handwriting, YOU’D find it surprising if it weren’t for the fact he’s a helf-elf, and elves just naturally have good handwriting.  YOU sit up and chug the mix in the jar beside the bench YOU’D slept on the night before.  YOU feel better instantly and YOU gain a temporary extra 2 Hit Points (Until next day or next encounter).
YOU sit against the wall looking out the window and Quincy comes around cleaning any mess from the night before. “Good morning traveler, you hit the floor hard my friend, I’m surprised that you don’t have a lump on your head.” YOU ask him what all happened and he explains how YOU slurred something like “I’m Sleepy, I’m gonna use the sleep now” and YOU fell backwards onto the bar floor. Luckily YOU were hiked up to the library before the gaggle of Tabaxi rouges in the back could snatch YOU of all YOU are worth. 

YOU frantically search YOUR person for currency, YOUR weapons, YOUR belongings, it’s all there and YOU stare wide eyed at Quincy surprised he hadn’t taken anything from YOU.

“You think so little of me traveler,” He grabs the glass of the mix from YOUR side. “I don’t steal unless you have something I want.” Being that Quincy is a chaotic good half-elf it should not be surprising YOUR stuff is all with you.

IF YOU HAVE PARTY MEMBERS: “Your friend went to the Roguish Snore down the street, said they thought you could take care of yourself.” 

YOU and whatever party YOU have gained continue through the small village.


YOU ask to take your last stein of ale to-go for tomorrow or whenever you get to it. You leave for a tavern just across the way. Village Inn, a quaint little inn with only 3 staff total. YOU pay for a room and the next morning you wake up refreshed ready to explore the village.


Option I: Go to the Forest with a grove in the center 

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