Skaven Homebrew 5e


Ability Score Increase

You gain +1 to Dex.


Skaven usually live to around 10-40 years old, mostly due to either their quick metabolism or being murdered by their fellow Skaven. However, some skaven are able to extend their lifespan using magical items.


Being naturally backstabbing and with a tendency for helping the forces of Chaos, the Skaven tend to lean more towards the Evil side of the spectrum.


You will be four to five feet tall on average, with a usually slightly hunched over position. Your size is Medium.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

You start with 1 point in the Horned Rat corruption category.


Due to living in the dark caverns you call home, you have Darkvision of 60ft.

The Black Hunger

Skaven were cursed long ago with the Black Hunger, giving them a ravenous hunger for both food and power. You will have resistance to disease. But you suffer from exhaustion more easily due to your hunger, and make exhaustion checks with disadvantage when applicable.

Pack Tactics

 You have advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated


You have the ability to speak Reikspiel(Imperial) and Queekish, the language of the Skaven. Queekish is a chittering language, filled with many a number of squeaks and trills with somewhat of a whine at times. Often the words are short, clipped, and repeated multiple times to add emphasis.

The Skaven Clans

Skaven are separated into several different Clans, each of which is known for something different and special. Divided into 3 sections, the Great Clans, the Warlord Clans, and the Thrall Clans, in descending order of importance. These clans constantly fight with one another, and oftentimes a Skaven of one clan will feel more loyalty towards their own clan then others, if you can call a Skaven loyal to anything but themselves.

Clan Eshin

Clan Eshin is a clan which specializes in Assassination and the art of Stealth. They are by far the most secretive and hidden of all clans. Most members of Clan Eshin are also loyal only to Eshin, and no other.

Ability Score Increase

Your time with Clan Eshin has made you an expert at the art of assassination. You gain +1 to Dex and +1 to Intelligence.

Teachings From Nippon

From the far eastern empire of Nippon, Clan Eshin has learned much in the ways of Sneak-Stabbing. You gain proficiency in Stealth and the Poisoner’s Kit. Your movement speed also increases to 35 ft.

Clanstone of Eshin

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. When you roll a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. You may use this once per short rest. This Clanstone upgrades as you level. At 5th, and 11th level, it gains an extra charge.

Clan Moulder

Clan Moulder is a clan that specializes in mutating, breeding, and surgically creating some of the most horrifying creatures known to mankind. This demand for war-beasts has caused this Clan to be the wealthiest of them all. Their twisted creations make them well respected throughout the Skaven.

Ability Score Increase

Your time with Clan Moulder has perhaps caused some strange mutations. You gain +2 to Con.

Master Mutators

Experience with the many experimental devices and creations of Clan Moulder has made you an expert on their use. You gain proficiency in Medicine, and the Healer’s Kit. You also will be able to add “Mutations” to other characters.

Clanstone of Moulder

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. As an action, you can heal either you or an ally for up to 2d6 + your level at a range of 10ft. Add 1d6 if what you are healing has a “Mutation”, either put there by you or another Master Mutator. This recharges after a long rest. This Clanstone upgrades as you level. At 5th level, it gains an extra charge.

Mutation Table

Moulder Mutations work as follows. Roll 1d8 for Benefit, and 1d8 for Drawback. On a 7/8 there is no effect in the category you rolled in. During a long rest, you may reroll on this table or remove the Mutation Modifier with a successful Medicine check by either you or another character. You may only do a Moulder Mutation once per long rest. Removal of Moulder Mutation will revert you to the state before it was added, so neither the Mutation or Drawback will apply to you afterwards. If the creature is not willing to undergo a Moulder Mutation, you must make a successful Strength check in order to hold them in place while the procedure is administered.




Your hands grow long claws, bursting from the fingers, your unarmed attacks do 1d6 Slashing damage.

One of your legs grows slightly larger, placing you off balance. You lose 5ft of movement.


Your skin/scales/fur becomes harder, almost as if it is calcifying. You gain a +1 passive bonus to AC.

The procedures were not kind on you, damaging your very skin.You lose Maximum Hit Points equal to your level.


Your pupils grow larger, and more suited to the night. You have a maximum of 120ft of Darkvision.

Your eyes become more sensitive to the daylight sky. You gain the Sunlight Sensitivity trait.


As an action, you gain the ability to explode with warp energy, creatures near you must succeed on a constitution saving throw or your explosion hurts them, dealing 1d6 thunder damage to all creatures within 5ft. The damage increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th, 11th, and 17th level. Replenish on a short or long rest.

Bulbous sacks form on your back, filled with the essence of pustules. Once taking half your health in damage, these explode, dealing 1d10 Acid damage to everything within 5ft, including yourself. After this is used it resets after a long rest.


Your form tenses up, as your bulk increases and you become larger in size. You count as one size category larger when considering strength checks.

Your face becomes horribly disfigured, granting you disadvantage on all persuasion checks.


Another arm sprouts from one of your shoulders, fully functioning. You may use this arm as if it were a normal arm, however it cannot add your proficiency modifier when wielding weapons.

Your mind is damaged from the procedure due to the horrifying methods inflicted upon you. You have disadvantage on attacks against the creature that gave you the Moulder Mutation.

Clan Pestilins

Clan Pestilins is a clan known and feared for their ability to spread disease and plagues throughout the world. They are feared by both ally and enemy alike for their mastery of the foul. Underneath Clan Pestilins serve their Plague Monks, who fight with deadly fury.

Ability Score Increase

Your time with Clan Pestilens has made your already rotten surroundings more disease and plague filled than ever. You gain +1 to Con and +1 to Wis

Liber Bubonicus

You know of plague and disease like it was the back of your infested hand, and how to spot such things. You gain proficiency in Medicine and the Healer's Kit. You gain resistance to poison.

Clanstone of Pestilins

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. As an action, you can cast the Plague spell. You may use this once per long rest. This Clanstone upgrades as you level. At 5th and 11th level, you gain an extra charge.

Clan Skryre

Clan Skryre is a clan known for it’s mad sorcery and arcane science to create contraptions and war-machines powered by Warpstone and pure Skaven ingenuity. Many of the members of Clan Skryre are known as Warlock-Engineers, who are both mad scientists and magicians both the same, using Warpstone and the Winds of Magic to power devious spells.

Ability Score Increase

Your time with Clan Skryre has driven you to invention and mad science, with a tendency for warpstone based tinkering. You gain +2 to Int.

Mad Scientist at Heart

Possibly mad or otherwise invested in the many contraptions of your clan, your mind races with the possibilities whatever Warpstone you can get your hands on could create. You gain proficiency with Arcana, as well as Tinker’s Tools. You also are knowledgeable on the workings of Skaven War-machines and how to operate them.

Clan Skryre Clanstone

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. As an action, you can cast the spell Warp Lightning at 1st level. Your spellcasting modifier for this spell is Int. You may use this once per long rest. This Clanstone upgrades as you level. At 5th level, it gains an extra charge.

Clan Mors

Clan Mors is the most powerful of the Warlord clans, nearly rivaling the influence and power of the Great Clans. Members of Clan Mors are uncharacteristically loyal for members of the Skaven, often forming deep bonds with their superiors, voicing praises for them in sheer loyalty. None are currently aware of where this loyalty comes from.

Ability Score Increase

As a member of the most powerful Warlord Clan, you have grown stronger than others, daring and brave even. You gain +2 to Str.

Uncharacteristic Loyalty

You are brave, loyal to Clan Mors, and an example of what others want to be in your Clan. Ruthless in action for your clan, you will go to any length to aid their cause. You gain proficiency in Intimidation.

Clanstone of Mors

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. You gain the ability Loyalty for Clan Mors! Causing your allies within 30ft to gain a bonus 2d4 damage to all their attacks for 2 turns. You can use this once per long rest.This ability does not stack if multiple Skaven use it. At 5th level, this gains an extra charge.

Clan Rictus

Clan Rictus is a clan known for their part in the worlds Slave Trade. Although what they are most known for is their large numbers of Stormvermin that come from their clan, elite Skaven warriors who are more powerful than any mere Clanrat. They travel across the Darklands in search of Warp Meteors, which are of an incalculable value to Skaven.

Ability Score Increase

From your time in Clan Rictus, you learned much of training and knowledge of Stormvermin. You are slightly larger than other Skaven. You gain +1 to Str and +1 to Con.

Harsh Training from Crookback Mountain

You were trained in the capital of Clan Rictus, where you were put through harsh and difficult training much like many of the others. You gain proficiency in Athletics, and those lower than you from Clan Rictus will respect you. When talking to those below you from Clan Rictus, you are considered to have advantage and proficiency in Intimidation.

Clanstone of Rictus

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with a melee attack on your turn, you can take a bonus action to move up to half your speed and make a bonus attack. This recharges every short rest. This Clanstone upgrades as you level. At 5th and 11th level, it gains an extra charge.


Some Skaven do not belong to any clan. Perhaps their clan was destroyed or absorbed by a larger clan, or maybe they chose to abandon their previous life in favour of their own self interests and selfish wants and needs.

Ability Score Increase

You are a generalist. Add +2 to one stat, or +1 to two different stats.

Without Home, Without Clan

Being by yourself has made you learn to be more self-sufficient and self-serving over time. You gain proficiency in Survival and one other proficiency of your choice.

Abandoned Clanstone

This Clanstone unlocks at 3rd level. As an action, you can choose to gain advantage on a proficiency check that you are proficient in. You may use this once per long rest. This Clanstone upgrades as you level. At 5th level, it gains an extra charge.

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