SM64: Fan Remake – OFFICIAL FAQ

Super Mario 64: Fan Remake FAQ

  • When will the game release?

We don’t know.

  • How long have you worked on the game so far?

The project was initially started about a year ago as Aryoksini was working on a Mario character. Later on, in Q4 of 2014 more people joined the team.

  • Who is working on what?

We have many contributors, but the core team is considered to be:

  • Aryoksini (Aryoksini Sixtyfour) is working on gameplay code, shader code and texturing in some of the characters.

  • mStuff (Marcus Richter) is working on environment-, character- and asset modeling, texturing and shading, concept design as well as community maintenance.

  • Leonardo Fragoso is working on textures in characters and assets.

  • Florian Popl and Joshua Milo (Joshua Behrends) are working on music scores.

  • Chadtronic (Chad Brunsvold) and JuCstin (Justin Crouch) are working on digital art, community management and distribution of the project.

  • Do you have a demo of the game and where can I find it?

At the moment we do not have a public demo of the game, but demos of the castle grounds scene has been posted by mStuff on his forum thread at

You need to have Blender ( installed to play.

  • How can I contribute to the project?

If you have skills in 3D modeling, texturing, shading and/or animating, feel free to drop a post in our facebook group and we will see if we can put you to work.

If you have skills in game programming, especially when it comes to programming in python, we are very interested in working with you. Submit a post in our group so we can incorporate you into the team.

If you have skills in music composing and production, and even instrument recording, leave a post with some of your work in this categorial group M64FR: Music Department

Please do not bother with it unless you’re truthfully serious and consider yourself talented.
You’d be competing with some of the best of the best.

  • Do you need alpha/beta testers?

We are in touch with SM64 speedrunners that are willing to help us perfect the controls in our game. At the moment we do not need any testers of alpha content.

  • What characters will be playable in the final version and will you support multiplayer?

We probably will support many of Nintendo’s characters eventually, though it is not a very important point in development at this moment

Multiplayer is definitely also something we will support at some point. We still haven’t decided exactly if multiplayer will be co-op or versus, but split-screen and online multiplayer is definitely something we will incorporate.

  • How much will the game cost?

Even though we have made it from scratch, most of the game content is copyrighted by Nintendo (see bottom of this document), the game will be 100 % free and you can’t purchase access to either alpha tests or beta tests.

  • What game engine are you using?

At the moment we are using Blender’s BGE (Blender Game Engine), but we may switch to another engine down the road.

  • What system platforms will the game support?

We will definitely support PC, Mac and Linux based systems, as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

  • What are the system requirements for running the game?

We are not sure at this moment, but we will attempt to make the game look it’s best on either powerful PC’s as well as non-gaming PC’s.

  • What game controllers will be supported?

We will add support for many different controller layouts, so if you are able to plug it in your PC, I am sure we will support it at some point. Otherwise, if needed we can add the possibility to create your own control layout.

  • How will controlling the in-game camera work?

We will be adding support for the original button controls, but we can also support steering the camera with the second analogue stick.

  • How much of the games’ models, textures and animations will be ripped data from older and newer Nintendo games?

Hopefully none. We see ripped content as temporary placeholders for us to help in development, but eventually we will have all the content we use in the game remade from scratch.

  • How can I follow your work?

You can like our Facebook fan page at Super Mario 64: Fan Remake for general updates and stream notifications, or join our facebook group at Super Mario 64: Fan Remake Group for more in-depth progress updates and discussion.

Aryoksini’s twitch stream:

mStuff’s twitch stream:

Chadtronic’s Youtube channel for major content update videos:

Aryoksini’s Youtube channel:

mStuff’s Youtube channel:

  • Why are you doing this?

The team and contributors to the project are united in sheer love and nostalgia to the original Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo64. That is the main source of fuel behind the project.

*Nintendo owns the rights for the music, characters, textures, maps, and more in this game. This is a fan work adding emphasis to a classic Nintendo 64 hit, creator(s) makes no profit from the game, and is not an official remake by Nintendo.

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