SN iOS guide

Step 1

You have an iOS account right? Good, now make another one or use your personal one, doesn’t matter. Your preference

Step 2

If you’re using your og one, go to your account settings in appstore, from there look for region and select Hong Kong, NOT China remember!! If you’re using another one for this, when setting things up, go to the regions menu and select Hong Kong, NOT China as said above. If you’re gonna use a new Apple ID for this, use your own phone number to punch in the verification thing. (HK and China are two completely different countries till 2029 – a fun fact of the day)

Step 3

At this point, if you are early, you can search it up. Just copy and paste this 閃耀暖暖 if you don’t have a chinese keyboard. If you’re not early, just search it up and download it. Simple as that.

Step 4

Once you have it downloaded, you can go to the server for more help with translations if you need it. 

Step 5 

Have fun, Shining Nikki is a wonderful game, so please if you don’t like it, don’t play it.

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