Snow's TH9 Base Building Guide

Snow’s TH9 base building guide


To start off my guide, I want to point out that every th9 will be 3* started by the end of the war. If your th9 base got one defence it did his job. Th9 has so much strategies these days that we can't defend all of them. With that all being said I hope you learn some stuff from this guide as a new builder and also a few tips for experienced builders.  

Sit back, take yourself some popcorn and enjoy the guide! 😉 

The base building

In the steps below I explain in 4 steps what I do when I build a base. This is for me the easiest and fastest way. Take in mind building something that you wouldn't want to hit yourself in war and using baits and sneaky tricks to lure an entry or making it tricky is your goal. Everyone has his own style. This is definitely not the right way, but also not the wrong. 

When building a base this is the general thought to defend against attacks. 

Symmetrical, defencless core, hound cc, 9x9 compartments and traps (closer) to the outside = rip stoned and witchslap (expect with a pekka)
Asymmetrical, offset queen, internal gbs and bad pathing = rip hog attacks
Central queen, 2 separated hound zones and loon zones and hard pathing = rip laloon

The first step - blueprint

The most important thing in a th9 base is the queen, you got 2 options placing her central or offset. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. An important thing is not giving your queen away for an easy hero swap. When you have decided where to place the queen, start placing down your bows don't have them walkable. As third building the ads, make sure these cover each other. Think about jump value and ks entries while doing this. After that place down the other walls. 

The second step - filling

Now that you have placed your most important buildings down you can start filling in the other blank spaces in the base, making sure ads are out of range of wts, most of the time also your teslas and archer towers is a must do. Try to create 2 loon killzones with sweepers covering it, there is no point in slowing down hounds. You can separate both hound-zones each to another side of the base. This will make it harder for a witchslap and the killzones are better divided over the base. 

The third step - traps

This is an essential one, this is what makes or breaks your base. Traps are the only things an attacker can't plan for. We have analysed the most common attacks used right now and have tips and tricks on how to defend against it, further down. But generally you want them for the second phase of an attack, so away from the queen. 

The fourth step - trash ring 

If you place down the trashing, space every building 2 tiles from the walls out. This way you buy time for the defences and give a lot of ‘potential’ tesla farms. When you place down high HP buildings try to divide it over the base and place 2 storages around the ads to slow down a potential queen charge lalo. If you see a valuable walk place some extra trash around that area. Don't use army camps on corners! They are easy funnel makers! Trash also decides pathing  for the enemy troops like little bombs and springs. - (armycamps + strong corners)

Th9 most common armies

At th9 people use a lot of precooked armies, when people see your base let them adjust their army. It will let them feel less confident, forcing a wb is also a good thing especially with a double jump. Focusing on mass attacks as lalo, hogs and witches are definitely a must do also bowler killsquads are very common. 

Stoned HoBo

Let's first analyse this strategy, it's based on a strong bowlerish killsquad where queen plays an important role (centralised hound cc) that mostly uses all 4 spells - 2 jumps, a rage and a heal. The most standard composition for this strategy is 3 golems (stoned), 15 wizards, 14 hogs and cc bowlers. Here is a good video made by Snip and CCaried on stoned hobo -

  1. The goals of a stoned HoBo are 3 things: the x-bows, heroes and cc. While building take this in mind, building symmetrical and placing bows and queen in 9x9 compartments is one of the most effective ways against this strong killsquad based attack. Forcing a wb combined with the double jump is a good thing. Also defenceless compartments on entry points and as core are very effective because golems will not path into them. 

  2. Another way to make a stoned hobo hard is making tricky entry points by screwing with the golem path. Outside mortars on corners backed up with teslas are ideal to let golems wander around the base. It's worth mentioning that a stoned hobo entry will always try to take as many point defences out with the initial funnel, that's the reason of the big wizard number.

  3. The second phase of a stoned HoBo are the hog riders. Placing springs on the first layer of defences is ideal because the bowlers bounces can’t reach them. Also outside gbs are good against hogs, because the heal probably was used on the killsquad. 

Shattered GoHo(Bo)

Shattered HoBo is a lighter version of a stoned HoBo, because it only exists out of 2 golems and sometimes without the bowler part. Again the queen plays an important role (central hound cc). It's ideal against the typical symmetrical anti-stoned bases, because the defenceless core provide perfect C pathing for the hogs. The standard composition for this strategy is 2 golems (shattered), 8 wizards, 4 wbs, 24 hogs, cc: bowlers (rage) or hogs (heals), a jump spell and 2 heals - the fourth spell is decided by the cc they take. Here is an example of a shattered GoHo done by Snip and Ateam -

  1. We use deep placed queens mainly against suicide lalo, but an offset queen is ideal against heavy hogs armies so we try to place her something in between. The offset queen mainly helps placing down traps - obviously away from the queen. 

  2. Another great way is beating a shattered killsquad to places in your base where you want them to be. So you can place again your traps accordingly for the hogs, because the lighter killsquad only got queen, king or bombtower as goals and mostly one of the bows if bowlers are used. This is what a teslafarm very valuable makes as a killzone. Again defenceless compartments at entry points can help screwing with golem pathing. 

  3. Because the second phase in this strategy is so much heavier you want pretty much every spring hitting the hogs. One of the big differences with stoned HoBo are inside gbs so they can damage big packs of hogs. In symmetrical bases where you got a sure entry point dgbs with little bombs can be very powerful. 

  4. On these heavy hog attacks is pathing an important thing. Using defenceless cores is because of that a bad thing using dead zones and teslas can help improve your base. 

QC mass hogs

QC mass hog is an upcoming strategy and definitely a strong option The first priority is the enemy queen and cc, a possibility is the king (bonus). On a QC you will usually see 3 heals and one rage. The rage is used to take the queen and cc troops out. After those essential QC goals are accomplished everything extra is bonus especially point defences. The king can also be swapped by the enemy king so place him deeper into the base. The second phase are the hogs. This strategy is very similar to a cold blooded GoHo. 

  1. One of the main threads to a QC mass hogs is running out of time that happens quite often due to cc troop (hound) and due to high HP buildings around queen. Making the walk itself hard is also a good option and a lot of anti queenwalk features especially placing ads strategically can be devastating.  

  2. Another good way is making a QC mass hog harder is having a king that is good like most hog attacks away from the queen. The king can be a real threat against hogs. Make sure an enemy king can't take out the friendly king. 

  3. The hogs are the main part of the attack so giving them a hard time is really important. Again placing traps effectively against the hogs (especially springs), maybe even adding a dgb can help against the hog madness. Again like previously explained pathing is an important thing!

Stoned WiWi or Witchslap

Probably our favourite attack strategy as a th9 base builder *kuch*. Just as a stoned HoBo, a stoned WiWi exists out of a heavy bowlerish ks where 4 spells are invested on the brutal force that goes through the center - 2 jumps, a heal and a rage. The witchslap is a variant where the push is not as strong but the witches that are used to take the buildings out at the sides having 2 healers on them. The main thing what makes the attack so powerful are the witches that take out all defences. Both attacks rely on queen (centralised hound cc). The standard composition is 3 golems, 8 witches, 8 wizards and cc: bowlers or 1 golem, 10 witches, 4 healers, 3 wizard, 2 archers and cc: bowlers. 

  1. Again include unjumpable compartments, divide the heavy ks goals over the base and 9x9 compartments. This strategy isn't as heavy on wizards, because the witches can take out the point defences. 

  2. Also here are the same fundamentals used, defenceless entry points and mortars to lure troops. A troll tesla also can help, most people deploy their witches at the corners. If the tesla can take out one witch it did his job this will effect how many skellies run around the base. 

  3. Your ad placement is very important! If you got 2 anti-hound zones (ads and cannons) at the same side of the base the healers can untouched heal the witches each time again up. You can use this as a bait by placing all ads at one side and trapping the sides heavily with gbs and teslas. 

  4. The main trick in defending Stoned WiWi or witchslap is killing the witches that are walking around the base and spamming their pesky skellies. I have found 4 ways that are pretty effective. 

  • A gb combined with 2 little bombs. Place them so the witches walk through both and trigger both of them. Make sure it also works against hogs what's good against stoned HoBo. 

  • A gb in range of wt, it's just based on the one above but works as effective. Again try to have them also working against hogs. 

  • The third one is called a moat - exterior walls, spaced out 2 tiles from the wall (witch range is 3 tiles). She needs to go inside the moat and the skellies will run around and take out trash. These moats are ideal in range of wts or a bombtower. 

  • This one is least used, but works perfectly fine. You have 2 outside defences and place your spring between it so it will work for hogs and witches. 


Laloon in current meta is very spammy and hard to defend. Suicide hero is the hardest because it's the most spammy out of all so placing queen deeper into the base is a must do. There are varieties with a QC to hinder that we use hound ccs and storages around the anti hound compartments. A shattered BoLaLo is also something we see a lot, making entry points hard and working with the position of the queen is your best option. 

  1. Airsweepers are made to slow down loons, and buy time to deal damage for the defences. In this meta most bases have a similar setup, they exist out of 2 anti loon zones and 2 anti hound zones (ads covering each other). When placing down a sweeper place him so it affects the loons and not the hounds, because what it the function of slowing down hounds and pushing them out of ad ranges? Another way to buy time for your defences is placing your trash buildings 2 tiles spaced out from the walls. An extra thing you get with doing this is creating a lot of potential tesla(farm) positions. Talking about teslas, try to have their range out of ads otherwise a hound can tank it same for wizard towers. 

  2. Some people still mass lalo bases with a central queen and skelly her down. So place your BT close to her and little compartments. You can also place the king next to her what will distract the skellies but this will weaken the base against hog attacks. 

  3. This is probably the most important thing and it is pathing. Screwing LaLo pathing is very essential. Lately we also see areas of the base with all 4 ads this is weaker against witchslap but powerful against lalo because deciding the pathing of the hounds is very hard. Another good option is placing them in a Y-/ T-shape. Never go with a V-/ or C-shape of air defences. Try to make also the loon pathing not to easy, adding dead zones can help a lot in doing this or teslas that screw with the pathing. 

Defences and traps

Most base these days exist out of anti-loon zones - all air targeting defences and anti-hound zones - all ads and cannons.  For each of these elements an attacker can plan, expect the traps! So surprise them, threw them off and use them especially to target backend troops of a multiple phase attack. When using an offset queen, place traps away from here not close. Expect small bombs and maybe a gb to hurt a bowler ks and force an early heal. 

The mortar

  • Use them to screw with golem pathing what means placing them on corners and if you really want them to freak out back it up with a tesla protected with a spring in front of it. If they want to save their attack with dropping a few hogs on the tesla they will get spring off immediately of the map. 

  • Use them to protect a tesla farm and make it less fishy. 

  • Use them to screw pathing of loons by anti-hound zones.  

  • Use them to protect your wizard towers that backend troops don't have direct path in it. When you do this keep in mind where a ks would come from. 

Small bombs

  • Use 2 little bombs with a gb to kill a pack of witches that walk at the sides of your base. 

  • If you use exterior walls or your base is weak against any type of hog attacks add a ‘fifth’ gb. 

  • The most common, use them on entry points to kill wbs. Space them out 1 or 2 tiles from the wall for the trigger reaction and use trash to funnel in wbs. (rage wbs)

  • With the hog madness 2 small bombs and 2 gbs make a dgb. Make sure pathing is good when doing this. 


In this meta we use a lot of exterior gbs, but with the upcoming hog madness we need internal gbs. I mostly use 2 outside and 2 inside. The ones outside are good against witches and hogs of a stoned HoBo. The ones inside are very good against heavy hog attacks as shattered or CB GoHo and QC mass hog. When placing down gbs try to have 9 tiles in between it because that's the range of a heal spell. 


Springs are your main traps against hogs, I recommend placing them down so it will spring off hogs from either side. I prefer to have my springs on the first layer of defences or outside defences against heavy ks, the advantage you have by placing them outside between defences is that witches also will be getting spring off. If you don't have any other good positions you can place them by defences that likely will be taken out by hogs. Funnel those hogs into the spring with trash buildings. 


There are 2 options with skeletons, having them on ground and air. If you have a weak base against air place them on air, place them on ground if the base is weak against ground otherwise have one of both. 

  1. Air skeletons treat them as red airbombs out of range of ads and obvious hound pathing. 

  2. Ground skeletons are like little clan castles place them away from entry points and pretty close to the outside how faster they can chase hogs the better. You can troll with them by placing them by builder huts. Also in queen compartments is a possibility to distract the suicide heroes those few seconds can change the outcome between a fresh hit and a defence. 

Red airbombs

Red airbombs are traps that do splash damage against air units. They are best against packs of loons. Three red airbombs are an automatic killer for loons or 2 by a wt. Place them out of range of ads otherwise a hound pop maybe can trigger one and obviously out of hound pathing. 

SAMs (Seeking air mines)

As the red airbombs the main threats are to loons, are the sams to hounds. 2 sams is even to the health of a hound.  A lot of bases have anti-hound zones, place them by the ads closest to the exterior because one of those is most likely not able to be taken out and they can damage healers of a witchslap. You can also use them against BBD funnels and healers of a witchslap/queen. 


Teslas are definitely my favourite defences, they can screw up an attack and are the biggest fear of an attacker. When you click on the tesla try to have their range not touching a border of an ad, same goes for wts. Don't have them ‘touching’ each other, otherwise raged loons can take them all out in one drop. You got 4 options to place them. 

  1. The teslafarm is the most common. You got the little tf existing out off 3 teslas and the big out off 4. A tf is a killzones on his own and is very powerful, don't make it to obvious by placing high HP buildings in front of it in a straight line. 

  2. The pair of teslas is my favourite in combination with a wiztower and a gb, the teslas and gb placed outside and he wt inside. These are great against witches, hogs and loons. Most of the time they require a heal spell. 

  3. The lonely tesla is an underestimated option, these ones can throw off an attacker badly in case of pathing. 

  4. The troll tesla is a good option, but don't use too many, otherwise it becomes to easy to guess them. You can double troll by placing a sam next to it for the second attacker he will probably place a loon on it. When people do a witch attack they mostly start in the corners if the tesla can take out one of the witches it also did his job.  

General tips

This are few tips and tricks to make your base better. I also explained a few things why we use them. 

Exterior walls


Exterior walls are used to make funnels hard and to confuse the attacker. I would say there are 3 different types of exterior walls. But before I get into that, take in mind a long outside wall can only be 14 walls long otherwise you can wallbreaker into it and on corners not longer than 9 walls. 

  1. A moat is a set of walls 2 tiles spaced out from the walls, the witch her range is 3 tiles so she needs to go inside. Her skeletons will go around to take out trash. This moat is ideal with a wt or bt in range. 

  2. Another option is placing down outside defences and protecting them with walls spaced out 2 tiles from those initial defences. This makes it anti wizard what heavily can decide the pathing of golems. 

  3. The connected maot is a one way moat for witches but is more effective and if a tesla is placed inside it can also work for golems. 

Double cannons and fast attack archer tower

These defences do both a lot of extra damage, but lose their range. They are ideal against golem entries and backend troops but weak against queenwalks. 


If you build a base you don't want your bows walkable by a queen. The solution is placing it 4 tiles back from the wall, so 5 from the queen (queen range = 4 tiles), if you're not sure feel free to DM me.

Cc placement

When you use an offset CC it is to make goals of suici heroes or a ks harder and that they need to invest more troops. An offset cc is because of that most cleared with a QW/QC, to make it harder we make that place hard to funnel there are 3 effective ways of doing this. 

  1. Place the base to that corner where the cc is placed. That there isn't a lot of room to funnel and deal with the CC. 

  2. Use your walls so it isn't a long straight line, this will screw with the queen her pathing and get her shooting on walls. 

  3. Make the place where she likely will be placed hard to funnel and give no value to the QW/QC itself but place traps to damage the second phase of the attack. 

Entry points

Making entry points hard is an important thing, it will scare attackers to come from those sides. Another term for hard entries is ‘a pit’ I first heard this of the basebuilder Dolce & Gabbana. It's sort of a killzone that roasts trough golems and makes wb entries hard. Also using army camps on funnel points can be good - why? Well the army camp is a big building that takes a lot of space with no health when they destroy it other troops don't have a straight path to go so they will wander. 

Dead zones and defenceless compartments

Dead zones and defenceless compartments are great to influence pathing and split defencive and not defencive troops. Make usage of these techniques. When using dead zones try to have them 3 tiles long. This ensures a QC doesn't get a lot of value. 

Clan Castle troops

To choose a good CC is really important it can screw up an attack and make the difference between a successful attack or a fail.
Let's start with the options: most comment are hound CCs and mixes with bbds, next to that you got other air based CCs or a CC with a pekka and a wiz (base weaker against air) or a loon (base weaker against ground).

Hound CC

We choose hound CCs in bases that are weak against a valuable QW/QC (if it is a QW make sure the cc is in range of her walk) or in bases that scream for a heavy killsquad where queen can't be suicided and CC is pretty much unlureable.
Note: NEVER use this by suici heroes.

BBD mix

  • BBD combined with 2 valks and a wiz
    This CC is definitely the most strongest out of all. If you have a suici queen (what you should try to prevent) this is your best choice. You can always go with this CC. 

  • BBD combined with a witch and a valk/2 wizies
    With this type of cc you can't go wrong, it's good against more little killsquads like one that's based on a shattered or cold blooded golem. To determine the valk or 2 wizies is easy, weak against ground = valk, weak against air = 2 wizies. 

  • BBD combined with archers
    These are good against heavy QCs where they most likely use an EQ or in bases where the CC exposed is and a lure easy is. You can again add a witch/wiz(ies)/valk. Valk - ground, wiz(ies) - air, witch - ground.

Triple BBD

Out of all is this one a risk but funny as hell. If queen can be suicided and CC is centrally placed will this CC be trolly. Why? This relies on that 'easy' queen kill and then a mass attack. Otherwise never use it!


The DragLoon CC is one of the longest around, it's the safer option of the triple BBD but less powerful. The loons can be swapped by a valk or other high dps troops as goblins and minions. Again choose for air targeting troops if the base is weaker against air and ground targeting troops if the base is weaker against ground. 

Pekka combined with loon/wiz + archer 

Like mentioned before, the troops that go with the pekka are determined how the base defends against ground or air. A pekka CC only can be used with suici heroes and offset. 


Supercell updated how troops come out of ccs. First it was the lil troops and then the bigger troops. Now the order you donate decides it.


Making this th9 bb guide wasn't possible without the help of some experts, because of that a special thank you to Brandon and Marco who have their own guides and were great masters, together with Joker and Gem - link: and, to Loki who made the th9 qc mass hog part and to TK and Luke who started with me basebuilding at the beginning of CWL season 2. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and expanded your knowledge about th9 base building. A last advice is coming together with other builders and discussing your base. The best ways to improve a base are FCs and thoughts of other th9 base builders. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on:

Discord: Lé Snow (?'?-'?)?#4620

Line: snowtiger_coc

GroupMe: Lé Snow (?'?-'?)?

Band: Lé Snow (?'?-'?)?

Kik: SnowTiger_CoC

Twitter: SnowTiger_CoC

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