Someone from China wants to use my Upwork account for work. What should I do?

My guess is that you see this request as an “opportunity” to earn some extra cash. Why?

Aren’t you making money already (enough) working as a freelancer on Upwork?

I have become aware that there’s an increased “demand” for verified and active Upwork accounts on the “freelance black market.” There are some unethical freelancers on both sides who want to work through other user’s accounts or rent/sell their accounts on Upwork.

Let’s say just for a moment you accept this “indecent proposal.” What’s going to happen next?

Your Upwork “alter ego” from China will be detected even if he or she uses a VPN. Your account will be suspended. Then what? You won’t be able to create and verify a new account. For a fistful of dollars you are going to risk and lose it all. I have to say that doesn’t sound like a good plan.

I think you know what you should do. You don’t even have to think it through. This is a bad and pointless thing to do.

Write an eBook on how to open, verify, and build a successful Upwork account. You can sell your eBook to more than one freelancer coming from China willing to work on Upwork. Does this sound like a better and more profitable idea?

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