Sorc Nuke/Blast Guide for PFS


In Pathfinder there are several options when resolving an encounter or a barrier to progress.

We may negotiate with diplomacy, sneak your way around with stealth, charm your way through and so forth.  We’re going to focus with the murder-hobo method, also know as blasting.  Whether we’re calling ourselves a nuker, a blaster, face-melter, our role and methodology is the same: when something is in your way, annihilate it with the power of raw magic. And probably deep down we find turning a battlefield into sheets of molten glass is fun.  

One of the precepts of battlefield control is enabling your allies to act while hindering your foes.  There are many ways to do this. You can slow, blind, paralyze, stun, daze, entangle etc. your foes but there’s an inherent simplicity of elegance when you inflict status effect: DEAD. Or vaporized; vaporized is good too.  

We will skip the Sorcerer vs. Wizard, and not consider the blasting cleric or oracle.  There’s already guides or really long debate threads for them.  We’re going to keep it simple and stick with Sorcerer. In addition as PFS effectively stops at 12th for most characters the bulk of our advice will focus for the low to mid-level game. 

Also when using any traits, races, feats, spells, archetypes, etc…for PFS it is required that you have a copy of the sourcebook in question. Best to buy the PDFs if you are trying to save money (or maybe ebay old sets from folks who decided to stop playing or get rid of them.)

Now for the guide to this guide.

1.Introduction-you just read this.

2.Basics and terminology. 

3.Your stats.








11.Sample Builds.

2.Basics and terminology

In Pathfinder there are a plethora of choices for races, feats, spells, and so on. We’re going to rate them as follows:

Blue this selection is really good and normally among the best of choices. You generally want this.  

Green this option is decent, but there are better.  Situationally and depending on your other choices, could be bumped to Blue. 

Red.  We ought to skip this one.  Maybe there’s some obscure reason or build that makes this shine…but that’s too much work and we’ll spend too much time on building and not face-melting.

Core, PFS, or Paizo? Depending on the campaign particulars will determine the availability of your options. We will focus primarily on PFS legal options. 

AoE. Stands for Area of effect.  Why nuke one target when you can plaster a wide area? Oh, your buddies are in the mess.  Well there are ways around that. 

SR. Short for Spell Resistance. Some critters are unwilling to be melted and you have to make a check to get through their magical defense. 

3.Your stats

As a sorcerer, your primary casting stat is Charisma, or Cha. You want this as high as possible. Of secondary importance is Dexterity, Constitution, and Intelligence

Dexterity helps you go first, your reflex save, your ranged attack modifier and your AC. 

Constitution helps your survive a hit without folding (hit points), your Fortitude save (poison, disease, energy drain and other health-related nasties).

Intelligence is needed for one reason and one reason only: the feat Spell Specialization. Get this to 13 and then leave it alone. 

Wisdom governs your all-important Will Save. It’s your best save, but no reason to grind it down into the basement. And it does influence Perception, the most important skill in the game.

Strength is pretty much a dump stat…but being one-shot by a shadow (1d6 strength damage, 0 = dead) or if your GM is going to play the encumbrance game on you you’ll have to leave it at a reasonable value. If you’re okay with that, dump it into the basement. 

Recommended stat arrays before racial modifiers. This a more balanced array. 

15 point buy. 

Str 7(-4) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 9(-1) Cha 15(7)

20 point buy. (What we use for PFS)

Str 7(-4) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 16(10)

25 point buy.

Str 8(-2) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 17(13)

Alternatively if you want to run a riskier character and focus more on Charisma.

15 point buy. 

Str 7(-4) Dex 13(3) Con 12(2) Int 13(3) Wis 8(-2) Cha 17(13)

20 point buy. 

Str 7(-4) Dex 13(3) Con 12(2) Int 13(3) Wis 9(-1) Cha 18(17)

25 point buy.

Str 8(-2) Dex 14(5) Con 12(2) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 18(17)


Ideally you want a race that boosts your primary stat, Charisma. A secondary boost to Dexterity, Constitution, or even Int is welcome.  Also sorcerers need a lot of feats to get going. 

Naturally the best choice is:

Human. Put your racial modifier to Charisma. Bonus feat for a feat-starved class. Human racial favored class bonus allows your to expand your spell repertoire. The extra skill point is icing on top as your don’t have a lot of skill points to spare.

Out of the rest of the Core races, Gnome and Halfling take second place…with Elf behind them. The slow speed of Gnome and Halfling don’t mean much as when you use metamagic you only get a 5 foot step.  Plus at higher levels you get to fly or teleport via your spells. 

Elves. Boost to Dexterity and Int, which are secondary stats.  Penalty to Con, which hurts. Longbow proficiency, which doesn’t mean much, but you can trade that in for Arcane Focus gaining a +2 on concentration checks which is better. And you get a racial +2 to spell penetration which means a lot since most evocation spells worry about SR. 

Halfling. Boosts to Charisma and Dexterity. Penalty to Strength which makes you Shadow bait. Small size which is a mixed blessing. You are slower (unless you take the Fleet of Foot alternate racial trait). But your small size also grants you +1 to hit (more important in ray focused builds), +1 AC, and +4 Stealth. Racial skill bonus to Perception is handy. The racial +1 to all saves is very nice.  

Gnome. Boosts to Charisma and Constitution. You can drop your pre-racial Con to 12 which free up another 3 stat points.  Penalty to Strength which makes you Shadow bait. Again small size which has the usual mix of benefits and penalties. Amazing alternate racial trait Pyromaniac if you decide you like Fire

Other races of note. Most are not available unless you have a boon. 

Aasimar. Not PFS legal without a boon. If you have the Blood of Angels sourcebook some of the subraces (bloodlines) offer some decent alternate choices. 

Tiefling. As Aasimar…but the base race as well as many of the subraces (Blood of Fiends) have a penalty to your main stat.  

Ifrit. Not PFS legal without a boon. Boosts to Dexterity and Charisma. Good if you like elemental(fire) bloodline. Also access to alternate racial trait Wildfire Heart which is a nice bump if you are trying to maximize your initiative. Darkvision is also nice. Better with Elemental(Fire) Bloodline. Free Burning Hands 1/day and fire resistance


There are two key traits in Pathfinder for blasters.  One is called Magical Lineage. The other is Wayang Spellhunter. How they work is that they effectively reduce the spell slot taken by a metamagicked spell by 1. Combined (FAQ’d and legal in PFS) that’s 2 spell levels taken off the top.  You cannot reduce a spell below it’s original spell level. 

Magical Lineage. Magic. Pick one spell. When metamagic is applied, it’s effective spell level is reduced by 1. 

Wayang Spellhunter. Region. Select a spell of 3rd level or lower. When used with a metamagic feat it’s spell slot is one lower than normal. 

Other traits of note:

Reactionary. Combat. +2 trait bonus to initiative. Helpful for going first. 

Eyes and Ears of the City. Religion. +1 trait bonus to Perception and it becomes a class skill.  Requires Abadar worship. 

Observant. Faction. +1 trait bonus to Perception and it becomes a class skill.  Requires Grand Lodge.

Indomitable Faith. Faith. +1 trait bonus to will saves, arguably the most important save in Pathfinder.


As an overall power increase, Varisian Tattoo is essential. However this requires Spell Focus, which means unless you are human, you don’t get this until 3rd. However there’s a way around this…see Tattooed Sorcerer under Archetypes. Spell Specialization is an amazingly powerful feat.  Between Spell Focus, Spell Specialization and Varisian Tattoo, you have the foundation of your blaster build. 

Your starting feats:

Spell Focus  +1 to saving throw DCs of spells from your chosen school. Pretty vanilla, but a prerequisite for other key feats, so you’re taking this no matter what. 

Spell Specialization  Requires Spell Focus and Int 13. +2 caster levels to a specific spell is awesome enough. What is absolutely amazing is that you get to change what spells this ties to, making this feat eminently practical for your character’s entire career. 

Varisian Tattoo  +1 caster level to a chosen school (Evocation of course). Plus you gain an extra cantrip 3/day. In the case of Evocation, it’s Dancing Lights. You are taking this or gaining this via the Archetype.  

Metamagic feats. Way to enhance your booming: 

First decide on Empower or Maximize. Both are good, but having both is too much of a drain on your precious feat slots. Empower can be used earlier, but provides a lower mathematical benefit than Maximize. 

Empower Spell: A flat 50% increase (or 1.5x multiplier if you prefer) for your damage spell. Mathematically inferior, but it fits amazingly well when your signature spell has both the Wayang Spellhunter and Magical Lineage traits applied to it. 

Intensified Spell Raises your dice cap for spell by 5 dice.  Useful early with spells like Burning Hands and later on as you’ll be pushing the Fireball 10 dice cap sooner than you think.

Maximize Spell  No need to roll damage dice again. However hefty at a base +3 spell slots. 

Merciful Spell  Wait you want to what?  Take prizzners…what is this word…prizzner? Nice concept but again, takes one of your precious feat slots and there are other spells that incapacitate without melting their face…check out the God Wizard academy across the university grounds. 

Persistent Spell What’s better than +1 DC to your spell? Making them all roll twice and taking the worse one! You probably don’t have room for this feat though.

Quicken Spell What’s better than one massive fireball a round?  Two of them! You’ll take this eventually.  Green because even with the spell slot cost reduced it’s still a base +4 spell slots. You’ll be nearing the end of your PFS career before you get this. 

Selective Spell  In a setting known for completely random PUGs with no coordination, you want this feat.  Unfortunately it’s prerequisite of 10 ranks in Spellcraft means by the time you get this, it’s almost over and you’re probably taking Quicken Spell anyway. Buy a metamagic rod instead. 

Dazing Spell So powerful it’s broken. However it’s a non-damaging control feat so green for our purposes. Still honorable mention as this feat is way awesomesauce if you don’t want a foe just plain vaporized. 

Elemental Spell If you want some diversity on your spell elements, or alternatively switch one to your preferred element, here’s an option. 

Other feats of note.

Great Fortitude Boost that yucky Fort save.

Improved Initiative. +4 to your initiative makes it more likely you can lay the pain down before your melees all charge in and mix it up. 

Lightning Reflexes. Ditto for that Reflex Save.

Spontaneous Metafocus Hate charging up that nuke and being stuck in place? Take this feat and pumping a spell becomes a standard action. Requires cha 13+ which you better have! and a metamagic feat already known.  

Toughness  A ready staple feat of those who choose squishy classes. However you don’t care about this because you’d rather overwhelm with the force of your personality rather being a punching bag. Not really worthwhile, even at 1st level if you are a purist, though take it if you are paranoid and then retrain out with your free retrain once you hit 2nd. If you’re going to make a barbarian with massive hit points to get past the first 3 adventures then yes…but you’re in the wrong guide.   Besides you have a 14 con…you did pick a 14 con right? 

Irrisen Ice Mage  Let it go…er snow! Let it snow! +1 caster level on cold spells, which is keen, -1 on all other elements, which blows. 3/day cold substitution is a nice perk.  Must have Irrisen affinity and only at 1st level.  Inferior to Varisian Tattoo, but if you really really want to play that ice queen from that movie by the company of the mouse…

Spell Penetration Eventually you will start running into creatures with SR. This helps you get by it. Or you could cast a spell that doesn’t worry about SR. 


There’s really not many options here.  A great deal will depend on your concept. Starting with Core choices if you want to focus on a specific element, than Draconic is a good choice. Elemental comes with a better spell list and the option to switch elements on the fly. Arcane is as always a solid choice because it’s loaded with goodies, albeit with a more general focus.  

Beyond Core, Orc is pretty much one of the best.  Flat damage bonus independent of element, darkvision which you don’t miss until you really need it, and even defense boosts. 

Core bloodlines.

Arcane Spell list is meh, but expands your general utility. Bonus skill is a knowledge which doesn’t hurt.  Good bonus feat selection. Bloodline arcana is nice, a free DC boost on most of your blasting when you need it the most (when you pump them up.) Arcane bond is meh with bonded object (though with PFS wealth limits it may come in handy) or great when you choose a familiar. However the 3rd level bloodline power is just amazing. Spontaneous Metafocus with any spell 1/day.  Overall still a solid choice.

Draconic Almost Blue. You gain the best skill in the game Perception as a class skill. +1 per die with your chosen element is good. Good bonus feat selection, you’ll have a hard time choosing one. Claws are all but useless, but energy resistance, armor, and eventually wings will serve you well.  Unfortunately this bloodline really locks you into a specific element. 

Elemental Knowledge Planes is a good one to pick up. First three bloodline spells are good…the rest suck.  Granted if you are starting with this bloodline at 1st level, then the first bonus spell is actually a waste…you will not want to wait until 3rd for Burning Hands. Out of the bonus feats…Empower Spell is good, followed by Improved Initiative.

Beyond Core.

Orc Gain Survival as a class skill, um okay, though with only 2+int ranks per level you’re probably only going to through 1 rank in this and then forget it.  Solid spell list all the way through with again the exception of Burning Hands at 3rd. Bonus feats are meh…probably a tossup between Great Fortitude and Toughness. Bloodline Arcana of +1 damage per die of all your damage spells is the best damage booster of all the bloodlines. Orc subtype which won’t mean much in PFS, but darkvision for free will. Light sensitivity but you don’t have to aim AoE spells. Marginal bloodline power at 1st, good one at 3rd with natural armor class and a +4 saves against fear. Lose light sensitivity at 9th, but that’s a bit late (or not at all if you choose Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype).

Primal  Instead of switching elements now you get a +1 per die damage booster with an element which is better. Bloodline power at 9th is situationally useful, as in summon minions you won’t be hurting as much when they get caught in your blasts. 


There can be only one. 

Tattooed Sorcerer. Okay we get a familiar (pick one that increases your Initiative) that cannot be killed normally, a free bonus feat (Varisian Tattoo) that even skips the prerequisite Spell Focus though granted we’re taking that anyway, a nifty ability at 7th, and again at 9th…and all we give up is our crappy 1st level bloodline power and Eschew Materials. Where do we sign? 

Cross-blooded. Some blaster guides swear by this.  However you take -2 to your most important save, Will and even worse lose 1 spell known of each level.  Sure having another bloodline stack damage with your main bloodline is keen, as is choosing which bloodline abilities and bonus spells to pick up…but you are already 1 level behind the blasting wizard who’s been throwing Empowered Fireballs since 5th level. You’re starting at 6th…or wait you are cross-blooded you are starting at 7th.  Considering your career is over at 12th level…that is a long time to wait. Besides Tattooed is the archetype that doesn’t put you behind, it props you up and keeps giving as you level up.  A bit workable with say humans since they can get more spells via their racial favored class bonus. 


At 2+int per level, there’s not much to write about. We’re going to focus on key skills.

Bluff It’s your only social skill.  

Craft option for Day job checks in PFS.  Otherwise red

Fly Needed once you hit the mid-levels, ignore until then.

Knowledge Arcane, Dungeoneering, Nature, the Planes, Religion. 99% of creatures fall in one these categories. Arcane is your only class skill though, barring traits or bloodline choices. The issue is that while YOU know that Red Dragons are immune to fire..your character won’t unless you make a Monster Lore check. So pick one and keep it maxed.  For the rest, hope your party has them.  

Perception  Not a class skill, but important nonetheless.

Profession  Another one for Day job checks or sometimes in certain PFS mods See Craft. 

Spellcraft. Used to identify spells being cast or items.  

Use Magic Device If you’re not a caster, the 2nd best skill in the game. Since you are a caster, green. 


We’re going to stick with damage spells primarily. Other spells will be added as an afterthought, but damage is king for a blaster build. Also once you get 4th level spells and beyond many of the synergies break down such as metamagic rod suitability. 

By level.

0 (Cantrip)

Acid Splash  Only 1d3 isn’t a lot. On the plus side it bypasses SR. And it is a touch attack. Plus for a measly 10 gp use Acid Flask used as a focus (not used up per casting) adds +1 to damage.  If we have a bloodline damage perk as well we are hitting more often than we would with that light crossbow for the same damage, on average. 

Ray of Frost  As Acid Splash. But it doesn’t bypass SR.

Non-booming spells:

Detect Magic. Well yes a staple…but unless you’re the only caster in the group, probably someone else has it. 

Light Hands-free torch, but it won’t start fires. One per customer. Green if you having normal vision. Red if you have darkvision. 

Mending Surprisingly useful in PFS.  Unfortunately you don’t have the space to learn when you start. 

Prestidigitation Spell with about as many uses as you have imagination.  Chill, warm, color, even a weak mage hand effect. Pull a rabbit out of your hat. 

Read Magic Need it if you plan to decipher scrolls to use them.


Burning Hands. Your first area damage spell. Welcome to AoE blasting. You’ll be using this before Fireball.  Forces you to be a bit close to the front lines, but there’s a trick. Cast this spell while hiding directly behind your front line tanks.  Cast the spell starting at the 5 foot square ABOVE your meat shield fighter.  The cone effect will still hit the baddies in front him without frying your buddy. 

Magic Missile Always hits, damage scales albeit slowly, multi-targeting.  In PFS you'll run into incorporeal foes where this spell really shines. Worth learning. But at 1st level that cantrip is doing more average damage

Snowball Great single target spell with a chance to stagger. Bypasses SR.  But it is Conjuration School. 

Non-booming spells worth mentioning:

Mage Armor +4 to your pathetic AC.  1/hr per level so a good “before we enter the dungeon…or the Blakros Social Event” buff. 

Shield  +4 bonus to AC. Stacks with Mage Armor and grants magic missile immunity. Sadly 1/min per level. Take it if you got Mage Armor coming as a bonus spell…use scrolls or a wand of Mage Armor before then. 


Acid Arrow Anemic damage with poor scaling, single target, requires to hit. No.

Burning Arc Interesting spell. Full damage on one target, half on another. Damage scales. Would be blue if it was a true AoE. 

Flaming Sphere Decent to start with, plus sticks around. Downside is damage doesn’t scale. 

Flurry of Snowballs With SR: no, if the damage scaled, this would be a very viable spell. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and it isn’t.  

Scorching Ray For Ray specialists becomes Green…requires to hit and scales oddly. But in the end would you rather do 4d6 to a single target…or 4d6 to a bunch of foes? 

Non-booming spells worth mentioning.

Glitterdust Ah yes, reveal invisible and blind them at the same time.  Classic control…but we’d rather turn them to slag remember?


Battering Blast For Force specialists. Unfortunately single target and does half the damage of typical damage spells. Also Force Punch is better.

Fireball Our first, last, and best destiny.  Fantastic range (not that this matters often in PFS) best area coverage, scaling damage. Plus it is 3rd level which means it falls in the sweet spot (i.e. lesser) range for Metamagic rods. 

Force Punch Like Battering Blast only better scaling (albeit d4) damage and instead of calculating CMD nonsense, we just push a target 1 square per 2 levels, less one square per size category. 

Lighting Bolt Fireball’s poor stepchild. Contrary to wishful thinking, most monsters do not group in nice lines for us to fry.  

Non-booming spells worth mentioning.

Fly Because. We really don’t need to explain this right? 

Haste One of the best battlefield buffing spells.  But if your enemy is instead vaporized with your opening spell…why buff?


One thing to remember is that lightning bolt or fireball with Intensified Spell occupies the exact same slot and caps at 15d6. So pretty much pass on any of these. And with our spell of choice we can also slap a +2 metamagic via Empower Spell on top of that for another x 1.5 damage.

Ball Lightning Hey it’s Flaming Sphere again.  Only now you get 2 or more.  I suppose a Large target could have 4 stack on it…but otherwise individually the damage per Sphere is too low. 

Dragon’s Breath  Scales a little better (12d6 max), but it has that pesky front-line requirement. One the other hand, lightning bolt or fireball with Intensified Spell occupies the exact same slot and caps at 15d6. So…pass.

Flaming Sphere, Greater Okay it’s Flaming Sphere…again.  Only twice the damage…which still does not scale. Sorry, no. 

Ice Storm Again damage doesn’t scale…see a trend? Take for control builds, which we aren’t.

Wall of Fire/Wall of Ice  Our first Wall spells that do damage…small as it is. Situationally useful, but we’re probably better off nuking the site from orbit.

Non-booming spells worth mentioning.

Dimension Door Great "Get me the heck out of Dodge" spell…The downside is unless we take Dimension Agility feat our turn ends right after we cast this. 

Emergency Force Sphere The ultimate “keep it away from me!” spell. On the other hand, it pretty much takes us out of combat, so our teammates may not been so keen on this. 

Monster Summoning IV Actions are great. Extra actions on our team is better. Plus from this point on we unlock some really keen monsters with nifty abilities. Only Green because we’d rather spend out time blowing things up then surrounding them with things with claws. If we find we have extra space to learn a spell, we could do worse. Ditto for higher level versions. 


Note that with a properly upgraded Fireball we’re sitting at a cap 15d6 with Maximize or 90 points.

Cone of Cold Hey, it’s a token spell for our Ice Queen build. Point-blank range which we don’t like, better damage scaling which we do. 

One the other hand, lightning bolt or fireball with Intensified Spell occupies the exact same slot and caps at 15d6. So…pass.

Fire Snake Interesting spell, kind of a draw your pathway and everyone in that zig-zag takes damage.  Same cap as Cold of Cold but you can cast this from further back.

Lightning Arc Sort of like Chain Lightning, only one level earlier. 

Non-booming spells worth mentioning.

Echolocation Blindsight 40. 

Fickle Winds Stops enemy archers cold. Well, so would melting their face…


Chain Lightning Now we’re talking. Great range and damage…unfortunately we just hit level 12 and our career is over. 


Not covered in this guide…


Okay here we go. FYI all builds are PFS legal

Basic Varisian

Varis, Human Sorcerer

Archetype: Tattooed Sorcerer (Evocation)

Init: +4(familiar)+2(dex)=+6

Starting array:

Str 7(-4) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 16(10)

After racial (+2 to cha)

Str 7(-4) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 18(10)

Fort+2, Ref+2, Will+2

Bloodline: Draconic (Brass)

Skills: Craft+5, Knowledge(Arcana)+5, Spellcraft+5, Perception+4

Spell Focus(Evocation)

Human Bonus feat: Spell Specialization(Burning Hands)

Spells Known

0-Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic

1st-Burning Hands, Color Spray

Base Damage: 1d4(base)+2d4(Spell Specialization)+1d4(Archetype)+4(Bloodline)->

Ref 10+4(cha)+1(spell focus)+1(spell level) 4d4+4 Reflex DC 16 for half.

Acid Splash +2 vs. Touch AC, hit: 1d3+1 Acid. SR: no.

Other: Dancing Lights 3/day.

Combat gear: Spell Component Pouch, Cold Weather Clothing, Acid Flask(used as focus), Potion of CLW, Scroll of Mage Armor, club, Spiked Gauntlet.

Feat progression:

3rd: Intensified Spell

5th: Empower Spell

6th: switch Spell Specialization to Fireball.

7th: Spontaneous Metafocus. Bloodline feat: Improved Initiative.

Damage snapshot 6th level.

Assume gear upgrade includes Headband of Cha+2. 


Caster level = 6(base) +1(archetype)+2(spell specialization).

Damage = 9d6+9 x 1.5 (free Empower). Reflex save DC 10+5(cha)+1(spell focus)+3(spell level). 9d6+9×1.5 Reflex DC 18 for half. 

Infernus, Gnome Sorcerer

Alternate Racial Trait: Pyromaniac. +1 CL with fire. Switch SLAs.

Archetype: Tattooed Sorcerer (Evocation)

Init: +4(familiar)+2(dex)=+6

Starting array:

Str 10(0) Dex 14(5) Con 12(2) Int 13(3) Wis 10(0) Cha 16(10)

After racial (-2 str, +2 con, +2 cha)

Str 8(0) Dex 14(5) Con 14(2) Int 13(3) Wis 10(0) Cha 18(10)

Fort+2, Ref+2, Will+2

Bloodline: Orc

Skills: Craft+5, Knowledge(Arcana)+5, Spellcraft+5, Perception +2


Spell Focus(Evocation)

Spells Known

0-Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Read Magic

1st-Burning Hands, Mage Armor

Base Damage: 1d4(base)+1d4(Race Trait)+1d4(Archetype)+3(Bloodline)-> Ref 10+4(cha)+1(spell focus)+1(spell level) 3d4+3 Reflex DC 16 for half.

Acid Splash: +3 vs. Touch AC, hit: 1d3+2 acid. SR: no.

Combat gear: Spell Component Pouch, Cold Weather Clothing, Acid Flask(used as focus), Potion of CLW, Club, Spiked Gauntlet. Rabbit familiar tattoo (+4 init)


1/day—dancing lights, flare, prestidigitation, produce flame. Caster level=3rd, except for Prestidigitation which is caster level 1.

Darkvision 60, light sensitivity. Dancing Lights 3/day.

Feat progression:

3rd: Spell Specialization(Burning Hands)

5th: Intensified Spell

6th: switch Spell Specialization to Fireball.

7th: Empower Spell. Bloodline Feat: Great Fortitude.

Damage snapshot 6th level.

Assume gear upgrade includes Headband of Cha+2. 


Caster level = 6(base) +1(archetype)+2(spell specialization)+1(race)

Damage = 10d6+10 x 1.5 (free Empower). Reflex save DC 10+5(cha)+1(spell focus)+3(spell level). 10d6+10×1.5 Reflex DC 18 for half. 

Snedronningen…for flavor, damage-wise this is subpar.

Human (Irrisen) Sorcerer

Archetype: Cross-Blooded

Init: +4(familiar)+2(dex)=+6

Starting array:

Str 7(-4) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 16(10)

After racial (+2 to cha)

Str 7(-4) Dex 14(5) Con 14(5) Int 13(3) Wis 11(1) Cha 18(10)

Fort+2, Ref+2, Will+0

Bloodline: Draconic White/Primal(Cold)

Skills: Craft+5, Knowledge(Arcana)+5, Spellcraft+5, Perception+4


Irrisen Ice Mage(use to make any non cold spell cold…well 3 times a day anyway.)

Spell Focus(Evocation)

0-Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost


Combat gear: Spell Component Pouch, Cold Weather Clothing, Liquid Ice(used as focus), Potion of CLW, Club, Spiked Gauntlet. Rabbit familiar tattoo (+4 init)

Snowball +2 Ranged vs. Touch AC. On hit: 2d6+4 plus Fort save DC 15 or staggered.

Feat progression:

3rd: Spell Specialization(Burning Hands)-Cast as a cold spell instead.

4th: Option to change Spell Specialization to Burning Arc. 

5th: Intensified Spell

7th: retrain Spell Specialization to Fireball-cast as super snowball (cold) once you hit 7th.

7th: Elemental Spell(Cold)Bloodline Feat: Empower Spell. 

Damage at 6th

Burning Arc(cast as a cold spell) 8d6+16 cold to primary 4d6+8 to secondary, 2d6+4 to tertiary, 1d6+2 to quaternary. Reflex DC 17(15) for half. Base 10d6+20 if you Spell Specialize.

Flurry of Snowballs. 4d6+8 in cone. Reflex DC 17 for half. SR:no.

Intensified Burning Hands (as cold). 8d4+16. Reflex 16 for half. 10d4+20 if Spell Specialize.

Oh yeah…token pictures.  REMEMBER YOU ARE THIS: 



Hope you find this guide somewhat helpful! 



Leave the tongue in cheek stuff out. Stick to the guts first. While Sorcerer and not Wizard or Theologian Fire Cleric or Flame Oracle?  Because there’s already a guide for the Wizard (the often referenced Brewer’s Guide to the Blockbuster)…and when I think of mighty magics that melt faces…

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