Sorcerer, Timestrewn Origin

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Intended for use with SwordMeow’s Tweaked Sorcerer

Sorcerer, Timestrewn Sorcerous Origin

Time. It’s a fickle and dangerous thing. Time isn’t as objective or linear as most believe. Time is malleable and moldable. It’s more like clay than an arrow. For those with the power and knowledge to do so, time can be manipulated and warped. In the wake of moving time, some can be changed and melded to the time continuum, permanently affixing them to ever-changing, ever-shifting time. These individuals are known as the Timestrewn.

Origin Spells List

Sorcerer Level



Expeditious Retreat






Dimension Door


Legend Lore


Find the Path

Control the Flow

You can subtly alter the flow of time around nearby creatures. When you take this Sorcerous Origin at 1st level, at the start of combat, you may choose when you and one other friendly creature go in initiative order. If that creature makes an attack before the end of their first turn in a combat, they do so with Advantage.

Note to the DM: It is up to you how to handle initiative. You can tell the player the exact order of initiative, you can have them just say "Bob and I will go first and second," or however else. Whatever works best for the table is what you should do. I would recommend having everyone except this PC roll for initiative normally, and then secretly tell this PC the exact order of initiative and have them secretly tell you when they want themselves and their ally to go.


At 1st level, you gain the ability to view past events that have happened in your immediate surroundings. If you spend at least 1 minute concentrating, you may peer into the Timestream and view a specific past event of the area you are in, viewing up to 5 minutes of an event in a space no more than 50 feet in any direction. You specify the event or exact time you would like to view.

Alternatively, you may ask to view the most recent occurrence of a type of event (for example, you may ask who was last in this room, when did someone last die in this room, or what happened the last time that a certain object was in the area). You cannot use this feature again until after completing a long rest.

Reverberate Fate

At 6th level, whenever a creature you can see within 60 feet of you must make a roll of some kind, you may use a Reaction to expend 3 Sorcery Points. When you do so, that creature does not roll, but instead uses the result of their last roll of any kind of attack, ability check, or saving throw. Once you use this feature, you cannot do so again until after completing a long rest.


Beginning at 14th level, you choose to learn either the Delayed Spell, Extended Spell, or Quickened Spell metamagic options. If you already know all of these options, you learn a different metamagic option. 

The following changes apply to some of your Metamagic options:

  • Delayed Spell: You may use this metamagic option an indefinite number of times without using any sorcery points.

  • Extended Spell: When you use this option, you may use another metamagic option on the same spell.

  • Quickened Spell: This metamagic option now only costs 1 sorcery point.

Echoes of Time

At 18th level, as an Action, you may expend 6 Sorcery Points to choose a creature you can see within 60 feet of you. When you do so, an ethereal echo of them appears at a point of your choosing within 60 feet of you. 

The echo has all of the same stats, features, equipment, and abilities as the targeted creature, and can perform all of the same actions. If the targeted creature had any class or class archetype features available for use, the echo may use them as well.

If the targeted creature has secondary resources such as Ki points, Sorcery Points, Spell Slots, Superiority Dice, etc, the creature and the echo share the same resources with the targeted creature.

The echo takes its turn immediately before the targeted creature's turn. The targeted creature decides what the echo does. The echo lasts only until the end of the targeted creature's turn.

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