Soul Eater 5e Conversion

Soul Eater 5e Conversion

Hello! If you can’t tell by the title, this is a DND 5e conversion for the Soul Eater anime (which I do not own). This is a fairly simple conversion, having 2 new races and a combat add-on (is that what you call it?) for those who want to be a demon weapon and fight along the side of your Meister.


The races you can be in for this conversion are very limited. The only race you have available other than those in this chapter is the Human mentioned in the PHB. Humans are the most common race to be a Meister, though Witches are also seen to have been meisters. Though rare, every once in a while, a demon weapon might decide to wield one of their kind.

Demon Weapon

Demon Weapons are humans with altered souls, granting them the ability to not only devour the souls of others, but also giving them the ability to transform into a weapon.

Ability Score increase. Your Charisma or Wisdom increases by 2, and your Dexterity increases by 1.

Height. Demon Weapons have a similar height and weight as humans. Your size is medium.

Alignment. Most Demon Weapons associate with Death, protecting the order of the world, usually falling under the neutral alignments.

Age. Demon weapons have a similar lifespan as humans. You reach adulthood around the late teens.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Weapon Transformation. You have the ability to fully or partially transform into a weapon. When you choose this race when making your character, choose one non-magical weapon from the PHB or DMG to be your weapon form. This weapon loses the heavy property if it had it, gaining the finesse property. As an action, you may transform fully into your weapon form. Your speed becomes 0 and you share a space with whoever is holding you, moving when they move. Alternatively, you may partially transform into your weapon as a bonus action, changing your unarmed attack damage to the damage type of your weapon form and dealing 1d4 damage of that type. (more info in the Demon Weapon Combat section)

Devour. Whenever you kill an enemy, you regain Hp equal to the enemy’s CR (rounded up)+your Charisma bonus.


Natural enemies of Meisters and humans, these powerful and destructive magic users are one part required to create a powerful death weapon, though they sometimes cooperate with human and Meisters. Male witches are known as sorcerers.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence score increases by 2.

Height. Witches have a similar height and weight to humans. Your size is medium.

Alignment. Witches are destructive by nature. They’re usually a chaotic alignment.

Age. Witches have a much longer lifespan than humans. Despite this, they’re naturally youthful.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30.

Innate Spellcasting. You gain 2 sorcerer cantrips of your choice. Your spellcasting ability is your choice from Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence.

Animal Form. You gain the ability shapeshift into CR 0 beast of your choice, as if you were using Wild Shape, except you have the ability to cast cantrips you know while in this form. You may use this feature once per long rest.

Demon Weapon Combat

This section details what a Demon Weapon is capable of during combat in its weapon form. Whenever the Demon Weapon takes a long rest, they can declare a nearby ally their Meister. This lasts until the next long rest. Any creature that isn’t the meister must expend one hit dice anytime the wielder uses a feature that refers to the weapon they are currently using in any way. 

The Demon Weapon can use its turn to either cast a spell, use a feature, or transform back to their human form as a bonus action. They appear within 5 feet of where they last were within an unoccupied space. When using a feature or spell that only targets the Demon Weapon, it also affects the wielder. 

When the Demon weapon’s wielder takes damage, the wielder and the Demon Weapon may allocate damage between the two of them, but the Wielder must always take at least one more Hp of damage than the Demon Weapon. If the Demon Weapon’s Meister allocates damage, the total damage is reduced by the Demon Weapon and Meister’s combined Constitution. When the Demon Weapon drops to 0 HP, they’re returned to their human form, appearing within 5 feet of where they became unconscious.

Anytime a Meister kills a creature using the Demon Weapon they’re currently the Meister of, instead of the Demon Weapon devouring the soul, they can produce a Resonance Point. At the end of each round, the creature currently controlling the Resonance point can either pass it to their partner, or spend it, granting different effects to their partner. 

Resonance Point Uses

Meister only uses

  • Grant a 20 foot flying speed for a minute.

  • Grant +1 on next spell attack.

  • Grant one more use of a “once per rest” feature. (2 points)

  • Grant one additional spell slot. (2 points)

  • Double next spell attack dice.

  • Transform back to Humanoid form as a free action.

Weapon Only uses

  • Grant the benefits of extra attack next round. (2 points)

  • Grant temporary HP equal to 5 x points spent.

  • Grant +2 AC for the following round.

  • Cast shield on the Meister.

  • Move 20 feet in any direction. This ignores attacks of opportunity.

  • Grants the effects of the Dodge Action.

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