Space DnD

The kingdom of Alastor has ruled the planet of Terra for generations. Peace and stability brought about by their reign led to advances in many aspects of science, technology, and even magic. 

Facing overpopulation a decree was sent out to construct massive vessels to orbit around the planet to house its overflow population. These second class citizens, known as voidlings, lived for generations as an expendable workforce to the primes (true citizens of the worldly empire) in these massive metal and stone cities that continued being built. 

An innovation in binding magic led to the ability to channel fire from the elemental plane of fire to generate thrust to move objects through the void. This led to a technological boom to settle other planets and objects in the nearby void. This rush quickly ran into complications as early scouting reports showed magic refusing to work properly in the dead stretches of void between wordly bodies. Technological progress once again saved the day with larger ships capable of making the lengthy trips across the void while sustaining its inhabitants with food, water, and everything else they needed to stay healthy. 

Several dozen of the closest bodies to Terra were settled in the following years. With support from the void settlements and the mighty hand of Terran industry, development blazed along on these core worlds. A second generation of expansion surged forth, eager to find lush new worlds to settle. They found something much more surprising. They weren’t alone in the void.

A mysterious ship was found near a planet being surveyed. It bore no familiar markings, responded to no signals sent from the scout ship and when finally boarded, was devoid of all life. Most terrifying of all, was what they did find however. Scratched into the diamond hard metal that made up the ship in ancient Terran was a short message. “Pray to your gods while they remain. They’re already here ”. 

Two years after this ominous message was received back on Terra a single badly beaten freighter returns from an outer world bearing apocalyptic news. The planet is gone. 

As part of a crew for a voidling warship you will serve as part of the first void defense fleet’s response mission. You will embark with your party and the thousands of other loyal soldiers to destroy this threat to the empire and prove your valor.

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