1 Absorb Potion

2 Absorb Toxicity

3 Absurdity

4 Acid Fog

5 Acute Senses

6 Adhesive Blood

7 Adhesive Spit

8 Aggravate Thundercloud

9 Agony

10 Air Bubble

11 Air Step

12 Alarm

13 Allure

14 Ant Haul

15 Antimagic Field

16 Anti-Life Shell

17 Anti-Undead Shell

18 Aphasia

19 Apport

20 Aqueous Orb

21 Arcane Lock

22 Atavism

23 Augury

24 Aura of Doom

25 Aversion

26 Babbling Curse

27 Bane Weapon

28 Banishment

29 Barbed Chain

30 Barrier of Force

31 Battering Wind

32 Bestial Speech

33 Black Tentacles

34 Blight

35 Blindness

36 Blink

37 Blood Tentacles

38 Bone Fists

39 Burning Gaze

40 Cacophony

41 Call Object

42 Call Vermin

43 Calm

44 Carry Companion

45 Catatonia

46 Challenge

47 Charm

48 Clone

49 Cloudkill

50 Coldsnap

51 Colour Spray

52 Command

53 Command Construct

54 Command Undead

55 Comprehend Language

56 Confession

57 Confusion

58 Consecrate

59 Constricting Coils

60 Continual Flame

61 Corpse Lantern

62 Corrosive Touch

63 Countless Eyes

64 Create Armament

65 Create Pit

66 Create Treasure Map

67 Cure Mutation

68 Cure Wounds

69 Darklight

70 Darkness

71 Death Knell

72 Deathless

73 Decollate

74 Delectable

75 Desecrate

76 Dimension Door

77 Disintegrate

78 Dispel Magic

79 Dominate

80 Dragon’s Breath

81 Dream

82 Eagle Eye

83 Ear-Piercing Scream

84 Ear Send

85 Earthquake

86 Ectoplasmic Hand

87 Escape From Time

88 Enervation

89 Enlarge

90 Entangle

91 Eruptive Pustules

92 Ethereal Jaunt

93 Etheric Shards

94 Explode Corpse

95 Explosive Rune

96 Faerie Fire

97 False Life

98 Feast of Ashes

99 Feather Fall

100 Fester

101 Finger of Death

102 Fire of Judgement

103 Fire Snake

104 Fireball

105 Flaming Sphere

106 Flesh to Stone

107 Floating Disc

108 Fly

109 Fog Cloud

110 Force Mutation

111 Freedom of Movement

112 Frostfall

113 Gaseous Form

114 Ghost Mouth

115 Ghostbane Dirge

116 Ghoul Touch

117 Grease

118 Hallucinatory Terrain

119 Halt Undead

120 Haste

121 Heat Metal

122 Healing Thief

123 Hold

124 Holy Smite

125 Ice Armour

126 Icy Spears

127 Illusory Double

128 Illusory Image

129 Incorporeal Chains

130 Inflict Wounds

131 Interplanetary Teleport

132 Invisibility

133 Isolate

134 Jump

135 Knock

136 Levitate

137 Light

138 Lightening

139 Lightning Conductor

140 Lipstitch

141 Locate Object

142 Lock Gaze

143 Longarm

144 Mage Armour

145 Mage Hand

146 Magic Circle

147 Magic Jar

148 Magic Missile

149 Meat Slave

150 Memory Lapse

151 Mirror Images

152 Monkey Fish

153 Named Bullet

154 Paranoia

155 Passwall

156 Phobia

157 Polymorph

158 Protection from Evil

159 Prying Eyes

160 Rage

161 Raise Skeleton

162 Raise Zombie

163 Ray of Exhaustion

164 Reduce

165 Remove Affliction

166 Replicating Ammunition

167 Resist Element

168 Restoration

169 Resurrection

170 Reveal Illusions

171 Reverse Gravity

172 Sanctuary

173 Sebacious Twin

174 See Invisible

175 Shadow Step

176 Share Senses

177 Silence

178 Slow

179 Slumber

180 Speak With Dead

181 Spell Resistance

182 Steal Size

183 Stinking Cloud

184 Stone To Flesh

185 Stoneskin

186 Stunning Barrier

187 Summon

188 Suppress Curse

189 Swarm of Wasps

190 Telepathic Link

191 Teleport

192 True Form

193 Unwilling Shield

194 Vomit Twin

195 Wall of Fire

196 Wall of Force

197 Wandering Flame

198 Water Breathing

199 Web

200 Zone of Truth

[ Absorb Potion ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

The target drinks a potion when the spell is cast. That potion is then suspended within their bloodstream. They can choose to activate it, instantly, at any point during the duration. If they have not done so by the end of the duration, the potion dissolves without effect.

[ Absorb Toxicity ]D: [dice] hoursR: self

You take no damage from poison for the duration. You can pass poison from yourself to creatures you touch.

[ Absurdity ]D: 1 minuteR: 30’

Target saves vs. Charisma; on failure, they consider one thing completely absurd. The caster chooses which things the victim considers absurd. The target does not fear, & cannot be intimidated by, the absurd object. If 2 dice are invested, a person can be the absurd object; one additional person or object can be included per die.

[ Acid Fog]D: [dice] minutesR: 100’

Creates a cloud of fog with radius equal to 5’ times the highest die rolled (up to 30’). The cloud is opaque, and creatures in the cloud take [dice] acid damage per round.

[ Acute Senses ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

You have the sight of a hawk & the scenting ability of a hound for the duration.

[ Adhesive Blood ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

Whenever an attack hits you & deals damage, the weapon sticks to your body. The attacker must make a STR save to pry their weapon loose.

[ Adhesive Spit ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

You can spit up to [dice] times, up to 30’. The target struck saves vs. DEX or is tangled up & can’t move from the spot; they also take -2 to attack rolls. They must save vs. STR or attack the slime with a slashing weapon to free themselves.

[ Aggravate Thundercloud ]R: 120’

Can only be cast if there are clouds overhead. A bolt of lightning leaps from heaven and strikes the target, dealing [sum] lightning damage. They take double damage if wearing metal armour.

[ Agony ]D: [dice] roundsR: sight

Target experiences wracking pain. They must save each round while afflicted or miss their turn.

[ Air Bubble ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Creates a bubble of air around the target, allowing them to breathe even in environments that lack oxygen.

[ Air Step ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target walks on air [dice] feet above any solid surface.

[ Alarm ]D: [dice] hours

Ward a single area up to [sum] square feet in size. If any creature enters the area, you instantly know about it. If you so choose, a loud noise can also emanate when the alarm is triggered, heard up to [dice] x 100’ from the area. You can designate up to [dice] creatures who will not set off the alarm. You are automatically excluded.

[ Allure ]D: [dice] roundsR: sight

Any creature that can see you saves vs. CHA (with penalty equal to [dice]) or is compelled to approach you. If they are hostile, they will approach you with hostile intent.

[ Ant Haul ]D: 1 dayR: touch

Target can carry [dice] x 2 extra equipment slots without being encumbered.

[ Antimagic Field ]D: 1 minuteR: self

The field emanates from you in a radius of 10’. Spells cast with spell dice equal to or less than [dice] within this radius have no effect.

[ Anti-Life Shell ]D: 1 minuteR: self

Living creatures with Hit Dice equal to or less than [dice] cannot approach within 10’ of you. Creatures already in the shell when the spell is cast are unaffected unless they leave the shell (or you move far enough away from them).

[ Anti-Undead Shell ]D: 1 minuteR: self

Like Anti-Life Shell, but affects the undead instead.

[ Aphasia ]D: [dice] minutesR: 120’

Target saves with penalty equal to [dice]. On failure, they cannot speak or comprehend any language, written or spoken, for the duration.

[ Apport ]R: [dice] miles

You can teleport a small object (fits in your hand) up to the spell’s range. You can teleport an object to you – you must have seen the object before & be able to visualize its location. You can teleport an object from you to somewhere, in which case you must be touching the object and able to visualize its destination. If you invest at least 4 dice, you can teleport an object that is human-sized or smaller (but it must be an object & not animate!).

[ Aqueous Orb ]D: [dice] roundsR: 60’

Conjure an orb of water about 6’ in radius. If you spend your turn concentrating, you can cause it to move up to 30’ in a direction of your choosing. It rolls along the ground – it can’t float. Anything smaller than the sphere in its path is caught up inside; creatures can save vs. DEX to avoid it or to escape.

[ Arcane Lock ]D: permanentR: touch

Touch a lock to magically enhance it. Only a Knock spell with an equal or greater number of spell dice can open the lock thereafter; no key can open it.

[ Atavism ]D: [dice] minutesR: 10’

Target animal reverts to a primeval, frenzied state; it gets +4 to all saving throws & attack rolls, & +2 to damage rolls.

[ Augury ]

Consult the gods to learn whether an action will result in weal or woe. The chance of a meaningful answer is equal to 50% + [sum]%, rolled in secret. State the course of action; the answer will be either weal, woe, or uncertain. If the % roll is failed, the answer will always be uncertain.

[ Aura of Doom ]D: [dice] roundsR: self

You exude an aura of terror. Creatures within 15’ of you save vs. CHA (with a penalty equal to [dice]) or are terrified of you (they roll Morale immediately).

[ Aversion ]D: 1 dayR: sight

Target saves vs. CHA (with a penalty equal to [dice]) or becomes profoundly averse to an object or location of your choice. The object can’t be something they’re currently holding or touching.

[ Babbling Curse ]D: [dice] minutesR: 30’

Target saves vs. CHA (with a penalty equal to [dice]) or starts babbling incoherently and uncontrollably. Anyone hearing the babbling saves or becomes fascinated & unable to focus on anything else. Attacking the victim, or a fascinated creature, ends the spell prematurely.

[ Bane Weapon ]D: [dice] roundsR: touch

Touch the weapon and name a creature. The weapon [sum] extra damage to that creature for the duration. You can lock the dice used to make the effect permanent.

[ Banishment ]R: 120’

The target must be an extra-planar creature with Hit Dice equal to [sum] or less. They are instantly returned to their home plane and can’t be re-summoned for 24 hours.

[ Barbed Chain ]D: [dice] roundsR: self

You conjure a lacerating length of chain, which protrudes from your body. You can use it to lash creatures like a whip – it inflicts bleeding and deals damage based on the number of dice invested: 1 die – d2; 2 dice – d4; 3 dice – d6; 4 dice – d8; 5 dice – d10; 6 dice – d12. You can lock the dice to make the effect permanent.

[ Barrier of Force ]D: [dice] rounds R: touch

A barrier of force surrounds the target. Nothing (except for air) can pass inward through the barrier, though anything can pass outward. The barrier can be attacked; it breaks when [sum] points of damage are dealt to it.

[ Battering Wind ]R: 60’ + 10’ x [dice]

Target saves or is thrown back 10’ per [dice]. You can affect 1 target per [die], so long as they’re fairly close together.

[ Bestial Speech ]D: [dice] hours R: self

You can communicate with animals for the duration. You can lock the dice to make the effect permanent.

[ Black Tentancles ]D: [dice] roundsR: 60’

Black tentacles surge from the ground. Affects one 5’ square per [dice]. Victims must save vs. STR to escape, with a penalty equal to [dice], and the tentacles deal 1d6 damage to each victim per round.

[ Blight ] R: self

Plants in a radius of 1/2 mile per [dice] wither and die at your touch.

[ Blindness ]D: permanentR: touch

Target is cursed with magical blindness.

[ Blink ]R: 10’ x [dice]

You teleport in a straight line to a point you can see. You can’t move through solid obstacles.

[ Blood Tentacles ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

Smear blood across your chest; [dice] blood tentacles burst forth. They can be used to attack any creature within 15’ for 1d6 damage; on hit, the tentacle is destroyed, and you regain hp equal to damage dealt.

[ Bone Fists ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

Struts of bone burst from your fists – for the spell’s duration, you can punch for d6 damage (d8 if 3 dice are invested, and d10 if 5 are invested). You can lock the dice to make the spell permanent.

[ Burning Gaze ]D: [dice] roundsR: self

Anything you look at for the duration catches on fire, if human-sized or smaller. For each invested die past 4, double the maximum size of affected objects.

[ Cacophony ] D: [dice]x2 rounds R: 120’

A deafening cacophony fills an area up to [dice] x 10’ in diameter. Nobody can hear each other speak. Spellcasters must save or fumble spellcasting.

[ Call Object ]R: 10’ x [dice]

Summon an object you’ve touched within the last 10 minutes to your hand. (It must fit in your hand to be eligible.)

[ Call Vermin ]D: 1 hour

A swarm of [sum] rats or similar vermin are magically called to you from the surrounding area (if there are no such vermin in the vicinity, the spell is useless). They will obey simple spoken commands you issue for the spell’s duration.

[ Calm ]

Affects up to [sum] HD of creatures in your vicinity. Strong emotions (such as fear, hatred, excitement) are reduced to mildness and relaxation. Creatures may save to resist if they wish (with a penalty equal to [dice]).

[ Carry Companion ]D: [dice] hours R: touch

A target person or animal turns into a stone statue about 6’’ high. Target must be willing.

[ Catatonia ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

Target appears, even on close inspection, to be dead. Only magical means can expose the artifice.

[ Challenge ]D: [dice] minutesR: hearing

The challenged creature is compelled to fight you. If they don’t, they take a -2 penalty to all attack rolls & saving throws.

[ Charm ]D: [dice] daysR: touch

The target saves (with penalty equal to [dice]) or regards you as a trusted friend for the duration. They aren’t aware that they’ve been charmed until the spell wears off.

[ Clone ]R: touch

A perfect duplicate of the person touched sprouts from their side, rapidly growing into a fully-formed copy. It has HD equal to [dice] or the target’s HD, whichever is lower. The clone is essentially a mindless zombie, but if the target dies, their consciousness is instantly transplanted into the clone.

[ Cloudkill ]D: d4 minutesR: 120’

Cloud fills a 20’ radius sphere and lingers for 1d4 minutes. Creatures with HD less than [dice] within the cloud are killed instantly. Other creatures are unaffected.

[ Coldsnap ]R: 30’+30’x[dice]

An area [dice] x 5’ in diameter is exposed to a sudden burst of frigid cold. Creatures in the area take [sum] cold damage, water freezes, & so on. The area gradually returns to its normal temperature over the course of an hour.

[ Colour Spray ]R: 15’ cone

Creatures with HD less than [dice] are are knocked unconscious for 2d4 rounds and blinded for 1d4 rounds after waking. Creatures with HD equal to [dice] are blinded for 1d4 rounds. Creatures with HD greater than [dice] save or are stunned for 1 round.

[ Command ]D: 1 roundR: hearing

Target saves (with penalty equal to [dice]) or must obey a 1-word command you give. If you invest at least 4 dice, the command must be obeyed for 1d3+1 rounds instead.

[ Command Construct ]D: [dice] minutes

Target construct obeys your commands for the duration. You must be able to issue commands in a way the construct will understand: usually speaking the language of its creator works. Some constructs may understand telepathic commands too.

[ Command Undead ]D: [dice] hours

Target undead creature obeys your commands for the duration. Intelligent undead get to save, with a penalty equal to [dice].

[ Comprehend Language ] D: [dice] hrs R: self

You understand, speak, read, & write one language perfectly for the duration. You must have an example of the language present (eg a written sample or a speaker).

[ Confession]R: touch

Target must answer a question you give truthfully, or they take [sum] damage.

[ Confusion ]D: [dice] rounds R: 60’

Target saves or is confused for the duration. On their turn, they roll 1d4; on (1), they act normally; on (2), they attack themselves with whatever is on hand; on (3) they attack the nearest creature, friend or foe; on (4) they do nothing but babble incoherently.

[ Consecrate ]D: 1 day

Takes 10 minutes to cast & requires 25sp worth of silver dust. You consecrate an area 60’ in diameter against the undead. Undead that enter the area take a penalty equal to [dice] to all d20 rolls. If they have HD less than [dice], they are killed instantly. Undead can’t be created in the area, except by spells with more [dice] invested than were used to cast Consecrate.

[ Constricting Coils ] D: [dice] roundsR: 30’

A false serpent rises from the earth beneath the target, constricting the victim. Treat the serpent as having Strength equal to [sum]. The victim is grappled by the serpent & takes [dice] damage each round. They can escape with a successful grapple roll or by dealing [sum] damage to the serpent, at which point in slinks back into the earth.

[ Continual Flame ]D: permanentR: touch

A heatless flame is created at the point you touch. It can only be put out by magical means. It illuminates an area of diameter equal to [dice] x 10’. If at least 4 dice are invested, the light has all the properties of natural sunlight.

[ Corpse Lantern ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

Touch a corpse of human-size or smaller. It immediately begins to glow with a sickly light, & to float. It will drift after you for the spell’s duration, illuminating an area 10’ x [dice] in diameter.

[ Corrosive Touch ]R: touch

If you touch flesh, the target takes [sum] acid damage. If you touch an object subject to corrosion, it is damaged instead.

[ Countless Eyes ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

Countless eyes sprout all over the target’s head. They can see through all the eyes at once.

[ Create Armament ]D: [dice] hoursR: self

A mundage weapon or suit of armour, of your choice, appears in your hand or in your vicinity. At the end of the duration, it dissolves into nothingness.

[ Create Pit ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

A pit [sum]’ deep and 10’ in diameter appears at the point you touch. The sides are smooth and difficult to climb. Anything in the pit when the duration expires is summarily disgorged.

[ Create Treasure Map ]R: touch

You must carve off a section of the skin from a corpse dead no more than 1 hour & cast this spell upon it. A map appears on the skin, guiding you to the location of [dice] items or stashes of valuable that the creature knows about.

[ Cure Mutation ]R: touch

Target loses [dice] mutations. If they have multiple mutations, choose randomly which are removed.

[ Cure Wounds ]R: touch

The target is healed for [sum] points of hit point damage.

[ Darklight ]D: [dice] hoursR: self

You are surrounded by an illuminating aura that only you can see. Illuminates an area of diameter [dice] x 10’.

[ Darkness ]D: [dice] hoursR: 120’

Fills an area [dice] x 10’ in diameter with total darkness. Light sources within the area are snuffed out. If at least 3 dice are invested, torches and other light sources have no effect in the area. If at least 5 dice are invested, even creatures with darkvision can’t see in the area.

[ Death Knell ]D: [dice] roundsR: 60’

A creature with no more than [dice] hit points remaining is killed instantly. You heal [dice] damage.

[ Deathless ]D: [dice] roundsR: touch

The target can’t be killed by hit point damage while the spell persists – their hp can be reduced to zero, but any blow that would kill them thereafter mysteriously misses or otherwise fails.

[ Decollate ]D: [dice] daysR: touch

The target can safely remove their own head. They can still see through their own eyes, & can move their body around as usual. If you spend at least 4 dice on this spell, you can lock them to make the spell permanent.

[ Delectable ]D: [dice] minutesR: 5’+5’x[dice]

The target appears so delectable that everyone in the vicinity wants desperately to eat it.

[ Desecrate ]D: 1 day

Takes 10 minutes to cast & requires 25sp worth of silver dust. You desecrate an area 60’ in diameter, increasing the power of undead within: they get +[dice] to all d20 rolls, and any undead created in the area have +1 HD per [dice].

[ Dimension Door ]R: 60’ + 30’x[dice]

You step through an extradimensional door & emerge at a point you can see or clearly visualize. The passageway is open only for an instant, but with quick reflexes or foresight it is possible for others to move through it as well.

[ Disintegrate ]R: 30’ + 15’x[dice]

Target turns to dust. Creatures with more than [sum] hit points are immune. An apple-sized object can be disintegrated with 1 die; cat-sized with 2 dice; human-sized with 3; and so on, proportionately.

[ Dispel Magic ]R: 30’

Removes one magical effect, or counters one magical spell, with invested [dice] less than or equal to the [dice] invested in this spell.

[ Dominate ]D: [dice] daysR: 60’

Target saves or is subjugated utterly to your will for the duration. Creatures with HD greater than [dice] may save. Creatures with HD greater than or equal to [dice]x2 are immune.

[ Dragon’s Breath ]D: [dice] roundsR: self

You can breathe fire for the duration. Each breath of fire deals [sum] fire damage in a 15’ cone. The horribly hot breath deals [dice] fire damage to you each time it is used, if you’re not fire-resistant or something.

[ Dream ]

Send a dream to any creature you have seen before & can name or clearly visualize (& which is capable of dreaming). The dream lasts up to [sum] minutes.

[ Eagle Eye ]D: [dice] minutes

Creates a magical floating eye in the sky 200’ above you. It follows you around. You can look through it with the clarity of an eagle’s vision.

[ Ear-Piercing Scream ] R: 30’ cone

Creatures in the cone save or are struck deaf for [sum] rounds. They also take [dice] damage thanks to ear-blasting pain. If at least 4 dice are invested, they must also save or be stunned for 1 round.

[ Ear Send]D: [dice] minutes

Your ear detaches and flies away. You can’t see through it but you can still hear through it clearly, and you can telepathically direct it to fly up to [dice]x100’ away. When the duration expires, the ear teleports back to its proper place on your head.

[ Earthquake ] D: [dice] rounds R: 10’x[dice]

Affected area is subject to a violent earthquake for the duration: the ground shakes, stuff falls off shelves, people are knocked over.

[ Ectoplasmic Hand ]D: [dice] minutes R: self

Your hand turns ectoplasmic. It can no longer interact with physical objects & creatures – in fact it passes right through them – but it can interact with incorporeal objects & creatures.

[ Escape from Time ]D: [sum] days R: self

You enter suspended animation for the spell’s duration. From your point of view, you fall asleep and wake up [sum] hours later; you don’t need to eat, sleep, breathe, etc. in the interim. If any harm comes to you during the duration, you wake up immediately.

[ Enervation ]R: touch

Drain [dice] levels from the creature touched. Creatures with HD more than [dice]x2 may save to resist.

[ Enlarge ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Touched object or person doubles in size. An unwilling creature may save to resist.

[ Entangle ]R: 60’

Plants in the area move to entangle and grapple the target.

[ Eruptive Pustiles ]R: self

[Sum] acidic pustules sprout on your body. Each time you are hit in melee, 1d6 of the pustules burst, spraying acid on everything within 5’ of you. Each pustule deals 1 point of damage.

[ Ethereal Jaunt ]D: [dice] roundsR: self

You become incorporeal for the duration.

[ Etheric Shards ]D: [dice] minutesR: 120’

An area 10’x[dice] in diameter is filled with tiny shards of etheric matter. They drive into the flesh of anything that moves too quickly through the area: if a creature moves more than 5’ per round through the region, they take 1d4 damage per 5’ extra they move. You can lock the dice to make the spell permanent.

[ Explode Corpse ]R: 15’ + 15’x[dice]

All corpses in a radius of 60’ around the caster explode, dealing 1d6 damage per HD to victims within 10’. Corpses created by creatures with HD greater than [dice] are unaffected.

[ Explosive Rune ]R: touch

You write the rune on a surface. When a creature sees the rune, they take [sum] fire damage & the rune is destroyed. You must lock the dice used; you get them back when the rune is triggered, or you can expire the rune at will.

[ Faerie Fire]D: [dice]x5 roundsR: 120’

Target is outlined in bright light for the duration.

[ False Life ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

You gain [sum] temporary hit points for the duration. You count as undead as long as these hit points persist.

[ Feast of Ashes ]D: [dice] days R: 60’

Target experiences unassuageable hunger. They will not die, but feel as though they are starving; worse, eating food causes them horrible nausea.

[ Feather Fall ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

The target falls slowly & lightly as long as the spell is active. They won’t take any damage from falling.

[ Fester ]D: 1 hourR: 30’

Any time the target recieves magical/alchemical healing, they must roll a d20 greater than or equal to [sum] or recieve no healing at all. You can lock the dice to make the spell permanent.

[ Finger of Death ]R: 15’

Target saves. They take [sum] x 5 damage on failure, or [sum] damage on success.

[ Fire of Judgement ]D: [dice] roundsR: 30’

Target takes [sum] fire damage each time they attack.

[ Fire Snake ]D: [dice] rounds

Every time you move, you leave a trail of fire behind you. Anything adjacent to the fire takes [sum]/2 fire damage, and anything in the trail takes [sum] fire damage. The trail burns away 1d4 rounds after the spell ends.

[ Fireball ]R: 120’

Blast of fire fills a 20’ radius sphere, dealing [sum] fire damage to everything within.

[ Flaming Sphere ]D: [dice] roundsR: 30’

Summon a ball of fire, 5’ in diameter. You can use your action to direct its movement, up to 30’ per turn; otherwise it rolls 30’ in the direction it last moved. Anything the fire passes through burns, taking 1d6 damage/round.

[ Flesh to Stone ] D: [dice] hours R: touch

The target saves or calcifies. Their maximum hit points are reduced by [sum], and they take a penalty equal to [dice] to any roll requiring agility or freedom of movement, such as attack rolls or Dex saves. If the spell reduces their hit points to zero, they are permanently turned into a stone statue.

[ Floating Disc ]D: [dice] minutes

Creates a flat disc, 5’ + 5’x[dice] in diameter, that levitates 5’ off the ground. It can support the weight of about 1 average human per [dice]. You can move it laterally at will.

[ Fly ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

Target can fly at a rate of [dice]x20’ per round.

[ Fog Cloud ]D: [dice] minutesR: 120’

Summon a cloud of opaque fog with radius [dice]x10’.

[ Force Mutation ]D: permanent R: touch

Target gains a random mutation. You roll one mutation per [dice] and choose which one to inflict. Unwilling creatures can save to resist.

[ Freedom of Movement ] D: [dice] minutes R: touch

Target is immune to any effect that restricts movement for the duration, unless the effect has more dice invested than were used in this spell.

[ Frostfall ]D: [dice] roundsR: 120’

Affects an area 5’x[dice] in diameter. A flurry of snow falls in the region for the duration, freezing everything within and making it impossible to see. Only works outside. At the end of the duration, the snow will be subject to the normal effects of temperature.

[ Gaseous Form ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

Your body and equipment turns into gas. You can fit through very small spaces and fly at a speed of 20’ per round. You’re immune to most damage, but vulnerable to being blown around by strong winds.

[ Ghost Mouth ]D: [dice] minutesR: 15’

You create an invisible mouth, which can gibber incoherent sounds at your will. If you invest at least 3 dice, the invisible mouth can speak coherent words.

[ Ghostbane Dirge ]D: [dice] minutesR: 60’

A haunting dirge emanates from your body. Corporeal weapons within the 60’ radius of the spell affect incorporeal creatures.

[ Ghoul Touch ]D: [dice] roundsR: touch

Target saves or is paralyzed for the duration. Paralyzed victims emit a hideous stench that sickens anything within 15’ (-2 to all d20 rolls while nearby).

[ Grease ]R: 30’

Summon a blob of slippery, flammable grease. Enough to cover one 5’ square per [dice].

[ Hallucinatory Terrain ]D: [dice] hours

An area of terrain, up to 100 sq.ft. per [dice], appears to be a different type of terrain. Fine details are not possible.

[ Halt Undead ]D: [dice] roundsR: 30’

Undead within 30’ of you are paralyzed for the duration. Intelligent undead get a save with a penalty equal to [dice].

[ Haste ]D: [dice] roundsR: touch

Target moves twice as fast for the duration. If at least 3 dice are invested, they can take any extra action each round instead, such as making another attack.

[ Heat Metal ]D: 1d6 rounds R: 10’+10’x[dice]

Metal object becomes unbearably hot. A 1-handed weapon can be affected; a 2-handed weapon with at least 2 dice; a suit of human-sized armour with at least 4 dice. A wearer/wielder takes 1d6 points of damage per round in contact with the object.

[ Healing Thief ]D: [dice] minutesR: 30’

Any time the target is healed, you steal half the healing.

[ Hold ] D: [dice] roundsR: 10’+10’x[dice]

Target is paralyzed for the duration.

[ Holy Smite ]D: until deathR: self

You indicate an undead/demonic/obviously evil creature you can see to be the target of your holy smite. Until that creature dies, you add +[dice] to all attack and damage rolls against them. You can only smite one creature at a time.

[ Ice Armour ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target is encased in magical armour of ice. They are immune to cold damage, and the armour grants AC equivalent to chain-mail. If [sum] fire or heat damage is dealt to the armour, it melts away completely.

[ Ice Spears ]R: 60’

[Dice] spears of ice burst from the ground at any point(s) within range that you designate. Each spear is 10’ long, and creatures struck by the spears take 1d6 cold damage.

[ Illusory Double ]D: [dice] minutes

Creates an illusory duplicate of you, which acts as you direct (but can’t actually interact with anything).

[ Illusory Image ]D: [dice] hoursR: 120’

Creates an illusory image, as large as 10 cubic feet per [dice]. The image can’t move unless at least 4 dice are invested. The image can’t make sound unless at least 6 dice are invested. You can lock the dice to make the illusion permanent.

[ Incorporeal Chains ] D: [dice] roundsR: 120’

Chains grapple [dice] incorporeal creatures with strength equal to [sum]. Has no effect on corporeal creatures.

[ Inflict Wounds ]R: touch

Target you touch takes [sum] damage and saves or starts bleeding.

[ Interplanetary Teleport ]

Teleport yourself and up to [dice] willing others to a planet within [dice] parsecs.

[ Invisibility ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target is invisible. Unless 4 or more dice are invested, the invisibility ends as soon as the creature attacks.

[ Isolate ]D: [dice] minutesR: 120’

The target cannot be seen or heard by their allies for the duration.

[ Jump ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

The target can jump up to [dice] + 1 times their height for the duration.

[ Knock ]R: touch

Instantly opens any mundane lock touched. Can open a magically-enhanced lock if an equivalent number of spell dice are invested. (A magician can tell how many dice are invested in an arcane lock by touching it.)

[ Levitate ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

The target levitates off the ground, like a balloon. You can move them up to 10’ up or down each round. They can move laterally by pushing against solid surfaces.

[ Light ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Object you touch glows with light, illumating an area [dice]x10’ in diameter. If you invest at least 4 dice, the light has all the properties of natural sunlight.

[ Lightening ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Object’s weight is halved for the duration. If you invest at least 4 dice, you can affect a living creature human-sized or smaller.

[ Lightning Conductor ]D: [dice] minutes R: self

You absorb up to [sum] points of damage from electricity without harm. At any point during the duration, you can end the spell & release all the stored damage, affecting everything with 10’ of you.

[ Lipstitch ]D: [dice] hoursR: 30’

Target’s lips are sewn together. Their HD can’t be greater than the [dice] invested. You can lock the dice to make the spell permanent. The victim can cut their lips open again, but they take [dice] damage in the process.

[ Locate Object ] R: [dice] miles

You know the direction to an object – either a specific one that you visualize & have seen before, or an object of a type you designate. If no such object exists within the spell’s radius, you feel nothing.

[ Lock Gaze ]D: [sum] rounds

At the start of each turn, the target must save or is forced to hold your gaze. The spell is broken if you leave their line-of-sight.

[ Longarm ]D: [dice] minutes

Your arms double in length. If you invest at least 4 dice, they triple in length instead.

[ Mage Armour ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

A suit of magical force armour surrounds you. It acts as leather armour; if at least 3 dice are invested, it acts as chain; if at least 5 are invested, it acts as plate.

[ Mage Hand ] D: [dice] hours R: 30’+10’x[dice]

You can lift and move objects weighing no more than [dice] x 5 lbs within 30’.

[ Magic Circle ]D: [dice] hours

You draw a circle with radius up to [dice]x5’ on the ground. You choose what type of creature the circle is against: good-aligned, evil-aligned, demonic, undead, or similar. You also state whether the circle prevents such creatures from entering or exiting.

[ Magic Jar ]D: [dice] daysR: 60’

You need an actual jar to cast this spell. The target saves, or their consciousness is transported into the jar, your consciousness is transported into their body, and your body becomes a useless husk. When the spell expires, everyeone’s consciousness goes back to its proper place. Can’t affect creatures with HD greater than [dice].

[ Magic Missile ]R: 100’+50’x[dice]

Fire one missile per [dice] that deals 1d6 points of magical force damage to whatever it hits. You can direct each missile to a different target. The missiles never miss.

[ Meat Slave ]D: [dice] hours

You need a blob of dead meat (eg from a corpse) for this to work. The meat forms into a helpful servant, which will obey your commands for the duration. The servant can’t wield weapons, but it can manipulate objects. It has [sum] hp and Strength. If 4 dice are invested, it can speak. On death or expiration, it turns back into meat.

[ Memory Lapse ]R: touch

Target forgets everything that happened in the last [dice] rounds.

[ Mirror Images ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

Creates [dice] duplicates of you, which overlap with you and confuse attackers. Any time you’re attacked, the attack has an equal chance to hit you or any of your images. If an image is hit, it is destroyed.

[ Monkey Fish ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target can climb like a monkey and swim like a fish.

[ Named Bullet ]R: touch

Name your enemy while touching a piece of ammunition (arrow, sling bullet, etc). When the target is struck by this piece of ammunition, roll damage [dice] additional times. You must lock the dice used.

[ Paranoia ]D: [dice] roundsR: 120’

Target saves with penalty equal to [dice] or considers all creatures their enemy for the duration.

[ Passwall ]D: 1 minuteR: touch

Creates a magical opening in a wall, up to [dice] x 5’ thick, large enough for a person to pass through.

[ Phobia ]D: permanent  R: touch

Target saves with penalty equal to [dice] or is permanently and irrationally terrified of something you name. It can be a specific object; a type of object, with 2 dice; a specific creature with 3 dice; or a type of creature, with 4 dice.

[ Polymorph ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target is transformed into another type of creature. They can save if they wish. The polymorph form must be of a type you’ve seen before.

[ Protection from Evil ] D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target can’t be attacked or targeted with spells by inherently evil creatures, such as demons or undead. The spell is broken if the target attacks or casts a spell. Evil creatures with HD greater than 2x[dice] can save to attempt to overcome this protection.

[ Prying Eyes ]D: [dice] minutes

Creates [dice] tiny flying eyes, which you can send out to scout for you. You can’t see through the eyes, but when they return you can absorb them into your body and recieve images of everything they saw.

[ Rage ]D: [dice] roundsR: touch

Target flies into a rage (unwilling targets can save). They add +[dice] to all attack and damage rolls for the duration, and must make a melee attack each round – if no other targets are available, they must attack themselves.

[ Raise Skeleton ]R: touch

Target corpse returns to life as a skeleton with hit points equal to [sum] and HD equal to [dice]. If you lock the dice used, they are loyal to you; otherwise, they are neutral. Skeletons can wield weapons.

[ Raise Zombie ]R: touch

Target corpse returns to life as a zombie with hit points equal to [sum] and HD equal to [dice]. If you lock the dice used, they are loyal to you; otherwise, they are neutral. Zombies can slam for d6 damage. They can’t wield weapons.

[ Ray of Exhaustion ]R: 30’ + 15’x[dice]

Target saves with penalty equal to [dice] or is exhausted.

[ Reduce ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target halves in size. Unwilling creatures can save to resist.

[ Remove Affliction ]R: touch

Cures one affliction – blindness, deafness, sickness, disease, poison, etc. If the affliction was caused by a spell, at least the same number of [dice] must be invested to cure it. Otherwise, the number of [dice] required should be based on the severity of the affliction.

[ Replicating Ammunition ]D: [dice] rds R: touch

Touch a piece of ammunition. Whenever it leaves the quiver, a copy of it immediately appears where it was previously. The replicas vanish at the duration’s end.

[ Resist Element ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target absorbs up to [sum] points of damage of an elemental type you select (acid, cold, electricity, fire, etc).

[ Restoration ]R: touch

Restores levels lost to level drain. You must spend [dice] equal to the levels lost – you can’t cure them bit by bit.

[ Resurrection ]R: touch

Dead creature is returned to life. They must have died within [dice]x10 minutes. If their HD was greater than [dice], they return to life with negative levels equal to the difference.

[ Reveal Illusions ]R: 30’

Strips away all illusions within 30’ of you, unless more [dice] were used in their casting than you invested in this spell.

[ Reverse Gravity ]D: [dice] minutesR: 30’

Affects 10 sq.ft. per [dice]. Gravity is reversed in the area. You can lock the dice to make the effect permanent.

[ Sanctuary ]D: [dice] rounds R: touch

Target is protected by an invisible bubble of force for the duration. They can’t affect anything outside the bubble, and nothing outside the bubble can affect them. Unwilling creatures can save to resist.

[ Sebaceous Twin ]D: [dice] roundsR: touch

A parasitic twin bursts from the victim’s midsection. At the start of round, they save or lose 1 Strength. Each time they recieve healing, extend the duration. Each time they take damage, reduce the duration by 1 round. If taking damage reduces the duration to zero, the twin is violently excised and the victim starts bleeding.

[ See Invisible ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target can see all invisible things, unless the invisiblity spell used more [dice] than are invested in this spell.

[ Shadow Step ]D: [dice] minutesR: self

During the spell’s duration, you can teleport from a shadow to any other shadow you can see.

[ Share Senses ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

You and the creature you touch can freely exchange sensory information for the duration – ie they can see through your eyes, feel what you touch, smell what you smell, etc; and vice-versa.

[ Silence ]D: [dice] minutesR: 20’ radius

No sound can be emitted in the radius.

[ Slow ]D: [dice] roundsR: 120’

Target moves at half speed for the duration.

[ Slumber ]R: 60’

Up to [sum] HD of creatures in the radius save or fall asleep.

[ Speak With Dead ]D: [dice] minutes

You can ask a dead creature up to [dice] questions, and it will answer – though it is not obligated to be truthful.

[ Spell Resistance ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

For the duration, any time a spell affects the target, the caster must roll d20 greater than or equal to [sum] or the spell has no effect.

[ Steal Size ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

You double in size. The target halves in size.

[ Stinking Cloud ]D: [dice] minutesR: 120’

Creates a cloud 20’ in diameter. Anything within the cloud saves each round or is horribly sickened – they take a -2 penalty to all rolls, and the sickness persists 1d4+1 rounds after they leave the cloud.

[ Stone to Flesh ]R: touch

Heals [sum] points of petrification (see the Flesh to Stone spell).

[ Stoneskin ]D: [dice] minutesR: touch

Target reduces all non-magical damage taken by 5 for the duration. They’re also immune to bleeding.

[ Stunning Barrier ]D: [dice] rounds R: self

Any time a creature attacks you in melee, they must save (before rolling the attack) or be stunned for 1 round.

[ Summon ]D: [dice] roundsR: 30’

Summon a creature you have seen before with HD up to [dice]. It serves you for the duration. You can lock the dice to keep the summoned creature around.

[ Suppress Curse ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

The target ignores the effects of a single curse of your choice for the spell’s duration.

[ Swarm of Wasps ]D: permanent

Summon a swarm of wasps (about 10x[sum]) in number). They won’t leave the approximate area in which they are summoned, but they ruthlessly harass anything within.

[ Telepathic Link ]D: [dice] hours

Link up to [dice] + 1 willing creatures to one another; they can communicate telepathically over any distance, so long as they’re on the same plane. You can lock the dice to make the effect permanent.

[ Teleport ]R: [dice] miles

Teleport to a place you have been before and can visualize. Alternately, you can specify a direction and a distance, but this is Not Recommended.

[ True Form ]R: 120’

Removes polymorph effects. Effects with more [dice] invested than are used in this spell are unaffected.

[ Unwilling Shield ]D: [dice] roundsR: 120’

Any time you take damage, the target takes the same amount of damage.

[ Vomit Twin ]D: [dice] rounds

You vomit up an oozy duplicate of yourself. Every time you move, you can choose to either have the ooze-twin follow you, or not. At any time during the duration, you can instantly switch places with the twin. The twin is destroyed if it takes [sum] damage.

[ Wall of Fire ]D: [dice] roundsR: 60’

Creates a wall of fire, 10’ across per [dice], 10’ high and 5’ thick. Anything within 5’ of the wall takes [dice] fire damage, and anything inside the wall takes [sum] fire damage.

[ Wall of Force ]D: [dice] roundsR: 60’

Creates a wall, 10’ across per [dice], 10’ high and 5’ thick. Nothing can move through the wall, even incorporeal creatures, and it can’t be damaged.

[ Wandering Flame ]D: [dice] rounds  R: 30’

Flame embeds itself in the victim & they take [sum] fire damage. At the start of the next round, the flame leaps to a random creature within 30’, damaging them as well. This continues until no new victims are available or the spell expires. The caster & their allies are not immune!

[ Water Breathing ]D: [dice] hoursR: touch

Target can breathe underwater.

[ Web ]D: [dice] roundsR: 120’

Fills an area 20’ in diameter with a sticky web, which entraps anything within, and sticks to anything trying to move across it.

[ Zone of Truth ]D: [dice] minutes

You create an area 30’ in diameter, centred on you, in which nothing can knowingly lie.

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