Spheres of Might Handbook

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 Iron Will and Warrior Skill

A Spheres of Might Handbook

  • What is Spheres of Might? Spheres of Might is a third party handbook for the pathfinder roleplaying game. It focuses on giving new things to do to martial characters, greatly expanding the versatility and adaptability of martial options without increasing the numbers over core. A character built entirely with Spheres of Might typically has better things to do than full attack.

Color Coding



Martial Focus and You

Ways to regain Martial Focus as a stand alone action.

Ways to regain Martial focus as part of other actions.

The Spheres






Advanced Talents——-



Athletics Packages

Athletics Talents


Legendary Talents

Barrage Talents


Barrage Talents

Blitz Talentsu

Legendary Talents



Barroom Talents

Drunk Talents

Legendary Talents



Beastmastery Talents

Handle Animal Talents

Ride Talents

Legendary Talents



Berserker Talents

Espellcasteoxertion Talents

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Boxing Talents

Counter Talents

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Brute Talents


Legendary Talents

Dual Wielding


Dual Wielding Talents

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Duelist Talents

Bleed Talents

Disarm Talents

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Equipment Talents

Discipline Talents



Fencing Talents

Exploit Talents

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Gladiator Talents

Boast Talents

Demoralization Talents

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Guardian Packages

Guardian Talents

Zone Talents

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Lancer Talents

Impale Talents

Legendary Talents

Open Hand


Open Hand Talents

Legendary Talents


Scoundrel Talents

Trick Talents

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Scout Talents

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Shield Talents

Deflect Talents

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Sniper Talents

Snipe Talents

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Trap Talents

Dart Talents

Snare Talents

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Warleader Talents

Shout Talents

Tactic Talents

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Wrestling Talents

Slam Talents

Legendary Talents

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Combos, Trips, and Tricks section for each sphere. **in progress**

Thanks Section


Ways to regain martial focus section 2/4/18

Table of Contents Created 2/3/18

All base talents rated. 2/1/18

Color Coding

Red These options are terrible and should generally be avoided.

Orange These options tend to be highly situational, or just are below average

Green Solid options for certain builds, average to above average power level.

Blue Blue options are the cream of the crop. These are character defining options, or are simply that good.


Spheres of Might has 8 classes, with a good mix of front line combatants. At some point, the classes could use individual handbooks. I will not be rating them simply because there’s too much variety available to a particular class.

Armiger Armigers specialize in creating unique weapons that grant sphere effects to the vweapon. Armigers are excellent at specializing in multiple roles. Where another character might spend all their focus becoming an archer, or a mounted lancer

, or a tank, an armiger would have a weapon set for each role that would allow them to be nearly as effective.

Blacksmith Blacksmiths are focused around the creation, destruction, and enhancement of equipment, as well as being a competent frontliner in their own right.

Commander O captain, my captain. One of the more powerful classes in Spheres of Might, the commander specializes in granting extra actions and enhancing actions of those companions around them.

Conscript The build-a-bear of Spheres of Might, conscript has virtually no native abilities, but lots of sphere talents and feats, with the ability to customize to any potential character concept.

Scholar Arguably the oddest duck in the spheres classes, the scholar is a low-BAB-class with no magic in a combat supplement. They have good out-of-combat utility and some healing to offer, and can pull off some very cool tricks in combat.

Sentinel Tough as nails, the sentinel is by far the most defense oriented of the classes. Not only can the sentinel defend, they can put out some punishment with the right builds. My personal favorite.

Striker Where the sentinel is focused on defense, the striker is focused on bare knuckled offense as a base. Don’t underestimate them.

TTechnician The gadgeteer and weird science class. With the right picks, this can be a fantasy Iron Man, or a mecha rider.


Spheres of Might introduces only a handful of feats. The meat of the system is in the spheres themselves. They do have a few original feats and reprint a handful of other feats they wanted to emphasize. I’ll rate everything they printed, including the reprinted feats. Reprinted feats are marked with an asterisk.

Adopt Animal Ally: Good for evil characters who burn through their animal allies. 

Aerial Trip: Very nasty against flying opponents, particularly if you have some way to trip at range.

Combat Sphere Specialization (Combat): Decent if you’re heavily specialized in a sphere, and the sphere talents make use of base attack bonus, and you don’t have full BAB. 

Companion Trigger (Combat): With a little work, this can set up some nice combos.

Craft Ooze (Item Creation)*: I’m sure, someone, somewhere has a use for uncontrolled oozes.

Dragon’s Tattoos: If you use unarmed strikes, you either need this, or an amulet of mighty fists.

Extra Combat Talent (Combat): Heavily depends on the combat talent, but combat talents tend to have more variety and synergy than feats.

Extra Battlefield Specialization: Usually, the terrains you’ll be fighting in will be more than covered by the regular battlefield specialization you get.

Extra Prowess: Highly dependent on the prowess picked. A good number replicate feats.

Extra Scholar’s Knack: Most Scholar’s Knacks tend to be better than feats.

Extra Smithing Insight: Most Insights tend to be better than feats.

Extra Striker Art: Some solid choices here.

Extra Technical Insight: Some solid choices here as well.

Flyby Attack (Monster)*: Flyby Attack is nice. Mobile Striker from the Athletics sphere is way better.

Giantslayer (Combat)*: Pretty much a necessity if you are heavily maneuver based. Otherwise, a little weak.

Great Focus (Combat): This opens up lots of combat options and combos. Necessary for Spheres of Might focused characters.

Gunsmithing*: Do you want to use firearms? Then this is for you.

Heroic Resolve (Combat): Half the effects that would normally take you out, you can now suppress and still be useful.

Muscular Reflexes (Combat): Combat Reflexes based on Strength? Nice! Does not stack with Combat Reflexes. Does stack with Swift Reflexes from the Guardian sphere.

Piranha Strike (Combat)*: A requirement for finesse characters.

Practiced Interruption (Combat): Good for harassing mages.

Technological Training: Maybe worth taking if your local technician spreads out his inventions.

Titan Breaker (Combat)*: If you’ve taken Giantslayer, this is probably worth taking as well.

  • Two-Weapon Rend (Combat)*: A nice, solid damage boost for TWF. That said, the feat requirements are steep, and you don’t really need to feat requirements to be good at TWF with the dual wield sphere.

Zodiac Tattoos*: If you don’t use armor, this is pretty nice.

Martial Focus and You

Martial focus is a mechanic introduced in Spheres of Might. Certain talents give you extra bonuses if you have martial focus. Other talents allow you to expend martial focus as a significant boost to that talent. Bottom line, you want martial focus. You want to expend it to do cool stuff, but you also want it back as quickly as possible so you can do more cool stuff. The following is a list of ways to regain martial focus in combat. A minute of rest automatically restores martial focus, so you don't have to worry about regaining it out of combat. It's also worth mentioning that the feat Great Focus gives you two martial foci, which are gained and spent independently. Even with Great Focus, you can only regain martial focus once per round.

Ways to regain martial focus as a stand alone action


Total Defense(Anyone): Nice boost to defense, accessible to anyone.

Focusing Formula(Alchemy): Standard action to give someone else martial focus.

Focusing Advantage(Duelist): This is in two places because it takes a successful disarm as an attack action, and then a further immediate action.


Focusing Formula(Alchemy): Move action to give yourself martial focus.

Focusing Connection(Beastmastery): Move action to touch animal ally and give yourself martial focus, also gives animal ally minor bonus on saves.

Focusing Defense(Dual Wield): Move action to give yourself martial focus and minor bonus to AC and CMD.

Focusing Breath(Open Hand): Ends battered condition and regains focus.

Focusing Tactics(Warleader): Ally spends a move action to regain your martial focus. Perfect thing for a familiar to be doing.

Rest Hold(Wrestling): Regains your martial focus, and grappled opponent grants you soft cover; misses that almost hit you hit them instead.

Shielded Focus(Shield): Two triggering conditions. Move action to regain martial focus if fighting defensively. Or immediate if opponent misses your active defense.


Savage(Berserker): Whenever you reduce a creature at least half your CR to 0 hit points or less with a melee or thrown weapon attack.

Guardian's Focus(Guardian): Challenged creature reduced to 0 or fewer hp. No CR requirements, or success on a combat maneuver check provoked while using zone. 

Shielded Focus(Shield): Two triggering conditions. Move action to regain martial focus if fighting defensively. Or immediate if opponent misses your active defense.

Trapper's Recovery(Trap): If you get something with a trap and you're aware of it, immediate action focus recovery.

Multi-Action (Usually standard and immediate)

Focusing Feint(Fencing): Whenever you succeed at a feint, you regain your martial focus as a swift action.

Focusing Advantage(Duelist): It takes a successful disarm as an attack action, and then a further immediate action.

Focusing Thievery(Scoundrel): Takes a successful steal or dirty trick, then a free action Sleight of Hand. If successful, target is entangled and you move to any other occupied space adjacent to the target and regain martial focus.

KO Focus(Boxing): Successful use of Counter Punch on creature at least half your CR.

Focusing Finale(Lancer): Whenever you remove your weapon from an impaled creature. Normally a move action, can be standard and swift with Bloody Rip(Lancer).

Blitz Focus(Barrage): If you hit with at least two attacks while making a barrage.

Ways to regain martial focus 

as part of other actions

Full Round

Withdraw(Athletics): Regain focus when you use the withdraw action.


Self Confidence(Gladiator): Perform a boast as a standard action, get martial focus back.


Focusing Buzz(Barroom): Whenever you drink an alcoholic beverage as a move action, you regain your focus.

Focused Might(Brute): Whenever you succeed on a shove attack. No CR requirement.

Focusing Finale(Lancer): Whenever you remove your weapon from an impaled creature. Normally a move action, can be standard and swift with Bloody Rip(Lancer).

Hidden Focus(Scout): Whenever you stealth as part of a move action.

Focusing Reload(Sniper): Reloading a weapon you are wielding. Technically also applies to stand and full round reloads.


Whirlwind Flip(Athletics): On a successful acrobatics check through a threatened square.

Mobile Focus(Barrage): When you move at least 10 ft., but no more than half your speed.

  • The Spheres 



Formulae: Access to a wide variety of useful effects and the ability to prepare quite a few alchemical items at no cost.

Poison: Generally weaker and less useful than alchemical items, although there are exceptions. The poison granted by the base ability is ok, but literally anything else is an upgrade. Targets can’t be affected by the same poison more than once per round. Different poisons will work, though.


Anaesthetic Dosage: Stretches healing for the party. May increase to green if you are very short on healing

Drowsy Venom: Exhausted and sleeping are both solid conditions to inflict, but three saves is a lot to fail.

Frightening Hallucinogen: Solid if you like fear effects, but three saves is a lot to fail.

Mind Venom: Confusion is the best effect failing a single save will get you.

Nerve Venom: Nauseated is the best effect failing two saves will get you.

Painful Venom: Dealing damage isn’t bad, it’s just that your other options are better.

Performance Enhancer: Stat boosts are good, but the stat penalty and possibility of becoming sickened for 10 minutes move this down a notch.

Psychotropic Hallucinogen: This grants a very solid alchemical bonus outside of combat.

Talentless Poison: Circumstances for use of this poison would be rare.

*Poisons are rated assuming either the Skilled Applicator and/or Lasting Application/Careful Preparation talents. This section may be rerated at some point without those in mind. 


Aligned Liquid: For most purposes Improved Acid Flask or Improved Alchemist Fire simply do things better.

Focusing Formulae: If you don’t have another way to regain focus, this is a solid way to do it.

Grease: Not as good as the spell, unfortunately.

Improved Acid Flask: Solid damage, and potentially covers a large area. What’s not to like?

Improved Alchemist Fire: Solid damage, and potentially covers a large area. What’s not to like?

Improved Bottled Lighting: Solid damage in a line.

Improved Flash Powder: Blind! In an area?! Maybe green until you increase the duration past one round, but still nice.

Improved Fuse Grenade: Significant damage, but the 1d3 round delay is a killer.

Improved Itching Powder: -2 isn’t a bad penalty, but the other options available are simply better.

Improved Sneezing Powder: Messing with the enemies action economy. Yes!

Improved Tanglefoot bag: Entangled isn’t bad, it’s just that there are better options

Improved Thunderstone: Not that deafened is bad, but blind or staggered are better.

Panacea: For a single talent, you can cure nearly anything.

Salve: Salve offers a significant amount of healing.


Billowing Poison: 5 ft. radius increase on one subtype of poison is not that useful in most situations. Higher levels helps the radius, but this is pretty much for those who specialize in throwing around inhaled poisons. 

Careful Poisoner: Situationally useful. You can set this up so your melee fighters won’t have any trouble with inhaled poisons, but careful placement will take care of that more often than not. Could also be useful for allaying suspicions with ingested poisons.

Careful Preparation: Being able to set up all your poisons out of combat saves an enormous amount of time.

Controlled Rupture: Particularly at higher levels, formulae can have very, very large areas. This takes care of what could be tricky placement.

Cluster Toss: Can you say alpha strike? With the right combination of alchemical items, this can end encounters.

Delayed Poison: May be useful in some specific circumstances. Big thing is that even if the poison is delayed, most effects still only last for one minute.

Disabling Poison: Free battered condition, with no trade-off. What’s not to like?

Ingested Application: Situationally useful for the effects created.

Lasting Application: So many of your poisons get their best effects after multiple doses.

Master Chemist: Excellent if you’re picking up formulae, slightly less so if you are picking up poison. Poisons tend to be less useful unless you are heavily invested in them.

Potent Poisons: Poison effects last for two minutes instead of one. If you have a lot of long lasting combats, this may move up to green.

Risky Business: This can be enormously effective with the right setup, particularly targeting.

Skilled Applicator: Moving from a standard action to a swift action is worth it, if you’re invested in poison.

Snap Toss: Takes martial focus, but getting a free toss off is totally worth it.

Specialized Venom: Blue if you’re in a campaign that features enemies that are immune to poisons normally. Green otherwise.

Advanced Talents

Elixir of Immortality: Cool? Yes! Useful? Unless you are playing a game on an extremely long time scale or an older character from the start, this is less useful. You may also be able to sell/trade this formula to NPCs.

Necrotic Poison: The way this talent is written is confusing. As written, It looks like you may get zero to three negative levels per dose. Negative levels are pretty good, but a fairly slow onset puts this from green to orange.

Petrifying Poison: The best of the three step poisons. Staggered is a serious condition to inflict with a single failed save. Immobilized and petrified with further saves are icing on the cake.

Philosopher’s Stone: Holy crap. And this is why the philosopher’s stone is so sought after. One True Resurrection or tens of thousands of gold every month? 

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

Cluster Toss or a regular throw and Snap Toss allows you to use two formulae in the same round. Use an Improved Alchemist's Fire and Sneezing Powder. Things caught on fire need a full-round action to put it out. Sneezing Powder staggers, and only allows a move or a standard action. Until the sneezing powder wears off, they're going to burn.

Miracle Drink(Barroom) increases Str, Dex, or Cha for a few rounds. If you’ve got Careful Preparation and your practitioner modifier is charisma, this allows you to up the DCs of your poisons that you prepare ahead of time.

Can add poisons to dart traps from the Trap sphere with no downside.

Normal toss + Snap Toss + Focusing Formulae allows for two Alchemy items to be used per round, as long as your focusing formulae holds out.

Drunken Insight(Barroom) can help on crafting rolls if you find yourself short of the DC to make your items.



Coordinated Movement: Pretty good for repositioning.

Athletics Packages

Climb: Climb is amazing, but climbing in combat just doesn’t come up that often.

Fly: Flying is fairly useful, but the package benefits aren’t particularly impressive.

Leap: Falling damage happens often enough to get some use from this package. 

Run: A nice solid movement boost.

Swim: An absolute lifesaver when you need it, but you could also never need it, depending on the campaign.

Athletics Talents

Close Quarters Training: Very cool concept, and I so want to like this ability. But, there’s no real clear mechanical benefit to sharing a space, aside from soft cover.

Expanded Training: Not bad if you want the skill ranks or package abilities.

Mighty Conditioning: Unfortunately, this probably won’t be a particularly large bonus.

Mobile Striker: Spring attack with attack actions? Hell yes!

Mobility: +2 AC against attacks of opportunity is a subpar choice, given other options.

Multiple Motion: Potentially useful if you’ve got a good combination in mind.

Reactive Motion: With correct usage, this can save you from some situations, but the cost of the readied action makes it a bit more difficult to pull off.

Reflexive Twist: If your skill check is significantly higher than your AC, this might be a good thing to pick up.

Skillful Charge: Attack action on a charge! Now we’re talking.

Swift Movement: Bonus to ground speed as long as you’ve got martial focus.

Whirlwind Flip: A very solid way to regain focus.


Rope Swing (climb): Can we say Indiana Jones? Very cool. Ok if you specialize in whips. If you don’t, situations where you can use this will be rare. No mention of how long it takes to unsecure your rope. 

Scale Foe (climb, motion): Takes some investment, but this is a real screw you to giant monsters.

Sure Grip (climb): This is very useful when it comes up, but how often does it come up?

Diving Strike (leap or fly): This is a nice damage boost if you find yourself regularly above your enemies.

Powerful Wings (fly): Vertical ascent is nice, as is waving a lot of nuisance Fly checks. Some battlefield control is also very nice.

Unwilling Boost (leap): Can give you that extra push for a bit longer of a jump, but probably won’t be needed that much. 

Wall Stunt (leap or run): This opens up a lot of battlefield movement options. Definitely lower tier green, though.

Dizzying Tumble (motion): Forcing saves on a creature with very little extra activity on your part? Sounds like a winner!

Moving Target (motion): Miss chance is always welcome. 

Sudden Flank (motion): Did you know if you flank with yourself too much, you’ll go blind?

Solid talent if you’re going to be moving anyways.

Sharp Turn (run): If you are heavily charge focused, or invested in running, think about this.  Otherwise, give it a miss.

Strong Lungs (run or swim): Useful when it comes up, which is hardly ever.

Tumbling Recovery (run): This talent is a get out of jail card every couple of rounds.

Legendary Talents

Afterimage (motion): Autospawning mirror images with movement?

Air Stunt (leap, run): Running over air? Why not? Less useful with leap.

Bomb Jump (leap): Nice free movement when it pops up.

Dragoon Leap (leap): This gets you places, fast. Doesn’t mention how it interacts with diving strike.

Eagle’s Path (fly): Hey, it’s a nice fly speed!

Falling Mountain: I <3 this ability, just for the cool factor.

Flash Step (motion): Swift action short range teleport. Very useful.

Shark Swim (swim): Very useful when you need it, but it may not even come up.

Sparrow’s Path (fly): Flying is useful, but this only lets you fly for one round at a time until you have 8 ranks in Fly. The skill point bonus from the flight package also guarantees you can make this flight speed permanent at 8th level.

Speed Boost (run): Crazy good base speed for a few rounds. You can also run way faster than any of your party members. Fatigued afterwards, which isn’t great.

Sky Spider’s Touch (climb): “Climb on nothing but air.” WUT? In some ways, this is better than flying.

Terrain Glide (swim): Burrow speed? I can think of a couple uses for that.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

Under construction.


Barrage: The base ability of barrage, and it’s a decent start.  As an “Attack Action” that lets you attack twice (or more), this has great synergy with spheres that give a rider to attack actions like Duelist (if you attack multiple targets) and Fencing.

Barrage Talents

Augmented Grip: A very solid ability. So many other talents key off of you hitting. 

Battlefield Scavenger: Unless you’re using very expensive ammunition, this is a miss.

Blitz Focus: Regaining focus as an immediate action? Not bad. Mobile focus will be better in many cases.

Blowback Barrage: Free pushback on a failed Reflex save.

Close Combat Specialist: This lets you worry less about your personal positioning.

Intercepting Shot: Unfortunately, the circumstances to set this up are incredibly rare.

Mobile Focus: Probably one of the best ways to regain focus in the system.

Spinning Shot: An extra attack with no penalty is nice, though you can’t focus fire with it.

Unbalancing Combination: It doesn’t help you much, but it very well might set up one of your teammates

Vigilant Sharpshooter: Threatening is always nice.

Walking Fire: Acceptable, but not as useful as augmented grip.

Blitz Talents

Arrow Split (blitz): For any creature with significant DR or hardness, this is worth using.

Distracting Shot (blitz): In the vast majority of cases, it’s better just to have the extra attack.

Hammering Shots (blitz): -5 penalty to initiative.

Pinning Punishment (blitz): Immobilization is pretty nice.

Redirection (blitz): Better to just have the extra attack.

Suppressing Fire (blitz): This forces your opponent into two bad choices. Best on bosses and other big bad guys.

Legendary Talents

Cone of Death: Nice! Take it multiple times to get one of the largest area attacks in the entirety of Spheres of Might!

Ceaseless Ammo: Unfortunately, this talent disallows magical ammunition. May bump this to green if you’re using a magical bow and/or crossbow.

Stair Shot: This just doesn’t even hit the power level required for a reg  ular blitz talent, much less a legendary one. Other spheres are opening rifts in spacetime. This one makes a staircase that you can occasionally catch falling people with.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

Brutal Breaker(Barroom) + Jagged Edge(Barroom) + Shatter(Barroom) + Barrage: This combo allows for +1d4 damage and +1d4 bleed on every barrage hit with an improvised weapon. Depending on the strictness of your DM, you may also need the Quickdraw feat or equivalent talent to keep on pulling out improvised weapons to throw.

Walking Fire + Suppressing Fire + Barrage: If the opponent takes the shots like a man, the additional shots get a nice bonus to attack. Works the better, the more attacks base barrage has.

Barroom- (Tavern?)


Brutal Breaker: With this, you are never unarmed, provided there’s rubbish nearby. It’s also the first step towards being Jackie Chan. 

Hard Drinker: Move action to drink almost anything. Not too bad.

Barroom Talents

Barroom Expert: Congratulations! Your improvised weapons are now more flexible than regular weapons. Gets a nice damage boost as well.

Charming Drunk: Bluff or Diplomacy can make or break social encounters. Just make sure you have someone else take over face duties if you use the reroll.

Double Chug: Not particular useful until level 10, but after that, this is golden.

Drunken Boxer: Pretty nice for anybody, but a free maximized damage in exchange for losing you drunk status puts it to blue for those primarily focused on unarmed strikes.

Focusing Buzz: You get martial focus for something you were going to be doing anyway.

High on Fumes: Lets you effectively trade your martial focus for drunk status.

Improvised Shield: Shield bonuses are always welcome.

Iron Liver: If you are heavily invested in barroom, this is probably worth picking up. 

           Jagged Edge: Useful as long as you keep picking up new weapons.

Perfect Break: Most of the time, it’d be better to pick up something else from around you.

Shatter: Useful as long as you keep picking up new weapons.

Surprise: Also useful as long as you keep picking up new weapons.

Drunk Talents

Drunken Insight (drunk): Pretty useful, if not overused.

False Courage (drunk): Flavorful, but a little narrow.

Had a Few (drunk): Temporary hit points are always welcome.

Menacing Belch (drunk): If you are Intimidate-focused, this is green. Otherwise, avoid.

Miracle Drink (drunk): Alchemical boosts to stats are pretty hard to come by. Free action buff, decent in combat duration, what’s not to like?

Nice and Loose (drunk): Rerolling a Reflex save is golden.

Purge (drunk): I love the flavor on this, and I’m glad to see it here, but it’s just not that useful most of the time.

Reeling Steps (drunk): You get to ignore most AoOs for a round. This is one of the best mobility/setup talents in the game.

Legendary Talents

Alchemical Dragon: Improve this by a step if you are heavily invested in Alchemy. Don’t take it it you haven’t invested in Alchemy.

Blazewater: Something of a combo with Magic in the Spirits and Improvised Weapons.

Eternal Buzz: Swift action drunk status.

Go Limp: This talent basically doubles all healing received from damage taken while drunk.

Good for What Ails Ya: Drinking heals you (just not past a certain amount of hp). Congratulations!

Magic in the Spirits: Useful if you use improvised weapons often. Otherwise, not so much. Can be a good combo with blazewater.

Perfect Relaxation: Very solid against Reflex saves.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

Jagged Edge + Shatter + Surprise can be used every single new round as long as you don’t run out of things to improvise from the environment.



Handle Animal/Tame: This depends very much on the GM and his willingness to let you find tameable monsters. This talent could vary from the bluest blue to red.

Ride/Defensive Rider: It’s not a bad ability, but if you invest into your mount, there’s a fairly good chance your mount’s AC will be higher than your Ride check.

Beastmastery Talents

Accomplice: It’s very possible to get some nasty combos going with this. Pair with Faithful Friend, probably not worth it otherwise.

Animal Companion: Animal companion! Animal companion! ANIMAL COMPANION! I said it three times because I got so excited. Sure, it takes two talents to get full use out of this, but even that’s a bargain.

Armored Mount: This may actually make your mount last a while.

Coordinated Attack: Swift actions for an extra attack. This is one of the best action economy deals your pet can get.

Defensive Teamwork: This talent can be a lifesaver, but only on occasion. Pair with Faithful Friend, probably not worth it otherwise.

Double Team: Very much worth it, if your animal buddy is any good at combat maneuvers. Combos well with Run Down in the ride section.

Extra Beastmastery Package: If you want to ride your tamed beast, or if you want to tame something to ride, this is probably worth it.

Faithful Friend: Pretty nice with Accomplice or Defensive Teamwork. Probably not worth it otherwise.

Focusing Connection: This is definitely one of the more unimpressive ways to gather your martial focus.

Lookout: Perception checks are golden. Some GMs allow something very similar to this without this talent.

Pet: Familiar! Famili-I won’t do it again. Nearly as useful as the animal companion.

Rapid Handle: Very nice if you handle your animals regularly in combat. Otherwise, avoid.

Steady Handler: Take fifteen on tame, push or Ride checks?

Handle Animal Talents

Animal Empathy (handle animal): Diplomacy for animals? Very useful!

Bee Keeper (handle animal): Opening up swarms helps, but the double Hit Die cost is killer. Really hurts swarms, as most of them have far higher HD than CR.

Bolster Beast (handle animal): One of the primary problems with sticking with animals is that there are remarkably few good high HD animals. This fixes that. Don’t get it too early, but necessary for higher level play.

Broad Skills (handle animal): Opening up any animal type also helps, but the double Hit Die cost is killer. Green because you get more versatility in this over Bee Keeper.

Greater Trainer (handle animal): If one tamed animal is awesome, multiple are way better.

Mass Handle (handle animal): If you’ve got a lot of animals to tell things to, this is worth it.

Pack Attack (handle animal): Solid when combined with lots of animal pals.

Purposeful Training (handle animal): Dear beast lord, we thank you. Lets you customize your animal pals to your content. This is an incredible talent. It comes very close to making your tamed animals into animal companions.

Ride Talents

Acrobatic Mount (ride): Increases mobility by a fair bit.

Bronco Buster (ride): If the first check succeeds, you get a mount, take an enemy out of the combat until it succeeds at a Will save. Only green without Broad Skills and the handle animal package.

Guided Maneuvers (ride): Could be useful, but your mount may be better at the maneuver in question.

Meat Shield (ride): Instant total cover? This can be incredibly useful.

Run Down (ride): Do you have double team? If so, this is an incredible combo. Otherwise, it’s just ok.

Skirmish Rider (ride): Both of you get to hit and run without provoking. Very nice indeed.

Vaulting Flank (ride): Spend all that effort to get a mount and get bonuses from being mounted, and then give it up? Also requires both of you to hit, and a successful ride check.

Wild Rider (ride): Combos well with bronco buster. Otherwise, this is a miss.

Legendary Talents

Beast Tamer (handle animal): This is basically domination for anything with a 1 or 2 Intelligence score, assuming you have Broad Skills. Only works on things with fewer HD than you, but still very nice. 

Call Beast: Unlikely to be used much.

Distant Tamer (handle animal): Just doesn’t do very much.

Enduring Control (handle animal): If you’ve got Beast Tamer, this lets you go all day, instead of just an encounter.

Mass Tame (handle animal): Why not tame a lot of things at once?

Mindless Mastery (handle animal): Tame a golem? Why not?

Monster Breaker (ride): The question is, why shouldn’t you try to ride the BBEG as a mount?

Permanent Control (handle animal): Um. Yeah. That’s powerful. Quite possibly the most powerful ability in a powerful sphere. Don’t go too crazy, or your GM will throw the book at you.

Wild Speaker (handle animal): Dr. Doolittle is my name! Great for social encounters and investigations.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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Berserking: Nice boost to temporary hp, small penalty to AC. Good under the right circumstances.

  • Brutal Strike: No save batter and the option to get a nice damage boost! Even better when paired with (exertion) abilities.

Berserker Talents

Advancing Carnage: Works well if the enemy is clustered.

Beat Down: Many of the (exertion) talents cause significant debuffs with no saves. This makes those last much longer.

Bloody Counter: If you do more damage than they do, this is very much a valid option. If they’re already battered and hurting, there’s a decent chance they’ll go down before they can strike back.

Deathless: Lasting that much longer before dying can be pretty useful.

Decapitate: Incredibly situational. Just not going to find it useful most of the time.

Extended Exertion: With the right (exertion) talents, this one hit can be crippling.

Greater Sunder: Good for sunder builds and blacksmiths, otherwise avoid.

Reaper’s Momentum: This is pretty solid, but excellent if you have an easily accessible thrown weapon. Combos well with Throwing Mastery in the Equipment sphere.

Sanguine Invigoration: Temporary hit points for 1 round or helping with exhausted and fatigued for killing things.

Savage: If you are doing damage, things will be dropping on a fairly regular basis. This is one of the few ways to regain martial focus without an action.

Shatter Earth: Not a bad little talent. Gives you some battlefield control in a sphere otherwise completely devoid of it.

Exertion Talents

Bell-Ringer (exertion): Not bad against mages.

Bone-Breaker (exertion): If your attack hits, automatic penalty to attack and damage. Very nice.

Heavy Swing (exertion): Best used on already battered opponents-even if they succeed on the save, they’re automatically staggered for one round. Awesome against battered mages. Look at the Brute sphere for ways to batter the opponent before your attack.

Leg-Smasher (exertion): If your attack hits, automatic penalty to AC and Reflex. Great for larger, tougher opponents.

Mage Masher (exertion): Very cinematic, but not particularly useful the rest of the time.

Shieldbreaker (exertion): Slightly better for sunder focused characters. Otherwise, to be avoided.

Shrapnel (exertion): If you find yourself using Shatter Earth or sunder often, this is worth picking up. Otherwise, not so much.

Legendary Talents

Alter Terrain: Overly complicated for not much benefit.

Rift Strike: Uh. What? WHAT?! Teleport for martials. What more do I need to say?

Ruinous Tread: Potentially as much trouble for your allies as it is for your enemies. Cool as hell, though.

Spell Sunder (exertion): Great to have an option to deal with those pesky spells.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

Shove(Brute) + Follow-Through(Brute) + Heavy Swing + Brutal Strike: Shove moves you to the target, batters the target, and does a little damage. Brutal Strike and Heavy Swing deal damage. Heavy swing auto staggers battered enemies, and may daze if the save is failed. A successful Follow-Through pushes your staggered opponent away, making them choose between closing with you, or using a standard action where they stand. If you have Focused Might(Brute), you can use your martial focus on every Brutal Strike for extra damage and get it back on the shove.



Counter Punch: A nice solid ability to start out with. Somewhat of a gamble. If you pick the wrong thing, you’ve lost an action. The right thing gets you a nice damage boost and lets you add a (counter) talent. (Counter) talents are a little underwhelming, though.

Boxing Talents

Corkscrew Set Up: Helps prevent things from running away from your counter. May want it early on and retrain it later. 

Cross Counter: You get to attack and cause them to roll twice on their attack? Yeah, this one’s good.

Dug In Blow: Unfortunately, the DR isn’t a lot, and only triggers after you counter punch.

Gazelle Punch: Does a good job of keeping opponents in range.

Headfake: Very solid against most attacks of opportunity.

Heavy Counter: Pretty good, though less useful the more talents you have invested in unarmed spheres like Boxing.

KO Focus: Regaining focus for something you’d be doing anyways? I’m sold.

Overhead Smash: Reroll on attack and damage. That’s huge.

Raging Bull: Solid ability if you like charges.

Read the Rhythm: Perfect for feint or Intimidate or any other skill check based character.

Rope a Dope: Immediate action for fatigued or exhausted? No loss of martial focus? I’m sold.

Shadowboxing: Cool effect, but you probably won’t get to use it very often.

Shoulder Roll: Wait, so I get a nice AC boost and an attack back if they miss me? Worth dipping into Boxing just for this talent.

Sucker Punch: A good ability, but not without drawbacks.

Tight Guard: Extra AC and CMD is never a bad thing.

Violent Pressure: Shaken is pretty nice to inflict for a swift action.

Counter Talents

Clinch (counter): An acceptable way to start off a grapple.

Haymaker (counter): Situational. In most cases, clinching may be just as effective.

Jolt Counter (counter): Blue if you’ve got KO Focus, otherwise green. Great for making sure that punch lands.

Launching Uppercut (counter): Very cool effect, but primarily useful as a setup.

Liver Shot (counter): Good against squirmy opponents. One of the few counters that doesn’t cost martial focus.

Terrifying Hook (counter): How’s your Intimidate check?

Legendary Talents

Chasing Assault: An extra attack is a pretty good deal. Also, rule of cool.

Intense Conditioning (counter): This can really wreck a low Will save enemy’s encounter.

Cutting Comeback (counter): They really should have called this one trash talk. Effectiveness depends on your investment in the triggering spheres.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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Shove: Yes! One of the best basic abilities in any sphere. In return for only moving half your speed, you get to inflict a little damage and the battered condition, as a move action. This is a great setup for a lot of other spheres.

Brute Talents

Brace Weapon: This is great for making sure your shove actually hits.

Break Defenses: Pretty solid if you’ve got allies to take advantage of the attacks of opportunity. May increase to blue if your entire party is melee.

Brutal Manhandle: Allows two (manhandle) maneuvers. Ok, but not exceptional.

Dominoes: You won’t get a setup for this all the time, but it’s very nice when it hits. Hammer is better most of the time, though.

Earthquake Stomp: Mass trip attempts is nice, but it does require you to be in melee with quite a few opponents to make it worthwhile.

Focused Might: Shoving is great. Regaining martial focus on a shove? Even better!

Follow-Through: A free bull rush or reposition on an attack action hit? There is no downside to this, and it’ll happen most rounds.

Greater Brute: A very solid bonus for maneuvering your opponents around.

Greater Shove: Increases shove damage significantly.

Hammer: If you’ve got Follow-Through, this will trigger fairly often, for good damage. Combos great with Hostile Movement as well.

Hostile Movement: Being able to adjust course slightly on bull rushes is great. Blue if you’ve got Follow-Through and/or are a bull rush specialist.

Muscular Surge: Decent utility, but very situational. Might be more useful if it lasted longer.

Quick Force: Getting combat maneuvers in as a move action is very nice. 

Shift Weight: A very solid defensive ability.

Smash: Adding a lit bit of damage to a successful combat maneuver is very nice.

Stampede: A decent ability if you charge a lot. Best paired with Unstoppable.

Unstoppable: This is how you get to be Kool-Aid Man. Best paired with Stampede.


Dazed and Confused (manhandle): Staggered is pretty nice to inflict.

Drop (manhandle): Trip with Hammer is nice.

Dizzy Spin (manhandle): Concealment is ok, but staggered or entangled might be better.

Humiliate (manhandle): Great for those who try to run.

Perpetual Motion (manhandle): Great for chaining maneuvers. Reposition into bullrush with Hostile Movement and Hammer can be nasty.

Robbery (manhandle): Requires opponents to have something that needs to be disarmed or stolen.

Takedown (manhandle): You get to grapple. Not bad.

Throw (manhandle): This would be a solid ability if it didn’t require spending martial focus. As is… not so much.

Legendary Talents

Giant: Some decent static bonuses.

Terrain Trasher: This is pretty great for wrecking buildings, but otherwise…? Maybe green if you’ve got the Rock Toss Equipment talent.

Thunderous Clap: Damage and a free bull rush in a large area? I’ll take it!

Titan: Some very nice bonuses in here.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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Dual Wielding


Dual Attack: A solid talent that looks remarkably similar to something we’re familiar with.

Dual Wielding Talents

Asynchronous Swing: A very minor boost to damage. On the verge of orange.

Balanced Blows: Hitting is very nice. So many of your best abilities key off both attacks hitting.

Brutal Combo: If only this didn’t specify a standard action.

Critical Follow Up: Great if you’ve got an offhand with a wide crit range.

Crushing Combo: A nice damage bonus.

Cunning Combo: Best when combined with the Fencing sphere.

Dancing Display: Free movement tends to be good.

Defensive Whirl: Not a bad bonus at all.

Drumroll: A very minor debuff that happens automatically. Nothing to complain about.

Dizzying Combination: A little weaker than Drumroll, but still happens automatically.

Dual Opportunity: Not a bad little bonus when it comes up, but probably won’t come up all that often.

Focusing Defense: This is kind of underwhelming as a way to regain focus.

Following Strike: Hey, free attack against another opponent. This is worth it.

High-Low Combination: Tripping is pretty nice.

Impossible Reload: Very useful if you use crossbows or pistols.

Mercurial Flow: This is a major, major damage boost.

Mixed Assault: For sword and pistol/pistol crossbow. Not a bad benefit.

Paired Proficiency: A very solid choice that lets weapon focus, fighter weapon training, etc apply to both weapons.

Perfect Set-Up: In most cases, the loss of damage probably wouldn’t be worth it. One part targets flat footed, the other touch AC. Most enemies will be good at one or the other.

Repositioning Routine: Free reposition maneuver with your hit? Why not!?

Strategic Set-Up: This, this is very nice. The right maneuver can be worth more than that extra attack.

Synchronous Accuracy: A nice little bonus if you miss with your main attack.

Tandem Offensive: This could save you a bundle on magic weapons.

Tricky Combo: If only this didn’t specify standard action.

Legendary Talents

Cyclone Cut: This is a good amount of damage for a very decent area.

Three-Sword Style: This does give you an extra attack, but at the cost of an immediate/swift action.

Triangle Slash: There are so, so many broken combinations that can be made with this. Three attack actions is insane.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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Blooded Strike: A very good starter ability, on the verge of blue. It’s worth noting that this happens on any attack action, any attack of opportunity, and any disarm.

Duelist Talents

…And Stay Down!: An excellent blue ability if you are trip focused at all. Get this mostly for the attack. The Acrobatics check to get back up is icing on the cake. Combos well with leg cutter.

Bind Weapon: Great against those with natural weapons. 

Blooded Skeptic: This is a nice bonus, but may never come up in an entire campaign. Maybe worth taking if you want the Sense Motive bonus.

Defensive Slice: A very solid option for ranged defense.

Draw Cut: A little bit finicky to make work, but getting an attack and a disarm could be well worth it.

Focusing Advantage: If you are disarm focused, this may be worth picking up. Otherwise, avoid.

Hand Slasher: Useful when it pops up, but just doesn’t pop up that often.

Long Cuts: Makes your bleed damage nontrivial to heal.

Ooze Ichor: If these targets make up a large part of the campaign, this is a must. If minor, it’s still a good talent.

Scar Tissue: Very situational. The DR is nice, but as for reducing bleed how often do you face other bleed?

Bleed Talents

Clouding Cut (bleed): This would be much better if it didn’t take multiple rounds and a martial focus.

Debilitating Injuries (bleed): This is quite nice. Automatically inflicts a significant attack debuff on anything you can bleed.

Hurricane Strike (bleed): Attacking everything within reach as an immediate action?! That’s a nice talent.

Iai Slash (bleeding): Doubling bleed for one round is, well, just ok. 

Leg Cutter (bleed): Combos great with …And Stay Down! For a small penalty, you can force an opponent to Fortitude save or go prone.

Open Vein (bleed): A decent way to increase your bleed damage.

Perforating Wounds (bleed): Effectively doubles your bleed damage. On most targets.

Slickened Grip (bleed): This is a good setup for disarm attempts.

Disarm Talents

Finger Cutter (disarm): Double bleed damage on disarms.

Shattering Disarm (disarm): A solid setup for sunder based characters.

Swift Slice (disarm): This is what makes it worth disarming over a standard attack.

Traitorous Blade (disarm): It’s pretty good before you hit BAB 10, but it’s amazing afterwards.

Twirling Disarm (disarm): A solid damage boost for each successful disarm.o

Whirlwind Draw (disarm): Can set you up for Iai Slash (yuck!) or Hurricane Slash (yay!).

Legendary Talents

Bleed Air (bleed): This is quite a nasty ability, but does take some time to come into effect.

Dervish Launch (disarm): An ok option. Doesn’t stack with swift slice.

Jugular Cut (bleed): Takes a while to build up, but if it happens, it’s nice.

Sever (disarm, bleed): This doesn’t happen very often, but if it does come up, holy crap.

Vacuum Cut: The requirement for spending martial focus and the penalties make this a hard talent to recommend. Visually cool, though.

Vacuum Slice: If you picked up Vacuum Cut, Vacuum Slice is definitely worth it.

Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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Equipment Talents

Armor Training: Armor proficiency, what’s not to like?

Armored Defense: A solid boost to CMD at higher levels.

Arcane Armor: Wizard in full plate, go! Unarmored Training from this sphere is better for just one talent. Useful for thematic builds, and in case you are helpless, immobilized, or encumbered.

Balanced Defense: Definitely worth it if you’re going single weapon. 

Craftsman: Solid if you want to make your own gear. 

Critical Genius: This won’t make a great deal of difference before +10 BAB. Only nice for some weapons.

Crushing Thrower: If you are Strength-based, and want a little bit of ranged ability, this is a great option.

Dual Blade Savant: It’s nice if you use a dual blade, I guess?

Duelist’s Grip: Definitely worth it if you’re going single weapon.

Expert Reloading: A solid choice for crossbow experts.

Fast Draw: A solid choice for pretty much anybody. 

Finesse Fighting: Necessary for finesse-based characters. 

Gauntlet Shield: Good option for unarmed/monk style characters to get a shield that can be enchanted and used for various talents.

Garrote Grappler: Finicky, but could see use in a specialized garrotte build.

Guarded Combatant: Good when it comes up, just very unlikely to come up.

Gun Kata: Great if you want to be an action movie star.

Mechanical Savant: Pretty much a necessity for a crossbow or firearm build.

Net Master: If you have a net build, this is for you. 

Polearm Mastery: Being able to hit everywhere is a big deal. Not so useful if you don’t use polearms.

Shield Expert: The bonus is nice, but doesn’t quite make the cut for green.

Shortbow Mastery: The extra attack is quite nice.

Sling Combatant: One sling to rule them all! Very good if you are a sling based character.

Spear Dancer: There’s potential for shenanigans here with a reach weapon and finesse.

Split ShotSplitshot: Extra shot for a small penalty? Hell yes!

Staff Mastery: Good if you like staves.

Steady Shooting: Takes away the primary advantage of firearms, but it could be useful with long ranges.

Throwing Mastery: This is great for throwing based characters, and pretty good for anybody else.

Thrower’s Reflexes: Good when it comes up, but very situational.

Tower Shield Mastery: Finally, something that makes tower shields worthwhile!

Unarmored Training: If you normally wear light armor, this may actually be better.

Unorthodox Firing: Just not that useful most of the time.

Versatile Shield: A very solid choice for shield bashes.

Whip Fiend: A must if you’re using whips.

Discipline Talents

Archery Bash (discipline): If you use a bow, this is for you.

Bounty Hunter’s Tools (discipline): Very useful for the ability to inflict nonlethal damage.

Bushido Training (discipline): Good mix of eastern weapons.

Custom Training (discipline): Can’t get any better than this. Give yourself whatever you want.

Dancer Training (discipline): No ranged weapons, and most of these are rare.

Double Weapon Training (discipline): If you want to use double weapons, it’s better to gain access to a single double weapon along with others in another discipline.

Duelist Training (discipline): A good mix of weapons, though a little light on ranged weapons.

Dwarven Heritage (discipline): Long list of weapons, but only one ranged weapon mixed in.

Elvish Heritage (discipline): A great mix of good melee and ranged weapons,

Firearm Proficiency (discipline): If you want firearms, this is for you.

Gladiator Training (discipline): Long list of weapons, but rare, and little ranged support.

Gnomish Heritage (discipline): A decent mix of weapons with a lot of secondary usages.

Halfling Heritage (discipline): Great if you’re going for slings. Otherwise, avoid.

Huntsman Training (discipline): Acceptable if you want an archer, but you probably want something for melee.

Knightly Training (discipline): Good melee weapons, but no ranged weapons. Good bonus on the charge.

Mechanical Training (discipline): Acceptable if you want crossbows,

Monk Weapon Training (discipline): Most characters who would be interested in monk weapons tend to do better with unarmed strikes.

Orc Heritage (discipline): A long list of weapons, but only one thrown weapon mixed in.

Outrider Training (discipline): An excellent mix of melee and ranged weapons.

Peasant Training (discipline): No ranged support, and a good chunk of the weapons offered are underwhelming.

Pikeman Training (discipline): Even with the brace weapon damage bonus, there’s simply not enough variety here.

Pirate Training (discipline): The theme is nice, but most of the weapons are underwhelming.

Rock Toss (discipline): Surprisingly useful, this is a very decent ranged option.

Rogue Weapon Training (discipline): On the verge of being blue, this grants you a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons.

Shield Training (discipline): You know how to use shields. What else do you want?

Toolkit Training (discipline): Great for flavor, unimpressive otherwise.

Tribal Training (discipline): Unimpressive weapons that probably won’t pop up unless the GM feels sorry for you.

    Unarmed Training (discipline): This is actually pretty nice if you go unarmed.

    Legendary Talents

    Get Over Here!: Test your might! Great for reeling in those rear line opponents.

    Magic Armor: Yeah, this is crazy good. Getting a deflection bonus.

    Oversized Weapons: Just not impressive, damage wise.

    Stable Shooter: Very situational.

    Sword Shooter:Excellent talent, though I’m personally not fond of the name/flavor. It’s actually pretty nice if you invest in it.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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    Fatal Thrust: A very solid starter ability. The requirements aren’t too hard to pull off, and get easier with some talent investment. Solid damage boost. Applies to any attack action or attack of opportunity.

    Fencing Talents

    Expert Feint: A great way to mess up opponents.

    Fast Feint: Feinting as a move action, what’s not to love?

    Fatal Opening: Odds are you can get your critical range increase from elsewhere with less investment and have it apply to all attacks.

    Feint Strike: Great combo with Fast Feint!

    Focusing Feint: A pretty good way to regain focus.

    Footwork: Losing a swift action and your 5 ft. step the next round is kind of a killer.

    Group Cover: A very nice defensive boost when fighting a lot of enemies.

    Impassable Defense: Can be a good way to set up combos, but the guardian sphere’s patrol is better.

    Lunge: It’s extra reach. Pretty nice. Would be blue if not for the to-hit penalty.

    Masterful Defense: If you’re having no trouble hitting, the bonus to AC can be very nice.

    Open Guard: Free battered condition. Nice!

    Pace Setter: Automatic forced movement. Can’t complain.

    Parry and Riposte: Can do a good job of punishing those who attack you.

    Read Foe: Sense Motive ranks. Not bad.

    Skewer: Extra damage and another exploit talent? I’m sold!

    Unlikely Feint: Great if you have a lot of opponents who would be immune to feint. Good otherwise.

    Verbal Feint: A very solid way to help out if you find yourself far away from melee.

    Exploit Talents

    Ankle Strike (exploit): Free trip!

    Arm Strike (exploit): Penalty is a little low, but has the potential to last for a while.

    Belt Cutter (exploit): Free steal!

    Chest Strike (exploit): They get a save to avoid it, so not as good as it could be.

    Distracting Blades (exploit): It would be far better if this was explicitly battered.

    Face Strike (exploit): Free concealment to everybody? What’s not to like?

    Hand Slash (exploit): Free disarm! Even better if you’ve invested in the Dueling sphere.

    Leg Slash (exploit): The penalty to movement isn’t bad.

    Repositioning Strike (exploit): Half your movement as a free action? This is great for battlefield movement.

    To the Hilt (exploit): Good if your allies can’t get through DR, but a little uncommon to come up.

    Wide Open (exploit): Now we’re talking. Especially at higher levels, that’s a nasty penalty.

    Legendary Talents

    Master of Deception: Free action confusion? Nice!

    Master of Words: Saves you some skill points. Nice to maximize one of them and get the bonuses for all of them.

    Parry Anything: Parrying spells is pretty amazing.

    Shadow Strike (exploit): Being able to target ethereal creatures is nice. But it probably won’t come up that often. Being able to fatigue corporeal creatures can be useful.

    Soul Strike (exploit): The penalty is just a little low for a legendary talent.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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    Prowess (boast): A solid starter ability.


    Strike Fear (demoralization): This is not a great ability to start with, but if you invest enough, it becomes godly.

    Gladiator Talents

    Derision: Gives another trigger for boast. Not bad.

    Fan Favorite: Getting a boast off as a free action?! Nice!

    Master of Fear: Good if you’re investing into strike fear.

    Self Confidence: Standard action recovery, but you can also attack with it, or use another useful boast. Not bad. 

    Theatrical Boast: The vast majority of your boasts are short ranged.

    Trash Talker: Two boasts at once? Why not?

    Uncowed: Nice when it pops up, but circumstantial.

    Boast Talents

    Bloodthirst (boast): Extra attack. Nice!

    Caper (boast): Just a little bit worse than Menace.

    Distracting Display (boast): Good for helping rogue allies. If you don’t have anyone who can benefit from this, don’t take it.

    Exemplar (boast): Like prowess, but for the rest of your party. Excellent choice.

    Inspiring Pose (boast): Under the right circumstances, you can really help an ally out.

    Menace (boast): Discouraging all movement towards you is a powerful battlefield control option.

    Steel Braggart (boast): The DR is nice, but a little light in most cases.

    Demoralization Talents

    Cow Enemy (demoralization): A good way to target individual enemies. Cornugon Smash is strictly better, but also available much later.

    Coward’s Bane (demoralization): A solid boost to hit.

    Daunting (demoralization): A solid source of damage. Fun when combined with Derision.

    Frightful (demoralization): As soon as you get your Intimidate pumped, take this! 

    Piercing Fear (demoralization): Well, this makes things work for all enemies.

    Spectacle (demoralization): Making everything a little bit more afraid with each enemy you take down? Best when combined with Frightful.

    Legendary Talents

    Aura of Fear (demoralize): Free aura fear effect? YES!

    Burn the Chaff: This is a very cool ability, but most creatures with less than half your BAB have a pretty good chance to drop even without the extra damage.

    Deafening Clangor: Weak affect, targets allies, and more of a nuisance than anything.

    Nightmare Fuel: I love the flavor on this and this is blue for recurring villains. But very little survives for another encounter.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

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    Delayed Damage Pool: Significantly increases the amount of damage you can take.

    Guardian Packages

    Challenge: A solid ability that makes opponents focus on you over anyone else.

    Patrol: Assuming you have extra attacks of opportunity, this quickly moves from ok to great as you level and invest talents into patrol.

    Guardian Talents

    Cold Iron Call: Getting to ignore magic for a round, and assisting your allies against magic is pretty amazing

    Complex Patrol: If you’ve got Swift Guardian, this is a must have. If not, it’s still good.

    Defend Other: Solid boost to ally AC.

    Durable: Taking the sting out of special abilities and delaying them for a round on you is totally worth it.f

    Endure Pain: This greatly extends the amount of damage you can take, as well as making combat a little less lethal.

    Expanded Guardian: So many talents do extra when you have both challenge and patrol going.

    Flush of Victory: Odds are you already have plenty of health, but if you’re still worried about it, take this

    Greater Delayed Damage: It’s not bad, just a little underpowered for a talent

    Guardian’s Focus: A decent way to regain focus, and a reason to take Defend Other.

    Iron Wall: If you have both challenge and patrol up, this is an incredible ability. Otherwise, it’s solid.

    Mageguard: A very solid ability against casters. High level casters now run the risk of actually failing to cast defensively.

    Mass Challenge: Everything you like about challenge, now vs. multiple targets!

    Steel Hide: Good anticritical measure.

    Sweeping Defense: What an odd little ability. Useful, though.

    Swift Guardian: Patrol as a standard/move action! Challenge as a swift! Yes! 

    Swift Reflexes: If you consistently find yourself running low on AoOs, get this. If you are heavily invested in patrol, this is almost a necessity.

    Zone Talents

    Assist (zone): This is just a little bit weak

    Clear Path (zone): Helps with ally battlefield mobility.

    Punishing Rebuke (zone): Greatly reduces enemy options in your patrol. Forces most enemies to provoke from you.

    Roving Flanker (zone): A decent boost to everybody’s attack.

    Stand Still (zone): Solid way to group up enemies for another talent, and to stop movement through your zone. As an alternative, you could just take Shift Weight from the Brute Sphere, which is in some ways better.

    Steel Hedge (zone): Battlefield control for the win! Also kills those annoying five foot steps that don’t provoke.

    Legendary Talents

    Final Retribution: Not bad, but you have to be about dead for this to go off.

    I Will Come: If you’ve got I Will Hear, this is actually pretty good.

    I Will Hear: Cool as anything, and great flavor. But probably not useful.

    Indomitable: Preventing death for a time is nice, but it only allows one round worth of actions.

    Inescapable Challenge: Makes your challenge better.

    Punishing Challenge: The damage is nice.

    Punishment: If you’ve been using the Guardian sphere, you will have things in your pool.

    Singularity (zone): This makes your zone patrol pretty inescapable.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.



    Impale: Let me get this out of the way. This is only really good under some circumstances. You need to be focused on a single target, you need to be able to hit with the -2 penalty, and you should preferably have reach when they do not. They should also have no way of attacking you without provoking. The less of these apply, the less useful this is. Good news is impale gets better the more impale talents you apply. Can move to low tier blue with enough investment.

    Lancer Talents

    Adamant Stalker: Pretty nice following talent, and the upgrade is really nice.

    Bracing Pierce: This actually lets you use brace more often. If it hits, the opponents charge is wasted. Pretty nice!

    Double Impale: If you can set it up, this is great.

    Focusing Finale: If you’re going to be impaling, it’s nice to get martial focus back for unimpaling.

    Opportune Impalement: Very nice if you’ve got a reach weapon.

    Pincushion Punishment: A good debuff, but requires lots of weapons to pull off.

    Pinning Impale: Impaling on a charge? That’s nice! You go from a -2 penalty to hit to a +2 bonus! Pinning people to walls is also fun.

    Ranged Impale: Removes most of the advantages of impale. Slightly better if you’ve got pinning impale.


    Terrifying Pierce: Pretty good!

    Whirlwind Knockdown: Mass trip is pretty nice!

    Impale Talents

    Bloody Rip (impale): Getting to remove the weapon as a swift action is nice!

    Cruel Vibration (impale): If you’re going to be attacking, getting max damage is pretty nice.

    Distracting Tear (impale): Attack of opportunity are nice, but unbalancing twist does it better.

    Human Shield (impale): Good if you’re good at combat maneuvers, otherwise avoid.

    Painful Twist (impale): Good if you’re specialized in dirty trick. Otherwise, no.

    Ragdoll Swing (impale): Remember how you couldn’t attack anything because your weapon was stuck in somebody? Yeah, this takes away the main disadvantage of impalement. May want to take some talents to improve improvised weapons.

    Staggering Tear (impale): Good chance to stagger on removal.

    Unbalancing Twist (impale): You, and you and you all get to attack! Trading a move action for your allies to attack is a big winner.

    Legendary Talents

    Dimensional Pierce: Good against magic.

    Soul Link: This makes it even more unpleasant to be impaled.

    Soul Pierce: Automatic negative levels? Nasty!

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.

    Worth noting that impale works particularly well with unarmed strikes. The biggest disadvantage of losing your weapon against other threats is no longer an issue.

    Open Hand


    Sweep: Decent starter talent. Being able to trip as a move action is fairly nice.

    Open Hand Talents

    Axe Kick: A very, very nice damage boost.

    Capoeira Spin: How often do you fight from prone? 

    Counterbalance: Trip on a miss is nice.

    Fading Slide: Minor damage in exchange for making yourself prone. Better if you’ve got Capoeira Spin.

    Focusing Breath: A slightly below average way to regain focus.

    Grasping Hand: A free grab attempt. Nice!

    Greater Trip: Makes sweep that much better.

    Hurricane Kick: With correct positioning, this is a very nice ability.

    Iron Fist: Situationally ok to take once, it’ll be incredibly rare to run into hardness equivalent to your BAB past early levels.

    Joint Lock: If your plan involves grappling, they already won’t be able to move from the grapple.

    Judo Throw: This can be heavy damage, but it does take a standard action.

    Kick-Off: Decent battlefield movement.

    Mystic Fists: Or you could just get an amulet of mighty fists.

    Shattering Palm: Good if you’re sunder or disarm focused. Note that this doesn’t have to be at the same target.

    Sliding Heelkick: Dropping yourself prone at the end of a charge isn’t the best idea. Better if you’ve got Capoeira Spin.

    Snap Kick: This is the most solid talent in a list of mostly lackluster open hand talents. Getting a free attack on a trip attempt is nice. Combo with Sweeping Kick and Axe Kick.

    Suppressive Rush: This puts an enemy in a no win position.

    Spinning Heel Kick: An additional attack is not bad.

    Sweeping Kick: This is what I’m talking about. Better than sweep in almost all situations. Combo with Snap Kick and Axe Kick.

    Tear Flesh: Good against those with natural armor. Otherwise, a bit of a miss.

    Waving Hand: Swift action batter is ok.

    Legendary Talents

    Air Cannon: A nice AoE attack.

    Devil’s Strikes: Move action for a damage boost.

    God Hand: Nice, but situational.

    Soul Sunder: Removes most enemies from a single combat. 

    Yoga Strikes: The reach is very nice, but taking a move action is rough.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.


    Swift Hands: A very solid suite of abilities to boost steal and dirty trick.

    Marked Target: Battered as a swift action and a penalty to Perception check. Solid.

    Scoundrel Talents

    Bob and Weave: Good if you are heavily Stealth-based, but not for most builds.

    Counter Theft: Stealing an opponent's weapon before they finish an attack? Epic.

    Cut and Run: Great for battlefield mobility.

    Distracting Trickery: Useful to shut down AoO builds, but other than that.

    Filthy Distraction: Useful, but only situationally.

    Focusing Thievery: Immediate action to focus and entangle.

    Improved Grifting: Makes dirty trick and steal hit way more often.

    Master Thief: Makes steal much better.

    Melee Confusion: Flanking is nice.

    Misdirected Attack: Not only does the attack miss you, it hits someone else.

    Playing Dirty: This is pretty much a necessity for those dirty tricks to be more than a nuisance.

    Switcheroo: Not useful in combat, but has a lot of out of combat potential.

    Twist the Knife: Free steal on a… critical hit? Can be ok with a crit build. Otherwise avoid.

    Trick Talents

    Blustering Shenanigans (trick): Solid if you have focused in demoralize.Combos with gladiator sphere.

    Broke and Broken (trick): Very useful if you like steal.

    Cleaned Out (trick): If you are using steal often, getting multiple items is quite nice.

    Double Dip (trick): More status effects are nice!

    Fancy Footwork (trick): Chaining maneuvers is always good.

    Mug (trick): This might actually be worth the double dip to be able to have an attack on a successful dirty trick.

    Ranged Trickery (trick): Dirty tricks at range can be pretty nice.

    Tunnel Vision (trick): Concealment is pretty nice.

    Legendary Talents

    Dirty Curse (trick): Curse is a little worse than what you can normally use.

    Steal Charm (trick): Note that this does not have a minimum of 1. At mid to upper levels, this can cause unconsciousness in low to mid charisma opponents.

    Steal Heart (trick): Charm is always useful.

    Steal Identity (trick): Can be useful if you use Disguise often. How often do you use Disguise?

    Steal Talent: If you guess the right feat, this can ruin an enemy build.

    Steal Spells (trick): This can make or break an enemy.

    Steal Skill (trick): This takes a lot to set up.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.


    Scout: -Knowledge is power.

    Scout Talents

    Active Camouflage: Not useful most of the time, unless you’re going for a stealth/sniper build. 

    Deadly Strike: A solid damage boost.

    Discern Condition: Most GMs will let you do this even without this talent.

    Discern Illusions: Useful against illusions, but not that common of a situation.

    Discern Tells: Decent bonus to Sense Motive.

    Find Gap: Significant bonus to hit at higher levels. Very nice.

    Great Senses: Perception is incredibly useful, but this doesn’t give you any benefit beyond additional skill ranks.

    Heightened Awareness: Noticing something can mean the difference between a cakewalk encounter and a near TPK.

    Hidden Appearance: If you use Disguise often, this may be worth it.

    Hidden Focus: A perfectly average way to regain focus.

    Identify Rhythms: A very decent boost to your AC against your scouted creature.

    Identify Structural Hazards:

    Lurker: Certain creatures don’t auto win against your Stealth. If you are Stealth-based at all, this is very worth it.

    Piercing Eye: When this comes up, which isn’t that often, it will be very, very useful.

    Reflexive Stealth: Free Stealth on a good Reflex save? Pretty nice.

    Sense and Resist Scrying: Great against pesky mages.

    Sight Beyond Sight: When you need this, you need this.

    Somnambulance: Cool flavor, but only situationally useful.

    Sudden Acuity: Boost to scout and move action Perception? Sign me up.

    Target Weakness: Against anything with vulnerability, this is great.

    Track the Scene: Knowledge is power. If this comes up, it’s really nice, but how often will it come up?

    Uncanny Dodge: It’s uncanny dodge. What’s not to like?

    Unimpeded Positioning: Ignore difficult terrain? Nice!

    Wind Reader: How often do wind penalties really come up? And it takes a swift action.

    Legendary Talents

    Detect Surface Thoughts: Takes a couple of rounds to spin up.

    Inimical Gaze: Multi target auto scout. All those nice bonuses you get now.

    Magehunter’s Vision: Detect Magic works pretty well too.

    True Sight: A non magical true seeing spell. This is amazing!

    Vanish: Nice to always be able to hide.

    Walk Unseen: Most GMs simply don’t keep track of cover/concealment once you are already stealthed. Improves to green if they do.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.



    Active Defense: A very, very nice boost to AC! This is basically an auto dodge for most opponents if you’ve got a good AC to start with.

    Shield Talents

    Bashing Shield: If you use shield bash, this is a must.

    Battering Defense: Takes a little bit too much to setup. May improve to green with regular use of Extensive Defense.

    Blockade: This one is just so cool.

    Cover Ally: A nice, solid benefit.

    Deflecting Shield: Touch attacks tend to be the bane of a lot of characters

    Extensive Defense: Well, almost nothing’s going to hit you, and you get to apply (deflect) talents to every single attempt.

    Flexible Cover: Pretty nice if you’ve got a tower shield, mediocre otherwise.

    Greater Deflect: Not a bad talent, but the (deflect) talents themselves don’t combo well. It’s still good, but not quite good enough to move to blue.

    Hardened Shield: Useful if you run into sunder attacks, but how often is that? More useful if you use Sacrificial Shield.

    Interposing Shield: A small boost to DR for one attack just isn’t that useful.

    Punch Block: If your attack with shield bash is significantly higher than than your AC, this is a no-brainer. If it’s not, avoid.

    Reactive Defense: Yes, the attacks of opportunity are nice, but the -4 to hit is steep.

    Shield Skate: As weird as this is, it’s not actually a bad talent.

    Shielded Focus: Really only good for the regain when they miss your active defense.

    Deflect Talents

    Catch Blade (deflect): If the enemy only has one weapon, this is a pretty great way to go.

    Forced Rebound (deflect): Free bull rush on a miss! Pick one of the three melee miss talents and go with it.

    Jarring Block (deflect): Free disarm if they miss! Pick one of the three melee miss talents and go with it.

    Redirecting Shield (deflect): Very nice against ranged attacks.  Melee too. If not wielding a reach weapon, a character is within their own reach (notice a swarm can be attacked if it shares your space). Stop hitting yourself!

    Sacrificial Shield (deflect): OK if you’re setting up for for Life’s Shield and/or you’ve got Hardened Shield. Otherwise, this is likely to lead to your shield based character breaking his or her shield quickly.

    Smashing Counter (deflect): Free shield bash if they miss in melee! Pick one of the three melee miss talents and go with it.

    Legendary Talents

    Life’s Shield: This can save you from death.

    Perfect Redirection: Take an enemy targeted spell and use it against them.

    Soul’s Shield: Very nice!

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.

    Bloody Counter(Berserker) + Sacrificial Shield



    Precise Shot: No more penalty for firing into melee. Very nice.

    Deadly Shot: Get to add a (snipe) talent and have the option of trading in martial focus for big damage.

    Sniper Talents

    Breaking Blast: Useful for ranged sunder, but ranged sunder tends to be very meh.

    Covering Fire: This is an absolutely amazing ability. Great for battlefield control. Needs combat reflexes or equivalent, though.

    Focusing Reload: Who uses a move action to reload? On the other hand, if you’re in no immediate danger, were you really going to use that move action anyway?

    Perfect Shot: The combination of ignoring concealment and rerolling nat ones is pretty nice.

    Sniper Shot: Two snipe talents as a full round action can be very worth it. Some of the snipe talents are nice.

    Targeted Assault: Solid way to get a little bit more damage in on otherwise resistant targets.

    Unblockable: Very nice if they have anti-archer measures in place

    Snipe Talents

    Bouncing Shot (snipe): Steady Shot does this better, for the most part.

    Head Shot (snipe): Fort save or die? Doesn’t get much better.

    Hindering Projectiles (snipe): Auto inflict stacking penalty? Nice!

    Piercing Shot (snipe): This does take some positioning, but can completely win an encounter with the right circumstances.

    Pinning Shot (snipe): Cool concept, but I think Tangling Shot is just better.

    Push Shot (snipe): Free bull rush? Nice!

    Shattering Shot (snipe): A little better if you have Breaking Blast and Targeted Assault.

    Shield Shot (snipe): Decent if the opponent is built around a shield, but won’t come up that often.

    Steady Shot (snipe): Can be useful occasionally.

    Tangling Shot (snipe): Free entangle? Can use a standard action to remove it, but they used a standard action.

    Thread the Needle (snipe): Auto inflict blind at BAB +10? Only ok before BAB +10.

    Trap Technician (snipe): Cool flavor, but how often do you snipe traps?

    Trip Shot (snipe): Free trip attempt where you get to use your attack roll. Nice!

    Weapon Shot (snipe): Free disarm where you get to use your attack roll. Only ok, because they can pick the weapon up pretty easily if you’re at range.

    Legendary Talents

    Fragmenting Shot: Solid additional damage that you don’t have to do anything to trigger.

    Phasic Shot: Congratulations, you can attack anywhere within range. If you have a way of reliably sensing enemies, this trivializes most dungeons.

    Star Scraper (snipe): Epic. But very hard to pull off in practice. At least until you have Phasic Shot, then this is game breaking.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.



    Darts: Acceptable damage within close range.

    Snares/Tripwire (snare): Great with Persistent Trap. This is one of the few traps that sticks around after triggering.

    Trap Talents

    Alchemical Trap Master: Odds are if you’ve invested enough in Alchemy to want to use alchemical items in your traps, the saves will be equivalent. Solid for using merchant bought poison. That DC 13 drow poison that causes unconsciousness that nobody ever fails? It’s now DC 10 + ? ranks in Craft (Traps) + practitioner modifier.

    Combined Traps: Great for getting more bang for your triggered traps. Does not combo well with Persistent Trap.

    Expert Eye: Nice if you’re in a game where you’re the anti-trap guy. Otherwise, best to avoid it.

    Opportunist: If you have a decent attack, this is solid.

    Persistent Trap: Without this, you’re limited to traps set just before combat starts.

    Rapid Placement: In a lot of cases, you can save enough time to justify using a move action focus recovery technique.

    Razor Wire: Persistent Trap and this make for a wonderful pair.

    Remote Trigger: Forcing the save reroll can be important. The actual remote trigger aspect is less so.

    Trap Wielder: Full-round action to hit someone with a trap could very well be worth it.

    Trapper’s Recovery: Immediate action recovery is fairly decent, though it could be somewhat hard to trigger.

    Trapsmith: Good if you’re in a position to make permanent traps. Most campaigns, this will not happen.

    Warning: Greatly helps battlefield mobility.

    Dart Talents

    Deadly Dart (dart): A pretty minor damage boost in the grand scheme of things, but there's no other option if you are going for damage.

    Flash Trap (dart, snare): A minor debuff. Much better when it actually blinds.

    Net (dart, snare): Entangled until they either break your trap, or Strength or Escape Artist out? This is nice!

    Snare Talents

    Alarm Trap (snare): Mostly useless without Persistent Trap.

    Flash Trap (dart, snare): Blind isn’t bad, but the duration only lasts for one round.

    Foam Spray (snare): Not bad, but relatively easy for most opponents to chop their way out of.

    Magic Trigger (snare): The uses of this are practically unlimited with a little creativity. You get the magic item back, minus any charges used. 

    Net (dart, snare): Entangled until they either break your trap, or Strength or Escape Artist out? This is nice!

    Noose (snare): Don’t expect the suffocation to actually matter, but stopping movement until the trap is destroyed is pretty nice.

    Skunk Smoke (snare): Not a bad little battlefield control trap.

    Legendary Talents

    Ghost-Touch Trap: Great if you’re facing ghosts.

    Penetrating Trap: DR becomes common enough that you’ll probably want this. I’m a bit confused as to why it’s a legendary talent.

    Temporal Snare (snare): Excellent! Nothing like taking an enemy completely out of a fight for a while. Also has other, more creative uses.

    Thaumic Sink (dart, snare): Solid against spellcasters.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.



    Aggressive Flanking: A nice benefit to pretty much all your melee characters.

    Fierce Shout: A standard action for a relatively minor damage bonus isn’t that good.

    Warleader Talents

    Breath Support: This would be better if the shouts were better. Unfortunately, they’re not.

    Focusing Tactics: If someone has a free move action, being able to donate it to you isn’t bad. If you’ve got a familiar or the like, this is one of the best ways to restore your focus.

    Roaring Reservoir: Better to just use your martial focus in most cases.

    Verbal Commands: The requirement that you must still be able to see your allies kills this.

    Verbal Counter: Depending on GM interpretation, this is either incredibly useful or a minor nuisance. If you get to pick between tell truth and penalty to Charisma skills, this is blue. If targeted creature picks, this is orange.

    Shout Talents

    Call Attention (shout): Only really useful if your party is filled with Stealth-based characters.

    Cry of Confrontation (shout): A decent thing to do if none of your enemies can reach you.

    Focusing Cry (shout): Pretty decent way to give focus back to a focusless party.

    Frightful Roar (shout): Only ok when taken twice. Not so great when when taken once.

    Harangue (shout): Removal of status effects can be a life saver.

    Inspiring Speech (shout): Fatigue gone is nice, but it’s only situationally useful.

    Rallying Speech (shout): Good against fear effects.

    Rousing Claxon (shout): Just not that good. The temporary hp is low and doesn’t last for particularly long.

    Tactic Talents

    Courier’s Dash (tactic): Solid boost to speed.

    Coordinated Reflexes (tactic): A boost, and a reroll for that one guy who always rolls poorly? Great!

    Deadly Herdsman (tactic): This is how you win the positioning fight. The provocation of AoOs is just icing on the cake at BAB +10.

    Fortifying Phalanx (tactic): A boost, and a reroll for that one guy who always rolls poorly? Great!

    Militant Will (tactic): A boost, and a reroll for that one guy who always rolls poorly? Great!

    Preparation (tactic): You have to know that combat is coming for this to be worth it. Great when that happens.

    Shieldbrothers (tactic): This is a fairly decent AC booster.

    Legendary Talents

    Armies of the Dead: Being able to take control of most undead is very nice indeed.

    Darkland’s Cry (shout): Hey, look a shout that is actually worth the standard action. Careful not to hit your party members with it.

    Explosive Ululation (shout): Relatively low damage and it’s just unimpressive.

    Legion Unending (tactic): This is pretty nice for a party that’s on its last legs. Note that there isn’t a limit on how many times this can happen per character or per round.

    Master’s Aura (tactic): Aid another at range isn’t that great, but the auto improvement of attitudes is nice.

    Recall Spirit (shout): Always good to have another way to raise the dead.

    Unending Loyalty (Shout): Makes Recall Spirit that much better.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.



    Snag: Nothing to complain about. Sets you up for a grapple or other combat maneuver as a swift action.

    Wrestling Talents

    Choke Hold: This’ll take 4 to 5 five rounds to really come into effect for an average Con enemy. If you’ve really, really pumped your practitioner modifier and you target a low Con enemy, it’s decent.

    Grandstanding Slam: Free Intimidate check? Pretty solid.

    Greater Grapple: Maintaining as a move action is pretty critical if you want to grapple.

    Ground Game: Free trip, nothing to complain about. Combos well with Snap Kick from Open Hand.

    Hammerlock: Makes your grapple a little more annoying, but most creatures won’t be attacking out of the grapple in the first place. Even if they do, the penalty is a little low.

    Inescapable Grasp: This makes getting caught by you a nightmare for mages.

    Iron Grip: Makes grapple more likely to stick.

    Last Chance Grapple: Odds are you already used Snag as your swift action, but this is nice if you mess your initial grapple attempt.

    Painful Flex: This is a great setup move. Extra damage and a penalty to grapple? Very solid.

    Powerslam: Free grapple and trip as an AoO? Nice!

    Rest Hold: You are using your move action to maintain the grapple. The other benefit is nice, but nothing to write home about. On the other hand, this is one of the few ways to regain your focus while still grappling.

    Rollercoaster: Getting forced movement that provokes AoOs from your buddies as a free action is crazy good.

    Shoulder Throw: Good for throwing others off ledges and the like. Otherwise, the damage is too low and the forced movement is too little.

    Slip and Strike: To make this work, you have to be good at grappling and your opponent has to be trying to grapple you. It’s not a bad effect, just won’t come up that often.

    Strongarm Lockup: If you regularly spend time as size large or larger, this is pretty nice. Otherwise, no point.

    Talented Tie-Up: Pretty nice to remove the penalties for grappling for you.

    Test of Strength: The better you are at grappling, the more likely you are to succeed at this, but the better you are at grappling, the less you need this.

    Twin Tie-Up: Can be pretty useful to take out two opponents at once.

    Worked Match: Cool concept, but somewhat situational.

    Slam Talents

    Clinch Strike (slam): Extra damage, and a not insignificant amount.

    Hard Whip (slam): The bonus is a little weak for what you’re doing.

    Heel Tactics (slam): Expending martial focus isn’t that good for a free dirty trick.

    Living Weapon (slam): Very cool, but fairly weak. You’re going to need to spend either a move or a standard to maintain the grapple, which doesn’t leave much room for actually wielding them as a weapon.

    Piledriver (slam): Autothreat. Sure, it ends the grapple, but you should be able to get right back into it.

    Power Bomb (slam): Piledriver is so much better, but also takes longer to set up.

    Legendary Talents

    Earth-Shattering Slam (slam): Standard action maintain makes this a little weaker than it should be, but auto entangle with a high DC to get out of is pretty nice.

    Limb Ripper (slam): Some very nasty penalties here, but it does take a little bit to setup.

    Magic Killing Grip (slam): Very nice against spellcasters.

    Tombstone Burial: This has a good chance of removing enemies completely from combat.

    Combinations, Tips, and Tricks

    Under construction.

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