Spicy Poverty Stew

Spicy Poverty Stew

(serves 1)

~ Ingredients ~

  • One saucepan

  • Couple cups of water

  • A lot of crushed red pepper

  • Some cayenne pepper powder

  • Some garlic powder

  • A good amount of cajun seasoning ("Psst!" brand from Kroger)

  • A good amount of Tabasco sauce

  • A good amount of sriracha sauce

  • A little bit of tomato sauce if you desire some thickness

  • Hot peppers leftover from Jimmy John's catering at your work (or whatever you can substitute)

  • A healthy serving of frozen mixed vegetables (the standard kind)

  • A good amount of frozen chopped onions (because they don't come in the standard mixed vegetables)

  • A good amount of frozen diced green peppers

  • A good amount of frozen broccoli (florets, diced, whatever it's all good)

  • Like a breast's-worth of frozen Tyson pulled chicken (or half a can of black beans or your bean of choice)

  • A good one-serving amount of whole wheat thin spaghetti, broken into thirds

  • The spiciest thing you have leftover in your fridge (like ghost pepper salsa or somethin)

~ Cooking Instructions ~

  • Throw literally everything into the saucepan and stir

  • Put saucepan on stove on almost-high (like a 5 out of 7, don't want it to boil out of control)

  • Boil it until the pasta is cooked

  • Get like a hot pad of some kind

  • Put it on your table or place of eating

  • Get some napkins and Kleenex?

  • Put saucepan on hot pad

  • Enjoy delicious poverty stew directly from saucepan with a spoon (preferably while watching Netflix or HBO)

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