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Spiritual Warriors Guide

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Do you like GP? Do you like components to perk out your PvM gear? Do you like AFK?!?!

You can have all this and more with spiritual warriors (sws). Spiritual warriors have long been known in certain circles as an extremely macroefficient way to make money; in a vacuum, they provide neither the most gp/hr of any afk method, nor the most KPH for scav4 procs, nor the most clue scrolls. However, they are AFKable (up to 5 min), with relatively low requirements. Not sure about SWs? See if any of the below options can convince you, if not for your main maybe for an alt to fund your 5.6B experience dreams.


This guide will be in three parts: sws for main accounts, sws for high (time) investment alts, and sws for low investment alts. Expected earnings for each type of account as follows: 

Hourly Rates by Acc

Main (Max)

High Investment Alt

Low Investment Alt









Scav4/XP Capacitor




Hard Clues/Warpriest

8.2 ea

7.2 ea

6.5 ea

Total Earnings




* I did not have xp caps at the moment so these are omitted from inventories.

Universal Requirements (75-100 hours)

In order to do sws you are going to want to have the following, any less results in a loss of earnings such that other methods become far superior:

Aura Rotation

Penance -> Sup. Reverence -> Dark Magic -> Vampyrism (Reverence – > Mahjarrat  if owned) 

Action Bar, expanded to use 11 abilities

Getting There

There are really only three ways to get to sws: the Slayer Codex (best, requiring 50 slayer souls to be captured), moving your house to menaphos (the entrance for which is right next to Kags) then using a teleport to house tablet,  and the Ports Teletab (third best) as a last resort you can use the Menaphos lodestone. Please see this masterpiece for how to get to the Sunken Pyramid should you not have 50 souls in your codex.

Invention Perks

Due to the damage bonus from three pieces of ghost hunter you will never use augmented legs. Staves (limitless air -> obliteration -> noxious staff -> staff of sliske -> inquisitor’s staff) can use P6R1/AS4E2 OR P6AS1/E4R3 OR AS4PF/E4R3, the benefit of the first is that you do not need a second staff purely for SWS, the benefit of the second is it is cheaper, the third offers a slight upgrade but requires more costly components.

For your chest you absolutely need Scavenging 4, whether it has looting or antitheism does not matter. Your second perk should be Biting 4 + Undead Slayer, but if you don't have the nox/want to wait to get them you can absolutely use Impatient 4 + Undead Slayer.

Where to stand 

The easiest way to determine if you are in the correct spot is to make sure you are directly south of the north statue, north of the south statue and equidistant from the two east statues. If you are blocked out by the chandelier when facing east (if you turn roofs on) you are in the right spot.

Low Investment Alt – The minimum, doing sws as soon as you can.

This setup requires the least time and is recommended if you don’t really care about long term goals, or if you want to make the most accounts as quickly as you can.  It supports five minutes of afking and can be readily upgraded, though is largely focused on AFK.

High Investment Alt – So you think you can sws?

This improved setup includes investments in cinderbane gloves and weapon poison, as well as salve amulet (e)prayer for consistent use of the ancient curse torment on either prayer aura, and offensive potions. Whilst these upgrades will see you doing nearly 20 quests, after completion you will be making about 600k GP more per hour per account. Enhanced excalibur and ancient elven ritual shard add valuable sustain due to no blood necklace.

Main – When you just need a little AFK

This is as good as it gets. Accumulator on tool belt. Aggroverloads, HSR (or Asylum Surgeon’s Ring), some cheeky sigils everytime you overload. It’s better than logging out!

Bonus Setup 1- High Investment, Low Effort

This setup is for the most kills in the least number of trips. If you already have significant wealth this is a highly recommended setup to earn great money with very little effort. Additionally with offensive potion prices inflated, this is perhaps the least susceptible to DXPW pricing.

Bonus Setup 2- The GIGA-AFK

This setup, by popular request, is the only one that requires a different action bar as it uses ice asylum in place of bunyip for healing, meaning trips can be extended massively. Recommended to use a legendary pet to pick up stone spirits and noted RDT items. No offensive magic potions, nor poison are used so testing is needed to determine the overall gp/hr.  A single trip can be almost 14 hours!

Note: some of you may be wondering if it is worth it to pick up potions and notepaper them. As this guide is focused on AFKing this is not included, however, conservatively you obtain .0625 of each of super attack, super strength and super defense. At the time of this writing, subtracting for notepaper, this is worth 2,093.625 gp per kill. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me to test different setups, including recording hours of sws. Depending on how much work it is and reception to this guide I may do more/seek to make prices within the calcs dynamic as to reflect current GE pricing. I invite anyone to provide constructive criticism or let me know where something doesn’t work for them, I am almost always available to answer questions. – Gunnar (Dragonseance)

Misc: When starting SWs, you may not have enough subtle components to keep up with your spring usage. Make sure the adamant medium salvage is set to disassemble (see image below) until you have enough subtle components stockpiled alongside scav 4. Medium bladed adamant salvage accounts for 9.375% of their drops, so if you don’t disassemble these early on you will blow through your springs rapidly. 

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