SSB64 Netplay Instructions

This guide is made primarily for Super Smash Bros for N64 on Windows 7. Windows 10 can play but will experience lag that is currently unavoidable. Mac OS users can try using Wine but if that lags, partitioning their drive to have Windows 7 works but there are no consistent results.

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(Skip Step 5 if you have the best adapter: Raphnet v3)

  1. Buy an adapter and controller. (See RAPHNET v3 ADAPTER & EQUIPMENT)

  2. Download Pizza’s Preset N64 Emulator v3.2 (4/2/2019)

  3. Configure your Raphnet v3 ADAPTER or LESSER ADAPTER

  4. Assign PLUGINS. (See PLUGINS)

  5. Calibrate your controller. Assign buttons. (See CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION)

  6. Download Super Smash Bros ROM and set ROM directory. (See SSB ROMs)

  7. Assign CHEATS with ROM running. (See CHEATS)

  8. Setup netplay. (See KAILLERA). Windows 7 or Vista, click here.




  1.  Join the SSB64 Community Discord!





The default emulator is PJ64kVE v1.4. The Pizza Preset Emulator contains the same emulator with all necessary downloads, most necessary settings, and more that you would normally have to do manually throughout this guide.



Lag is the reduction of FPS (frames per second) of the game below 60fps. This causes the game to slow down, inputs to not register, and cause choppiness. Lag is entirely avoidable! If you thoroughly read the guide (especially this section)

  • Only use ethernet/LAN cable connection. NEVER play SSB on WIFI (especially without telling everyone you’re a filthy wifi).

  • On launch, LET THE HOST USE THE MENU IN-GAME. Explained in CHEATS section.

  • Make sure nobody connected to your internet is on NETFLIX or DOWNLOADING.

  • Avoid audio discrepancies within your PC (having 2 audio sources).

  • Don’t click anything or type while others are playing.

  • Close ALL web browsers, programs, and background processes except emulator windows. This includes Spotify, iTunes, Steam, Discord (app should be fine), and Skype. Fully Exit/Close these apps and processes (in Task Manager if you have to), don’t just hit the red X to close.


If your opponent suddenly begins killing themselves and fighting like you aren’t there, you are either playing against David Shears or you are DESYNCED.
If everyone is in the same player ports, everyone can simply DROP and the host will start the game again.
If player ports are rearranged in any way, RESTART YOUR EMULATORS COMPLETELY. (Made easier by PJ64KillerOP)

    • Causes of Desync

  • Pressing buttons or typing while the host is rechecking a cheat.

  • Spamming CPU button, Team Color button, or FFA/Team Battle in Character Select Screen

  • Having different settings.

  • Having different audio plugins.

  • A player having a ROM from a bad source. Avoid the SSB ROM found on blogspot.



Project64KillerOP v3.4: This file is a script that automatically closes and reopens PJ64 instantly (referred to as “batching”) without the need for using task manager when the emulator freezes. Download, add to your main PJ64 folder, and create a shortcut to somewhere convenient. Whenever you DS, drop (when using Raw Data), or your window freezes, click the file.
I recommend creating a shortcut key in (right click) Properties of the .exe file. If able, assign a keyboard macro to that shortcut key and LITERALLY restart SSB with 1 button.



>All players must have RAW DATA ON & COUNTER FACTOR 1 to sync the game<

These are automatically done in the Pizza Preset N64 Emulator.


Raw Data allows for players with Raphnet V3 adapters to receive the use their adapter properly. This does not affect the controllers of anyone with lesser adapters.


ALL users in the session must close all Smash-related windows and start a new session or you will IMMEDIATELY DESYNC (even if you just rearrange the players or changed a plugin). This is not necessary if NOTHING changes so, if you DS (with everyone on RAW & CF1) and nobody has moved , just drop game and start again (P2P or server).

  • HOW?: Open emulator > Tools > Options > Controller Configuration Settings (might be hidden in a tab for certain plugins) > check “Raw Data”

  • WHY?: Raphnet v3 users can only play with NON-raphnet users only if all users CHECK RAW DATA. The Raphnet plugin has Raw Data ALWAYS ON, so Raw Data ON is the default. Do not ask someone who uses a Raphnet V3 adapter to uncheck Raw Data.

  • DESYNC?: Drop, close everything, and reopen. RaphnetRaw is always using RawData to achieve direct controller communication.

  • RESTARTING after every drop too annoying? Do it with 1 keystroke! See SCRIPTS.

  • FIRMWARE should be up to date (v3.4) on all newly shipped adapters but if you bought yours a long time ago, update your firmware!



“Counter Factor” is a setting in PJ64 that influences input delay and load times. Set this setting to 1, which saves 1 frame over the old default of 2. This is automatically set to 1 in the Pizza Preset N64 Emulator.

Instructions: Open PJ64 > Launch offline game > Options > Settings > ROM Settings > Counter Factor: 1 > Ok > Restart emulator.




In the emulator, Options > Configure Graphics Plugin > Frame Buffer > UNCHECK “Enable Frame Buffer”.

This reduces input delay by 1 frame. You will not desync if your opponent does not have this setting but they should.


Doing this for Win7 or Vista OS will avoid frame skipping, ensuring all 60 frames per second are visible, as well as reduce input lag.
>Right click on Project64kve.exe (while program is closed)
>Select “Properties” and click the “Compatibility” tab
>Check the box next to “Disable Desktop Composition”
>Select “Apply” and “OK”

If Windows Aero has been disabled (glassy taskbar) then you have done this correctly.




  • Correct up-to-date plugins are ALL included in Pizza’s Preset N64 Emulator preset folder so you can skip all downloads.

  • While Netplay/Kaillera is not open, go to Options > Settings > Assign the plugins listed below. If you have Pizza’s Preset, you will only need to assign GLideN64 3.0.

Video plugin

    • GLideN64 Public Release 3.0 (Invincibility flashes)
      *Some graphics cards do not support this plugin. If you have issues, use Jabo’s 1.6 or 1.8 instead.

  • Go to link provided, download “GLideN64_Public_Release_3.0.7z”

  • Extract folder, bin > Zilmar-specs > Copy “GLideN64.dll”, “GLideN64.ini” and “GLideN64.custom.ini” > Paste in “Plugins” folder of your emulator folder.

  • In emulator, Restart emulator if it was open > Options > Configure graphics plugin > Emulation tab, Uncheck “Enable Noise”. This will increase stability.

  • …> Frame Buffer tab, Uncheck “Enable Frame Buffer”. This reduces input delay by 1 frame.



Audio plugin

  • “Azimer’s Audio v0.30 (Old Driver)”. For less audio delay, go Options, Config Audio, and reduce buffer size to the 2nd mark from the left. You will need to do this at the start of EVERY game to have minimal audio delay.

Input plugins

  • All lesser adapters (seriously, consider buying a RAPHNET v3 ADAPTER):
    N-Rage`s Direct-Input8 1.61” is recommended (v1.83 also works but v2.3 causes slow start). CHECK Raw Data (PJ64 Options > Configure Controller Plugin) in order to play with RAW users (those whomst have the Raphnet v3 adapter). Checking RawData is easy and necessary for Raphnet v3 adapter users to play and they are UNABLE to uncheck RawData as it is part of their special input plugin. Everyone in the lobby must have the same setting, checked or unchecked.
    JABO’S input plugin does not have RawData. Use N-Rage instead.

  • Raphnet v3 Users: “raphnetraw 1 player NET version version 1.0.4”




Google search for “Super Smash Bros. (U) N64”. I am not legally allowed to provide an unaltered ROM. Someone (not me) might recommend going to a site that rhymes with “rompletecoms”.

  • HOW TO USE A ROM: In emulator, File > Choose ROM Directory… > Assign the folder to wherever your ROMs are > Refresh ROM List/ Press F5.
    Offline play: double click ROM from main screen.
    Online play: See NETPLAY section directly below.

    • MODDED ROMs:

  • 19XXTE 0.11 HackPack PATCH

*Fixed RDB file is in Pizza’s Preset N64 Emulator*





Follow all sections below. Accurate Calibration is optional.


In Windows Start Menu, search “controller” > Setup USB Game Controllers > Properties > Settings > Calibrate. Follow instructions given (do full circles both directions, hitting each notch).  Close emulator during this. Do this every time you change controllers or adapters.
In Emulator, Options > “Configure Controller Plugin” > CHECK Raw Data (Jabos input plugin doesn’t have raw data so avoid it) > “assign keys” > select gamepad > assign buttons/stick > set deadzone to 0 > Apply > Restart Emulator.
-For later N-Rage versions, UNCHECK Real N64 range (might be under Controller Pak tab).
-Always assign controls to Controller 1.
-Increase deadzone if you experience drifting/ghosting of stick.

    Complete Basic Controller Calibration steps then watch this tutorial video by Zantetsu!


After configuring your controller in Windows, you must assign your buttons and stick range. Options > Controller Configuration Settings. Click each button in the window followed by pressing the corresponding button. Ensure Raw Data is checked.




OG N64

Hori Minipad


Raphnet v3

(Raphnetraw plugin)

(Raphnetraw plugin)

(Raphnetraw plugin) + Console GC-N64 adapter









Raphnet v2









—NETPLAY (Kaillera)—



  • Rejoining servers too frequently (about 5 times per minute or so) will cause you to be automatically timed out for ~1min. Attempting to rejoin during this time will restart the timer. Wait it out and rejoin when you’re sure it’s safe. If you are have trouble getting your correct ping and must join repeatedly, benevolent admins that are NOT PIZZA may clear your IP after you get timed out, if you ask nicely!

  • Let Player 1 (the host) set up the game. If everyone has only the recommended cheats, you should start synced. If there is ANY possibility that someone doesn’t have identical cheats, refer to the DESYNC section.

  • Windows 10 will experience unavoidable lag. Use Windows 7 for the best experience.


P2P (Peer-to-peer) – 2 players – [IMAGE]

This method of play is the best for 1v1 because it is a direct connection to your opponent. Servers may go offline but P2P always works as long as both players’ internet works. If you want to HOST a game session, this requires port forwarding (seen below). P2P has the most stable FPS and sometimes allows players to spoof.

P2P: Open your emulator > File > Start Netplay > Change Mode: “P2P”.

  • To host: Select Host tab > start your Super Smash Bros. ROM > send your IP address to your opponent PRIVATELY. You can get your IP via or P2P Helper

  • To join: Select Connect tab > enter the host’s IP into the text box > select Connect.



Port forwarding allows you to connect to opponents via P2P connection. This is only necessary if you want to host a game session but it’s easier if everyone is able to host a game. Run P2P Helper to automatically forward your port. If, over time, you are unable to host a session, run P2P Helper again.

P2P Helper

If this does not work, your router likely has uPnP disabled. You can try THE HARD WAY, but it’s possible that you are unable to host P2P and you will have to join others that are able to host. This is likely a problem if you have college internet or an apartment with a shared router that you do not have control over.
The Hard Way
>Open Start Menu and type “cmd” into search bar and open the Command Prompt. Type “ipconfig” and hit Enter.

>Scroll to “Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection” or “Wireless LAN adapter local area connection” section on laptops.

>Enter your ‘Default Gateway’ into your browser’s address bar, this should bring you to your router settings (Everyone’s router settings page is different but they all do the same thing with different interfaces). You may be presented with a login which will likely be “admin” and “password”.

>Go to your Advanced Settings/Setup and look for “Port Forwarding/ Port Triggering”

>Select “add service” and fill the boxes with the following information:

– Service Type: UDP (or TCP/UDP)

– External Starting Port: 27886

– External Ending Port: 27888 (These ports can be any number but PJ64 1.4 has 27886 by default)

– Make sure Internal starting/ending ports are the same as external.

– Internal IP addess: (your “IPv4 address” in the command prompt)

>Apply/Save and you’re done!>To host in Kaillera, you need to give the joining person your IP address and port in the format XXX.XXX.X.X:27886 (You can find your IP address on or or


CLIENT (Servers) – 2-4 players

Using servers allows you to play with up to 4 players. Servers have less stable fps, less capability for spoofing, and allows for uneven frame delay within a lobby.
Joining a server: Open your emulator > File > Start Netplay > Change Mode: “Client” (server list screen) > select a server (right click each server to check ping). All servers can be found in the Master Server List at the bottom of this menu. Most popular SSB servers are already added to this list on the Pizza Preset Emulator.
Hosting a game: After joining a server, select Create > select ROM you wish to play.

Joining a game: If someone is hosting a game, they will appear in the bottom white field. You can double click on the text to join them.

MAIN NETPLAY SERVERS (Listed West to East)

All servers can be found by going to the “Master Servers List” in your Client window. If you sort by ping, you can find servers nearest to you. You can add these servers to your list by selecting “Add” in the same window and entering the Name and IP.

  • Seattle Pizza Server –

  • The Happy Kingdom – – Warning: server will permaban you for joining too frequently.

  • Salt City Smash –

  • TPC Dallas –

  • Smash Chicago U –

  • SSB Atlantis –

  • Fighting Atlanta Gamers –


PLAYBACK (Play recorded games)

This will record your inputs for the entirety of your session. Playback starts a game and plays those inputs as they were recorded, effectively replaying the game. This only runs in real-time so don’t record for too long without restarting the game unless you want to search for that one cool moment for hours. Unless your opponent agrees, please do not restart games frequently for this reason. This file cannot be converted to video, it is only recorded inputs that the game runs later in Playback. Other recording methods would be better.
Recording games: Right before starting a game in P2P or Client, check the “Record game” box > start the game.

Playback recorded games: In your main Netplay window, change mode to “Playback” > select the session that has been recorded > play.




The act of lowering your ping to achieve 1 less frame of delay than your natural, calculated ping. This is found in the connection window after starting a game with someone normally (Ping Spoof/ ‘Custom frame delay’ field is empty). This should only be done when both players have good internet speeds/routing and are on P2P.
To do this:
In P2P (recommended): Enter a value (units of frames) into the “Custom Frame Delay” field. This value should be 1 frame less than your calculated frame delay!
In server (rarely a good idea): > find “Ping Spoof” box > Enter the highest ping value that corresponds to the delay that is 1 frame lower than your calculated ping > Join server.
For example: If your calculated ping is 36ms (3 frames), you would enter 33 into the Ping Spoof box and reconnect.
Risks: This may cause drops in framerate if you spoof by too much or have WEAK internet; in this case, leave the server, empty the box, and rejoin.

Netplay Frame Delay Guide

Ping (ms)

(1 frame = 1/60th of a second) 


1 frame


2 frames


3 frames


4 frames


5 frames


6 frames


Unfun games







By far the best adapter imaginable. Buy it HERE (for N64, GC, & Hori controllers). (Seriously, buy this one) Works best in USB 3.0 port.

  • Raphnet V3 (N64) $21.81 USD ($29.89 CAD) – Works for N64 & Hori.
    Raphnet V3 (GC/N64) – $25.83 USD ($34.49 CAD) – Works for GAMECUBE, N64, and Hori controllers. Gamecube players may benefit from using an N64 console adapter WITH this adapter online for the correct input gate and to not have to assign buttons.

    ZERO INPUT DELAY and CORRECT INPUT GATE when used with RaphnetRaw Input Plugin (PLUGINS). RaphnetRaw is always using Raw Data to achieve direct controller communication. This is the only modern adapter with modern technology and should be the standalone standard adapter for N64/GC controllers.

  • PROBLEMS?? Update your firmware.

  • Lesser N64 Adapters

These require configuration in Windows. Start Menu search for “USB Game Controllers” and follow the given instructions. This does not provide perfect calibration like the Raphnet v3 (seen above).

(Order of Most to Least Recommended):

  • RETROPORT – $21 USD – Similar but more delay than adaptoid, correct octagon controller calibration graph which makes it the standard in Japan.

  • ADAPTOID – UNKNOWN HIGH PRICE – Very expensive, best delay of LESSER adapters, Bad calibration graph (square not hexagon shape) that causes problems in other games and may cause slight changes in SSB. Might recommend if it was cheaper than Raphnet 3.0 but this is expensive and rare. Found on Ebay, maybe.

  • RAPHNET V2 – DISCONTINUED – More delay than Retroport but no C button delay like Mayflash. (Works decently for all, Hori’s 2nd option)

  • Mayflash N64 – $15 USD –  Delayed C buttons. Found on Amazon but not recommended.

  • Retrolink N64 USB controller – $15 USD – Found on Amazon. Set destination to nearest recycling center. btw don’t buy this.

  • Other GC Adapter:

  • Mayflash – $15 – Works with Wii U or USB, 4 Player Ports, Dolphin Native Support.

    • Wii U Adapter:



Stick Repair/Maintenance Walkthrough Video by Fireblaster 

If you watch the video, you do not need the instructions following the product links.


Lay down paper towels to rest your parts on. Shake well before every application, lube separates quickly. Make sure to keep the black wheels attached to the white bowl entirely clean and dry. With all your analog stick disassembled, apply 1-2 drops to each of the joystick gears, 1-2 drops in the center of the white bowl, and spread the lube throughout these parts with the joystick itself. Then put 1-2 drops on the end of the joystick (including the pivot point), let excess drip off, and rest upside-down. Let the parts dry for a couple minutes, then reassemble. It will take until the next day to properly dry and feel right. I only recommend 1 coat because even 1 heavy coat can cause buildup and problems.
I prefer this Wax Lube because it provides a nanolayer ceramic coating to protect the parts better and much longer. The wax lube feels better the more it dries while the grease gets sticky/worse and needs reapplication more frequently than wax lube.

“Get the red tube lube [Red HP Lube]. After you take the stick apart, you want to grease the bowl, the inside creases of the black things [joystick gears], and the bottom tip of the stick.” -SuPeRbOoMfAn.                                                                                   Use alcohol pads to clean all of each part first, let it dry, then grease up! I like applying it with q-tips or the grey analog stick (don’t ask Boom how he does it).                                     The 2 little wheel gears on the side of the white bowl are the “sensor wheels”; make sure these are clean, dry, and GREASE-FREE. Dirty or greasy tracking wheels will cause drifting/ghosting that can only be fixed by entirely cleaning and greasing  every part all over again. Keep the grease inside the bowl and only reassemble with clean hands.



These are not bad replacements but they are not perfectly accurate to original gears. Make sure you sand these with medium-high then high grit (180+ grit) sandpaper. The most important part is the middle (where the white stick will touch) and the divots that sit in the white box. Try not to sand too much off to where it loses its shape and make sure it ends up as smooth and clean as possible. These gears aren’t great but they are better than old worn gears.


Update your firmware if you purchased your adapter before. This is largely for early release adapters and as a last resort for malfunctioning adapters.

>Close emulator if it’s open.
>Download the Management Tool v2.1.4.
>Download the update 3.5.0.hex by right-click, “Save Link As”. Only functional with RaphnetRAW 1.0.2 input plugin. 0.9.3/0.9.4/1.0.0 will no longer work.

>Copy “gcn64usb-3.5.0.hex” into your gcn64ctl folder (likely within “Program Files (x86)”)
>In your gcn64ctl folder, open “gcn64ctl_gui.exe”, choose your adapter under ‘Selected adapter’, set ‘Poll interval (ms):’ to 1.
>Click Update Firmware, find the 3.5.0 hex folder, Open, and Update. This update will say it failed but check the Firmware version in the same adapter manager window. If it says 3.5.0, it worked. If it didn’t work, try again, and try the same process through Tools > Recover Adapter. If all else fails, try the Backup Firmware Update Method below.
>Unplug and plug in your adapter.
>Play Super Smash Bros. for N64. ty.
Backup Firmware Update Method:

>Open Command-Line in 1 of 2 ways. Normally: (Start Menu search “cmd”) set directory to your gcn64ctl folder “C:Program Files (x86)gcn64ctl>”. Shortcut: (Start MenuProgramsraphnet-tech GC-N64 adapter manager) this automatically sets your directory.


>With adapter plugged in, copy/paste “dfu-programmer atmega32u2 erase –force” after the directory from the previous step, press enter. This is just to make sure any past update is erased first. If you get an error like “device not detected” try running the GCN64 Adapter Manager app “gcn64ctl_gui.exe”, select the only option from the dropdown menu, update the firmware, it should fail at ~30%, then run the command again.


>In Command-Line, paste “dfu-programmer atmega32u2 flash gcn64usb-3.4.0.hex” in the same directory, press enter. This should run the update.




SSB64 Community Discord!

Join the community, find #help, #looking-for-games, and talk with SSB64 players through voice/text in relevant channels.
SSB64 Community Facebook Group!Use the facebook group to discover your local scene, upcoming tournaments, and other players!



  • Black screen but audio is playing? No need to drop, you are likely NOT desynched. Go to Options > Configure Graphics Plugin… > Windowed Resolution > Change res to anything else > Apply > Change back to original res > Apply. To prevent this from happening in the future, do not minimize, move, or drag windows over the game window.



  • Frame Display, Aerial Auto Cancel Chart, Frame Data By Numbers, Character Properties, Yoshi Armor Break %s, 12 Character Battle Tool, & Controller Guide.

  • 12 Character Battle, Frame Display, etc. The site is brand new and is still under development so check back for more features. Most importantly, this is the new primary link for this guide!


Show File Extensions in Windows File Explorer

File extensions are the endings to filenames that identify their type.

Example: Application files are .exe



Guide made by Pizza.

I stream at Contact me via Discord PM about GUIDE SUGGESTIONS ONLY and please also make sure you’ve read everything before doing so.
Ask for troubleshooting help in the #troubleshooting text channel in the SSB64 Community Discord.
Thanks to BloodPeach for hosting this guide on his website for almost 3 years! <3

Thanks to Fireblaster for letting me use his Repair/Maintenance Instructional Video. Subscribe to his YouTube!

Thanks to Zantetsu for making the Accurate Controller Calibration tutorial video and Disabling Windows Desktop Composition in Win7.

Thanks to SuPeRbOoMfAn for providing controller ranges, the yogurt grease link + instructions, analysis of adapters, helping me with First Time Setup, Raw Data R&D, and bestowing infinite Canadian wisdom to improve the guide.  He also streams at

Thanks to Fray for making the SPACEGIRLS cheat, Raw Data R&D, SMASH BIRD, crucial wisdom, and being a generally enjoyable human to talk and play with.


Thanks to BLink for making the post about Super Smash Bird. Credit goes to r_ssb and Fray. Knite helped get the mod to work online.


Thanks to Robert aka nickthename for the SSB64 Controller Guide and informing me of Counter Factor


Thanks to @AllGreen_SSB on Twitter for his discovery and testing of Counter Factor. #CF1


Not only would we all be cavemen hitting ourselves in the head with rocks but none of this would have existed if it weren’t for The Great Netplay Messiah KNITEPHOX <3


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