Stained In Blood And Honey, Into The Odd Edition

Stained In Blood And Honey

An Adventure Location By Meridian Miller, Designed For Into The Odd by Chris McDowall, Easy Enough To Convert

The Fansant orchard has a seeping corruption, manifest by some damnably transcendent being. Can this threat be destroyed?

A. Plot Hooks 

Several plot hooks can be used to bring the PCs to the location:

  • A bulletin board with a written message “Hello, my lazy oaf of a husband has gone missing for a week now, probably dead in a ditch or off at his barn to kick rocks. He has something important to me, a silver pendant from my childhood. Meet me at Fansant Orchard if you want to inquire about how to find this trinket of mine, those successful in finding it shall be rewarded, layabouts need not apply. – Mrs. Fansant”

  • Several farmers in a tavern are loudly rumor mongering and betting high on each other for who will find Mr. Fansant.

  • The PCs need to take shelter in the Fansant home for some reason, Mrs. Fansant will only let them if they find her husband.

Prelude: The Fansant Orchard

  • The Fansant Orchard is extensive, growing very sweet oranges. The orchard house is a luxurious yet quaint two-story building painted a pleasing color of ivory. 

  • Mrs. Verity Fansant is angry and slightly sociopathic, especially to her servants that work the orchard. She won’t hesitate to send a servant to aid the PCs.

  • Mrs. Fansant knows that Mr. Fansant has been spending lots of time at his barnhouse in the orchard, she assumes that he was fucking a servant of hers and they ran off into the woods nearby, but the farmhouse is worth checking out still.


As the orchard gets more forested, the party finds…


An insane servant master, whipping a tree and demanding it get back to work or else Mr. Fansant will be upon them all. He may be able to provide useful information if calmed, even then it might be false due to the madness.


A Fansant family dog chasing random wildlife, although it is mutated. It has two beady bug-eyes, four sets of wet wings, and a long stinger instead of a tail. Around its neck dangles a mastercraft silver collar, which is worth 1D6+1 times 5 shillings if gotten. 


1D4 fattened servant boys that drip multi colored honey from their orifices, they are impaled to a particularly big tree by detached bee stingers. They grasp towards the PCs, demanding that they be “juiced”. If the PCs refuse, they start chucking anything they can find at the PCs. The juicing will ultimately kill the boys, but it provides a dose of a random potion.

Area I: Fallen Farmhouse

  • A small clearing within the heavily forested orchard reveals a collapsed farmhouse. Inside inhuman groaning can be heard.

  • Three swollen acolytes are here, throwing a poor man into the Hive Hole, there is a 3-in-6 chance he is still alive.

  • In the middle of the collapsed farmhouse is the entrance to the Hive Hole, a dangerous 30-foot drop into darkness.

Area II: Hive Hole

  • The pit stinks of sweetness, only some light from the Fallen Farmhouse makes it down here. There is knee-deep honey, honey also drips down the earthen walls of this pit.

  • The buzzing of two dire bees can be heard as they fly around the entrance to the Sacrifice Chamber. They are tearing into the flesh of a terribly swollen dead person. They are so big that they essentially block the entrance until dealt with.

  • The swollen person has gear fused to their skin, this gear is light armor, a tent, a crossbow, and a dose of poison.

Area III: Wrecked Workshop

  • A partially collapsed workshop, eldritch research and symbols are carved into the walls, broken workbenches lay about.

  • On the central broken workbench is a large jar with a demonic bee floating idly inside of it. The bee (1 HP, 2 in all stats, D4 stinger) is unerringly loyal to whoever frees it, and hostile to the owner’s enemies. Every time it stings flesh, it gains 1D6 in a random ability, ascending to Godhood and to an alternate dimension once it reaches over 20 in an ability.

  • Scattered on other workbenches are 2 dirty muskets, 2 bombs that explode colorfully, and 1D6 times 5 shillings in tools.

Area IV: Sacrifice Chamber

  • A chamber carved of dirt, the floor is a disgusting mixture of blood and honey. Dominating the room is a giant bee statue, it has a giant mangled stinger and two stinger-like horns.

  • Impaled on the main stinger is a naked and helpless Minerva Rowan, currently having chunks of herself eaten by three swollen acolytes, she attempts to distract them.

  • On the upper two stinger-horns are two of Rowan’s hirelings who are very much dead. One clutches 50 shillings in valuable jewelry, another clutches some sort of giant makeshift gun. This gun does 1D10 damage and shoots a blindingly colorful projectile. Every time the shooter uses this, they roll 1D6 and record this result, adding it with all other D6’s rolled this way. Once this result equals 14 or higher, the gun colorfully explodes in the shooter’s face for 2D6 damage. It is a risky ascent up the statue to get this.

Area V: Shit Shaft

  • The air in here stinks of refuse, it is filled with such as well. Bubbling pits of shit lie here, looking hungry for something. The glint of something or other can be seen at the very bottom of these pits.

  • The pits have been affected by eldritch powers, if fed flesh or meat, they will spit or reveal something.

  • Every time the pits are fed, 1D6 is rolled and recorded adding it with all other D6’s rolled this way. Once this result equals 12 or higher, 3D3 hungry dire bees are birthed from the pits and they begin to close up. The pits bubble more when fed.


Within the pit of refuse is…


1D6 times 5 shillings in fossilized globs of pure honey.


1D6+1 times 5 shillings in golden bee carcasses.


1D6+2 times 5 shillings in occult knick-knacks.


A random, bloodstained item from the Tools section.


A random, shit-stained item from the Fancy Items section.


A passage to the Honeyed Hollow and Worship Chamber.

Area VI: Honeyed Hollow

  • This place smells even sweeter than the rest of the cavern. Head high honey flows at the floor. The entrances from the Sacrifice Chamber and Worship chamber are above this lake.

  • In the middle of the lake, there is a swollen man, buoyantly floating on the lake top, near unrecognizable. Maybe this could come in use in crossing this lake without drowning.

Area IV: Worship Chamber

  • This room is a long hall, honey flows from little waterfalls in the walls and makeshift pews of salvaged wood fill the sides.

  • 2D6 swollen acolytes are deep in prayer here, they chant with inhuman buzzing. They pray towards a fattened Mr. Fansant, who has a Silver Pendant wrapped around his thick neck. He looks awful, with honey spilling out of every one of his orifices, although he looks to be enjoying this.

  • Mr. Fansant initially comes in peace, trying to coerce the most attractive PC to accept a “gift” from the eldritch gods as he has. If this is agreed to, Fansant’s skin drops to the floor with a wet thud and he will reveal his true form, The Broodmother, who will stab the PC with her needle, mutate them, and then give the pendant to the rest of the PCs. If Fansant is harmed, the pendant is stolen, or if they keep rejecting the gift, Fansant will reveal his true form and then attack the PCs along with the now angered swollen acolytes.

  • “The Gift” is a mutation that Fattens the PC by 1D6+2 times 5 pounds, this weight is actually magical honey that pours out of all the PCs orifices. Once per day, the PC can produce a random potion with this honey, although no armor fits on them, a swarm of bees accompanies their every step, and The Broodmother claims that this PC is now hers and can’t leave. 

Main Monsters & Murderers

Swollen Acolyte (3 HP, STR 10, DEX 8, WIL 12, D6 Ceremonial Knife, D6 Makeshift Sling)

  • Look like hive-ridden humans wearing torn puke-yellow robes, they have bug-like eyes and a beehive for a stomach.

  • Wants to kill things for their broodmother to eat and grow stronger. Can only buzz, no talking.

  • 1-in-6 chance of being a stingsworn, gains +2 HP and the ability to once per day, summon a swarm of controlled bees.

Dire Bee (6 HP, STR 14, DEX 8, WIL 5, D6 Stinger)

  • Look like horse sized bees, with a large and long stinger on their back and two horn-like stingers on its terrifying head.

  • Wants to harvest honey or blood for the broodmother.

  • If a character is wounded (critical damage) by this, the bee will impale them on their stinger and fly away with them.

Minerva Rowan (4 HP, STR 8, DEX  14, WIL 10, D6 Knife)

  • Looks like a lean woman with briar hair and a pale complexion, covered in blood.

  • Wants to get riches, no matter the cost, is looking for the right moment to backstab the PCs, a robber at heart.

  • If a character is wounded by her, she will steal a valuable item 

The Broodmother (12 HP, 1 Armor, STR 14, DEX 10, WIL 14, 8 Stinger)

  • Looks like a giant maiden-faced bee with wet wings, presents its long, red, pendant-adorned stinger like a weapon.

  • Looks to spread her seed to anybody who will accept it, such as the Swollen Acolytes for example, it will give the pendant to the PCs if they accept her “gift”.

  • If a character is wounded by her, the stinger lays something inside the character, something soft faced that grasps out of your insides for the pleasures of the flesh.

  • Can shoot globs of sticky honey out of the stinger that causes D8 Dexterity damage.

  • Once wounded, she violently births 1D6 Swollen Acolytes and begins to excrete honey that acts as 3 doses of potions.

Hive Map & Key

Walled Off Border

Entrance Border


Fansant Orchard

Area I:

Fallen Farmhouse

Area II:

Hive Hole

Area III:

Wrecked Workshop

Area IV:

Sacrifice Chamber

Area V:

Shit Shaft

Area VI:

Honeyed Hollow

Area VII:

Worship Chamber

3D6 Manservants / Terribly Disposable Hirelings


The manservant looks…


Very chubby, with grimy little hands and sunken eyes.


Like a soiled cherub, they have curly golden hair and an awfully pale complexion, covered with dirt.


Like they were raised by wolves, they have way too much hair and rage in their quavering eyes.


Like shit that walked out of a hole, they are covered in grime and smell as such, too.


Like a dead tree in the wind, their limbs are gangly, they are twitchy, and they are covered in soot.


Like a younger version of a random PC in the party, the resemblance is uncanny.


The manservant wants…


Vengeance against their owner/s, at any cost.


A stiff drink, and a sharp knife.


To appease their owners, at any cost, though submissiveness.


To learn magic and uncover the world’s secrets.


To obtain all the luxuries that this poor world has to offer.


To become a God amongst men, and establish their dominance.


The manservant’s primary flaw is…


Their inability to just shut up.


Their inability to stay focused on the task at hand.


Their instinctual cowardice.


Their submissiveness to anybody with an inkling of authority.


Their unstoppable greed.


Their insatiable lust.

D6 Bee-Related Mutations


The mutation takes form in…


A set of large wet wings that grow out of the PC’s back, it allows them to fly briefly if they don’t wear anything.


Three extra insect eyes, allows the PC to look in multiple directions or look at multiple things at once, lose vision in darkness.


A hive that replaces the PC’s stomach, allows the PC to summon a swarm of bees that obey commands once per day.


A stinger that replaces their tongue, the PC has a speech impediment but they can stab people with their long stinger-tongue.


The ability to, once per day, willingly puke a gallon of boiling hot honey. The PC reeks of a repulsively sickly sweet smell now.


Pheromones that emanate from the PC’s skin, once per day they can emit an aroma that makes everybody around them go into a state of uncontrollable lust. People try to hit on the PC now and the aroma attracts animals of all sorts.

D6 Mysterious Orchard Fruits / Slightly Magical Foods


The fruit tastes of…


Sulfur, it’s terribly disgusting. The character who ate this immediately begins to puke up maggots that have their face.


A fine and vintage wine, the character who ate this sweats alcohol for a day, and has auto-brewery syndrome for this duration.


Chocolate, the character who ate this gains 1D6 times 2 pounds immediately and has a 1-in-6 chance of getting an addiction.


Red pepper, the character who ate this can breathe fire once, with a 2-in-6 chance of it terribly backfiring on themselves.


Pumpkin, the character who ate this shines light through all their orifices, the character can control what color this light is.


Vanilla, it’s so sweet that it causes intense euphoria to the character who ate it. The character is considered lightly drugged for an hour after eating this, they also cannot tell a blunt lie during this duration.

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