Star Wars Galactic Twilight

Star Wars Saga Edition

Galactic Twilight

Timeline – 3951 BBY

After the Conclusion of the Jedi Civil War

25,053 BBY start of the Republic

5,000-5,000 BBY The Great Hyperspace War, and discovery of the Sith

3,997-3996 BBY Krath Holy Crusade

3,965-3,960 BBY Mandalorian Wars

3,959-3,951 BBY The Jedi Civil War

3,956 BBY Battle of Rakata Prime, Exodus of Revan


The Year is 3955BBY. The galaxy has suffered war after war. The Galactic Republic was weakened after the Mandalorian Wars, and suffered further in its war against Darth Malak and his Sith Empire. The Sith Revan defeated Malak, and resumed his title as Dark Lord of the Sith – but fled into unknown space.  This crisis led to the loss of many Jedi, and weakened the people’s resolve in the Republic’s strength. This weakness allowed for other elements to fill the power vacuum in the outer rim where the weakened Republic once held its grasp.

The Sith Empire amassed great numbers during the Mandalorian Wars. The Revanchists followed Revan into war, and afterwards delved deeper into the ancient Sith teachings on planets such as Korriban. During Malak’s reign, the Sith were able to amass a seemingly impossible force and pushed the Republic near its destruction. Unfortunately, Revan returned and defeated Malak – and then vanished. This power vacuum ripped apart the Sith Empire into several smaller Sith Factions scattered amongst the stars.

Organizations like the Hutt Kajidic and the Bumani Exchange Corporation filled in where the Republic and Sith could not, leading to their control of many outer rim territories. These territories exploited their desperate populations into slave labor, unsavory occupations, and slum-like conditions. Where there was no governing force, or if that force was too absent to be effective, these criminal organizations developed into defacto territorial governors.

The Mandalorians during this time, split into various clans and dissociated from a larger identity like they had under Mandalore the Ultimate. These clans were scattered among the Outer Rim, acting as mercenaries or extorting local populations too unarmed to object. Whether the Republic or Sith reigned supreme in the Empire mattered little to these clans; without unification, they remained alone in the galaxy.


Your characters have found themselves on the planet of Dromund Kaas, an outer rim system and capital of the declining Sith Empire. After the battle of Rakata Prime where Revan defeated Malak and regained his title of Dark Lord of the Sith, everyone thought that he would rally his Sith forces and destroy the Republic but instead, he vanished. Without direction, the Sith Empire began to fight amongst itself and split into multiple factions.

Dromund Kaas is a terrestrial planet with huge spanning jungles, swamps, and highlands. One of the most notable features of Dromund Kaas is the near constant electrical storms due to the high electrical charge in the atmosphere, as well as the planet's deep seeded dark side taint.

Your characters are currently serving as slaves in the city state of Kaldun, working to construct a new Sith academy. Why your characters are here and how long you have been here is up to the players. Here, the slaves are abused, denied food, and occasionally killed by Sith officers or Dark Jedi to remind the workers of their authority.

With the death of Malak and the disappearance of Revan, multiple Sith have clashed in an attempt to take power of the city. The vying forces of Kaldun are the Dark Jedi of the Academy, led by Zabrak Sith Master Hekra, and the Sith Military Garrison, led by Human Admiral Goerten. Since the schism, the forces have clashed multiple times – though they are officially allied together. It is the way of the Sith to take power where they can and eliminate unworthy adversaries.

The characters will start the game finishing their work shift in the academy, returning to their shanties aboard a skiff. There will be a short period to explore the slave area and interact with one another before the game begins…

Character Generation

Players are free to create any character using any species in the Core Rulebook, the Knights of the Old Republic campaign guide, or the Scum and Villainy rulebook, or they may choose to play an era specific heroic droid, keeping in mind the implications of each species. Certain species may be rare, or even totally wiped out. For instance – there have not been any Rakata since for tens of thousands of years, and species like the Kissai, Massassi, and Miraluka have all but been wiped out. All classes and class details (including Jedi) in the above rulebooks are available. Any species and classes not in these rulebooks are available at the DM’s discretion.

This game will use backgrounds instead of destiny. Your background will represent the life your character lived prior to their imprisonment by the Sith. You may select any of the backgrounds described in the core rulebook – or you may create a custom background that either gives your character a relevant trained skill or bonus language. There are a variety of slaves taken by the Sith: Jedi prisoners, prisoners of war, and hundreds just swept up and displaced by the Sith war machine.

  • Characters will start at Level One

  • Determine ability scores by rolling 4d6 and keeping the 3 highest scores, players may also reroll any dice that rolls a one.

  • 1 small or smaller item of contraband, orange prison jumpsuit.

Characters are expected to be level one, meaning they aren't experienced to the galaxy. They may have never fired a blaster, they maybe haven't even been out of their starsystem, or they might be young and discovering their role to play.

Characters wouldn't necessarily know each other. The Sith slave camps are strictly watched, but the unbalanced ratio of guards to slaves allows for some communication between inmates.

Meta Notes

The game is designed to set the team up with weapons, equipment, and a ship upon leaving Dromund Kaas. From this point, they can blast off of the planet, and if the party is specifically inclined towards starships you can include a small starfighter skirmish.

The galaxy at this point is their oyster. Both the Republic and Sith Empire are hurting badly after the series of wars they were just involved in, and so there is much more freedom to travel now than there has been in the past generation or so. From here, players are encouraged to seek out other Outer Rim planets such as Dantooine, Nar Shadaa, Mon Cal, Onderon, or the Tion cluster – or any other planet in the galaxy should the desire strike them.

The general theme explored in this module is the effect of war on the peoples’ daily life, outlooks, and attitudes towards others. Many people live transient lives now, displaced by conflict and living aboard starships or moving from place to place for work. Many cities were damaged by both combat and economic upheaval, and those settlements outside of civilized society have become isolated for many years. A huge industry has formed around the scrapping and repurposing of old Republic or Sith wreckage, and so most planets will have large corporations whose sole purpose is to salvage anything useful, and scrap everything else.

The party will see all the variety the galaxy has to offer; from huge metropolises home to billions, to scarce outposts with maybe three inhabitants. Players will be encouraged to seek out the stories of these people – no matter how small in scale. While the films focused on large, galaxy-impacting events – this module will explore individual struggles as reactions to recent galactic events. Players are encouraged to involve themselves in the lives of locals such as retrieving stolen droids, taking care of dangerous beasts nearby, or assisting marshalls in apprehending criminals.

This game will also force players to live in a galaxy where there isn’t much credits to go around. The party will need to keep an eye on ammunition, food, and fuel as they make their way through the galaxy. Starship consumables are a combination of both food and fuel evenly.

Ship’s Consumables (ex 20) / Number of passengers (ex 4) = Max No. of Days before restocking (5)

You may seek out employment as bounty hunters working indirectly for the Republic or Hutt Kajidic, accept a job stealing weapons for a militia group, or offer to take down a dangerous beast in return for a speeder from a farmer. Whatever the job is, expect payment to be low.

Players will also be burdened with additional expenses for their ship(s) such as docking fees and upkeep. Docking fees will run around 20cr per day, and ship maintenance will run as much as 4 days of consumables for that ship – of course, you could avoid these costs by landing outside of town or committing these repairs yourself. But keep in mind, hangars provide security for your belongings and having repairs done by an expert will always keep your ship flying.

Session 1

The slave pens have been called out for morning roll call. The player ready will be positioned near the front of the crowd. The Military Commander, Admiral Goetren, addresses the crowd to inform them that due to the recent fighting and assemblies food rations are cut in half for one week, and to remind them that they answer only to Sith Military forces and not any of the Dark Jedi under Master Hekra. As he leaves, guards begin to form in to assign work duties and move the slaves out.

 These shifts rotate slaves so that they aren’t in the same group every day, and so you know the other members of the party – but not by name or much about them.

Session 1 Notes:

The party started on return from a work shift on Dromund Kaas, returning to the slave pens. On their return, they were present for an announcement from the Sith Admiral of the facility. They reinforced that slaves were only to answer to Sith Troopers, due to a mishap when slaves were pulled from work duty by Dark Jedi which resulted in their death.

The party witnessed firsthand the brutality of the Sith, killing a slave during a struggle. Afterwards, they were ordered to the mess hall and had time to talk amongst themselves. After meal, they saw two academy students pulling slaves out of the pens. Things got tense when a trooper stopped them, leading to his death and the facility going into lockdown. The Kel Dor announced his force sensitivity to everyone when he tried to pull the lightsaber from the student's hands, ineffectively. The Khil slave attempted to do the same, resulting in lightning erupting from his hands and nearly killing one student. During the combat, the party took some significant damage but ended up victorious – arming themselves with the dead's weapons.

They were able to escape the slave pens into the base on the whole, which was eerily silent save for the sounds of distant combat. The party found their old equipment, as well as fought their way into the armory. The party grabbed as much equipment as they could, leaving the two soldiers over-encumbered with heavy loads. They also made their way to the medbay, where they found another sith student which they made quick work of before stocking up on medical equipment.

From here, they found the main entrance to the facility – and outside sat a few sith interceptors and a Herald class shuttle with an uninstalled hyperdrive. The team agreed to take the shuttle, and move farther out from the base to install it, recoup, and eventually flee the system.

Session 2

The escapees landed in the Dromund Kaas wilderness to catch their breath and install the hyperdrive into the shuttle. As Dim and Torin were working, Torin heard the steps of a stowaway coming up the ladder – and discovered another escapee, Varos – a human mercenary type with a fascination with weapons. Seeing as they are all on the same page, and need each other to get out of Sith territory as soon as possible. The party arms him up, but then before leaving – notice a knocking at their ship's doors. This is revealed to be a young girl, Anya, who claims that she ran from the city nearby and needed to escape the same prison the party came from. There is debate about the intentions of the girl, but eventually agree to bring the girl from Dromund Kaas to the Kerre family on Alderaan.

The party makes the jump to a nearby system, a largely unpopulated outpost on Edha. After arriving, a mechanic refuels them and starts repairs on the shuttle. Unfortunately, the party had barely any money – and not enough to pay for the fuel or repairs. They also heard rumor of someone selling a Mechanics droid, a Rodian named Ekdo who offered it in trade for 4,000cr worth of blasters and weapons they had salvaged. Ekdo even threw in hyperspace lane coordinates to get to Coruscant with this trade. Unfortunately, this left the party still without the money to pay for fuel and repairs.

The mechanic said he would offer the repairs in trade for heading to Telos for more equipment, fuel and resources. His contact, a Zeltron named Emiyadi, operates on Telos's Citadel Station above the planet – currently under the protection of the Republic.

Session 3

The party fell out of hyperspace in the Telos system, a once vivid world now left ravaged after decades of war with the Sith and Mandalorians. Upon entering the system, their shuttle was hailed by Republic starfighters and escorted to Citadel Station for further investigation. This investigation was amicable, led by a Republic Officer who understood why recent refugees would be flying around in a Sith shuttle. The officer explained that many refugees had recently fled the collapsing Sith Empire, and that their ship's transponder codes could be recoded to those of a Republic civilian vessel – in exchange for their identities to be recorded on GR refugee databases.

The party's identities were reviewed, which led to a snag forming between Talon and Varos due to Varos's herritage as a Mandalorian. This dispute was interrupted by the Mon Calamari noodle shop owner nearby, claiming that they could either pay for a bowl or leave. Hearing that they didn't have the credits to buy a 1cr bowl of noodles, a suspiciously helpful middle aged human in plain clothes stopped them and asked if they were looking for work. He flashed a small blaster, which provoked Varos into drawing his rifle on the man – who promptly left them alone.

Following this, they sought out

3,000 credits upon completion of the job

Table Rules:

Try to keep out of character talk in chat

Separate your knowledge with your character’s knowledge

Know what your abilities are – if you need help, ask.

When in doubt,

Your force points must be used before making checks

Don’t be an asshole

End of Player’s Section


Exploring the galaxy, your party will learn to understand that there is always someone looking to try and exploit your weaknesses for their own gain. Whether this means a refugee distracting you while their children pick your pockets, or a mercenary holds you up by gunpoint – everyone needs a payday, including you.




A beggar won’t leave the party alone. You can give him credits, but that doesn’t cause him to stop.


A dispute between two fruit vendors leads to them drawing blasters on eachother. Does the party get involved?


A ronto has gotten loose from its owner, and is wreaking havoc to everything around.


A supply speeder has broken down, and its droid driver has no options to protect its valuable cargo.


A group of religious force-worshippers walks through, giving alms to the downtrodden.


An old, washed up bounty hunter has gotten drunk and has taken over a cantina – swinging his blaster wildly.


A large residence has caught on fire – and many residents are trapped inside


A trader has a large store of stolen weapons, and wants to sell them and launder the profits


A Republic Marshall has a criminal in his care, but his speeder is broken and needs help


A large rainstorm has caused flash flooding, and a dianoga lurks in the shallow waters


A mother refugee pleads for your help to look for her children (which is a lie, and is trying to pickpocket you)


An old Mandalorian is working on his speeder, he seems heavily armed and equipped for a hunt


A Sith apprentice has tracked you down from Dromund Kaas, and wants you dead


Black market lightsaber crystals for sale, expensive – but worth it?


A Sith military officer has suddenly, and violently conscripted locals into service


The sun here has eclipsed, and the locals are very superstitious about its significance


Something has poisoned the wells here, and people are getting very sick


A droid nanny and the child it was watching have gone missing, people suspect a kidnapping


Locals have recently started to smoke Opia-berries, and the plague of addiction is worrisome to their survival


The locals crops have failed, and they need to secure a food source ASAP

Hyperspace travel is largely unregulated, due to the lack of a strong Republic Navy, and players won’t be hassled by any Naval Authority when traveling. However, in Outer-Rim worlds the risk of Piracy is high. Whether hiding near system hyperspace lanes or using mid-lane interdiction facilities, numerous pirate groups make a living by stealing ships, cargo, and taking slaves. Some of these groups have moral compasses, but others act without care or mercy.



Units (Mercenaries)


No Threats


Pirate Freighter, thieves


Lethik Class Armed Freighter (5)


Pirate Freighter, slavers


Lethik Class Armed Freighter, 1x S-100 Stinger Starfighter (3)


Interdictor Base with tractor beam, fighters


3 S-100 Stinger Starfighters (10)

Session 2

The game will begin as the party flies out from Kaldun, into the wilderness. The party flies over woodland, and now over wetlands a few out from the city and far from the battle still going on. Here, the lightning storms have faded. Now, the only lights visible are the soft blue cast from the shuttle’s low-altitude lights – reflected on the jet black still waters below.

The shuttle will find solid land to perch on as the crew begins work on the hyperdrive. As they do, the most perceptive of the group (DC25) that this place sounds eerily quiet for a wetlands, even outside the ship. The sounds of distant battle are quiet, and are the only present sounds – though occasional.

Before re-launching, the party will notice a young human girl (~12y.o.) approaching the shuttle. Should you land, you will find her cold, lost, and afraid. She seems frightened by your party, and will eventually let slip details that suggest she was an academy student (mentioning she does not have parents, mentioning she is from Kaldun, Master Hekron, etc.). While she seems fairly forthcoming, she will be hostile anyone who attempts to sense her force energy or sense dark side. She will beg to come along with the party.

She has a tracking beacon on her, and before entering hyperspace, the party will encounter 3 Sith Interceptors ordering them to return to a Cruiser in orbit over the planet.

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