Streaming sound guide

I didn’t want to do tech support on stream, but I’d love to help!
Starting with your mic, make sure Windows isn’t boosting it. It causes distortions. In Sound Settings > Input > Device properties there is a slider. Set that bad boy to 0. Then in OBS crank that slider all the way to 0.0 db.
With the limiter, you should have it set to about -15.50db. Anything in the red gives you mad clipping, and you want to stay between -15 and -12 maximum. The high end of yellow causes clipping too.
Then use the gain to make sure when you talk quietly it’s not too quiet. That one will need to be played with, but for reference mine is -24.60.
Noise Gate helps keep unwanted background noise off and headsets don’t usually suffer from it. But I keep my close at -34.00 and open at -28.00. This is big if you get a desk mic. Make sure you buy a unidirectional mic or you’ll have a headache. The Blue Snowball iCE (Black edition, not white!) is excellent at 80 bucks on amazon for this.
Finally the rest is voice adjustment, though that’s all preference. You should check out reaper plugins for OBS: — you open up EQ options on OBS.
But before you play with them, assuming you’re not a professional DJ (as I am neither), use this as a tutorial for good EQ:–cms-25184
Second to lastly, order of operations matter for audio filters. You’ll want to set your EQ first, followed in this order: Gain, Limiter, Noise Gate, Gate, Noise Suppression, Reverb — if you’re using all them. Omit as necessary.
And finally: using a limiter on game audio is amazing. I like to keep the obs slider on -14.2 and put the limiter around -15.0 decibels. My last stream was set to -12.5 db so I needed to lower it a bit.
Here are the specific items I bought, I really like the quality and the whole setup was about 130 bucks after taxes.
I know this is a MASSIVE wall of text, do with it what you will. Don’t mean to harass you, just looking to help you to your full potential.
Anyway, take care buddy.

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