Street Fighter V Champion Edition - Character Overviews


Difficulty - Intermediate

The ex-Mad Gear gearhead himself. Abigail is Street Fighter V’s pre-eminent “big body” character. He does have a high-damage command grab, but it’s by no means his focus. This not-so-gentle giant will use his size with a bit more smarts than he lets on at first glance. Much like in real life, he can use his size to keep opponents far out, especially with his far reaching st.LP and its associated target combo, the low-hitting cr.MK, and the gigantic st.HP. His combo game is pretty fantastic too. His st.MP and b+HP are great tools so for confirming up close, and with a special cancellable anti-air in the form of cr.HP, he can find ways to squeeze titanic damage out of every situation. Two great V-Triggers add even more to the equation. If only this guy knew basic math. Abigail is recommended for players that want to be a car in a fighting game.


  • Incredible normals!

  • And somehow, even more incredible damage.

  • Two technical V-Triggers.


  • Experienced opponents will know your gimmicks and make you pay for it. Resist the urge, and play honest.

  • Not the best in the defense department. He has a massive hurtbox and no reversal.

  • Doesn’t really have an answer for crossups.



C’mon Spare Tire

A parry with a twist. If you successfully land the parry, Abigail will flex his muscles and spin the opponent out so he can follow up with a combo. You can perform this move while crouching to catch lows, but not mids or overheads.

Call in Abigail’s pet… tire. This will slowly roll on the ground, and you can smack it around with normals to change the angle. Heavy attacks have some special properties when interacting with the tire. This is a tech-heavy V-Skill.


Max Power

Hybrid Charge

While active, Abigail can charge his heavy punches, including the Abi Lift and Abi Blaster command normals. Not only will the damage and combo potential be just as gigantic as Abigail himself, but they’ll even crush guards. This stuff makes for some ridiculous combo highlights and setups in the right hands.

Gain access to an armored, full body tackle. The startup has unlimited armor, so slow opponents will have no answer to this. Watch out for throws. You can also cancel into this move from specials to extend combos so it’s just as useful against knowledgeable opponents.


Difficulty - Advanced

The Master of the Fist will only give his time to the strongest of warriors, and that includes the people playing as him. Do you have what it takes? While he may borrow the archetype of Ryu’s moveset, he has so much more going on. He’s got it all, from air fireballs, red fireballs, teleports, and the versatile “demon flip.” Akuma is a sandbox of special moves and tools to be experimented with. Get quick confirms off of cr.MP, punish at long range with st.HP, and fish for crush counters with cr.HP. He’ll require a lot of research to figure out all of his gigantic movelist. Akuma is recommended for players who want a challenging, high-execution character that can feel overpowered in the right hands.


  • More special moves than you’ll know what to do with.

  • Hellish damage.

  • Very strong V-System. If Akuma needs to make a comeback, he can do it.


  • The least health in the game. No mistakes allowed.

  • Stubby normals, strong as they may be. Akuma would rather not play footsies.

  • Very unsafe specials. Akuma can’t take risks, so your hit confirms need to be great.




Armor through a single strike and punish with a palm strike to knock away, or an upwards kick to launch up. The kick is great for using in combos!

Strike a battle pose to manually charge your V-Gauge. This is a great way to access V-Trigger without having to sacrifice precious health, but you don’t have as many combo options as VS1.


Dohatsu Shoten

Shiretsu Hasshi

Akuma gets huge enhancement to his specials here. Gohadoken will now travel fullscreen, Zanku Hadoken will throw two fireballs, even when jumping backwards, and Goshoryuken just looks so damn cool. You also gain access to the forbidden Shun Goku Satsu as an alternate Critical Art. Become the secret boss.

Akuma can now cancel his special moves into EX moves, using his V-Gauge instead of his EX Meter as a resource. There’s a lot of potential for huge damage, but it won’t help his neutral at all.


Difficulty - Intermediate

Alex is a Brooklyn wrestler with potential for greatness. The walk speed and command grab might make you think he’s a straightforward grappler, but he’s a little more unique than that. Alex has an array of safe pokes, including st.MP, cr.MK, and f+HP. Once the opponent is thoroughly annoyed, he can use his strong crush counters, high stun potential, and command grab to make that life bar disappear. Alex fights are a contest of patience, and he’ll punish any gaps in the opponent’s patience with brutal damage.. Alex is recommended for players that want a bombastic hybrid grappler with huge read potential.


  • Stickiness means he’ll land his command grab pretty often with the right reads!

  • Great stun output. You might only need two mixups!

  • Big damage, my guy.


  • No meterless reversal.

  • Very unsafe specials.

  • Difficult anti-air game.




After a good stretch, Alex’s next hit will become a counter hit, including Crush Counters. This is great for increasing damage on a stun combo.

Limber up for the ability to cancel your next special move into another one! Use this to make an unsafe move safe and get some flashy combos. Beware that when Alex is hit, he will lose the power-up.


Rage Shift

Rage Boost

Gain access to Sledge Hammer, a chargeable, guard crushing lariat with the ability to parry one attack. If you release the buttons and press again, you can parry consecutively. It’s possible to combo off of the attack, but it can also be chained into the unique Backdrop command grab. Big combos and big reads..

Gain access to two command throws. Flying DDT is a leaping grab to keep opponents on their heels, and Choke Sleeper is a high-damage followup from Flash Choke.


Difficulty - Intermediate

Yeah, sure, Balrog is the strongest boxer in the world. But he fights for cash, so he’s only interested in getting the job done quick. Balrog has an array of ways to slip right past enemy defense and get right to the good part: bashing heads. His dash punches can surprise unfamiliar opponents, and his two strong V-Skills empower his mobility even further. Three target combos give him some great ways to trick the opponent into making costly mistakes, especially Under Impact, which starts off of his three frame normal. st.HP and cr.HK have some great range too, so Balrog never has to be in deep at all times. These tools combined make him a tricky, aggressive character, constantly dashing in and out of range to make it hurt when they least expect it. Balrog is recommended for players who want an aggressive, high-damage beast.


  • Frame traps for days.

  • Damage like a freight train.

  • Two excellent V-Triggers, for pressure and corner carry.


  • Specials are unsafe without some precise spacing.

  • Charge buffering and TAP will require a lot of practice to use well.

  • No reversal, so he’s bad at dealing with pressure. If Balrog gets knocked down, he might get a taste of his own medicine.




Swerve around fireballs and respond with a fast hook, or a downward overhead. You can also use this during the startup of some specials to juke opponents even further.

After building up some steam, Balrog’s next Dash Straight will leave him at frame advantage on block, and can even combo into another straight of lighter strength on hit.


Crazy Rush

No Mercy

Balrog can now chain any of his dash punches into itself, five times per combo. All of the followup punches are safe on block. Just one combo can potentially carry all the way to the corner!

In case Balrog wasn’t scary enough up close, he now has a command grab. Uh oh.


Difficulty - Easy

While he used to work as a crook for M. Bison, Birdie’s only real loyalty these days is to a tasty meal. Birdie is a character unlike any other in Street Fighter, but he’s surprisingly easy to learn for his uniqueness. He may have a couple command grabs, but they’re backed up by a powerful and versatile set of normals. His cr.MK and st.MK are pokes that most grapplers aren’t gifted with, and he has a surprising reach on combo starters like cr.HP and st.MP. This goes without mentioning his weird V-Skills that give him enviable screen control. Birdie is recommended for players who want to play an unorthodox, but simple hybrid grappler.


  • Unique status as a mid-ranged grappler character makes him more well-rounded than other grapplers.

  • A normal for every situation, even in the mid range.

  • Two very strong V-Skills will give players a lot to experiment with.


  • Highly punishable specials. Attack with caution!

  • Hanging Chain will lose to most fireball characters. Focus on his close-range options instead.

  • Poor jumps and walk speed. This is the price for being a grappler with normals this good.


Break Time

Chewing Time

Chow down on a donut to build some V-Gauge, toss a banana peel on the ground to control space, or roll a soda can to start your advance. Use this at a far range to avoid getting caught for it, and force your opponent to deal with your wacky pressure.

Bubble gum! Keep the bubble in your mouth to shield yourself from fireballs, burst the bubble up close, or send the bubble flying at a variety of angles. There's a lot to play with here! Or build V-Gauge by just… swallowing it. Ew.


Enjoy Time

Birdie Time

A spicy and versatile power-up. During Enjoy Time, Birdie's Bull Head and Bull Horn specials gain armor, extra damage and more pushback on block. His walk is also a bit faster, making his command grab shimmies more dangerous.

If you like to play with Birdie’s chain, this is the way to go. New mid and low chain specials can be cancelled into any poke you could imagine. Use the mid chain for combos and resets, and use the low chain to keep your opponent close.


Difficulty - Advanced

This guy’s backstory is so weird, I’m not even going to write it. Seriously, look it up. I’ll wait. Blanka is designed around mixups that are obscenely hard to react to, especially with his Wild Hunt command grab and Surprise dashes, which can even allow him to pass through his opponent. In an odd sense, Blanka is best played defensively, because of all the weird ways he can land stray hits. All of Blanka’s ball attacks allow him to rocket at his opponent at lightning speed and punish whatever he wants at long range. He has some pretty great long range buttons that are less committal. Both st.HP and cr.MK have good range, and the former can be cancelled into Electric Thunder to become safe. For anti-airs, cr.MP should do everything you need. Blanka is recommended for players who want to be as annoying and trolly as possible.


  • Long range buttons for pestering.

  • He has a million ways of getting free hits in neutral or pressure game.

  • Oh my god he is so annoying


  • Slow light attacks.

  • If someone does know how to beat Blanka, he’ll need to stick to defense.

  • No offense, but this character is not very “Street Fighter.” Very little transferable skill to other characters.


Coward Crouch

Shout of Earth

Duck down to avoid fireballs. Press punch to scoop them up in the air for a combo, or press kick to jump at odd angles. The strength of the kick button will determine the arc, so this can be used for left-right mixups.

An electric ground pound. Pressing the buttons gives a pretty short range attack, but it can be charged. The charge can be stored by interrupting with a dash. There’s some neat ways to combo in and out of this move, and it’s not bad in neutral once changed.


Jungle Dynamo

Lightning Beast

Amplifies all of Blanka’s special moves except for Wild Hunt, and gain access to Ground Shave Roll to end combos. All of Blanka’s ball attacks are projectile invincible, so the opponent has no choice but to hang back.

Gives Blanka access to Rolling Cannon, a followup to all of his other roll attacks. By pressing the V-Trigger input again, Blanka can roll three more times in eight different directions to juggle the opponent around.


Difficulty - Easy

After discovering her mysterious past as Bison’s elite assassin, Cammy now works with the UK special forces to right her wrongs. Cammy still maintains some of her sneaky roots, but fights with much more honor than a Shadaloo lackey. Cammy’s style is based around pressuring normals and specials that leave her at a healthy advantage. Cannon Spike is a typical uppercut to end combos and get you out of tricky situations, but the real depth of her offense comes with the Hooligan Combination, which can strike foes from any angle imaginable. It will take some practice to learn to safely use it, but the results are more than worth it. Cammy is recommended for players who want to learn the game while maintaining an offensive playstyle.


  • Simple, elegant rushdown, effective at all skill levels.

  • Fast anti-air (b+MP) and cancellable low poke (cr.MK).

  • It’s easy to know what you’re doing wrong with Cammy. If Ryu is for learning defense, Cammy is for learning offense.


  • Extremely punishable specials.

  • Low health and stun. You can’t make many mistakes.

  • No overhead.


Axel Spin Knuckle

Spinning Attack

Spin right around fireballs and fighters with this evasive, side-switching knuckle. This can be a bit easy to punish during the startup, but there are some fun ways to incorporate this into your offense.

A back-hopping kick that dodges lows and throws. The range makes it difficult to punish, and it’s usable in combos. A relatively safe move in Cammy’s aggressive arsenal.


Delta Drive

Delta Assault

Increase Cammy’s speed and empower her next two special attacks. Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Cannon Strike will deal additional damage and gain new combo properties.

Perform a jump with a choice between an overhead kick or a command grab, and follow it up with a combo. You also gain access to a quick command dash. You can expect to have at least two more uses after the initial activation. This is a potent mixup tool.


Difficulty - Intermediate

The First Lady of fighting games should feel familiar to returning vets, and is just as fun to new players as ever. Chun-Li rewards players who are intimately familiar with her long-reaching normals. Her array of anti-airs includes b+HK, st.LK, and air throw, each some of the best in the game. cr.MK has an absurdly long reach for a cancellable normal. With her quick speed, strong close-range mixups, and long-reaching cancellable pokes, criminals and terrorists will beware. Chun-Li is recommended to players who want to control the pace of the match.


  • Big damage from long-range pokes and close-range mixups.

  • Wide range of anti-air options.

  • Fast walk speed makes it easy for Chun-Li to play at whatever range she likes.


  • Higher execution for optimal combos.

  • Low health means Chun-Li can make fewer mistakes in her control-based playstyle.

  • Lack of safe meterless special moves means that good hit confirms are key.




A leaping diagonal dash. Use it as an alternative to Chun-Li’s floaty jump. Up close, the move has a hitbox. Combo in and out of the move for strong corner carry. Input a V-Skill after the dash for a unique followup to extend combos even further.

A leaping axe kick, perfect for jumping over fireballs, throws, and low attacks. This move is punishable at close range, but the long reach means it can be easily spaced to be safe.




A powered-up state, adding multiple hits to her medium and heavy normal attacks and buffing her damage all around. The extra hitstun from her heavy attacks leads to new combo routes. You can also nullify fireballs with your empowered b+HP.

A stationary fireball from Chun-Li’s palms. After the initial activation, the move can be used a few more times. It can be charged to break guard. Kikosho is fully safe, and can even be special cancelled into and juggled out of. This is great for poking.


Difficulty - Intermediate

From zero to hero. Cody has gone from a downtrodden criminal to the shining mayor of his old stomping ground. He may dress in a clean suit, but once Cody hits V-Trigger, that dirty old criminal past will well up to the surface. Up close, Cody has everything he could want. A target combo with the option to switch sides, a strong overhead, and some pretty great reach on his combo starters. And thanks to Ruffian Kick, he can find ways to convert damage off of basically anything. Once he’s far off, he has some decent pokes in cr.MK and st.MP. He even has a fireball, but it won’t reach full-screen. Use it to find time to charge Zonk Knuckle to make your approach safer. As stated above, Cody’s true potential unlocks when he fights dirty in V-Trigger, but you can find details on those down below. Cody is recommended for players who want an honest all-arounder with some hidden demons deep down.


  • Two unique and technical V-Skills that affect his gameplan quite a bit.

  • Big damage and stuns all day!

  • Gains a lot from two crazy fun V-Triggers!


  • That fireball isn’t going to win any wars.

  • Poor walkspeed. No shimmy mixups for Cody.

  • No defensive tools outside of some high-risk V-Skills.


Double Kick

Crime Sway

Nothing more than a reversal, but probably the best one. It hits both sides, fully invincible on frame 3, and it has some pretty great range. Beware, it will cost Cody some health. It can be recovered later if he manages to go without getting hit, but if not...

A stationary dodge with two followups. The high sway can lead into a cancellable punch, and the low sway gets a sweep. The low sway can only dodge lows, but all other moves (including jump-ins) can be dodged high.


Side Arm

Dirty Coach

Now this is a knife. Once drawn, Cody has an entirely new set of punch normals, a new target combo, a new special move, and gains the ability to toss his knife straight forward or up at an angle. Don’t worry, he keeps spares. He loses his fireball in this V-Trigger.

No mayor is complete without a trusty lead pipe for cracking skulls. Gain new heavy punch buttons, a stronger throw, a command throw, and two combo ending pipe swings. Most important is his Bean Ball projectile, which needs to be hit with the aforementioned swings to hit in bizarre trajectories.


Difficulty - Advanced


Delve into the mystery of Yoga. Dhalsim is the classic keepaway fighter of Street Fighter, but he has a few more tricks up his sleeves these days. Dhalsim continues to have the longest-reaching normals in the game. st.HK even works as a crush counter from across the screen, and st.MP as well as st.MK make for some incredible pokes. This is all without mentioning his incredible anti-air game. b+MP is short-range, but faster than anything else in his arsenal. b+HP, however, gives you all the range you would expect from Dhalsim’s anti-airs. Yoga Fire now strikes in an upward arc to reach areas that his limbs can’t, and Yoga Teleport works nicely with all of his mind-melting V-Skills and V-Triggers to add a deep layer of offense to the defensive powerhouse. Dhalsim is recommended for players for players who want a highly technical, old-school keepaway character.



  • The longest normals in the game.

  • Great projectiles to boot.

  • Two pressure-based V-Triggers make Dhalsim feel truly all-powerful.


  • Extremely difficult to escape pressure.

  • Lower than average health.

  • You really need to know your normals to make Dhalsim work.



Yoga Float

Yoga Deep Breath

Dhalsim’s jump is so floaty that you need to have a serious plan to use it. Yoga Float, however, is a little less committal. You can use it on the ground to rise to a comfortable height, or use it to halt your current jump. Move around, attack, and do all sorts of creative movements here.

Take a deep breath to empower your next Yoga Fire. Not only does it become plus on block, but you can combo into and out of it. The heavy version even bounces behind the opponent to sneak to their back. Great for an aggressive and confident Dhalsim.


Yoga Burner

Yoga Sansara

Lay down a patch of flame, forcing the opponent to take unblockable grey damage. It can be recovered by a patient player, but one hit and it’s all gone… The initial activation can hit and knock down right into the flame.

Pop down an orb of flame. You can push it around with Yoga Flame and Yoga Gale. Mix it in with Yoga Teleport to get some high-damage side-switching mixups.


Difficulty - Easy


The heir to Bison’s Shadaloo Empire, but with a far different agenda. Ed is the first character in the franchise to utilize the “simple” control scheme, not using motions or charges to execute special moves. Instead, you need only press multiple buttons at once, mash quickly, hold down, or smash your desired direction and button combination. Ed is a all-around fighter with a footsies focus. Ed has some long-reaching buttons to get lots of stray hits, especially st.MK and cr.MK. He can start short combos off of st.MP and cr.MP. His st.HP can be charged to become the Psycho Knuckle, a quick approach tool that will leave Ed safe and positioned behind the opponent. And with the unique input on his fireball, you can fake it out to bait risky maneuvers. Ed is recommended for players who want an easy-execution, but unorthodox, all-arounder.



  • Super easy execution. Great for keyboard players.

  • Amazing anti-airs, especially because he doesn’t need to buffer special moves.

  • Excellent and safe approach tools.


  • No standing overhead, or mixups of any kind.

  • Average walkspeed. This would be fine, if he had some way of mixup people up outside of throws.

  • If you never learn how to do charge or motion inputs, you’ll never be able to play anyone but Ed.


Psycho Snatcher

Psycho Swing/Psycho Smash

It’s not a command grab, it’s not a fireball. It’s more like a big, chargeable, button. On both hit and block, it pulls the opponent closer for pressure. It destroys fireballs, but you can charge it to bypass them entirely, as well as combo off of it. Perform while crouching for an anti-air version.

This is a two-in-one deal. While standing, Psycho Swing can swerve past fireballs to smack the opponent, but beware of a punish.Hold down the buttons to increase the distance and safety. While crouching, Psycho Smash is an upward strike for ending juggles. Charge it to *extend* combos!


Psycho Cannon

Enhanced Snatcher

One *big* fireball. It hits a whopping five times, so this is free pressure on the entire cast. Anti-air their jumps, walk them to the corner with your normals, and use it in tricky combos.

A supercharged version of V-Skill 1. Press HP+HK to use this one. It’s much faster, and has no need to be charged. You can combo into and out of the Ultra Snatchers, but you only get three!

E. Honda

Difficulty - Easy


E. Honda eats and breathes sumo, but in his quest to prove it as a legitimate fighting style, he’s become so far removed from textbook sumo wrestling that he’s probably not even a sumo anymore. (But don’t tell him that!) E. Honda is a fighter that’s full of surprises, able to punish at long range or pressure up close whenever he has to with his multiple special moves. Of note are his command grab, and the mighty Hundred Hand Slap, perfect for converting off of stray normals. E. Honda is recommended for players who want an all-purpose bully character.



  • Strong mobility with his special moves.

  • Good close-range pressure with Hundred Hand Slap and Oicho Throw.

  • With all these anti-offense tools, is it even worth attacking E. Honda? Sumo is scary!


  • His mobility is strong, but committal. He may find himself having trouble against fireballs.

  • Unreliable anti-airs.

  • Stubby cancellable normals.


Neko Damashi

Sumo Spirit

Honda’s safest anti-zoning tool. This sumo clap will nullify fireballs, after which it can be cancelled into one of E. Honda’s many gap closers. This can also be cancelled on hit or block like any other special. It is unsafe, but can be cancelled into his safe Light Hundred Hand Slap to fix that issue.

After pumping himself up, E. Honda gets a boost to his next Hundred Hand Slap. His next barrage has increased damage and frame data, and he can cancel into it on any normal. On both hit and block, it’s still his turn to attack, and the Light and EX versions can even be linked out of.




Gain access to an armored headbutt, which can combo from any normal or Hundred Hand Slap. It’s a bit unsafe on block, but once confirmed, you can follow it up with a second headbutt, which can be cancelled into CA. This can let E. Honda get big damage off of his standard combos.

Learn a powerful sumo throw. This command grab needs a running start, so that E. Honda can push the opponent right into the corner, regardless of screen position. It has a longer startup than most command grabs, but a hit of armor helps with that. You can combo this from any normal, or even the Hundred Hand Slap.


Difficulty - Advanced


As Lord Bison’s number two, F.A.N.G isn’t particularly interested in stealing the limelight. In fact, he goes out of his way to avoid it. F.A.N.G’s moveset is more interested in avoiding conflict than initiating it. This character uses his cartoonishly long body to his advantage, with absurdly long pokes like df+HP and st.MP. His anti-airs are great, especially cr.HP being used to catch crossups. Like any good keepaway character, F.A.N.G has a technical projectile to work with in the form of Nishikyu. Send it flying at all sorts of angles, and then use the Nikankyaku dash to create some obnoxiously hard to block situations. All of F.A.N.G’s special moves apply poison, but don’t expect to turtle all game. Instead, use his unique moveset to keep pressure and keep your opponents poisoned as long as possible. F.A.N.G is recommended for players who want to play a technical, annoying, and cowardly fighter. (Not judging.)



  • Evasive and tricky normals and special moves.

  • More momentum potential than a keepaway fighter usually gets.

  • Very annoying, and hard to punish when his fireballs are in the air.


  • Poison isn’t as strong as one might think.

  • No meterless way to escape pressure if you’ve made a mistake.

  • Weak V-Triggers.





Toss an unblockable blob of poison. This move doesn’t exactly work like a fireball, in that it can’t be dispelled by other fireballs. Use this for unavoidable poison damage.

A plain and simple counterattack. Unlike other counters, this can catch lows, but not EX moves. This is a good tool for characters with fast normals that tend to weasel out of his pressure.



Koryo Dokuda

A cloud of poison gas will follow F.A.N.G, creating some unavoidable damage for any foe unfortunate enough to be near him. This is for a confident F.A.N.G who wants to keep his momentum going. This will also enhance his V-Skills.

Amp up two special moves. The Ryobenda poison trap will now explode before disappearing, and the Nishikyu gets much bigger and harder to avoid. These are for better combos and space control.


Difficulty - Intermediate


Born as a cloned body for M. Bison, Falke has joined Neo Shadaloo after his defeat to bring her Psycho Power and tactics to help their victims around the world. Being one of the game’s few weapon-wielders gives Falke some amazing hitboxes, especially with anti-airs cr.HP and Psycho Schneide. The real meat of Falke’s kit comes from her charging fireball, which can be fired from a stand, crouch, or jump, all with different properties. Just like Ed, all of Falke’s moves are on simple, one button inputs. No need to learn motions or charge moves. (But you probably should.) Falke is recommended for players who want an easy-execution character with a defensive lean.



  • Excellent anti-air game.

  • Two powerful V-Skills.

  • Light zoning elements with her multitude of fireballs and anti-fireball tools.


  • Predominantly defensive. Don’t expect to get fast wins. Take it nice and slow.

  • No motions or charges outside of CA. You’re gonna have to learn how to do those one day!

  • Below average health and no speed to make up for it.


Psycho Trombe

Psycho Mine

A quick, projectile-absorbing pole spin. It’s mildly unsafe on block, but Falke can cancel into this move like a special move, so she has access to a lot of V-Gauge on demand. In V-Trigger II, this move becomes special cancellable and reflects fireballs.

A stationary bubble of Psycho Power. It does no damage until it detonates after five seconds, or when Falke strikes it with her pole. It takes a while to release, but Falke can find ways to place mines in the neutral to make her zoning even stronger.



Psycho Angriff

Boost Falke’s fireball pressure. By pressing V-Trigger’s input again, she can use empowered fireballs without having to hold a button. Just like the normal ones, these can be performed standing, crouching, or jumping. The standing variant is plus on block!

After a mighty staff twirl, Falke can use two new staff techniques. Psycho Sturm is a long staff swing that’s great for ending combos. Psycho Klinge is a leaping strike, and Falke’s only overhead. Both attacks can be cancelled into from any other V-Trigger cancellable moves, including specials.


Difficulty - Advanced


A pleasure to meet you, citizen! You may call me G, the President of the World! I’d say my best feature is my charismatic Presidentiality meter! At any time, including at the end of certain specials, I can make contact with the earth, drawing strength from Mother Gaea herself! While I start quite meek, it only takes two charges to get my campaign rolling! Boosting my Presidentiality will put some gusto into my specials, but watch out! If I’m swept off my feet, I’ll need to charge again to boost my personable presence! I’ve got lots of ways to engage with my voter base, particularly my st.MK and st.HP pokes. Once I’m up close, st.MP and a decisive command grab will write my power into law. I’m also quite proud of my anti-airs. My cr.HP, b+HP, and V-Skill I are sure to keep my beloved citizens back on our lovely ground. Why would anyone want to leave? If you like your fisticuffs to have a bit more of a dynamic back-and-forth, then I hope I have your vote!



  • Long healthy limbs for footsies.

  • Two robbery V-Triggers. Not that I’d ever fight dishonestly...

  • Strong momentum with some Presidentiality. Together, we’ll have a perfect campaign!


  • Without Presidentiality, I’ll have trouble. My power comes from you!

  • Unsafe specials. I must choose my words wisely!

  • No reversal. Don’t let me down, people!


G Barrier

G Protection

A force field of my pure, golden power. This will eat up fireballs, hit nearby opponents, and add another anti-air to my arsenal. I’ll even do it in the air, if you’d like.

After I strike a pose, I can take reduced damage from the next attack or combo. I can even stack the effect up to three times! And the best part is that I’ll keep my Presidentiality after hitting the floor!


Maximum President

Dangerous President

I’m sweeping the polls! Once I’ve powered up, I’ll stay at peak Presidentiality until the V-Trigger ends, and I’ll get extra effects on both V-Skills. Most importantly, I can even cancel special moves into other special moves! Isn’t our planet wonderful?

Now the gloves are off! Here I can demonstrate my more hardline positions. G Explosion is a molten uppercut that I can cancel into from anything! Or perhaps you’d prefer G Rage, a command grab with a hit of armor. Dangerous indeed...


Difficulty - Advanced


Gill is the leader of the Secret Society, claiming to be heir to a soon-to-be fulfilled prophecy. He may have some notable normals in st.MP, cr.HP, and st.HK, but the key to understanding Gill is learning his unusual “Retribution” mechanic. Gill has no crush counter attacks. Instead, after landing certain attacks, Gill’s opponent will be inflicted with elemental status effects. Fire will gradually inflict gray life damage, and ice will freeze the opponent’s stun meter. If he can land an attack of the opposite element, it will gain Crush Counter-like effects. Gill is recommended for players who want an demanding, yet overwhelming boss character.


  • Two game-ending V-Triggers.

  • Works extremely well with meter, especially in the case of armored Lariat and combo extensions.

  • Rewards your practice a lot more than most characters. Gill is a loyalist’s character.


  • No Crush Counters in the traditional sense.

  • Retribution will require a lot of mental practice to master.

  • No invincible reversal.


Divine Meteor


A falling projectile that can be aimed farther or closer. The element of this projectile will always match Gill’s selected V-Trigger. On hit, it will inflict the matching elemental state. This is his only way of debuffing his opponent without spending meter or being in V-Trigger.

A parry! Unlike Ryu’s this parry will activate on only frame *two,* and he can interrupt the parry animation whenever he likes. It’s possible to punish light attack with a heavy attack, if you’re fast enough to predict it! The only drawback is that Gill will have to input a down parry to catch lows.


Primal Fire

Ice of Doom

A boost to Gill’s fire. All of Gill’s fire-based special moves will inflict the burn state without needing to spend the meter on the EX version. Additionally, he gets two new specials: Flame Javelin is a fast down-angled projectile, and Volcanic Storm is a grounded uppercut that can be cancelled into Flame Javelin.

This one is boosting Gill’s ice. All of the aforementioned buffs for Gill’s VT1 will apply, but this time to his ice attacks. Also like VT1, he’ll get two new specials. Tree of Frost is a long-range combo ender, and Delay Freeze Lance is a trap placed on the ground for round-ending setups.


Difficulty - Easy


Guile a determined soldier, fighting with honor to take down Shadaloo once and for all. As the quintessential charge character, Guile fights honestly, but not to a fault. He only has two special moves, and that’s all he needs. Sonic Boom is one of the strongest fireballs in the game, and Somersault Kick is one of the best anti-airs in the game. A good Guile can use just these moves to keep opponents out forever. When things don’t go exactly according to plan, Guile has a whole ton of normals to back up his close-range game. He has strong pokes in cr.MK and cr.MP, b+LK allows him to move forward while maintaining his charge, and f+MK can get retreat by hopping over lows. He also has some strong target combos to pressure up close. Guile is recommended for players who want a defense-leaning all-around fighter.



  • All the command normals you could ever want.

  • Unbreakable defense! If you’re good.

  • Easy execution is great for learning charge characters.


  • Charge moves make him weak to crossups.

  • Keepaway doesn’t do too much damage, so you’ll have to work hard.

  • Not exactly a combo character without some planning.



Sonic Blade

Dive Sonic

A versatile shield. Throw a Sonic Boom through it to have an extra durable projectile to protect you, or bait jump-ins to smack them out of the air with Somersault Kick.

Leap up to throw a Sonic boom below. This move allows Guile to hop over fireballs while maintaining his charge, thanks to the non-directional input.


Solid Puncher

Knife Edge

A versatile V-Trigger with an emphasis on pressure. Mash punch to follow up your Sonic Booms with a string of miniature booms, to increase combo and chip damage. Sonic Hurricane will upgrade to the massive Sonic Tempest.

Throw a projectile with each Somersault Kick, making them a bit safer from afar. The EX version will even become the dangerous Double Somersault. This is a reliable way to strengthen Guile’s neutral.



Difficulty - Advanced


Ibuki is a ninja high schooler who marches to the beat of her own drum. Fittingly, she’s one of the most unorthodox fighters in the game. Ibuki’s specialties are in setplay, mixups, and high execution combos. Things that a new player probably won’t be very good at, but hey, you do you. Ibuki has her Shinten and Yagurakuzushi target combos to make it possible for a fast Ibuki to pressure without ever truly putting herself at risk. Kasumi Gake is a command dash that can shift right past an opponent, and she naturally has a few normals that will hop over lows, including f+MK and f+HK. She even has a DP to make pressuring her a little dangerous. Ibuki is recommended for players who want a highly unorthodox rushdown fighter. Good luck in the practice room.



  • Two ridiculous mixup V-Triggers.

  • Very annoying, and hard to punish when his fireballs are in the air.


  • She’s not very “Street Fighter.” Requires a very particular learning curve.

  • Weak damage and neutral without her kunai.

  • Low health. Ibuki will win big or go home.





Channel some anime energy into Ibuki’s palm to crush a fireball. It’s a decent poke if you charge it to make it safe.

Ibuki throws three caltrops on the ground, or just one if you decide to throw it out early. They do very low damage, but opponents will slip if they touch the spikes. This move is for tech-heavy, unorthodox space control.


Rokushaku Horokudama

Fuma Shuriken

Throw a time bomb down. It will explode on its own after a while, but EX Kunai will instantly detonate it. This can let a practiced Ibuki get huge damage off of ANY hit. You can even throw a second bomb after the first one detonates.

Throw a massive shuriken, which will come back after it’s first thrown. While there are ways to incorporate the forward and backward flight of the shuriken into a single combo, this is best used for resets.



Difficulty - Intermediate


Juri is a deadly warrior who likes to play with her food. Juri’s unique Fuharenkyaku special move requires her to store up a usage of it before unleashing it, as seen by the unique bar above her CA meter. This forces Juri to bide her time before going all in with her strong combos. Instead of spacing in neutral, she might want to sacrifice resourceless pressure to build her Fuha back up. When she’s on the defensive, Juri still has some tools to stick it out. cr.MK, cr.MP, and st.HP are pretty great pokes, and she has a great anti-air game with s.HP and Tensenrin uppercut special move. Once Fuharenkyaku is all ready, she can use Ryodansatsu or V-Skill 1 to slip right past defense and start some monster rushdown. Juri is recommended for players who want an offense-based all-arounder with a unique hit-and-run minigame.


  • Very fast walk speed, for shimmies.

  • Pretty good neutral buttons.

  • Mobility specials for strong resets.


  • Needs her Fuharenkyaku stored to play at her best.

  • Pretty weak V-Skills.

  • Pretty bad Crush Counters too.




Fuha Enzan

Dash behind and kick right at the opponent’s back. When charged, this can be used to punish fireballs. Dash while charging to maintain the charge state. This is a great way to punish moves that Juri would ordinarily have to let go.

After a quick taunt, Juri can use the V-Skill again to throw a very slow projectile. It doesn’t travel very far, but Juri can cancel certain moves into it to make them safe, or use it to threaten wakeups. There are some crazy mixups here, with practice.


Feng Shui Engine Alpha

Feng Shui Engine Beta

Rip off that eyepatch and get some custom combos. Juri can cancel punches into kicks, and all normals into normals of a higher strength. You also have unlimited Fuha uses, but each one will deplete the meter.

After vacuuming the opponent in, Juri will have a vampiric aura at her feet. The mist will drain meter right from the opponent and add it right to yours. The vacuum kick means this best integrated into combos. This is for the aggressive Juri, all the way.



Difficulty - Advanced


The embodiment of the killing urge that Ryu has purged from himself. Kage is rage, sabotage, and revenge, and you’ll feel it just from the way he plays. He may look a bit like a hybrid of Ryu and Akuma, but Kage throws away all of their restraint in favor of all-or-nothing aggression. Kage has every close-range tool you could ask for. A 3-frame cr.LP and an uppercut give him all the damage and speed he needs. But most important is Ryusokyaku, a safe-ish axe kick that can make escaping Kage’s pressure a bit of an endeavor. His st.LP may push the opponent out of grab range, but he can use that distance to bait them into eating his far-range st.HP and its accompanying target combo. Kage is recommended for players who want a near-suicidally aggressive equivalent to the classic Ryu archetype.


  • Huge damage.

  • Monstrous standing pressure.

  • Two strong V-Triggers that can suit any matchup when Kage finds himself struggling.


  • The STUBBIEST normals. Kage will need to be at point-blank at all times to play at his best.

  • Low health.

  • All the trappings of maining a Ryu-type character.


Senha Kassatsu


A big fat lunge punch. Hold down the buttons for increased range, damage, a single hit of armor, and safety on block. This attack works as a Crush Counter, whether you charge it or not, so follow up successful baits with a juggle combo.

A leaping ground punch. Holding forward will make him jump a little further. It’s safe on block and plus on hit, so this can be used to hop over retaliatory strikes and continue his close-range intimidation.


Taigyaku Mudo

Rikudo Osatsu

Channel the Satsui no Hado to empower your V-Skill and learn a demonic teleport. It looks similar to Akuma’s, but it’s much faster. You can even use it in midair to get some ridiculous left-right mixups, especially in tandem with EX Kurekijin.

This one is all about damage. Kage can input V-Trigger again at any point to use Misogi, a diving knife-hand strike. You can cancel this from ANYTHING, even uppercuts. Kage also learns Akuma’s forbidden killing art, the Shun Goku Satsu. Unlike Akuma, Kage can combo into this much easier.



Difficulty - Advanced


Karin is the young head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu, an elite noble family. She’s been training for her whole life in the Kanzuki-Ryu martial arts, and it shows. Karin has a huge array of special moves designed around opening up unprepared opponents. She has a far-reaching f+MK overhead and cancellable cr.MK for striking far-off commoners, and she really gets the ball rolling up close. The fast Tenko launcher allows her to get huge damage on moves that would only be pokes for other fighters. With strict timing, one can master the “Just Frame Tenko,” a stronger, faster version of the launcher. Miss Kanzuki works best right outside of the opponent’s range, waiting for ill-conceived mistakes to show off what a properly disciplined martial artist can do. Karin is recommended for players who want a combo-focused footsies character.



  • Gets a lot of damage off of stray hits.

  • Strong footsies to help her get in the opponent’s face and stay there.

  • Rewarded heavily for fundamentals.


  • High execution for optimal damage.

  • Built-in mixups can be read fairly easily by an opponent familiar with her moveset.

  • Tough anti-air game.




Fudo Sosho

Step forward and deliver a strong palm strike. Charge it to make it safe on block. It’s also possible to destroy fireballs with the strike.

A safe poke to keep your opponents in check. While it’s always safe, you can charge it to make it plus on block. This attack can destroy fireballs, and it even acts as a crush counter.


Kanzuki-Ryu Guren no Kata

Tenha no Kata

Gain access to the Guren Ken special move, a rekka with seven different followups. Low, overhead, throw, crossup, dash back, you name it. Guren Ken’s got it. Boost the damage of your combos and add some monstrously scary pressure.

Gain access to Yasha Gaeshi, a counter move. You can counter melee attacks, with a different counterattack for lows. Both will lead to strong combos. She can also cancel the end lag of her special moves into the counter, so it’s never truly safe to punish Karin.



Difficulty - Easy


Every fighter needs a hotheaded rival, and Ken Masters is perfect for the job. Ken is a bit flashier and more aggressive than Ryu, but they share many of the same properties. Unique to Ken are his Lion Breaker and Chin Buster target combos, a feintable stepping overhead, and a bit more horizontal range on that fiery uppercut. The heavy version of his Tatsumaki Senpukyaku will fly in an arc, picking up opponents on the ground and carrying them all the way to the corner. Ken has a bit more in the department of combo potential than his calmer blood brother. Together with his damaging special moves, Ken can hit surprisingly hard with quick, close-range strikes. You won’t be pulling off any crazy parries with Ken, but his offensive V-Skills will let you put on pressure that most shotos could only dream of. Ken is recommended to players who want a simple, offense-focused all-around fighter. Just don’t get too used to all those free uppercuts you’ll be getting in the rookie ranks.



  • Basic rushdown that’s easy to pick up.

  • Target combos make for easy hit confirms.

  • No slouch in the defensive department.


  • Somewhat stubby normals.

  • No 3 frame normals is the price for having better defense than most rushdown characters.

  • Punishable specials. They gon block dat DP.



Quick Step


A command run that can be followed up into any normal, throw, or a unique step kick. Use this to close distance and launch surprise attacks.

Wheel kick! This move is safe on block, and it can be charged to be plus. This move is great for ending Target Combos, where it can even be juggled into Shoryuken.


Heat Rush


Add a flaming aura to all of Ken’s special attacks, increasing their damage and improving their combo properties. The dash forward on the activation can be used for new combos. Experiment with this one!

Rise up with the biggest Shoryuken you’ll ever see. Despite appearances, this is not an anti-air, but it does have a vacuum effect for punishing stray normals. Mash the button to hit for longer. A fully-mashed Shinryuken can even juggle.


Difficulty - Intermediate


Gifted with the power of ice by her savior, Kolin uses her reversal-based martial arts to destroy enemies with their own strength. The core of her toolset revolves around Hailstorm, a slow, falling snowball (with a knockdown before the ball comes out) that’s great for pressuring wakeups. Mix them up with overheads (f+MK) and lows (cr.LK and first hit of cr.HK), which can be cancelled from her Vanity Step command dash. The medium and heavy version give her some unique target combos out of it, while the light version is a non-committal backdash with a far-reaching followup in Silver Edge, great for catching aggressive opponents off-guard. And with her Frost Spike target combo, she can get some pretty big damage off of even the smallest opening. Kolin is recommended for players who want a setplay-based character with a focus on playing predictively.


  • Great V-Skills for any matchup.

  • Amazing stun output with VS2 and her V-Triggers.

  • Great for the type of player that can get a read on predictable behavior.


  • Low damage without counters.

  • No reversal.

  • You need to learn setplay to win with her. Have fun in training mode.



Inside Slash

Glacier Through

A defensive tool. Step forward and slice, catching any incoming attacks to deliver a strong counterattack. This is unsafe on block, but it can be spaced to be safe.

How many other characters get a command grab for a V-Skill? This grab can freeze the stun gauge until she’s hit. Use this like any other command grab, or use the compatible target combo. For aggressive matchups!


Diamond Dust

Absolute Zero

Stamp your feet and cover the ground in freezing ice. This will freeze the stun meter, and do a lot of stun damage on its own. You can end lots of combos with this, which puts her in a perfect position to start another setup to get that stun meter full.

A complex power-up. Extend the range of her punches with icy blades, get a quick dash with Vanity Step target combos, bigger Hailstorms, and learn Frost Edge, a knife-hand strike that can be followed up to freeze the stun meter.


Difficulty - Intermediate


Laura is on a quest to make Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu famous, and you can feel her enthusiasm. Laura fits into a unique niche of being a fireball character and a grappler at the same time, which ironically puts her into a rushdown category. The core of Laura’s kit is the Thunder Clap, a slow, lingering fireball with a ton of uses. It’ll fizzle out before it actually reaches the other end of the screen, but you really want to use this to augment your close-range can. Hide behind it as a shield to use normally-unsafe pokes like st.HK and cr. HK. Or dash right past it to deliver a quick Sunset Wheel command grab or damaging target combo. She even has two mobility-focused V-Skills that supplement her fireball very well. Laura’s mixups can be seriously hard to get a read on thanks to her surprising speed. Watch a pro match, and you’ll be blown away by how fast she can destroy a life bar. Laura is recommended for players who want an aggressive grappler with frightening comeback potential.



  • You’re a grappler with a fireball! Cool!

  • High damage mixups. Watch that health bar melt!

  • Knockdown pressure can give Laura some crazy momentum.


  • Especially weak to cross-ups.

  • No low confirm combos.

  • Often too aggressive for her own good.



Volty Line

Volty Sprink

A far-reaching overhead wheel kick. Press a direction to dash forward or back before dropping down. This is a great way to catch backdashes and make escaping from Laura difficult, but it is unsafe!

Hop forward and followup with an aerial Thunder Clap or an overhead axe kick. The hop itself can hit midair opponents. Use this for unique combos and corpse hop mixups with her Thunder Clap.


Spark Show

Shock Stance

Power up your special moves and add new properties to your V-Skills. Thunder Clap will charge much faster, Volty Line’s dash goes farther, and Volty Sprink can now charge the aerial clap.

Sway around any attack and catch the opponent right in a chokehold. You can do this twice before the V-Trigger runs out. There’s enough time after the choke for a combo!



Difficulty - Intermediate


Lucia is a determined young policewoman who prefers to let her fists do the talking. Lucia is all about speed, through and through. Her st.MP and cr.MP have lightning-fast startups at just five frames each, and her jab leaves you at just the right range to throw, making her fast attacks even more dangerous. She has a varied fireball that can even be angled upwards to make attacking much more frightening. Once Lucia puts the foe in fight-or-flight mode, her command run can take her right where she wants. Shoulder to get nice and close, anti-air on a hard read, or even cancel the run to get tricky! Lucia is recommended for players who want a rushdown character who pins down crooks with technical pressure.



  • Incredible anti-airs.

  • Fast normals once she’s up close. Great for frametraps.

  • A pretty great fireball for a varied approach!


  • Pretty weak footsies and punishes thanks to stubby normals and reliance on being up-close on punishes.

  • Weak okizeme. She is not a wakeup pressure character. Stick to frametraps.

  • Her V-Triggers are not comeback tools.



Arrest Heel

A flurry of kicks. Other than an uppercut, this is Lucia’s only way of comboing off of light normals. But unlike the uppercut, Tap-Kick builds V-Meter on hit, can be V-Trigger cancelled on hit and block for combos and pressure. Use this for a bit more safety in your rushdown. This changes during her command run.

A flying heel. It’s not an overhead, but it will dodge low attacks and throws while it’s in midair. Lucia can easily arc over fireballs with this too. During her command run, this move will become safe, while maintaining similar properties.


Burning Fight

Weapon Fury

An all-around powerup with a pressure focus. Any special move with a kick input is changed in some way, including the kick followups from her command run, and both of her V-Skills. All of them get more damage and stun, but of particular note is the Firecracker projectile, which will bounce off the ground and move at crazy speeds.

This V-Trigger has a singular new move added, with some very unique properties. She can swing a baton by inputting V-Trigger again. This move is cancellable off of any into any special move she desires, allowing her to supercharge any combo she likes with some police brutality. But it only has two uses!

M. Bison

Difficulty - Intermediate


Pure, unstoppable, Psycho Power. As the leader of the mighty Shadaloo crime syndicate, M. Bison’s strength is in intimidation. Once Bison gets rolling, there’s nothing the opponent can do but wait for an opening. From the moment the round starts, Bison has nothing stopping him from going all-in and staying there. Thanks to a great anti-air in cr.HP and strong pokes with st.MP and cr.MP, Bison has every close range tool you could ask for. Use his bizarre movement, advancing special moves, and fast normals to brutalize anyone who isn’t patient enough to wait out his onslaught. M. Bison is recommended for players who want to overwhelm and dominate.


  • The best, safest pressure in the entire game.

  • Monstrously strong V-Triggers.

  • Psychological warfare. Respect Bison or die.


  • The worst walk speed in the game, by miles.

  • Despite all his pressure, he has no meterless mixups. Bison will have to rely on impatience to get wins.

  • Bison has no way of escaping offense without sacrificing precious V-Gauge.



Psycho Reflect

Hell’s Warp

Catch a projectile in a dark vortex to spit it back out later, or punish an incoming attack with a versatile counter. This adds a much-needed layer to Bison's lacking defense.

Teleport to the other side of the opponent for a safe, launching knee strike. This move is great for escaping the corner, but it’s slow enough for opponents to react to and punish during the lengthy startup. This will require a hard read.


Psycho Power

Psycho Nightmare

A monstrous power-up. Bison’s dashes are now capable of passing through the opponent. All of his specials gain extra properties, like a teleporting Head Press or a safe Double Knee Press. All of his EX special moves can be cancelled into each other. Visit the lab for this one, because Psycho Power is a candidate for scariest V-Trigger in the game.

Instead of strengthening Bison’s existing gameplan, this V-Trigger covers his weaknesses. M. Bison gains the evasive Psycho Crusher special move, and a bomb-infusing command grab. Bison can detonate the bomb at any time, as long as he isn't hit while it's planted. Use this to get a little breathing room.



Difficulty - Advanced


The apprentice to a powerful mystic, and heir to her mysterious power. Menat’s main gameplay hook is her magic orb. Soul Sphere will throw the orb at a location she chooses, which can be recalled at any time with Soul Sphere: Ankh, or detonated with Soul Spark. Skilled players will find ways to toss and recall the orb to create rushdown-style pressure, but Menat is a keepaway character through and through. With the orb in her possession, she has some incredible reach on all of her normals, particularly on st.LP and st.HP. Her cr.HP is a sky-high anti-air, but her Guardian of the Sun anti-air command grab will do the job just as well, with some extra damage to boot. She can even mix up once the orb is place, with her drill kicks and overhead. Menat is recommended for players who want a high-execution, long-range fighter.


  • A fresh and dynamic approach to keepaway.

  • Divine V-Triggers that reward practice and lab time.

  • Mixups and pressure on a zoner!


  • Very lacking when it comes to damage.

  • As expected, she has trouble outside of keepaway range when the momentum is not in her favor.

  • The “Dark Souls” of Street Fighter combos.


Soul Reflect

Soul Spiral

A projectile reflector, with a crouching variant to turn their fireballs into your anti-airs. Hitting with the attack itself is also possible. This is the only way Menat can combo off of her fastest moves. A boon to keepaway and defense.

A magical advancing drill attack. Very unsafe, but the combo potential is through the roof. With orb, it absorbs projectiles. Without, it can be cancelled into Soul Sphere: Ankh or Soul Spark to extend combos. This is for those who enjoy orb-based screen control.


Wisdom of Thoth

Prophecy of Thoth

Perhaps the most complex V-Trigger. Six orbs float around Menat, each representing a normal button. When a button is released, the corresponding orb will fire, with the angle matching whether Menat is standing, jumping, or crouching. There aren’t really any tips to give with this one. Study up, and it will be worth your while.

Summon orbs to your side and fire them in an array of patterns with a new special move. All three patterns will use all six of the orbs, but another set of six can be recalled after the first attack. You can cancel into the orb volleys from some specials, too! This is a much easier V-Trigger to use, improving on her already-strong footsies.


Difficulty - Intermediate


After a grisly encounter on the battlefield, Nash is here for bloody revenge, and his moveset is perfect for it. Nash leaves himself at an high frame advantage after his combos, which he can use to set up another dangerous sequence with his Sonic Boom projectile and Moonsault Slash, a leaping kick. With his target combos and huge list of command normals, Nash’s unusual pressure is a unique way of playing the Street Fighter V footsie game. Nash can use his aggressive moveset to quickly exploit weaknesses and stay right in the opponent's face. If you like harassing with hit and run tactics, Nash is the killing machine for you.


  • Offense-focused, but great all-around.

  • Pressure-oriented special moves allow Nash to move in and out of offense on his terms.

  • Large list of mobile and evasive command normals to keep up his offense.


  • Abysmally slow walk speed requires strategies in the neutral.

  • Decent at far and close range, but has low damage output in the mid range.

  • No meterless reversal. Defense is not Nash’s strong suit.



Bullet Clear

Silent Sharpness

A palm strike that saps V-Gauge from the opponent and adds it to your own. You can also use this to absorb fireballs. This is a versatile skill for players who like building meter.

After a short animation, Nash’s next Sonic Scythe will have enhanced properties and build V-Gauge. Depending on the strength of the move, you’ll gain speed, range, or combo utility.


Sonic Move

Stealth Dash

A fast teleport with a wide variety of uses. The direction of the teleport can be changed with a forward or back input. It’s usable as a safe escape, a mixup option, a combo extender, and more. This one is for the creative type.

This projectile-invincible dash can reach across the screen to deliver a launching ground pound or a classic somersault kick. The dash can also be interrupted early by pressing back. Useful for both combos and side-switching mixups.



Difficulty - Easy


“Once every few hundred years, the stars herald The Hour of the Battle, and Necalli walks this plane to devour the souls of strong warriors.” So sayeth the prophets. As the devouring warrior of legend, Necalli fights with all the savage fury you would expect. As a jack of close-range jack of all trades, Necalli has access to safe pressure with his stomp, fast normals in the form of st.LP and cr.MP, and defensive tools like an uppercut and 3 frame light punches. Of particular note is how Necalli interacts with the V-system. Both V-Skills have drastic effects on his playstyle, and his V-Trigger is a permanent power-up that lasts until the end of the round, almost acting as a win condition. Necalli is recommended for players who want to hit hard up close.


  • Great in close range, both offensively and defensively.

  • Anti-fireball V-Skills and Disc’s Guidance.

  • In V-Trigger, Necalli is the best character in the game.


  • Struggles against characters with long-reaching normals.

  • Stubby normals.

  • Has difficulty getting in unless the opponent makes a mistake in their zoning.



Culminated Power

Crawling Beast

A small earthquake that erupts at an area of Necalli’s choosing. His only ranged option. Since it has to be manually aimed, it can be a bit committal, but the high blockstun and knockdown is worth the risk.

Necalli barfs up a slow moving slimeball that travels under fireballs. Nasty. It doesn’t reach all the way across the screen, but it does crumple on hit for followups. He can also crouch under fireballs during the barfing! This is a great way to avoid range while making your own approach easier.


Torrent of Power

Eruption of Power

A power-up that lasts for the rest of the round. Necalli gets faster, does more damage, gets enhanced damage and frame data on all punches. In addition, all specials are enhanced in various ways, and he gains a new ground pound special move to attack from new angles. There’s even a fancy new CA animation.

This V-Trigger is identical to the other in every way, with one exception. Instead of a ground pound, he has a short-range roaring projectile, perfect for threatening wakeups. These V-Triggers are frighteningly strong, and permanent. Work towards being OP quickly with smart usage of V-Skills.


Difficulty - Intermediate


Poison may have been one of Mad Gear’s top dogs, but nowadays she’s far more focused on entertainment. Even if it’s just her own. Poison is a hybrid zoner character. All of her depth comes from Heart Raid, a whip swing that can be aimed mid, low, or anti-air. This is a pretty powerful tool enough, but Poison can even hold down the button to walk around while she readies her whip. The threat of getting smacked alone is enough to let her get away with sneaky approaches or speedy retreats. Of course, she’s free to cancel the stance at any time with a punch button, adding an even deeper layer of mystifying glamor. Once she’s up close, Poison can end her combos with moves like Love Me Tender or Avant Line to get some nice advantage on knockdown. Poison is recommended for players who want a bully of a zoner who can frustrate the opponent before going in for the kill.


  • Unorthodox zoning that lets her slip between mid and long range as she pleases.

  • Whip stance can be used to create long-ranged baits.

  • Uses meter very well with EX whip and extended combos!


  • Slow normals outside of her 3-framer.

  • No reversal.

  • No overheard either. She’s kinda one-track.


Perfume Swing


Spider… woman? Maybe? Poison can swing with her whip right up in her opponent’s face. This can travel over projectiles, but it also works as a cancel from some normals, or EX Shocking Heel. You can do any air normal after the swing, even in a juggle!

Now we’re getting dangerous. Cartwheel forward with an optional followup kick by holding the buttons. You can cancel into this from every single normal for some combo potential, and even roll behind for left-right mixups. Fireballs will beat this!


Poison Cocktail

Toxic Glamor

Wait, is this legal? That’s right, two friggin’ Molotov Cocktails. Getting hit with the bottle results in a knockdown, but the flames will spread at their feet whether they get hit or not. The pressure is nice, but you can actually cancel from some special moves to extend combos!

Two whip-based command grabs. Hold back for a traditional up-close grab, but any other direction will give a long-range whip throw.


R. Mika

Difficulty - Intermediate


Rainbow Mika will do anything to get her idol Zangief’s attention! Even if it means going a little overboard with her non-traditional wrestling. R. Mika has a variety of special moves that often force the player to choose between damage or pressure. However, once she’s in the corner, she gets both. Charged st.HK and st.MP are great ways to start her offense, and her Passion Rope Throw will allow her to push the opponent far into the corner, even bouncing off the wall for unique combo opportunities. R. Mika is gifted with more pressure tools than a common grappler is usually afforded, including a fast dash, a crossup body slam that changed her trajectory, and a hopping st.MK that can jump right over low pokes. Her two technical V-Triggers will reward a bit of practice with some devious mixups and ridiculous reset situations. R. Mika is recommended for players who want to play a fast and aggressive grappler.


  • More mobility than a typical grappler.

  • Two excellent V-Triggers.

  • Perhaps the best corner control in the game.


  • Struggles to get serious mixups midscreen.

  • No invincible reversal.

  • Very committal ranged options.



Heated Mic Performance

Pumped Up!

Give a promo right in the middle of the ring to buff your next throw. You have one hit of armor while talking, and you'll throw the microphone when you're done, so this can serve as a kind of bait. Use carefully!

A counter attack! It doesn't work on lows, EX moves, or CAs, but a good Mika can use this to make offense a little bit scarier for her opponent. Not even jabs are truly safe.


C’mon, Nadeshiko!

Steel Chair

Call your tag team partner in for a surprise attack in a direction of your choosing. Hold the button to delay the attack. Use this to extend combos and create some brutal mixups.

Press the buttons to have Nadeshiko throw a chair into the fight, or hold them down to let her run in and swing it around. Create devastating mixups with her command throws, or get some long combos going. This one is for the practice mode monsters.



Difficulty - Intermediate


Rashid is all about travelling the world, meeting up with strong fighters, and having a good time. This digital nomad has insane mobility, even for a rushdown character. Wall jumps, running, a good walkspeed, and V-Skills granting him access to things like rolls and air dashes. Rashid is a speed monster, with a far-reaching jab, a great five-frame anti-air in st.MP, and f+MP is a safe advancing command normal. His mixups are no slouch either. Rashid has access to a decent low poke with cr.MK, and an airborne overhead with f+HP. Heavy and EX Spinning mixer even function like uppercuts. He even has some very safe midrange options, with cr.HP and cr.MP. With all these tools, it’s no wonder he’s a favorite among the competitive scene. Rashid is recommended for players who want a hypermobile rushdown character for all seasons.


  • Great corner carry.

  • Fantastic anti-airs.

  • Perhaps the best mobility in the game.


  • Most of his rushdown tools are unsafe.

  • Somewhat weaker in the midscreen.

  • All of Rashid’s long-range approach tools are telegraphed, so he’s weak to turtling and defensive characters.



Front Flip/Rolling Assault

Wing Stroke

A command jump with a divekick followup, and a quick roll with a launching kick. This versatile V-Skill allows Rashid to whiff punish in ways that most characters couldn’t. For instance, the roll will travel right underneath fireballs.

A freakin’ air dash! This might be the most versatile V-Skill in the game. Pressing kick during the dash will launch an empowered Eagle Spike, but you can also do any punch normal. Use this to dominate in the air.




A gigantic, slow-moving whirlwind. The slow speed gives you uncontested control of one side of the screen. Use it in tandem with your wall-jumps, V-Skills, lows, and overhead to create some deviously ambiguous situations.

Empower Rashid’s Whirlwind Shot and Eagle Spike for stronger, flashier combos. He also gains access to Haboob, a more traditional grounded fireball. Use this to improve Rashid’s neutral.



Difficulty - Easy


Mr. Fighting Game himself. Ryu is as well rounded as a fighting game character can get, and that’s no exception in Street Fighter V. With a strong fireball with variable speeds, a projectile-invincible hurricane kick, and a fast, high-reaching uppercut, Ryu has an answer to every situation, but isn’t particularly dominant in any area. Use his far-reaching cr.MK and fireballs to create space, or keep nearby opponents in check with his poking st.MP and overheard f+MP. His defense tends to be a little stronger than his offense, but patience is a skill in the heart of battle, and Ryu is perfect for developing a warrior’s mindset.


  • Versatile normals for a multitude of situations.

  • Not particularly reliant on difficult combos for damage.

  • V-Skills and VT2 allow for a knowledgeable player to get big rewards off of a read.


  • Not particularly dominant in any area.

  • Such a popular character that dealing with Ryu is more understood than most other characters. High ranks are hard due to matchup familiarity among experienced players.

  • Weak mixups and no gimmicks whatsoever. Just pure, honest Street Fighter.



Mind’s Eye

Thrust Strike

A powerful parry. Catch an attack with this V-Skill and you’ll negate all chip damage and recover faster than a normal block, to punish attacks that would ordinarily be safe.

Advance forward while guarding against all attackers. If Ryu is struck during a certain portion of this move’s startup, he’ll dodge right past the attack and strike with a devastating counter. V-Trigger cancel for a juggle opportunity, or pressure the opponent on their wakeup.


Denjin Renki

Kakko Fubatsu

Power up with an electric aura to strengthen Ryu’s fireballs and uppercuts. In this state, Ryu’s fireballs will travel at lightning speed, and can be charged to break guards. CA is also powered up, but using it will end the V-Trigger.

Gain access to Isshin, a special counter that can be followed up with any attack you desire. Isshin starts up in only a single frame. If you make the read, you have serious power for a comeback.


Difficulty - Easy


Sagat is the Muay Thai king of Thailand. Ryu may have given him that scar, but his warrior’s honor has allowed him to move past that rage and become an honest warrior once again. Sagat is a defense character, still throwing around fireballs like it’s the 90s. He has the unique ability to control the height of his fireballs, so approaching him is never straight-forward. Powerful lows like cr.MK and a strong uppercut in f+HP means he can keep the opponent on their toes at close-range, but only if he’s already the one in control. A good Sagat will know exactly when his opponents will try to get in close, and strike them out of the sky with a powerful Tiger Uppercut or a stop approaches with a vicious Tiger Knee. Advanced Sagat players can even “kara-cancel” certain moves on startup, allowing him to move a little further forward before he throws out a fireball or uppercut. Sagat is recommended for players who want a pure fireball-uppercut zoning experience.



  • Fireballs all day.

  • Anti-air all day.

  • Long. Tan. Handsome.


  • Very honest, even with V-Trigger. No robberies for the king.

  • V-System is serviceable at best.

  • Little close-range escapes outside of a high-risk uppercut. SFV prefers close-range offense, and Sagat is not that.


Angry Charge

Hanuman Charge

After a rage pose, Sagat gets a boost to his next uppercut. It’s faster, hits harder, and knocks them back further. And… that’s it!

After a… cat pose… Sagat gets a boost to his next Tiger Knee. Each strength becomes safer on block, and they’ll all juggle on hit.


Tiger Charge

Tiger Assault

After the install, Sagat can perform Tiger Cannon to instantly win fireball wars and extend combos. They’ll do a whopping five hits, and put the opponent into a juggle state. You can even use both uses in a single combo, and then end with Tiger Uppercut!

This V-Trigger gives Sagat some new close-range combo options. Tiger Spike is an armored kick that sends the opponent down to the ground. Tiger Rush is a knee-kick combo that pops the foe up for a juggle. Both are unsafe on block, but Tiger Spike will actually break blocks at maximum charge.


Difficulty - Easy


Sakura is Ryu’s biggest fan, but her only training is watching him on TV, so she doesn;t quite have the techniques down the same way he does. The result is an unorthodox take on a classic moveset. She needs a running start to get that uppercut going, meaning it’s very easy to end combos with, even off of light attacks or moves with a lot of pushback on hit. She’s no slouch in the footsies department, especially the huge range on st.HK, and the cancellable cr.MK. Her fireballs can even be charged for increased range and damage. But Sakura is all about close range. Once she;s in her opponent’s face, she can get some strong damage off of some great hit confirms, especially st.LK, st.MP, and b+HP. Her Shouoken uppercut makes for a great anti-air, but cr.MP is just as good, with relatively little commitment. Sakura is recommended for players who want to learn the game with a simple, combo-focused all-around fighter.



  • Simplicity rivaling even Ryu, but fights a little dirtier!

  • Great hit confirms. You’ll be ending on a lot of uppercuts.

  • Fast walkspeed and good frametraps.


  • Lower than average health.

  • Her only cancellable normals have short range.

  • Needs to work pretty hard to get into her effective range.


Haru Kaze

Haru Hayate

A command jump with three followups. Punch three times for an advantageous knockdown, divekick to start jump-in combos, or grab for the mixup! Great synergy with a fully-charged fireball, as well as hopping over the opponent’s own projectiles.

A fun roll that can switch sides and pop up into a knee followup to start or extend combos. A more mixup-oriented approach tool.


Haru Arashi

Sakura Senpu

Amplifies fireball attacks. Pressing V-Trigger again will perform the Hogasho, a palm strike that’s plus on block. Additionally, her Hadoken fireballs will juggle on hit, perfect for following up with Shouoken. Leave it to Sakura to find a way to use her fireballs up close.

Strengthens Shunpukyaku and Shouoken. Both have massively stronger range, damage, and speed, but they won’t get any safer, and you only get four uses. Shunpukyaku can be cancelled into her V-Skills so you can extend combos.


Difficulty - Intermediate


A failed clone of Bison on a bloody quest to take his throne. Seth may be looking a little different these days, but they make for a wonderfully effective copycat robot all the same. From cancellable pokes like cr.MP and cr.MK, a DP, a divekick, and a few target combos, Seth seems to have everything and more. This doesn’t even take their V-System into account, which adds layers and layers of possibilities. Combo fiends will fall in love with Seth’s variable moveset, but strong fundamentals will help them outside of training mode. Seth is recommended for players who want an endless arsenal of unique tools to adapt their playstyle in any way they see fit.



  • Adaptability on a whole new level.

  • Two strong V-Skills for varying matchups.

  • Strong offensive footsie tools, without much sacrifice in the defense department.


  • Requires intimate combo knowledge.

  • Often requires the opponent to make a mistake in order for their momentum to start.

  • Certain Install Arts are definitely better than others, so both V-Skills need to be learned.


Tanden Engine

Tanden Booster

Suck foes in with a vacuum effect. If you catch them off guard, press V-Skill again to absorb one of their moves. These stolen moves, or “Install Arts”, can be cancelled into off of any normal, or even other specials. This doesn’t even go into the neutral applications of stealing a brand new move depending on the matchup. Study up.

A command dash! You can cancel it at any point by pressing V-Skill again, but the real meat of this move comes from the followups. All three of Seth’s grounded specials can be performed while dashing, granting them some unique properties. Easier to use than VS1, and great for corner carry and pressure.


Tanden Ignition

Tanden Maneuver

The true power of Seth. After activation, pressing V-Trigger after a special move will give a unique followup. This also applies to Seth’s stolen Install Arts. Once this V-Trigger starts, Seth can get huge damage off of anything they want. Combo enders will often become combo extenders. Make sure to learn the properties of each followup.

Summon a ball of Tanden energy for a variety of uses. You can freely remote control the orb in all eight directions, and detonate it for a launch. It’s also possible to leave the ball sitting in one place, where it can be used as a devastating trap in mixups.


Difficulty - Intermediate


While he plays second fiddle to his older brother Gill in the Secret Society, Urien’s rage cannot be contained for long. This guy is huge, and he shows it. Pokes with ludicrous range like cr.MK and df+HK will beat most characters in reach. st.MP is even cancellable, and st.HK hits pretty much everywhere in front of him, above and below. These footsies can carry you pretty far, but Urien’s hidden strength lies in his apocalyptic combo potential. Launch opponents up high with cr.HP, hit them with an upward-angled fireball, and then slam them to the corner with Chariot Tackle. His two V-Triggers are ridiculously flashy, if you manage to get in close to use them. With all these unique combo options, it’s no wonder Urien is a lab monster’s best friend. Urien is recommended for players who want a footsies character with super secret combo potential.


  • Two insanely strong V-Triggers.

  • Great range.

  • Very high skill ceiling. Just look at those headbutt loops!


  • Requires some lab time to make his V-Triggers work.

  • Pretty slow on many of his normals.

  • Finicky anti-airs.



Metallic Aura

Indignant Thunder

After a mighty flourish, Urien gains armor on his next special move, with the exception of his fireball. This makes attacking Urien from afar a little more dangerous, since his specials already have huge mobility.

Charge the power of the beyond into your fist to empower your next fireball. Not only does it grow to a massive size, but it does a startling three hits, five with the EX version. You pretty much win the fireball war in one go here. You can also combo into and out of this enhanced fireball!


Aegis Reflector

Tyrant Pressure

Place up to two arcane barriers in one of a few positions. This thing has all kinds of uses. Reflect fireballs, pressure wakeups, extend combos by bouncing against the wall, go for mixups… This thing is kind of insane. Practice mode, anyone?

Tackles all day. It’s normally quick, but the charged variant breaks guards, and has one hit of armor while Urien prepares his assault. Use the extra tackles on hit to extend combos. An unusual form of rushdown.



Difficulty - Advanced


As the leader of Shadaloo’s assassination squad, Vega brings an element of beauty and grace to his bloody killings. Thanks to his signature claw, the Spanish ninja will spend much of his gameplan keeping the opponent out with his long range punch normals, before going in for the kill with his high mobility options, especially the Flying Barcelona Attack. All this keepout doesn’t mean he’s afraid to get his hands dirty, though. Vega can remove his claw at any point (even mid-combo or blockstring) to gain access to increased combo tools and a command grab. Notable normals include his sliding cr.HK, long-range cr.MK, and his dangerously fast st.MP, both clawed and clawless. Vega is recommended for players who want a footsies character with a variety of approaches.



  • Strong footsies with ranged pokes and high walkspeed.

  • Unorthodox aerial mixups with Barcelona Attack

  • Good frame traps with light Roll combos.


  • Can’t escape the corner very easily.

  • Very weak V-Triggers. Comebacks are hard.

  • Requires intimate knowledge of his normals to succeed.



Matador Turn

Matador Flip

Press the buttons to dodge attacks in place, or hold them for an evasive poke. Not much to explain for this one.

A backflip, fully invincible on the startup, with a kick followup. Whether you choose to use the kick or not, this can be punished by opponents who see it coming. Use with caution!


Bloody Kiss


Throw a rose and follow behind it for a brutal slash attack. From crouch, this is a strong anti-air, and it can even be used while jumping. Use this to extend combos. He’ll still fly past his opponent if they’re blocking, so it’s decent for escapes too.

Sway to avoid an attack, and strike back with a launching kick, allowing for a combo followup. This is a good defensive option for a character who doesn’t have many, but it will require a read to use effectively.



Difficulty - Advanced


The Red Cyclone wrestles for nothing but the glory of mother Russia! As the archetypal grappler, Zangief is based entirely around one thing: his Screw Pile Driver command grab, also called SPD. While it does a monstrous amount of damage and stun, this doesn’t mean that Zangief is without other tools. A good Zangief will use the threat of SPD alone as a weapon, without ever having to use it. Much of Zangief’s toolset is built around slowly walking foes down to the edge of the screen until they run out of escape routes. This iteration of Zangief is chock-full of armor, including his safe chargeable st.HP, two armored V-Skills, and EX Siberian Express. He has a few good anti-airs and checks with Spinning Lariat and st.MP, an airborne advancing normal with f+MK, and even a decent anti-air jab. Zangief is recommended for players who want a grappler to strike fear into the hearts of opponents.



  • The most powerful command grab in the game.

  • More health than any other character. You’ll need it!

  • Great anti-airs and escape stuffers. Become the iron curtain!


  • Painfully slow, and weak to keepaway.

  • Next to no combo options. You need to rely on grabs and stray hits.

  • Big hitbox means you’ll get whiff punished a lot. Maintain a careful offense.



Iron Muscle

Super Russian Kick

Flex your way through two hits, and respond with an attack of your own. If you land the hit, you can cancel into SPD! This works as a pseudo-parry to make attacking Zangief a little scarier.

Channel your gusto into a big ol’ chin buster kick. You have full-body armor for one hit, and the kick can come out surprisingly fast. On a full charge, Zangief is plus on block, and it bounces opponents off the wall on hit for combos and resets.


Cyclone Lariat

Cossack Muscle

Spin at cyclone speeds to pull the opponent right into grab range. While this is an attack with combo potential, it’s best used for grab resets. Once they’re up close, they’ll have to choose between blocking a hit or escaping the SPD.

You get one enhanced SPD. You can combo into it from cancellable normals. This is going to do CA-levels of damage, so use it wisely. You only get two whiffs, and it’s gone.


Difficulty - Intermediate


The ever-changing ninjutsu master seeks to create a new ninja for the modern age. While he may be old now, he’s wild and free-spirited enough to hand over the reigns to his younger self from time to time. Old Zeku is a keepaway character, and Young Zeku is a rushdown character. You can switch freely between them at will, so picking Zeku lets you control two completely different characters at once. Old Zeku has access to long-range specials, an uppercut, and a fancy command jump. Young Zeku has a wide assortment of target combos, and a command run. Zeku is recommended for players who want to change their style as they please.


  • Switch from strong keepaway to strong rushdown on the fly!

  • Both forms working in tandem have a strong setup game.

  • Each individual form is quite simple in execution.


  • Young Zeku has no reversal, and Old Zeku has no 3-frame normal. Pick your poison.

  • Weak V-Triggers.

  • Zeku is two characters in one, so that means double the work to learn.

V-Skills Fukuro/Tenpo Kari Kuchiyose
Two moves that smoothly transition Zeku into his alternate form. Old Zeku is left at a comfortable keepaway distance, and Young Zeku gets some nice wakeup pressure. This is for Zeku players that are happy to be constantly switching forms. Zeku’s animal friends. Young Zeku has a ferret dash in to deliver a ninja kick, which can be used to cover his approach. Old Zeku calls in a hawk to drop a bomb at a location he can control. You can switch forms quickly after calling your buddy, so both forms can benefit from either animal.
V-Triggers Bushinryo Shingekiko Karura Tenzan
This one is a little hard to explain. After the activation, Zeku can perform an invincible dash. The first attack coming out of this dash can lead to a chain combo. You can press the V-Trigger button again at the end of the chain for a final strike. The dash gives this some good neutral applications! A sky-high, form-switching kick. Zeku can use this one more time after the activation. It’s actually possible to hit them as they fall, if you have the meter for a fast enough move. In the neutral, this is best used as an anti-air, but your main use should be in combos.


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