Summoner’s Library

Summoner’s Library

Welcome to the Summoners' Library! The following is a list of guides for Brave Frontier.

1a. Beginner’s Guide

1b. Progression Guide

This set of guides aims to guide players on what to do in general, and how to progress from early game all the way to late game in a walkthrough style.

Part 1 (Beginner’s Guide) is meant for fresh beginners to learn how to get started on playing the game. Part 2 (Progression Guide) is meant for players who already know the basics and are looking for how to get better at the game. This part is also useful for any returning players to jump quickly into the current meta.

These guides also contain some tips on squad building and how to play efficiently.

2. Squad Building Guide

This is a comprehensive squad building guide split up into 3 parts to cater to all levels of skill/experience. It places emphasis on squad building principles, squad building techniques, and battle techniques.

It also provides key information on game mechanics.

3. Summoner’s Handbook

This guide is meant to be a quick reference to check information on:

  • Where to get various currencies and resource materials

  • How to prioritise the various currencies

  • What free units/spheres/elgifs to aim for

  • Where to obtain said units/spheres/elgifs

4. Resources Management Guide

This guide is an extension from all the previous guides, meant to guide players on housekeeping methods to optimise our unit and item capacities; to keep them low and neat and unclogged of unnecessary materials and units and whatnot.

You may contact me on Discord at Gorochu#2605 if you have any comments/questions on any of these guides 🙂

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