Sums Card Game


Strategy card game for 2+ players using a standard set of playing cards. 

(Multiple decks recommended for > 4 players)

Goal: To have the highest combined score of cards in play on your side AND cards removed from opponent at the end of the game (when a pile is depleted).

Start: Players get 5 cards each (or 3, if a 4-player game), dealt randomly to their hand, and dealt 1 card face-up in play. Split the rest of the cards into face-up “community” piles on the table, at least two piles.

Play: Players alternate taking turns by drawing one card from any one of the community piles.  Then the current player places one card from their hand to the table on their side, face up.

(variant) – OR – they may choose to return a card they have played up until now to their hand if they have less than 5 cards in hand.

(variant) Instead of drawing AND playing one, a player must choose to either draw one, or play one from their hand, but not both in the same turn.

(Exception: Special Cards) If the most recent card played, plus OR minus any other card of the same color the current player has face-up, equals the value or negative of one of the cards of the same color an opponent has in play, that opponent’s card is removed and placed aside face-down for the current player to count at the end of the game. In the event that two or more cards meet this criteria, only one is removed. 

Countering a removal: The other player may skip his draw, and “immediately” play a card that can counter the recently played card. If so, then that player removes the countered card instead and the play counts as his turn. All other cards are left as played. A player can counter a counter card. Only the last countered card is removed when no other counters are played.

Rule Exceptions:

  • An opponent’s Aces can only be removed by playing a Queen of the same color

  • An opponent’s Kings can only be removed by playing a 2 of the same color

End: The game ends when one of the community piles is empty at the start of a player’s turn. That player may opt to play one card from his hand without drawing (it may counter a card), then the game is over and cards scores are totaled.

Values / Scores:

Number cards are worth their face value in game, and worth 1 point for scoring

Aces are worth 1 in game, 3 in scoring

Kings are worth 13 in game, 3 in scoring

Queens are worth 12 in game, 2 in scoring

Jacks are worth 11 in game, 2 in scoring

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