Super Mario 64 Speedrun Glossary 2017

Super Mario 64 Speedrun Glossary 2017

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General Speedrun Terms

Speedrun / RunAttempt to beat a game or a certain part of it as fast as possible.

  RTAReal Time Attack: = synonyme for ?Speedrun and ?IL(s), opposed to ?Single Star

    RTA viableConsistent strats that could be used in a speedrun, opposed to ?Single Star strats

  TAS Tool Assisted Speedrun, a method where you play the game ?frame by ?frame

  and then replay the run in real time. Used for non humanly-possible strats

  splicea run that has been edited together to cheat

  segmented Runsimilar to a ?Spliced Run, but declared as an edited run to show off possible times

  IL(S)Individual Level (Speedrun)

  SS/Single StarSpeedrun of Single Stars, ?LB can be found on

PBPersonal Best time

WRWorld Record

  TWRTied World Record (for ?SS: 4.20s counts as tied with 4.93s)

  UWRUntied World Record

LBleaderboard, the official one can be found on

RNGRandom Number Generator, responsible for random events such as coin flight directions

bopto beat someone’s time on the ?LB

srlspeedrunslive: website for races, current ?LB

splita segment in a run

  gold split / glodfastest one has ever done a segment

SOBSum of Best: sum of all ?gold splits

framesingle rendered picture, on SM64 which runs on 30fps it’s 0,03s

  frame-perfectrequirement to hit one specific frame

piano timingpressing two buttons with the same function right after each other, e.g. on textboxes


N64Nintendo 64, ? original console, official competitive version

VCvirtual console, official emulator on Wii/WiiU. Least lag.

Emuemu, emulator version on PC/phone

iQuechinese release of the game, slow

PALeuropean version, slower due to 25fps

USUS version, fastest for every category except 120 star

Jpjapanese version, fastest for 120 star

Shindoulate japanese N64/VC version, longer loading times, but less lag



clawspecial way of holding the controller while swimming to be able to reduce lag

ljlong jump

sjsingle jump

djdouble jump

tj triple jump


jkjump kick

qjkquick jump kick, a faster ?jk where you buffer the a input

slope kicksame inputs as ?gjk, holding a and mashing b to get up slopes

wkwall kick

   firstiefirst frame wall kick, fast wk during first frame

   second frame wkused to get to high spots

   third frame wk2nd to latest possible wall kick

   fourth frame wklatest possible wall kick

   gwkglichty wall kick, where mario wall kicks in a weird direction

sfside flip, side somersault

sk (1)slide kick, z+b while running

sk (2)speed kick, trick to maintain your speed on a jump kick

rolloutrollout of a dive (a+b) or a slide kick (a)

jdjump dive

gpground pound

delayed (sf) djdelaying a double jump after a side flip to adjust the angle

slow ledge grabholding stick direction instead of pressing a after a ledge grab; slow

grindglitching on the edge of a platform (Mario keeps falling and getting back up)

Mario Camcam closest to Mario

Mario Cam c-downcam behind Mario

lakitu camfree cam, can usually turn the cam by set amounts

lakitu cam c-downlakitu cam, but further away

star grabtiming method; time when grabbing a star

camx/xcamstandard method for ?RTA-strats: when Mario starts dancing after grabbing a star (it

always takes the same amount from camx to ?fadeout)

fadeouttiming method; time when the screen fades black

combinations can consist of anything, common ones are TJWK or SFWK.


Lobbyfirst floor, containing the following stages:

  BOBBob-Omb Battlefield

  WFWhomps Fortress

  JRBJolly Roger Bay

  CCMCool Cool Mountain

  BBHBig Boo's Haunt

Basementunderground, containing the following stages:

  HMCHazy Maze Cave

  LLL Lethal Lava Land

  SSLShifting Sand Land

  DDDDire Dire Docks

Upstairs (Up)upper floor, containing the following stages:

  SLSnowman's Land

  WDWWet Dry World

  TTMTall Tall Mountain

  THITiny Huge Island

Tippytop floor (tippy top of the castle), containing the following stages:

  TTCTick Tock Clock

  RRRainbow Road

Star DoorRed doors before Bowser stages

Key DoorBig doors leading ?Basement bzw. ?Upstairs

Moatthe moat under the big castle bridge

   Moat Doorthe door inside the moat

   Moat Door Skiptrick to enter the door inside the moat early

Slide / PSSThe Princess' Secret Slide

TSAThe Secret Aquarium

Wing Cap / TotWCTower of the Wing Cap

CotMCCavern of the Metal Cap

VC(UtM)Vanish Cap Under the Moat

Cloud Stage (WMOtR)Winged Mario Over the Rainbow

BitDWBowser in the Dark World, first Bowser stage

BitFSBowser in the Fire Sea, second Bowser stage

BitSBowser in the Sky, last Bowser stage


WKWWwall kicks will work”-star in CCM

TT“tricky triangles”-star in RR

Ellieselevators, mainly referring to the z-shaped platforms in BitFS

Invis, Invisible Wallinvisible, glitchy walls

MIPSMicroprocessor Without Interlocked Pipeline Stages, basement bunny

Eyerokboss enemy in SSL

Big Booboss enemy (enemies) in BBH

Big Mr. Ibig eye boss in BBH

Chill Bullybully boss in SL

Ampelectrocuting balls, e.g. in BitDW and WDW

Scuttlebugspider in HMC/BBH

frogmoney bag in SL

crazy boxthe bouncing boxes containing 5 coins

WCwing cap

VCvanish cap

MCmetal cap


BLJ   Backwards Long Jump

  LBLJ   Lobby Backwards Long Jump

  SBLJ   Side Backwards Long Jump

  Stairs BLJ   BLJ on stairs

  Slope BLJ   BLJ on slopes

  Elevator BLJ   BLJ on elevators

  Low Ceiling BLJ   BLJ below low ceilings

  PBLJ/Pause BLJ   alternating Start+A to get more a presses per in-game-second

  Connect   when Mario starts a BLJ

Hyperspeedwhen Mario gains very high speed

  Wind Hyperspeed Glitchgetting Hyperspeed using the breeze

  Hyperspeed Wall Kicksgetting Hyperspeed using firsties

  Hyperspeed Walkinggetting Hyperspeed using a specific glitch on slopes

Bomb Clipclip for the chomp star in BOB

Ship Clipclip for the ship star in JRB

Insta Clip1. instant clip for ship clip

2. instant clip for the BLJ in HMC100

Dustlessframe perfect jumps/dive rollouts etc. are called dustless

  Dust Framesframes, where Mario is producing dust, usually losing speed

Running Framesframes, where Mario just runs instead of doing faster movement options

MIPS Clipclip through 2nd star door in 16 star

(MIPS) Punch Grabgrabbing MIPS with a neutral punch instead of a dive. Saves time

Star Dance Clipclipping onto a higher platform by collecting a star

Topless / Tlessreaching Eyerok with a single jump wall kick

Pillarless / Plessentering the pyramid in SSL using the bomb

Fall of Shamefalling down on a star grab attempt on pillarless star

Breezeless / Blessgetting the slide star in TTM without using the breeze but a TJWK

Cannonless / Clessgrabbing “blast away the wall” in WF without using the cannon

OG clessoriginal gangsta cannonless, grabbing the cless star without any setup

Sockfolder Setupconsistent cless setup found by sockfolder end of 2014

Owllessgetting cage star in WF without using the owl

Carpetlessgetting the star on top of the house in RR without using the carpet (TAS-only)

Blinklessgrabbing the metal cap star without the cap being about to run out

Metallless“metal head mario cam move” without using the metal cap

Shigeru Dropbackup for the christmas miracle

Christmas Miracleactivating the switch on “metal head mario can move” with a TJWK

Psycho Crusherfast kill for Chill Bully in SL

Poleless1. getting the cannon star in JRB without grabbing the pole

2. getting the DDD100 star using the sub instead of the poles

Text Skipjumping off a switch into a star to skip some textboxes (?The Siglemic)

The SiglemicText Skip in the VC stage, named after Cosmo’s shoutings

DDD Skipskipping DDD in a 0 star run

Lakitu Skipskipping the first lakitu dialogue on the bridge after the intro

Lakitu Bouncebouncing off the lakitu after a precise TJWK in RR

Fly Guy Bouncebouncing off the fly guy on the bird star in SSL

Lava Boost1. fast strat to climb up the volcano in LLL

2. used to get the fast BitFS cycle (?boost ellies)

Log WKwall kicking off the log in TTM to climb up the mountain faster

Island Hopused in 70 star to grab the BOB island star without wingcap

Sky JumpTJ onto the island in BOB using wing cap

Box TJTJ onto the box over the ceiling in HMC

HMC BLJBLJ to the Toxic Maze star in HMC

Box Jumpgetting the lonely mushroom star in TTM using the crazy box

WDW SFTJWKfast strat used to get the town-top and the elevator star in WDW

SidehopTJWK in LLL for the Log-rolling star

Pole Glitchupwarp in BitFS to skip the pole

Left Side (BitS TJWK)skip in BitS

Right Side (BitS TJWK)even faster, but harder skip in BitS

Triple Bulliespushing all three bullies in LLL into the lava at once

Front Subentering the sub in DDD from the front

Shigeru Cyclefast red coin cycle in BitDW

Xiah Cyclefaster red coin cycle in BitDW

Tsukishima Cyclefastest red coin cycle in BitDW

Dancing BowserRNG based; better spin setup in BitDW where bowser sometimes dances

Early Elliesfast cycle in BitFS, used for both reds- and non-reds-route

Lava Boost Elliesfast cycle in BitFS

  good endingperfect LJWK ending on BitFS reds route

Manamo Cyclefast elevator cycle in BitS

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