Super Smash Bros : Pingas revolutionary tech for Duck Hunt

Pingas is performed by pinging the can on the same frame the reticle appears for the smash attacks. Doing this enables the smash attack to come out 5 frames faster on each hit and makes each hit attack twice. This doubles the damage and increases the kill potential of each smash attack. However, the move itself is frame perfect which makes utilizing the full effect of this tech fairly difficult to do in practice. Timing for the first hit to hit of each smash attack is fairly easy to do with practice which alone makes the tech worth learning.
Notes: Each smash attack has their own range in difficulty for performing the full thing and there are some universal things that do need to be considered.
Universal Aspects

  • A can or CP must be out in order to perform the tech. While CP can be used for this, it’s capability and setup make it way more limited than activating it off of a can.
  • The quality of your control stick will also greatly affect your consistency with this tech. The stick needs to be set back to a neutral position in order to ping the can. For Smash attacks like up and down, this means the stick needs to return to neutral within 6 frames. If it has any snap back, it will prevent the tech from working
  • The hitlag that is accumulated when landing successfully will determine what frame you must ping in order to activate the tech.This will not come into play often unless you are aiming to hit with anything after hit 1.
  • This is a frame perfect tech so this can be difficult to practice online and will be quite difficult to pull off mid match. However, if you are a rhythm game player, you’ll feel at home.
  • Being able to pull off the last hit also makes the smash attacks safer on shield by 2 frames

Up Smash

  • 1-2-3: (7, 27, 47)
  • 1-2-3 Charged: (2, 23, 44)
  • 1-X-3: (7, X, 41)
  • X-X-3: (X, X, 35)
  • X-2-3: (X, 21, 41)
  • Combos
  • CP Drag down up air
  • Up air hit 1 and Dair to up smash
  • CP long chain against heavies

Down Smash

  • The easiest smash attack to pull the tech off. Luckily, Up smash and Down smash share the same frame data for the first hit. This means if you know the timing for hit 1 of one of them, you know it for both of them.
  • The main difference is that you can mash b with Down smash and it’ll connect all 6 hits. This means learning the timing outside of hit 1 is not really necessary for this smash attack.
  • Certain characters have an extremely difficult time recovering from the angle this move sends people at. This means you can kill certain characters extremely early by pulling off the tech successfully at the ledge
  • EX:
  • Frames required to ping the can
  • 1-2-3: (7, 29, 51)
  • 1-2-3 Charged: (5, 28, 50)
  • 1-X-3: (7, X, 45)
  • X-X-3: (X, X, 39)
  • X-2-3: (X, 23, 39)
  • Combos
  • CP Upair drag down D smash

F smash

  • This is the smash attack you want to practice last due to the initial timing difference and less utility.
  • Making this smash attack frame 12 is very useful due to the fact that it is our strongest smash attack, but outside of that the main use this one will get is with shield poking and breaking. To utilize this though, you do need to master the 6 hit variant of it.
  • Due to the increased number of hits, the shield damage the move does is greatly improved allowing for the said shield pokes and breaks. Learn the size of your opponents shield for when each property will occur.
  • Frames required to ping the can
  • 1-2-3: 12, 28, 40
  • 1-2-3: Charged: (7, 25, 37)
  • 1-X-3: (12, X, 37)
  • X-X-3: (X, X, 32)
  • X-2-3: (X, 23, 35)
  • Combos
  • CP Fsmash

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