TACC Account Setup

TACC Account Setup

Jason Best - [email protected]

The TORCH TCN is using the storage services at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) for storage and serving of images created under this grant. Individuals who will upload or manage image files on the TACC servers will need a TACC account. When creating your account at TACC, please keep in mind that the account you create should be yours and yours alone and should not be shared with any other individual. Do not create a general purpose account for your herbarium or institution, instead, each individual who needs upload or file management access should create a separate account. This is important for security reasons but also because the enhanced security measures used by TACC will make it impractical to share an account among multiple people.

Create a TACC account:


Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on “Continue to Create a TACC account” button

Read user agreement and follow directions to request an account.

On the form where you enter your contact information, your institution may not be in the institution list. If your institution is not in the list, click the button “My Institution is not listed” and add into the field.

Leave UT EID blank (unless you have one)

Select Not PI eligible checkbox

Once your account is approved by TACC, you should get an email confirmation. There are additional steps you can take below while waiting for approval. When you are notified of approval, email [email protected]  with your TACC username to request access to the TORCH data repository.

While you are waiting for approval you can prepare some for the next step which is setting up two factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is an additional layer of security that is required by TACC to ensure you have both a password (1 factor) and an authorized device (2nd factor). There are a number of options, some of which are documented at https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/tutorials/multifactor-authentication but these are not our preferred methods. Instead, we recommend you use a third party authenticator (which can be used for other services) on your smart phone such as Authy (https://authy.com/download/) or Google Authenticator (https://google-authenticator.com/). Authy allows you to use a desktop client for Mac and Windows and Linux (via a Chrome plugin). Download and install the app of your choice onto your cell phone (Authy is better in that it lets you access your authentication codes on multiple devices but Google Authenticator doesn’t require you to share your cell phone number) and follow the directions to set up the app. If you prefer to not use your cell phone for this 2FA step, let us know ([email protected]) and we can help you with details of other options.

After your TACC account has been approved by TACC, you can proceed with the rest of the process of setting up 2FA. Log in to the TACC portal and follow the directions at https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/tutorials/multifactor-authentication to pair the 2FA app to the TACC portal but use your selected 2FA app in place of the TACC Token App. Don’t forget to notify TORCH support ([email protected]) once your account has been approved by TACC.

2FA will be needed to access the TACC data store and you will generally be prompted to provide your username, password, and 2FA token (displayed on your device) when uploading files using Cyberduck or other applications. Details of the upload process are covered in other documents.

New Collaborator Set Up

If your herbarium has not uploaded images to TACC under this project, we will first need to set up the directory structure for your files. Please contact [email protected]a.org to confirm that your herbarium directory has been set up. Please provide your Index Herbariorum (http://sweetgum.nybg.org/science/ih/) herbarium code in your email and your TACC user name. Once the directory structure has been set up, you will be able to upload images. See “TORCH image upload to TACC” for details.

If your herbarium directory is already set up, we’ll also need to confirm permissions for your new user account are applied to the directories. Please contact TORCH support with your TACC user name, your name, your herbarium code, 

Adding new TACC users to TORCH project

After a user account has been created and approved by TACC, the account must be added to the TORCH project by the TACC PI or the delegate ([email protected]):


Log in via terminal to test, and create a home directory

Sometimes the account creation process takes a day to complete all the automated steps. The best way to test is to try to log into TACC via terminal (or equivalent). This step is necessary before moving on to the next guide’s steps, as FTP will fail if your user has no home dir.

 1) logging in to TACC via ssh

Either in the Windows Command Prompt, or in PuTTy, or in a Mac terminal, run: "ssh [email protected]" (without quotes), then enter your password when requested, and finally, enter the number on your 2-factor-authentication device (mobile app or hardware token) when prompted.

2) Once you are logged in to TACC, just type "exit" (without quotes) and hit Enter.

You will only need to do this once, to create your "home" directory (/home/USERNAME). Once the home directory  has been created, you can never again log into the shell, if you so desire.

Once steps 1) and 2) above are done, * then * you can proceed with the TORCH image upload to TACC instructions.

NOTE: If steps 1) and 2) fail, then it means that your user is still not "active" on the server. If that is the case, then I would recommend that you wait until tomorrow and try again.

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